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Nebulon are a cloud defined storage company, headquartered in Fremont, California with a small and growing Belfast office. All four co-founders were early employees at 3PAR and led the company to a $2.4B acquisition and ultimately market share leadership. Early employees consist of top people from Google,, Stanford University, Datrium and HPE/3PAR. As such they have a wealth of storage experience and are producing an innovative new product.


Unissu is the world’s PropTech marketplace. Save time and access the best information about how technology is changing the property industry so you can choose the best solutions for your business. Unissu is the global leader in PropTech information, data and research. Our marketplace opens up new opportunities for the 7,000+ PropTech businesses that we track whilst offering property and investment communities an accurate single source for their research, procurement and investment decisions


impotwise is a next generation customer execution supply chain platform that turns information into action. importwise connects the systems, information and people needed to determine, measure, and resolve logistics and related supply chain issues in more real-time, with greater predictability, and with less effort.

Cattle Eye

The mission at CattleEye is to create the world’s first autonomous livestock monitoring platform improving the lives of farmers and their livestock and revolutionising the Protein Supply Chain. Exponential growth in world population coupled with increased protein consumption has put pressure on existing protein sources such as dairy and beef livestock. Legislation limiting emissions from livestock means that we cannot simply farm more animals to feed the increasing demand but instead need to become more efficient to get more from less. Consumers not only want more protein but they also want to be sure that the animals have led happy lives with supermarkets demanding greater welfare standards from their farm suppliers. CattleEye is a deep learning cloud-based AI platform which interprets visual imagery of livestock from industry standard web cameras and potentially other vision detection equipment. It has the ability to autonomously identify the animals and extract insights including measuring gait, applying mobility scores and monitoring other behavioural signs. Following a recent investment we are now recruiting a world class team of full stack developers and data scientists. Based in Belfast you will be bringing the latest in video analytics powered by deep learning AI to one of the oldest industries in the world, livestock farming.

SLA Digital

SLA Digital provides mobile operators and merchants with carrier billing solutions through our digital services platform. We work with our clients to help them engage with their audience and improve user acquisition and monetisation. Our platform has evolved through collaboration with our clients, listening to their needs and understanding the challenges and opportunities within the industry. Our team of digital experts are headquartered in the UK and Malaysia and have been serving our clients for over 15 years, throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia. We would not be the international company we are today if it wasn’t for our dedicated and skilled members of staff. Our team consists of people from many professional backgrounds all with one goal in mind, to help our clients engage with their audience and drive user acquisition and monetisation.

Accelerated Digital Ventures

Our platform connects large institutional investors to leading early stage companies. We deploy institutional capital to empower entrepreneurs to ‘scalebig’ through patient venture. Enabling them to focus on building products that will transform industries. We partner with smart seed investors to increase impact through collaborative capital. We’re experienced tech entrepreneurs and operators. We’ve felt the pain caused by the gaps in venture capital which can restrict the growth of companies and the impact of investors. We’ve built some products designed to fill these gaps. Patient Venture ‘Scalebig’ companies can take 10 or 20 years to build. Traditional venture timeframes can’t always accommodate that. So we practice patient venture by bringing patient capital into early stage investing. It’s designed specifically to sustain companies with big ambitions over the long term. Pro Rata Early stage investors can be restricted by lack of capital. Our pro rata product means our fund partners can keep backing their most promising portfolio companies. They maintain their holding and the partnership with the company. We share the potential opportunity. Fast Track We operate a co-investment model with our fund partners. When they’re making a follow-on investment into portfolio company, the founder can fast track to our investment committee. Syndicates and rounds get built fast, allowing founders to focus on growing companies. Primary LP We make investments as an LP into selected early stage funds. The funds we invest in have a track record of finding exceptional founders and fuelling their scaleup journey.


See.Sense is an award-winning cycling technology and data company, that is on a mission to make cycling safer and smarter. We design innovative, connected products that improve the cycling experience, while crowd-sourcing sensor data including road surface condition, collisions and routes in near real-time. This creates a mobile sensor network platform that generates never before seen data for cities. Our products include consumer bike lights as well as city share bike integration.

Cased Dimensions

At Cased Dimensions, our mission is to enable you to do business better With our expert people and market leading services, we help you to get more from your technology. That leaves you to concentrate on what you do best, knowing that your business is future proofed and your investments are protected. We’ve delivered our Process Consulting coupled with Technology Services for 12 of the world’s largest companies, who, as a result, have benefited from better business at a lower cost. We also deliver CESG compliant secure services for UK Government – security is engrained in what we do. With a Microsoft technology focus, we help clients make the most of their Cloud investment. We also help clients in further cloud adoption (PaaS, SaaS & IaaS).


Veriteer is a customer experience consultancy. We work with some of the world's largest retailers and high-growth start-ups to set customer-focused strategies, create successful customer experiences, and enable the delivery of ground-breaking initiatives. Our unique blend of skills allows us to answer a very specific problem: how to position the entire business towards the customer, and successfully deliver strong growth, quarter after quarter, whilst improving customer satisfaction. We exist as consumer markets are changing rapidly. It’s a revolution in what products are sold, how they are sold and how they are made. It’s driven by societal change, the economic climate, and advances in technology. All of these factors create a perfect storm of uncertainty for retailers and brands, making it increasingly challenging to set and execute a winning customer strategy. We have developed an extensive programme, the 'CX Leadership Programme', to allow us to provide aspiring Veriteers with the capabilities and experience they will need to succeed. This prestigious programme provides access to an amazing mix of cutting- edge training and real-world experience that cannot be found anywhere else.  Our services include: - Product, service and experience design; - Customer analytics and research; - Digital product development and management; and - Culture and communication design.

Dynamic Signal

Dynamic Signal, the Employee Communication and Engagement Platform, connects organizations with their most valued asset – their employees. Hundreds of enterprise organizations, including more than 20 percent of the Fortune 100, trust Dynamic Signal to modernize, streamline, and measure their communication and engagement with one platform to reach all employees, wherever they work.  The Dynamic Signal ECE Platform integrates with intranets like SharePoint, human resource systems including Workday, and centralised directories such as Active Directory. Dynamic Signal aligns organisations and increases productivity by delivering timely, relevant information to millions of employees around the world. Based in Silicon Valley and founded in 2010, Dynamic Signal's customers include IBM, Edelman, Capital One, Salesforce, Autodesk, Deloitte, Humana, Hitachi Data Systems, and more.  Dynamic Signal is supported by leading investors including Venrock, Rembrandt Venture Partners, Trinity Ventures, Cox Enterprises, Time Warner Investments, Signia Venture Partners, Rembrandt Venture Partners; Domo CEO, Josh James; Stance CEO, Jeff Kearl, Microsoft Ventures, Focus Opportunity Fund, and Akkadian Ventures.

The Robot Exchange

The Robot Exchange is an innovative Robotic Process Automation practice that focuses on delivering efficiencies utilising our Robots as a Service infrastructure. We are particularly focussed on delivering these efficiencies in the Large UK enterprise market, in a variety of vertical market sectors such as Financial Services, Lettings Industry and the Wealth Management industry.  The next wave of automation will see robots begin to replace human resources in the mundane but critical tasks allowing companies to re assign their more customer friendly and motivated staff on business development or customer retention activities. Many of our current clients are backfilling their people with robots to allow further acquisition within their markets at a more effective pace and cost. Don't add people but expand anyway!

SeeMe Hired

It's not CV, it's SeeMe. The recruitment revolution is here.  SeeMe is a digital end-to-end recruitment solution that transforms how employers attract and hire talent and renovates how job-seekers find and communicate with relevant organisations.  Launched in Belfast in January 2019, with global growth plans ahead, this SaaS platform enables employers to recruit in an efficient, compliant and cost effective manner.   SeeMe uses a unique matching algorithm that places relevant roles in front of potential employees, generating a ‘talent match’ percentage for the employer.  SeeMe is truly revolutionary, calling for employers to use the ‘Diversity Ambassador’ in-built module, ensuring the right talent is hired based on merit and culture fit, ensuring no elements of unconscious bias infiltrate the recruitment process.  The employer can: - Showcase their company with interactive video and photograph - Post live jobs that will connect to their own social media channels  - See matched and standardised SeeMe profiles - Switch on the ‘Diversity Ambassador’ function to ensure diversity, inclusivity and best practice recruitment is attained  - Create unique workflows - Communicate candidate progress - Schedule interviews - Assess candidates with interview question and scoring templates  - Give feedback - Make an offer of employment  - Review their recruitment campaign statistics on a personalised dashboard


BrainWaveBank makes it possible to measure and track brain activity and cognitive performance for anyone, anytime, anywhere. This easy-to-scale and distributable approach will help clinical professionals to transform our understanding of brain health and develop the next generation of treatments. At BrainWaveBank, our goal is to build the world’s largest collection of brain activity data to support a transformation in the detection and treatment of cognitive illness. Our innovative brain-reading technologies and specialised mobile games allow us to measure subtle changes in cognitive performance while our machine learning methods decode these recordings to give new insights into how your brain works. BrainWaveBank has developed a first-in-class wearable electroencephalography (EEG) device to conveniently and non-invasively measure the mechanisms that underpin neurological disorders and therapies. Our platform can securely gather, store and analyse data from many thousands of users, building neurocognitive profiles of individuals and populations or demographic groups. Group level data can support clinical trials and the development of new therapies and diagnostics while individual level data can provide users with personalised insights into their cognitive health. We are currently developing brain-based biomarkers towards a range of use-cases including early detection of brain disorders, stratification of patient groups, and treatment response tracking. We are working with some of the leading clinical and academic groups in the world to better understand a range of neurodegenerative, psychiatric, and developmental conditions.


Slice is the leading technology and marketing platform made exclusively for local pizzerias, making it super easy to order delicious, authentic local pizza anywhere, anytime.  Slice was born in 2009 and has quietly bootstrapped its way to building a network of more than 8,000 pizzerias nationwide. Ilir Sela, our founder and CEO, started the company as a passion project to help his friends and family in the pizza business, but he quickly saw a massive opportunity to champion these small businesses by bringing their bites to the masses. Ilir has since built an amazing team of operators, marketers, technologists, and investors — all dedicated to making it easier for people to enjoy their favourite local pizza. We celebrate pizza as the ultimate shareable food: It turns everyday moments into memories and brings together friends, families, and communities. And when you order pizza from a place in your neighborhood, you support a local business. So whether you call it a pizza parlor, slice joint, or pizzeria, we’re here to help you order authentic local pizza and live your best slice life. Local pizzerias are the cornerstone of communities across the country. They handcraft the one food that unites us all: pizza. It fuels our celebrations, family dinners, and busiest days. While pizza lovers crave their favorite local pie, they also crave convenience. This has led people to sacrifice the quality, authentic food of mom-and-pop shops for quick and easy chain pizza. But we believe nobody needs to make that sacrifice. You can have your pie and eat it too. Slice is uniting and empowering local pizzerias with tech, data, and marketing to take charge of their industry, to bring their business into the digital world, and to provide handcrafted, quality pizza with the utmost convenience. Unlike other online ordering services that drive down a pizzeria’s quality and value by charging high order fees, Slice builds a true partnership for a fair cost. We treat our pizzerias like family — with full support, transparency, and championship. This allows shops to expand their business while focusing only on creating the best food imaginable. Better pizza for pizza lovers, bigger profits for pizzerias, and a better experience for all. We believe pizza isn’t just food. It’s a slice of community, a slice of culture, a slice of life.

Tilt Property Software

At Tilt Property Software we provide simple but powerful cloud-based property solutions for residential lettings, sales and social housing. Not only are our property software products intuitive and easy to use – whether you’re a landlord, an estate agent, letting agent or housing association – what sets us apart is our approach to customer service. Our experienced team are on hand when you need us, giving first-class, fast and friendly support. We believe that a swift response when you need us is as important as the exceptional software solutions we provide.Speak to one of our professional Tilt team today about partnering with us on our secure, effective solutions which offer value for money and flexibility to meet your business needs.