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Tise is a Nordic, fast-growing software company with an experienced team. We do everything from coding to design and business development in-house. Our marketplace-app, Tise, has grown dramatically since we launched in 2016, now measuring nearly 1 000 000 registered users, and 4 000 000 listings. With around 80 000 DAU, spending 17 minutes in the app on average, we are blessed with a highly engaged community. We are now looking for great individuals to join our journey onwards.


We’re a small SaaS and Mobile Application startup based in the heart of Copenhagen. We deliver a best-in-class digital experience for owners of electric vehicles and specifically target owners of residential charge points. We’re very product-focused with a profound focus on continuously listening to and learning from our users.


The goal of this project was to create a digital study abroad start-up company that aims to increase mobility along with boosting the encouragement among students within higher education to study abroad. Another motivation for the project was the Danish government's goal of sending 50% of students within higher education abroad to incorporate an international dimension into their danish study program. Given the tools provided by the Government, we aim to educate, consult and help students go take a semester abroad to develop their personal profile. Today's way is old fashioned - paperwork, stamps, mails ( the slow kind 🐌) and loads of Visa's and questions. Our platform gives the student the step by step process needed to get any bigger task done. Once signed up, we make sure that you have all the credit eligible courses you need from our online course catalogue, a signed learning agreement an insurance and an acceptance letter. All in less than a week and without leaving your keyboard. We started a digital study abroad agency based on our own experiences studying abroad. Having been at a guest university gave us a big boost in our competencies, which we would encourage anyone to do! This is why we developed uniclub, the best way to study abroad.


Agpaytech is an Omnichannel Payments provider. We provide inward and outward money transfer services to over 50 countries worldwide and the network is still growing. Working with Banks, non-Bank Financial Institutions, Telco’s and merchants connected directly via API (Application Program Interface) integration. In addition to processing transactions in different currencies and offering cross-border payment services we also offer, fraud and risk management. Because we are in regulated activities, we offer the alternative for a company to carry out activities without going through the licensing process. This service is for a company who doesn’t want to go through the long process of becoming self-regulated. Our solutions enables companies to: ● Acquire and manage their own clients ● Ease of compliance and regulatory reporting

Systems Engineering A/S

Systems Engineering A/S has specialized in the implementation and application of systems engineering, which is a well known discipline to manage large scale complex engineering and design projects. We strongly believe that a common language across technical disciplines is necessary; a language that creates an unambiguous understanding among all stakeholders. This is why we created the Systems Engineering Concept to be a practical daily way of working with SE and the SEC-HUB Software Suite supports and accelerates leaning.

At we sell all the official divers watches from some of the best brands within the industry. We sell watches from brands like Casio, Citizen and Seiko, which all has created some of the best timepieces for diving. We offer free shipping on all wristwatches in our shop and also have 90 days full refund on all items.

Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Company

SPARKLING TEA is a brand-new beverage category. The combination of Nordic innovation and Asian tea traditions, results in an organic low/non-alcoholic sparkling drink based on a careful selection of teas. THE COMPANY was founded in 2017 in Copenhagen, Denmark, and introduced to the market in May the same year, by the award-winning sommelier, Jacob Kocemba, and his business partner, Bo Sten Hansen. Copenhagen Sparkling Tea is now sold and served in 20 countries and served at +45 Michelin restaurants worldwide. OUR DREAM is to produce the world’s best low/non-alcoholic sparkling beverages, which can lift any gourmet or festive occasion. Why? ...because everyone deserves a good glass of bubbles!


Works is a subscription-based furnishing model, letting your business adapt to the needs of tomorrow. We are a fully circular business, which means that we work to reduce our collective carbon footprint. Instead of throwing out perfectly good furniture to order new, we prolong the products' lifespan. We create workspaces where people love to work, and update layouts, items and plans at any time to match our customers needs. You can be part of creating a better way of doing business, where circularity is at the core - enabling surprisingly affordable price levels. We have our funding in place, and we are quickly ramping up our team. We will be looking for talented Product Managers, Business Developers, 3D Architects, Sustainability Manager, Analysts and many more. And by the way, Danish is not a requirement - all work is done in English. Intrigued? Send us a note, and we will be in touch. It simply works. Come and join us!


PESITHO Pesitho is a Danish based enterprise, committed to providing affordable and clean energy solutions for cooking to marginalized and vulnerable people around the world. We have developed the ECOCA solar powered electric cook stove, to meet the daily cooking and energy needs to families living in off grid areas. Pesitho has established a locally run co-operative outside of the Bidibidi Refugee Settlement in Northern Uganda, from where stoves are assembled, distributed, and serviced by refugee residents and members of the host community. The company was founded in 2018 and has a combined experience of more than 30 years in the renewable energy industry. The Problem we are solving Currently, 4 billion people around the world lack access to clean, efficient, and affordable access to energy for cooking. Polluting fuels and technologies for cooking have a detrimental impact of health, nutrition, gender, and the environment, hindering the process of a sustainable development, in many cases, in already fragile settings. The lack of progress in clean cooking, reportedly costs the world more than $2.4 trillion each year, driven by adverse impacts on health, climate, and gender equality. Left unaddressed, communities will continue face multiple adverse consequences, that are further amplified by poverty, climate change and future global pandemics. To solve this problem Providing access to an affordable and sustainable technology for cooking with the ECOCA solar powered electric cook seeks to address energy security not just for cooking but also to reduce environmental issues like deforestation, pollution, also gender inequality and poverty. Research and design for our stove was conducted with residents of the Bidibidi Refugee Settlement in Northern Uganda, where pilot testing permitted additional adjustments, allowing for a stove specifically designed to meet the cooking needs of vulnerable groups of people living in off grid areas. The ECOCA comes with a solar panel, insulated 6l cooking pot, 1 LED rechargeable household lamp, 1 LED rechargeable torch and USB ports for charging small items. Studies conducted with end users by organizations such as Caritas and World Food Program, have shown improvements to overall health and wellbeing, reducing exposure to harmful pollutants from smoke and usage of firewood, improvements in taste of food, income generation from USB port charging station and hours saved from collecting firewood being reinvested in education and skills training. The Spark Pesitho was founded on the belief that all should be able to have access to modern clean energy for cooking. Seeing a map over Africa showed that a large portion of the continent is without access to modern energy. This sparked a willingness to learn why. Understanding the why lead to the understanding of scale of lacking modern energy in that region of the world. While other continents where mowing a positive direction in relation to rural electrification sub Sarah Africa is still mowing in the wrong direction with the number of people living without access to electricity growing. This knowledge inspired the team to pursue the development of the ECOCA, off grid E-cooker


Lalatoys is a new startup, building a sharing economy retail service for children’s toys. The concept is simple: you sign up and pick the toys you want to play with. Whenever the toy becomes needless for your child, send it back and get something else. Billions of dollars are put into the children's toy market yearly, and of these, millions of unwanted toys are send to landfills every year. What is even worse is that a high amount of children's toys are produced from non-biodegradable plastic. By swapping instead of shopping, we can let our children play in a more eco-friendly way. We are currently in the progress of building the platform. The platform and its features are essential for us to be a scalable business and require our deepest attention at the moment. The idea started, when I, Dinesan, became father for the first time last year. We bought a lot of toys for our daughter (and still do), but in the end it showed that most of the toys our daughter didn't play with after a very short period - it was quite frustrating that we spend money of something, we either would loose money on reselling and would pile up together with the rest- Currently we are three people in the team: Dinesan Rasiah (Founder - CEO) Christian Nielsen Henriksen (Co-founder CTO) Thanusaan Rasiah (Developer)

FairTasting ApS

Hvem kender ikke den forvirring der kan være ved en messe hvor man skal smage vin, øl, gin eller andet. Hvad skal man starte med og hvilken smags rækkefølge er bedst. Drejer det sig en vinmesse, starter man ved et bord med deres hvidvine og bevæger sig mod de lette røde og slutter med de kraftige. Så går man til det næste bord og begynder forfra. Problemer er bare at ved at have smagt de kraftige vine fra det første bord har man begrænset sine muligheder for at bedømme de lettere vine ved det næste bord. Og problemet bliver kun værre efterhånden som man kommer rundt. Det problem løser vi med vores app system!


At IBintern we're all about helping students turn their dreams into reality. More specifically, help them break into the investment banking industry by providing valuable resources and guidelines that results in an investment banking internship. Our goal is simple. We're on a mission to help students land internships.


My-Stai is a new startup, we are building a customer experience and management platform for hotels, where the guest can manage and control their stay. We have a big focus on to create brand new solutions for hotels and give the guests new options and optimize the handling of guests and much more. There are three persons in the team, right now. Check it out here: Please fell free to contact me. Mail: Mikkel Christensen, CEO/Founder


CWare is an independent research and consultancy SME conducting economic research, and providing strategic consulting services within Economics, Circular Economy, Sustainable Development, Resource Efficiency, Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and Life Cycle Costing (LCC). CWare was founded in 2020 as a spin-off and continue the works and involvement in a number of EU research projects within circular economy, urban resilience and transition to a green economy. CWare is based in Copenhagen and we are part of the BLOXHUB, the Nordic Hub for sustainable urbanization.


28,8 % af den danske befolkning opfylder ikke sundhedsstyrelsen anbefalinger om min 30 min fysisk aktivitet om dagen, og de primære barriere for dette er tid, motivation og manglende viden. Vi vil gøre op med det og har udviklet konceptet Fitbuddy, hvor freelance og selvstændige idrætsinstruktører og trænere kan tilbyde deres service og ekspertise til private brugere, grupper og virksomheder. Derudover vil instruktørerne have mulighed for at oprette holdsessions, hvor man som bruger nemt og hurtigt kan tilmelde sig uden at skulle betale et abonnement. Målet med Fitbuddy er at blive danskernes foretrukne platforme for booking af idrætsinstruktører. Derudover vil vi samle alle instruktører på én samlet platform, hvor de samtidig bliver eksponeret til både B2C og B2B målgrupper.