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Rodinia Generation

Rodinia Generation was created, with one goal in mind: Changing the fashion industry for the better. With a strong ambition to drive forward the transformation, from being one of the world’s most polluting industries to becoming a digital and sustainable one, The Green Fashion Factory was setup in Copenhagen in 2020, where we produce clothes sustainably and ultra-fast. Rodinia has been recognized by fashion companies, investors and public funding bodies (i.e. Innovation Fund Denmark) incl. the European Patent-office and has secured €2M from investors and grants.


Tise is a social marketplace in the Nordics. We have operations in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland with the aim to make it easy, more fun and inspiring to sell and buy second hand. Tise has now nearly 1 600 000 registered users and we have great faith in making the world a little more sustainable continuing the growth. We do everything from coding to design and business development in-house. The Tise team now counts 35, and is expected to double in the next few years.

The Mano Company

Mano is an orchestration agency that advises global brands how to unleash the potential of their insights and creative ideas by bridging the gap between creativity, media and activation. We are an inter-disciplinary group of strategists who connect brands with consumers; a hybrid unit with backgrounds in creativity, media, PR and research. As a brand leader, it's essential to understand what it takes to keep your brand competitive in today's market. And that's why we created the Mano Insight Lab. Here our customers get exclusive insights, reports and research to stay ahead of the curve. We help clients around the world accelerate brand relevance and campaign impact through orchestration and conversation-centric insight planning, producing higher consumer engagement and award-winning results

Scaleup Finance ApS

Scaleup Finance is founded by entrepreneurs, and we know the pains of being a scaleup CEO. One of the biggest recurring pains is the general administration surrounding bookkeeping, payroll, auditing, financial modelling and other admin-type tasks. They drain the founders of energy. Yet another pain is that no solution completely fit a scaleup company. The big accountancy firms or smaller bookkeeping companies/persons are not only expensive but also insufficient. Right now, no offer understand scaleup companies nor are they designed for their needs. The category is stuck in old ways of working, and scaleups do not get any added value. We need to move into a new generation of financial steering to help value creation in scaleups. Scaleup Finance is put into the world to challenge this. We are always one innovative step ahead, and we aim to become a crucial form of actionable business intelligence where you can effectively get an overview of everything which relates to controlling your company. All of this based on unique insights of scaleup companies.

GG Studio ApS

We are a full-service interior design company based in Copenhagen and with Showroom on Islands Brygge. We help our clients with everything from curtains to furniture, wardrobes and custom designed kitchens. We guide on colors, textile, materials and the latest trends within interior design. We also offer complete home styling and mounting by our handymen. We have more than 25 years of experience and is in the process of expanding out business in Copenhagen.

Growth Island

We are richer than ever and living better than kings and queens did back in the days. Yet more people are depressed, have chronic diseases, and missing purpose in life. Growth Island aims to help various ambitious individuals - entrepreneurs, top performers, and personal development enthusiasts - by providing them with knowledge, coaching, experts network as well as other digital personal development activities. It is a digital platform that offers a global podcast, educational activities, and access to a like-minded community. Born in Denmark, Growth Island's podcast covers over 70 episodes with experts from all around the world - doctors, scientists, psychologists, and entrepreneurs. Past guests include Sean Percival, former CMO of MySpace, Dan Brule, breathing master, and Tony Robbins’ breathing coach, and Dr. Olli Sovijarvi who co-founded The Biohacker Summit.


Podads er Danmarks første podcast bureau med et netværk af etablerede og upcoming podcastere. Vi udvikler kommercielt indhold og skaber værdi for annoncører gennem succesfulde integrerede podcast kampagner. I samarbejde med podcasteren udvikler Podads idé og koncept, så det matcher annoncør og podcastens behov og ønsker. Vi styrer projektledelse og eksekvering fra start til slut. Og vi både løbende og efter kampagnens afvikling evalueres form, KPI’er og resultater.


Hi! We are MuskeBear - and we are developing the next big thing for families with babies all around the world.  Short about us: The team behind MuskeBear consist of Tobias Seegert (CEO) and Freya Herluf (CMO). We are two young students from Denmark that are working as machines on our incredible business idea. We are developing a personalized Heartbeat TeddyBear! MuskeBear is a new concept that is going to revolutionize the traditional Teddybear by incorporating smart technology. More specifically our product is a combination of two things. A sweet and soft teddybear and a technological device that can record heartbeat soundtracks in a high quality and play it back too. Our product is developed based on a strong psychological foundation. Several studies have shown that babies have a special need for attachment with what we define as "caregivers". Caregivers are specific persons that a baby has a special relationship with. That would primarily be the baby's mother and father. If this need is satisfied, then the baby will be more curious, socially stable and in general better equipped for growing to be a socially well functioning human being. But! If this need on the other hand is not met, then the opposite scenario can be a possible outcome.  Therefore it is safe to say that sustained positive attachment and security is a necessity for a new born child. Our product offers exactly this attachment, because it can be ASSIST whenever the parents are not able to be with their baby. That could be when the baby has to sleep, is getting babysitted, is in nursery and in many other situations.  Go-to-market strategy and target group: We operate on a B2C market. We are going to sell our product through our own channel, which is our webshop. Our primary target group IS parents with children AT the age of 0-2 years. This target group is also reflected in our marketing focus and strategy. However, our product is also suited for children that are a bit older.  The thing that makes our product stand out in the crowd is our technology based solution. Our innovative solution enables mothers and fathers to record their own heartbeat rhythm- and sound in high quality and incorporate these audios into the teddybear. The fact that we enable families to make personal heartbeat recordings in their own home (Instead of requiring a scanning-process at a hospital or otherwise facilitated by the midwife) is revolutionary. We make the product accessible for everybody, and with our solution you can have your child's first teddybear become a family project. Why are we spending days and nights to create this product? Think about IT. We have conceived an idea that has the possibility to assist hundreds of thousands of families in establishing strong and caring bonds that will last for a whole lifetime. All due to the personal care and attachment that our product brings to the baby and the family. With other words we can make a living while making families happy all over the world.


Viddy is a Danish Video Production Service. We engage professional videographers and help companies tell their stories through high quality videos. Our platform makes it easy to book a videoproduction and customize your video. We are currently located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Our service is launching soon.

Barma ApS

Barma is a small and fast-growing innovative company. Our business model is to create a revolutionary digital learning concept delivered on a digital learning platform. The company works with development and distribution of e-learning material, with an industry-specific focus on the hospitality industry. We help the industry to be able to train their staff through e-learning, where there is an opportunity for learning industry-relevant knowledge. Among our customer group, we collaborate with Smukfest, Fjord Line and HORESTA, where we offer e-learning that intends to create a competence increase for their employees. The platform currently has over 16.000 unique users and the growth potential is high.


Forudbestil din mad hos din lokale restaurant, og hent den inden for den aftalte åbningstid. På den måde, kan du støtte restauranten, sparer penge og hjælpe med at minimere madspild! Det er win-win-win! Download Morrow i dag, på App Store og Google Play! Ejer eller arbejder du i en restaurant? Så kontakt os idag, ved at skrive til, så kan du sælge forudbestillinger gennem Morrow helt gratis! Emil venter spændt!

Omtanken ApS

Welcome to Omtanken. Our mission is to eradicate waste of time, lives and ressources. We are the technological foundation on which the church of circular building industry will be built. We will radically change the way we percieve waste in the building industry, and with time we will eliminate the concept of waste entirely. But that's not all. We will improve the health of the people working in the building industry and we will improve effeciency and contribute to science and new technological advancements. All this is possible due to the technology we're producing. We will see you in the future.


The mission of my start-up is to promote fermented food and beverage market. The company works on several projects, developing solutions and products for businesses and individuals. My mission is to empower people with knowledge and tools to make and choose fermented foods more often. I plan to achieve that by setting up a hybrid platform (offline and online) connecting leading stakeholders in the industry and fostering knowledge exchange among those who keep experimenting in this field. I plan to encourage green eating habits through the consumption of FF&B by promoting it in secondary schools.


We're here to change global games publishing by building business through Asia first and creating long-lasting developer relationships worldwide. JoyPac combines an open and communicative style of western publishers with the specialized operations & marketing know-how required to make it big in East and West markets. Registered in both Denmark, China Hong Kong, China mainland and Japan, JoyPac offers developer friendly contracts based on EU law, while fulfilling all legal requirements to publish on all platforms and in all territories globally.


FullBrain is a social e-learning platform where students study together, find personalized learning material and connect with top companies. FullBrain has unique spaces for each university course of each university out there. In these spaces, students ask, answer and share resources to pass their exams together. Helping the community rewards you on FullBrain. Based on each student's learning impact to their peers and using our novel (magic) Machine Learning algorithms we connect top students with top companies. When using FullBrain, students graduate with their dream job!