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Crown Tech

Crown Tech is a digital agency that specializes in digital innovation and technological services. Based in Greater Copenhagen, Denmark, we are a progressive team made up of creative, passionate and dedicated tech experts. Our working STACK: - PHP Laravel v4.2 - v6.00 - VueJs and Angular v2-v9, jQuery, LESS, - HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript. - MySQL, PgSQL, MongoDB, SQLServer, NoSQL


Ginbutler er Konnessørens ginklub. Vi er Danmarks bedste klub for alle dem der vil have de bedste gin og tonics, og som samtidig gerne vil overraskes og ikke gider spilde tiden på at skulle gå i en butik for at få deres gin og tonic fix. Udover at sende en kasse med en hel flaske gin, botnicals, tonics og et ginblad, får vores medlemmer også en smagsprøve mere på en ny gin. På den måde kan man nemlig smage sig frem til det man godt kan lide.

Adni Retail ApS

E-commerce based online grocery store of your neighbourhood. Adni Retail enables the the local grocery shop to expand its reach by selling the inventory online based on a robust delivery system. We are revolutionising the grocery segment allowing the customer to choose more economically irrespective of distance.


Natureventyr kombinerer naturoplevelser med leg, bevægelse og læring. Gennem en app fyldt med stednære eventyr gør vi det nemt for børnefamilier at komme på eventyr i naturen. Uden trætte børneben. Med Natureventyr som guide går I et eventyr et kapitel ad gangen, og undervejs bliver børnene en del af fortællingen gennem spørgsmål og udfordringer. Målet er flere aktive børn i naturen, og vi samarbejder med organisationer, virksomheder og kommuner om at udbyde eventyr rundt omkring i landet..


The general attention span is rapidly declining. Whatever you have to say, you have to make it short, personal and easy digestible for the receiver. Today’s communications teams are focused on finding novel approaches in engaging stakeholders and providing more personalized experiences. In the last years on-line videos have transformed marketing as we know it -and for a good reason, video is a brilliant media to explain complex issues in a short and rewarding fashion. What video is lacking is personalization. Traditional video is a one-way linear experience where the receiver is kept passive. Adding interactivity to video turns it into a two-way engagement giving the receiver the power to choose direction and depth and at the same time captures valuable behavioral data This is why interactive video will be the new frontier in communication


We are a new type, fully digital and engaging travel guide making independent, authentic travel easier and more fun for families with small kids (0-6 years). Why? Imagine you are sitting on the cold bathroom floor in a dull mainstream hotel room, squeezed in-between the toilette and shower and zipping semi-warm wine out of coffee mugs. Not quite what you are hoping for when picturing a great holiday with your better half and your little ones?! Not our idea of a great vacation either but that's where we ended up spending the evening because there was no other place to go after having put our kids to bed despite having booked a family-room. It is because of these ‘bathroom-situations’, the many hours we as parents spend planning the trip and the lack of suitability and engagement for families with existing travel guides that have inspired us to start Seek+See. Seek+See is the shortcut to organizing authentic family trips (inspiration, planning and booking) and makes exploring with kids fun and give you peace of mind during your travel as you always know what to do or where to go in case things don’t go as planned and your kid has a melt-down. Seek+See’s key to success is high quality content (unique, local, kid-friendly) and an excellent customer experience.


TOMORROW FESTIVAL er et markant, tilbagevendende samlingspunkt for alle, der er optaget af, hvordan vi sammen og individuelt kan gøre vores verden mere bæredygtig. Med afsæt i FN’s 17 Verdensmål og vor tids ’call to action’ omkring bæredygtighed er det en årlig hybrid event.


We bridge the gap between the public and the private sector, we help to unlock public and private resources in order to reduce poverty and support local economic development. We work with partners like NGOs, policy makers and payment institutions to help them to create the most effective, safer, reliable and efficient cross border payments systems possible. We believe everyone must has access to sustainable financial services to growing their business and improving their lives. Though innovative financial models we can have a transformational impact in reaching the last mile while addressing exclusion and access inequalities and contribute to a number of different Sustainable Development Goals


We design our products based on the idea that a RackBuddy is not “just” a clothes rack. It is a piece of furniture that can be used everyday and withstands the test of time. With their characteristic elements of black iron and their industrial look, our clothes racks can be used in all rooms of your home. You can use them for organizing your clothes, but also for placing lamps or decorating your home with plants or books. Simple and practical.

Weikop Project

Weikop Project is a vision of revolutionizing and re-defining the way start-ups work The vision is to find the right teams for business concepts. It’s a setup that creates companies. The teams don’t create the concepts. The concepts create the teams. We want to do that by taking some of the best ideas and connecting the ideal individuals to develop them. Weikop Project consists of a group of skilled and experienced entrepreneurs and investors. Their joint experience stretches over countless business areas and segments. The Weikop Project group will therefore act board for the various start-ups within the organization, as well as, develop the initial business cases and making sure that they’re valid, before compiling the perfect team for the given concept. All concepts within Weikop Project will be based on at least one of the UN's 17 sustainable development goals. Each start-up individual will be carefully selected and will get to choose the area and direction, in which they wish to work in. From there, teams will be made, based on personalities, skills and visions. These teams will then proceed to build the start-up from the ground. All team members will receive equal equity in the project – after a proof of concept round.


GreenSteam has pioneered the application of AI and Machine Learning to increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions across the world's fleet since 2007. We have designed and built a machine learning platform where shipowners, charterers, and operators can optimize the efficiency of ship operations helping them to reduce their environmental footprint on the world. Our vision is trade without waste. With the backing of BP, we are expanding our client base rapidly and entering into several strategic partnerships. This creates a need for great team players that can help us take customer satisfaction to the next level. We know that no two shipping companies are the same. Charterers, Owners, Operators all have different needs. For this reason, our client success efforts are deeply founded on delivering value on every level - from analytical insights to performance management to client success management.


Revolutionize and Simplify critical training for LIFE SCIENCE and HEALTHCARE industries using SEEING, HEARING, FEELING Life Science and Healthcare industries are heavily regulated and require extensive training in critical and complex processes, face issues as: cost, efficiency, quality, staff retention and agility and patient safety. A training, we want to optimize. ADvirtual uses Virtual Reality to deliver comprehensive interactive training solutions in a virtual environment, simulating real working situations for employees. This makes the training more consistent, realistic and easy to train anywhere.

Peter Thomsen Golf

I am in cooperation with Dansk Golf Akademi starting up various interesting concepts in the golfbusiness. Dansk Golf Akademi is the leading golf teaching business in the country with facilities allover Denmark. We are taking the business from nothing and all the way to a functional business and keep running it.

Logic Partner

Logic Partner leverer IT-forretningsløsninger til medlemsorganisationer og foreninger inden for ERP og Business Intelligence. Vi er Microsoft partner og vores løsninger er baseret på Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (tidligere Dynamics NAV), Jet Reports og Power BI. Vi hjælper desuden vores kunder med løsninger til løn.

Dit X Hjem

'Dit X Hjem' is a PropTech startup, building innovative digital solutions for private homeowners, -buyers and -sellers. Dit X Hjem is the umbrella covering a suite of market-oriented business entities - startups within the startup - that builds and delivers standalone, yet synergetic products and service, based on shared proprietary technological components, IT infrastructure and market ecosystem. Our initial focus is 'Dit Grønne Hjem' - a range of solutions empowering homeowners og -buyers to make sustainable and energy saving home improvements. We provide AI and data based insights, analysis and inspiration to the consumer - and provide bundled solutions with contractors and loan providers.