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Marketing & Communication

Internship - Vær med til at forme vores digitale kunderejse

Backend developer

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Marketing & Communication

Content & Social Media Marketing Lead (Part Time Student Position)


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New internation prize for architecture initiated by the Henrik Frode Obel Foundation. A small foundation with big ambitions! The OBEL AWARD seeks to honour and reward seminal contributions to architecture, and to promote the transformative and social social value of architecture. We're based in Copenhagen but are entirely internation in our outlook.


WHAT IS OPEN? OPEN is a co-working space for creative professionals looking for a strong supportive community, located at the strategic design firm, Designit. We are true believers when it comes to co-creation and live by the mantra that we are better together. Both as individuals and organizations. WHO CAN JOIN? First and foremost: good people. It's as simple as that. But secondly OPEN is home to promising startups, professional freelancers, creatives, creators, and innovators. OPEN is not limited to a certain line of business. Instead we are about promoting an honest and supportive openness culture. WHAT DO WE OFFER? Being located at a global strategic design firm, Designit, means you not only get access to high end facilities. It also means access to: — A radical innovation hub merging business and design — A world class design platform — A globally-connected corporate world — Formal and informal mentoring by skilled and experienced professionals


Lydify is an online marketplace where users can buy and sell sound effects. Lydify allows creative minds the utilization of other users skills and talents in an affordable manner. Through an easy-to-use webpage, Lydify gives people the opportunity to earn a little extra by offering their work to the community, whilst also giving the possibility of drawing use of the vast user-created library for their own projects. We believe that the best way to create an affordable library, that lack neither quality or quantity, is to have users upload and sell their own products. In doing so, we allow for competition, which in turn secure the quality, as well as a steady flow of new sounds. The website is at a stage close to launch, needing primarily minor adjustments. The marketplace itself is set up and functioning.


På finder du alle boliger til salg – og alt du skal vide om dem, inden du køber. Vi vil give brugeren de bedste muligheder for at finde det helt rigtige hjem. Vi beskæftiger os dagligt med udvikling af vores platform, som et af Danmarks største boligsites, igennem kreative brainstorms, konceptudvikling, research og design. Vi arbejder i tæt sammentømrede teams og er en del af et kreativt kontorfællesskab i Kødbyen.

Square One

Square One is a coworking space for creative, hands-on entrepreneurs focusing on helping them test, develop and grow their business in the city's new district. We offer: - open and closed doors space offices - wood workshops - textile workshops - photo studio - meeting room - seminars and mentoring


Founded in Copenhagen, NorthQ is a leading-edge manufacturer and service provider of Energy Management devices. Based on extensive expertise with connected devices, we pioneer in retrofit meter reading solutions for the industrial and domestic sectors. Powered by innovation and effectiveness, both the hardware and the software of our cloud-based solutions are developed internally. This enables us to provide rapid development of tailor-made industrial metering and energy management solutions for a wide variety of business clients. Our mission is to deliver valuable business insights for energy, indoor climate and predictive maintenance, in order to inspire our customers to improve operational efficiency. In this way, we aim to help our customers use their resources more responsibly, towards their business, communities and the environment.