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Marketing & Communication

Praktikant - Kommunikation


Danish intern for a Danish Robotic company

Product Management

Product Strategist

Marketing & Communication

CMO / Head of Marketing

Marketing & Communication

Publisher Manager hos Adtraction Marketing



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Rodinia Generation

Rodinia Generation was created, with one goal in mind: Changing the fashion industry for the better. With a strong ambition to drive forward the transformation, from being one of the world’s most polluting industries to becoming a digital and sustainable one, The Green Fashion Factory was setup in Copenhagen in 2020, where we produce clothes sustainably and ultra-fast. Rodinia has been recognized by fashion companies, investors and public funding bodies (i.e. Innovation Fund Denmark) incl. the European Patent-office and has secured €2M from investors and grants.


Tise is a Nordic, fast-growing software company with an experienced team. We do everything from coding to design and business development in-house. Our marketplace-app, Tise, has grown dramatically since we launched in 2016, now measuring nearly 1 000 000 registered users, and 4 000 000 listings. With around 80 000 DAU, spending 17 minutes in the app on average, we are blessed with a highly engaged community. We are now looking for great individuals to join our journey onwards.


Reduced is an innovative food production company. We specialize in creating high-quality food products made from excess produce. Our mission is to reduce food waste by using vegetables, protein and other nutritional sources leftover from the conventional food industry. Right now, we put all our time and effort into creating sustainable stock. We aim to develop a broad portfolio of products that will replace conventional choices. Always with a focus on taste and sustainability. In 6 months we have developed and launch four products based on excess produce, without seeking any financing. The products are sold in 55 supermarkets (Irma, SuperBrugsen, Meyers Deli etc), at and in food service. The products are developed with one thing in mind: "How can we make taste from waste?". These are the four products: 1) Organic Chicken Stock: Made from egglaying chickens in excess from egg production. The chickens usually are used for biogas. We are changing this. 2) Shellfish Stock: Made from some of the 12 billion shore crabs in the Danish seas. Shore crabs are a massive problem for fishermen and they harm marine ecosystems. 3) Organic Vegetable Stock: Made from nordic seaweed and fragments of dried mushrooms. Seaweed is considered as one of the most overseen and essential resources of future food. 4) Organic Veal Stock: Made from bull calf bones in excess from milk production. There is little demand for bull calf bones. We strive to change the value chain. We now have a proven product-market fit and are looking into scaling our operation.

Mendonca Biomed

Mendonca Biomed is an early stage life science startup with the aim to develop and validate novel biomarker for the early detection of viral infections in blood with an affordable yet simple detection method that can be universally applied. The company was originally founded by myself Kevin Mendonca in India based on his 15 years of accumulative research knowledge. Preliminary data on the utility of viral miRNA biomarkers for the screening of blood for transfusion transmitted viral infections, which are potentially superior to the currently available markers, and a simplified assay that is cost effective and can be universally adapted, were developed in India. However, due to an innate lack of infrastructure and funding opportunities in India, I applied for the startup Denmark program to move the company to the medicon valley. I recently moved to Demark, registered a privately owned company and currently in pursue of funding to validate the viral miRNA biomarkers for the early detection of HIV, HBV and HCV in donated blood. Around the world, more than 92 million blood donations are collected every year. Screening of donated blood and derived products, for HIV, HBV and HCV is mandatory worldwide. Screening is a key safety measure in protecting recipients from transfusion transmitted infections, especially in developing nations in Africa and Asia, where the donated blood is not processed because of high costs and lack of infrastructure. Moreover, in emergency situation like natural calamities, disasters and sudden outbreaks, the currently available methods are inadequate for on-site screening. Serological testing (antigen and antibody detection assays) have historically been the foundation of blood screening but with huge drawbacks of long window periods. Newer strategies like the PCR based amplification viral genomic DNA/RNA in blood have helped shorten the window period but have not eliminated it. PCR assays have also been known to fail in low viremia and/or suboptimal amplification efficiency. They are far more expensive than the serological assay, requires expertise, specialized equipment and a molecular biology setup, which is not available in the resource poor settings of the developing countries. Our solution is to develop and validate novel viral miRNA biomarkers that have the potential to further reduce the window period and use the unique characteristics of these biomarkers to develop a simple, multiplex (3 in 1), inexpensive probe hybridization assay that can be universally utilized in all settings and conditions. Viral miRNA molecules are easy to validate as biomarkers since the presence of vmiRNA’s is a definite indicator of infected cells. Benefit: Multiplex 3 in 1 test. Method as simple to perform as the serological assay with the benefits of a molecular assay. Can be adapted in any setting, even in the field and low resource conditions in developing nations. Potentially, lower window period of detection compared to any biomarkers that are available in the market currently. Value: High throughput, lower turnover time with lower chances of human error. Advantages of a molecular assay with the simplicity and affordability of a serological assay. Does not require specialized setup, infrastructure and highly trained technicians. Potentially, could detect the infections faster than any other tests in the market, lowering the risk of transfusion transmission. Once this platform has been validated, the product line can be expanded to cover all commercially viable viral infections. A HPV assay based on this platform, for example, could be a potential replacement for the invasive PAP test, and can be performed during a routine blood test. The platform can be further adapted to screen for novel viral infections like SARS, MERS, ZIKA etc. It can be also be developed to screen and control other sporadic outbreaks the like Dengue, Chikungunya etc.


RE-ZIP is a circular packaging concept offering both circular bag's and box's more or less all players in the ecommerce industry. By circulating rather than using single-use packaging (even recycled) we save more than 80% CO2 by just 10 circulations. RE-ZIP delivers the packaging to the ecommerce's which offer the sustainable packing solution to the end-user at the the check-out for a minor fee (paid back via voucher or rebate code later). Upon receipt of the goods the end-user fold the RE-ZIP packaging to a returns format and deliver it at a mail box or a parcel store and the packaging is returned to RE-ZIP warehouse for cleaning and re-circulation to our customers. The RE-ZIP packaging can be circulated more than 20 times. RE-ZIP has developed a state of the art backend system supporting the above process and are currently end-user testing both an end-user app as well as an drop-point app (shops) to support roll-out of the worlds first circular packaging infrastructure to be introduced in 2021.

NornGuest Ventures

NornGuest Ventures are currently working on a start up in cooperation with Barut Ren ApS. The start up is yet to be named, but essentially we are about to be producing furnitures of danish design from recycled plastic waste. The machinery is under construction and we expect to start production by March 21' We are looking for sales and marketing interns to help us plan and execute a sales and markerting campaign. The startup is on a very early stage, and the interns will get a lot of responsibility and opportunity to help shape the development of the brand,