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Marketing & Communication

Studiejob - Digital Marketing / SOME


Graduateland Sales Team Lead


Case Manager - Finnish market

Business Development

UK Business Development Student Intern

Business Development

Nordic Business Development Student Intern


Junior Account Executive - Berlin (Germany)


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Spectro Inlets ApS

Mission: We provide real-time and accurate measurement solutions to optimize environmental and chemical processes to achieve a greener, cleaner world. Vision: Making mass spectrometry accessible to everyone for any test environment. Description: Using our proprietary microchip inlet technology, we are able to bring mass spectrometers out of the laboratory and into the real-world. We already provide benchtop analysis systems for electrochemistry and battery research which we sell to research institutions around the world. We have tested and are currently developing the commercial version of an online industrial sensor version of our system for real-time measurements in biogas production facilities and wastewater treatment plants.

We help window cleaners find local clients in their neighborhood and surrounded areas. Within a relative short timeframe we have established a website with high traffic and demand for window cleaners. We work with a no cure no pay modal, and do not require upfront payments like most other similar services.


Lunsj is superfood for people-obsessed organizations. We help enterprise organizations and distributed teams engage their relational assets at scale using artificial intelligence. Lunsj is an AI powered process automation platform for the future of employee engagement / employee experience and collaboration. Why? - We believe relationships are an organization's most valuable asset. - Our mission is to enable more engaged, collaborative and inclusive work environments. - Our vision is to help build the future of work where people come first. We are based in Oslo, Norway. You can learn more about us at


The online platform Alike helps you to get going with all the things you else wouldn't do, you even get to meet people with common interests who live nearby. Simply pick an activity from the hundreds of activities we find good to do with others, set a given time and place and automatically get matched up with people to play badminton with, play board games, go for a run or something else that you find interesting.


TripDoodler is developing a “by travelers for traveler’s” online platform to help future travelers in making more sustainable travel choices with a unique travel planning tool that has a build in sustainability algorithm. We all make too few sustainable travel choices today, even with more than 55% of us saying we want to be more sustainable in their future travel. Why? We don’t know how. It’s too complex and perceived to have a higher price tag. Our mission is to make the sustainable travel choice easy for everyone. We are therefore building a platform that enable online travel planners to find, plan, organize, rate and share their travel in a - by travelers for travelers - community. We do this because we love to travel but also are concerned about how we go about it. We view sustainability is broader than climate alone. It also has a social and financial aspect. So, if we only say don’t travel, we lose out on the opportunity to make the traveling that actually does happen more sustainable. If we all today make just one more sustainable choice than we did yesterday, we are off to a good start. With our strong combination of experienced travel industry background and tech knowledge and experience, we are the team that can make this happen.


At Regnskabshelten, our mission is to make accounting simple, cheaper and less time consuming for businesses and accountors. Tasks like bookkeeping, Tax and VAT-reporting are often a pain for companies and consume a lot of the time they could spend solely on growing their business. Tasks like gathering all the correct documents are time-consuming for an approved accountant. This is what we are changing. With our assembly line approach, we are able to maximize each individuals time, where it matters the most. We are able to do this, due to our broad network and optimized internal processes. We digitalize our clients receipts, do their annual report, assist them in a broad field of accounting tasks and much more.