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Full-stack developer

Junior Full Stack Developer (Internship)

Customer Service

Head of Customer Success


Design & Strategy Intern at Sustainable Danish Brand

Business Development

Sales & Growth Intern at Sustainable Danish Brand

Marketing & Communication

Digital Marketing Intern for Sustainable Danish Brand


Assistant Store Manager


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We back bold entrepreneurs in their earliest stages and help shape the foundation of their aspirations. We classify investments into three categories; BUILD, SCALE, and FOMO. Building cases are companies that are so early that the company might not even be registered with the authorities yet. It’s merely an idea that we need to shape together, right from the beginning. Here we put in lots of hours and enough capital to build a minimum viable product and test the product on the market. If successful, we move to a scale-up phase investing more money and/or raise capital from external investors. SCALE cases are more developed. The first team is there, and they are close to a product-market fit. We help build the foundation with capital, advisory and agreed-upon milestones within, e.g., legal work, growth hacking, or strategy. Finally, yes, we do also invest in FOMO cases with only capital…

Mimir Global

The workforce in the Fourth Industrial Revolution needs more reskilling and upskilling than ever before. For this, we need to more digital online and individualised solutions to engage a global workforce. Soft skills training like Emotional Intelligence and Coaching is some of the key skills we need to master to work as global citizens and perform in a changing world. These skills are what the founder of Mimir Global is trained in and as a professional educator understand how we need to innovate education across all ages and continents.

Nordic Casual

Nordic Casual is about sustainable garments completely undefined by gender. That’s it? Of course not. We also care for the planet, love all fellow beings and put accent on Unisex design. All our clothes will be of 100% organic cotton made in 100% fair trade factories and 100% vegan. We envision a successful business with huge impact in the world.


Teamway is an exclusive global platform for remote software development teams, led by local project managers. We call it Team-as-a-Service. We are on a mission to empower freelancers and organizations to live and operate with more flexibility, freedom and a strong sense of community. We’ve taken the best from the current freelance platforms - on demand access to global talent - and removed the risks of time consuming project management, low quality, poor communication and inconsistent coding standards. We’ve applied a team focus with dedicated project management and made it available on a monthly subscription, giving our customers high flexibility and low risk. Everything combined into one service, tailored to the future landscape of work. For freelancers joining our network this means no more competing for the same jobs and underbidding you colleagues for that next project! Instead we are collaborating, building a community with room for career progression, mentorship and benefits such as insurance. Our ambition is to become the leading provider of digital freelance teams globally.

Candyfloss Collective

At Candyfloss Collective we significantly improve the standard online shopping experience. We inspire to making new choices & create sales for our partners. Visitors can read in-depth articles from our experts about relevant topics within the niche that we website is all about. We also do the classic price comparison feature.

Syntese Digital

SYNTESE DIGITAL er eksperter i avanceret digital markedsføring. Siden 2006 har vi nørdet, udforsket og testet alle afkroge af den digitale verden for at bruge data bedst muligt, ramme knivskarpt for vores kunder og hjælpe dem til at gøre det bedre på bundlinjen. Efter mange års erfaring som bureau for nogle af Danmarks mest ambitiøse brands, dykkede vi ned i, hvorfor så få SMV’er bruger avanceret digital markedsføring til at skabe mere salg og få flere kunder? Svaret er, at det kræver indsigt, forståelse og erfaring at skabe resultater, der rykker ved noget. Derfor hjælper vi i dag SMV’er med at realisere deres potentiale for selv små budgetter, og hos SYNTESE DIGITAL forstår vi, hvad det vil sige at drive virksomhed i Danmark.