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Rodinia Generation

Rodinia Generation was created, with one goal in mind: Changing the fashion industry for the better. With a strong ambition to drive forward the transformation, from being one of the world’s most polluting industries to becoming a digital and sustainable one, The Green Fashion Factory was setup in Copenhagen in 2020, where we produce clothes sustainably and ultra-fast. Rodinia has been recognized by fashion companies, investors and public funding bodies (i.e. Innovation Fund Denmark) incl. the European Patent-office and has secured €2M from investors and grants.


Tise is a Nordic, fast-growing software company with an experienced team. We do everything from coding to design and business development in-house. Our marketplace-app, Tise, has grown dramatically since we launched in 2016, now measuring nearly 1 000 000 registered users, and 4 000 000 listings. With around 80 000 DAU, spending 17 minutes in the app on average, we are blessed with a highly engaged community. We are now looking for great individuals to join our journey onwards.


We believe that we can change the World, by providing kids age 7-11 (Tweens) a fun, safe, creative space where they can learn how to interact online and help develop a lifelong love of learning and give them the tools to unlock their full potential. There is currently no safe digital space for younger kids just learning to navigate social media to express themselves creatively and socially. Grbll is that safe place where kids can share content with their parent- approved family and friends.


SimpleSite guides users step by step to more customers. We are a growing tech company, which founded SimpleSite in 2013 in Copenhagen around the idea of creating value and opportunity for people with no tech skills. We help micro-entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals to quickly kickstart their online activities by providing step-by-step guidance towards success, and the tools, best practices, and guidance that will help them achieve their goals. In our daily work, we focus on building a great product and a thriving company environment for more than 40 talented and enthusiastic people who share a strong company culture and set of values—to support success, value results, take responsibility, and cherish respect.

The Tasty Coconut Company

Tasty Coconut was founded because we want to make eating fruits more colorful and fun. We import exciting and different foods because we want to show consumers that it doesn't have to be boring and monotonous to eat more greens - especially fruits. We focus on ecology, biodynamic production, tree-ripened fruits and freshly harvested vegetables. That is why we work with smaller farms from all over the world, so that we ensure that the road from farm to fork is as short as possible. The majority of our selection will always be organic and we are moving towards becoming 100% organic and biodynamic.

Alix & the Pack

Alix & the Pack is more than a dog walking and training company. It is a lifestyle. We have a certain new way of looking at the world that we want to share with your dog. We want to inspire ‘pet owners’ to become ‘pack leaders’. How do we do this? Our philosophy is to build your relationship with your dog by understanding the simple and primitive nature of canine behaviour. Resulting in an effortless partnership based on mutual trust, respect and love. We do this in the order of ‘exercise, discipline, affection’. We foster a harmonious balance of calmness and assertiveness.