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Subaio was founded at a hackathon in 2016. Prior to the event one of the founders had found an odd payment on his family’s monthly bank statement. What was this? After some research he found that it was a payment for a US online newspaper he had only used once and then forgot all about. This was the beginning of Subaio – the service that gives you control of your subscriptions. The last five years the subscription economy has grown more than 100% a year according to McKinsey. At the same time more people have a hard time cancelling their subscriptions. 42% to be exact according to And there’s no indication that this development is going to stop. 35% thus want their bank to deliver a subscription management system in their online bank according to Cicero Consulting.

From the moment we signed our first client in 2011, has been revolutionizing the world of e-commerce personalization across site search, product recommendations, email, social media & ads. We are committed to making every team member succeed and create an environment where everyone can do their best, while having fun.


OfficeHub is a matchmaker between people looking for co-working or office space, and people having such. We represent more than 300+ spaces in Europe, and we have helped 5000+ people looking for new surroundings or new colleagues. We love everything about the startup journey, and seek people who would like to join us!


We’re a green provider of electrical free-float short term car rental. GreenMobility A/S operates around 1000 cars across major cities in northern Europe. We offer users with simple, flexible and sustainable transportation. The cars are located, booked and unlocked with our app. Users pay per use and simply leave the car at any destination within our zones. GreenMobility is listed on Nasdaq First North and have 80 employees.


At GamerzClass we're building a gaming edutainment platform. We work exclusively with the industry's biggest creators to bring innovation and excellence to gaming content. We create high-quality content with top-tier pros across multiple games and genres. We strive to deliver personalized experiences to each of our users so they can become better gamers. What sets GamerzClass apart is the fact that we're gamers too. This makes us able to walk in the shoes of our customers and therefore know how to better offer solutions to problems that many times we have also faced. In many ways, we try to create a community and product that we always wanted to have, but never did.


We are working in the next frontier of Automation: Using video data to enrich the way businesses operate. - We use security camera video to help logistics companies optimise their placement and processing of goods by detecting left pallets and congested traffic in terminals. - We help retail companies optimise marketing spend by correlating footfall statistics in their shops. - We help automotive companies retain more loyal customers by improving their customer experience through number plate recognition and data correlation. We are at an exciting intersection between AI, Computer Vision, Systems Integration and Robotic Process Automation. Come join us! We work hard, offer lots of freedom to work in the way that suits our people best, and we celebrate often. We work with many global brands, including f.ex. Honda and Siemens. Youtube: Case Study (Honda / Fever Screening):

Skarde ApS

We are a corporate startup that springs out from an experienced Management Consultancy (Prokura), specialized in Procurement and Supply Chain.  Within the corporate startup, we are currently looking for new, creative and innovative ways to work with procurement related data to maximize value for our clients.


DigiShares is a company working on blockchain technology for raising capital. Our software allows companies to conduct a so-called STO (Security Token Offering) which is similar to an ICO, just with security tokens instead of utility tokens. These tokens may represent shares in a company and can be issued to raise capital for the company. We are among the leaders and first-movers in this area in Europe.


Monthio is a fully funded Fintech company working hard to build and launch an innovative financial platform for financial credit services. We are on an ambitious mission to create: "Smarter financial decisions with less effort". Put simply, we want to enable businesses and people to achieve a healthier financial situation with less hassle, saving both time and money. Monthio is on an ambitious mission in the growing industry of Fintech. We are a passionate and skilled team representing multiple age groups, and we have deep industry knowledge. Our experienced management team has strong knowledge within finance, entrepreneurship and software development, and our young team members keeps everyone on their toes. Our office is located in Parken, Østerbro in Copenhagen, Denmark. Here we have our own office with a great view to the Parken Football pitch as well as the green park: "Fælledparken"


Turis is the wholesale eCommerce platform of the future. We enable brands and manufacturers to allow their retailers to place orders in a digital format to make wholesale ordering quick and pain-free. We are extremely user focused and strive to deliver a best-in-class ordering experience. Similarly, we want to make implementation a breeze and a task that should be done in days, not months.

Textual - Scalable Content Platform

Textual helps online retailers and brands automating the copywriting and translation process! We have developed a unique advanced AI solution for Natural Language Generation. On a large scale we can generate unique product descriptions, category pages, online ads and personalized offers. Our foundation is based on a mix of AI and grammatical framework to ensure correct and natural language and full control over variation of the texts. We currently support 25 languages including Chinese, Japanese and Korean, covering over 5 billion people in the world. Our clients include John Lewis, American Eagle, NA-KD, Boozt, Royal Design, H&M, Babyshop and more.

Wizkids AS

Vi eksperter på å utvikle plattformer, systemintegrasjon, språk- og taleteknologi. Derfor prøver vi kontinuerlig å utvikle den mest avanserte og brukervennlige programvaren som vi gjør tilgjengelig på alle plattformer, og derfor bruker mer enn 1 mill. elever og lærere nå våre løsninger. Teamet vårt består av 50 dedikerte entusiaster som jobber hardt for å skape den beste læringsplattformen for elever, lærere og administrativt ansatte. Vi har kontorer i Danmark, Sverige, Norge og England.

Flow Robotics A/S

Flow Robotics creates flexible, user-friendly liquid handling robots for lab automation. Our mission is to replace repetitive, time-consuming and burdensome manual pipetting tasks, yielding consistent results and freeing up time to work on interesting scientific problems. As the robots are controlled using an Internet browser, no installation is required. And better yet, no programming is required. Ease of use is the lifeblood of Flow Robotics. Using patented technology, live video from the robot is combined with the graphical user interface to make specification of protocols intuitive. With augmented reality, what you see is really what you get!


Easysize is coding the future of fashion e-commerce with the leading return prevention platform powered by artificial intelligence and big data. Founded and developed by data and fashion enthusiasts, Easysize has one critical mission: Make fashion e-commerce sustainable. Our company is not only changing a business for a single company by making them more profitable and sustainable. We are shaping the industry at large and we help educate customers to encourage responsible consumption. We are a group of tech and e-commerce enthusiast using data to improve fashion e-commerce. Our team is international and diverse. Our key team values: Focus on things that will have the greatest impactCreate a place, where people can learn and become a better version of themselvesBe nice to peopleUse MVP approach: collect the maximum amount of validated learning with the least effortKeep a global mindsetBe transparent and honest Have an “owner” mindset Create a place, where people can come up with new ideas and feel comfortable bring up and discuss the ideas

Legal Monster ApS

A powerful wave is sweeping across the world, moving control of personal information away from businesses and back into the hands of consumers. However, this new paradigm of data privacy brings new challenges as well: It has imposed unprecedented trade barriers and legal complexities between companies and across the countries in which they operate. We are here to enable companies to become amazing data citizens and make it effortless to do business in a global world.