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MCon Services

The only thing more important than your time is what you spend it on! Our mission is to allow small and medium-sized business owners to save time and focus on what is truly important: growing their business. Instead of spending their time on day-to-day administration and management work. We do this through digital transformation and process automation. A lot of businesses have amazing potential that is not being utilized because day-to-day operations are taking up most of the time that otherwise could’ve been invested in developing new business ideas and income opportunities. In a large part, the reason for this rising potential is the technological advancement we have seen over the past few years. Although it is creating opportunities, a lot of companies have a hard time adapting their operational and administrative processes to this new way of doing business. As mentioned our whole reason for existence is to help companies go through digital transformation, to set themselves free of their old inefficient processes. We use a combination of different frameworks from the fields of Business Process Management and Software Development to tailor digital processes 100% to our client´s workflows, management and operations. The nature of our work can described as two integrated phases that each brings a unique value to our client. The first phase is all about in-depth analysis of current processes, painpoints, operation dynamics and redesign of these from a digital perspective adding the technological aspects. The second phase is related to developing the actual automation software, scripts, integrations and business logic using the technologies. There is a catch though: in the second phase, the first phase is actually repeated – the closer we work with the technical development the more opportunities arise along the way, which usually allows us to optimize the processes even more than expected. How and why did it start? “The only thing more important than your time is what you spend it on.” I realized this when I was 16, working a boring data entry job. At that time, I had already moved out and really had to learn how to prioritize my time. My main goal and dream was to become a professional basketball player and this repetitive, boring job was just taking away my valuable time, which I could otherwise be spending at the gym. For the first time in my life, I had too many goals but too little time. So I decided to change that. What started as a few formulas and scripts to automate my data entry, quickly turned into an app, which turned into 5 apps, and by the time I was 18 turned into my own company. I realized how small and medium-sized business owners face the same issue I was facing – too many goals, but too little time. And the solution: process automation and digital transformation. 2 years later and counting, I am running a company of process specialists, analysts, consultants, developers, and technical writers to help companies and business owners create more time for what is truly important. The journey has been awesome, but to be honest it is not all about the success. Just like I see companies as a bunch of processes, I also see life as a process – a learning process! Most importantly, this journey has brought me amazing knowledge and experience, which I would never give up for anything, and it shaped into the fearless person I am today. For me, life is about challenging yourself and learning from it – throw yourself into the deep end yet learn to survive! I will say it one more time: "The only thing more important than your time is what you spend it on!" Feel free to connect and get a cool conversation started!


Oamo is a company concept for a blue ocean company - a marketplace based on an old and enormous industry, that has yet stayed unchanged for thousands of years. Please, see the CTO co-founder job opening for further information into the conceptualization of the company as well as further information about the position itself.


MIIEGO® - ACTIVE LIFESTYLE AUDIO MIIEGO® is MUSIC ON-THE-GO. We are an innovative Danish brand, specializing in high quality and performance wireless audio products for an active lifestyle. Founded in 2010, on proud Danish acoustic and audio traditions, MIIEGO® has won numerous international product tests and awards for top quality sound, comfort, functionality and product design. All MIIEGO® products are designed to withstand and survive the challenging Scandinavian climate and are built to be used for on-the-go action - indoor and outdoor, anywhere and anytime. READY. SET. MIIEGO.

EventButler ApS

Eventbutler er en platform, hvor privatpersoner og virksomheder gratis og 100% uforpligtende kan indhente tilbud på deres arrangement. Det kan være alt fra en julefrokost, en konference eller et bryllup til en teambuilding-dag eller en fødselsdagsfejring. Man kan indhente sine tilbud ved at søge blandt de forskellige muligheder via platformens søgefunktion, og her selv udvælge de steder, som man ønsker tilbud fra. Alternativt kan man få hjælp af en eventkonsulent i eftersøgningen på den perfekte løsning, ved at anvende tilbudsformularen, hvor vi hjælper med at finde de 3 bedste tilbud.

En digital mægler, der ønsker at gøre salg af boliger i Danmark langt nemmere via både langt mere gennemsigtighed, en mere fair pris og med stor fokus på at vores kunder får en tidslinje, hvor de altid kan følge med i hvad der sker hvornår, hvorfor og hvordan. Der vil ikke være mæglere tilknyttet hver by som man normalvis kender det, men "blot" være en mægler tilknyttet hver sag, som står for at guide kunden igennem hele boligsalget.


Voklos cures the world. We provide a proprietary personalized dashboard for Patients, Healthcare Professionals and the Pharmaceutical Industry. We discover new first-in-class and best-in-class active pharmaceutical ingredients and formulations based on real-time data to enable value-based healthcare and next-gen new product planning.

JBG Consulting ApS

We have a vision to redefine business-to-business sales! JBG Consulting was founded in August 2019 with the purpose of helping companies accelerate their client portofolio across Scandinavia. We strive to make the business development function more transparent, personal and efficient. By understanding the importance of synergies and knowledge sharing between our consultant and the company, we will reach new markets, increase turnover and create better and longer lasting relationships with customers.


VAEKST is a Nordic consultancy based in Copenhagen, focusing our Nordic approach on sustainable business relations and the quality of work, with a mindset of delivering quality over quantity.  The Nordic region is our home ground. For many of our clients, VAEKST acts as a gateway to the entire Nordic region. We consist of business developers from the Nordic countries spanning from Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. We make a virtue of communicating to people and understanding them. We work on the principle of selling with the ear and not by the mouth, which is reflected in our clients' satisfaction. We believe that the best sales relationships are sustainable, and therefore our ultimate ownership is service, quality and discipline.  

Care2People Associassion

Care 2 People is a non-profit NGO that provides self-help assistance, both in Denmark and around the world, our main focus areas are to fight desertification and improve the world's climate change. Care2People works with all aspects of the humanitarian field and likes to work as an umbrella organization. We do advise and conduct not only anti-radicalization courses but also competency related job adaptation, motivate and carry out repatriation tasks, including preparation and participation in clarification processes, planning integration in the home country, including business plan/return home and family plan, etc. Care2People is happy to hold courses and help launch new businesses.

Employ ApS

Ever been waiting in line to get you lunch from your local lunch guy, without thinking about the time you've spent in the queue? And by the time you've placed your order, you have waited for over 10 minutes just to put in your order at the cashier. Well, that's one of the many reasons our Founder Kerim Arikan founded Employ. Employ is a startup company that have developed one of the simplest self ordering systems that puts it's focus on time efficiency and more sales for the business. The vision for the company is to make our self-ordering as easy to implement in business as a MPOS system is nowdays. We'll update you on that soon.

RPA House

I RPA House vil vi gerne være med til præge fremtidens arbejdsplads. Det gør vi ved både at øge medarbejdertilfredsheden samtidig med virksomhedens effektivitet. RPA House leverer automatiserede og forbedrede arbejdsprocesser, hvorfor jeres organisation bliver mere effektiv, produktiv og øger jeres kapacitet. Dette hjælper RPA House virksomheder med at realisere ved blandt andet at tilbyde følgende services: Rådgivning, Udvikling, Implementering & Undervisning. RPA House er stiftet af 3 unge CBS studerende med speciale i IT og forretning. Vores udviklere er certificerede i RPA, og har stor ekspertise og erfaring indenfor udvikling, implementering og undervisning af RPA. Derfor har vi mulighed for, at skabe den bedste løsning for jeres virksomhed. Vi udbyder vores services i hele Danmark, og har kontor i København.

Komplet Web ApS

Komplet Web ApS er et webbureau med base i Odense SØ som producerer hjemmesider og udfører SEO optimering for små- & mellemstore virksomheder i hele Danmark. Vi tilbyder tekstforfatning til stort set alle brancher, og vores webdesigns bliver udarbejdet med fokus på kundens ønsker til farver, billeder osv. I vores webbureau kigger vi løbende efter nye samarbejdspartnere såvel som muligheden for at ansætte dygtige SEO konsulenter eller lignende.


SwimCam is a Danish hardware startup building a fun and engaging swim practice solution based on our innovative underwater camera. Our ambition is to greatly improve the swimming skills of both competitive swimmers and beginners. We have joined forces with some of the best swimming coaches in Denmark and the Danish Swimming Association and have just been selected to the largest and most ambitious hardware accelerator program in Denmark - Danish Tech Challenge 2020.


Zaltify offers exclusive and luxurious wine glasses and wine accessories to help wine lovers discovering better wine moments and better wine taste. The wine industry is growing exponentially, but the crucial role of the wine glass seems to be overseen. Why buy expensive wine, if you cannot taste all the flavors and aromas? We want to make it easy and simple for wine lovers to discover better wine moments. Our mission is to build a ’universe of better wine moments’, where the passion and enthusiasm for wine, champagne and ’the good life’ can flourish. We already offer the handmade and mouth blown Zalto Denk’Art wine glasses and exclusive French Laguiole knives, wine openers and champagne sabers. Zaltify is already a famous brandname in the wine industry and the synonym of the Zalto Denk’Art products. We want to use this awareness and popularity to become the synonym for the ’good wine experience’. The potential of Zaltify is huge, and our vision is to offer a broader range of wine accessories and tools to all wine lovers, so Zaltify can offer the 'complete wine experience'.

Lifeline Robotics A/S

We use collaborative robots to automate and democratize access to healthcare! The groundbreaking robot, Careebo, has been designed and developed by a team of robotics researchers at the Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) in Odense, a city home to one of the world’s leading robotics clusters.