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Circular Innovation Lab

We are a think-tank based out of Copenhagen. We work with global innovators, governments and international organisations to accelerate the global transition towards a circular economy. Innovation is the key to moving away from our current linear to a circular economic model of growth. Hence, we are on a mission to foster circular economy innovations. As part of this mission, we are launching a new initiative called ShopC- the world’s first digital marketplace to buy and sell circular products.


Workintra is a NextGen intranet and communication platform dedicated to startups, small and medium-sized businesses. It allows for improved communication and work productivity along with high-level Document Governance in one easy to integrate and cost-effective solution. Workintra is built to be super intuitive, which means that it can be integrated into any organization within a matter of a few hours, unlike traditional intranet solutions that often require months and considerable resources, both human and financial. We aim to democratize the cloud intranet space, specifically for small businesses and scaleups, and enable users to increase productivity, improve team spirit, and reduce time waste, by providing our award-winning intranet cost-effectively and fast. Our roadmap includes a list of exciting and unique new features as well as native iOS and Android APPs and full accessibility compliance (WCAG 21 - AA) to cater to our public and government customer base.


Poikilingo is developing an adaptive language learning app for bilingual children, where social and cultural awareness are at the heart of our concept. Our program focuses on the cultural aspects of the language being learned, as we believe that cracking the social code is as important as learning vocabulary and pronunciation. This promotes a sense of belonging which will positively impact the child's learning process. We believe that each child is unique, so each of them deserves a study program that takes into consideration their peculiarities. The customized plan mixes activities, videos, songs and games, and adapts its level of difficulty according to the speed at which the child learns. We follow a consolidated learning approach that teaches different subjects through the language, all created by educational experts and aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. But the game-changing experience that Poikilingo brings into the market is based on animated stories where an avatar of the child goes through the culture clashes between her own culture and the one she is learning about. In societies with a high number of immigrants, it can both ease the integration of immigrant children, and also help to preserve the heritage language of descendants.


GreenVision was established to offer the best solutions for structuring, validation and strategy in an embedded sustainability effort. Currently, CSR-reports can vary widely both in content and length, with or without documentation for the businesses sustainability efforts. Our goal is to enable businesses to communicate their important sustainability efforts efforts in a simple and clear format describing both politics, actions and results.

Welcome to Ezensual. Being in touch with your "sensual self" is a key factor for any individual’s happiness. It is a much undervalued state-of-mind and state-of-sense. And we are looking for your help to build a leader in the sensual consumer sector globally! Ezensual will bring together an ideal offer for what the world needs now, in one of the fastest emerging industries in the world, providing above and beyond offers, education and customer service. EZENSUAL will cater to users globally and is commandeered by an international and passionate team with +15 years of market experience. We know our way around the global industry value chain, from manufacturing, distribution and retailing, to marketing, sales, supply and support! The global market for sensuality and sexuality in many ways do not cater to 21st century consumer needs! The "offer" is mostly unfiltered and un-related to the individuals needs and wants. It´s product-pitch based, focusing on sales rather than customer interaction and satisfaction. Ezensual will help you to achieve greater well-being, better sensual experience of life and a stronger more satisfying personal sexuality. We uphold our ultimate superior standards by supplying selectively the world’s leading sensual options and brands to provide fun, innovative, functional, safe, and sensual experiences - and products ... the only toys you will ever need. Ezensual delivers the "EzensualYou".


Sseguku has created a platform that can connect Danish lenders with small businesses in Uganda to create financial inclusion for these companies with the use of cloud-based technologies and mobile money. What: The vast majority of small businesses in Uganda do not have the opportunity to borrow from the bank for the establishment and operation of their business. Therefore, the opportunities for development and employment that are necessary to create good living conditions in the country are not created. Microloans are a proven method to remedy this problem. There are others than Sseguku that provide microloans in Uganda, but the need is far greater than the supply. In Denmark, there are opportunities to make contributions to aid organizations and also opportunities to invest sustainably through investment associations, but no other options than Sseguku to provide loans to specific companies and with the opportunity for returns to the lender. Sseguku solves the challenges both in Uganda and in Denmark by establishing a peer-to-peer lending platform where Danish lenders can help finance loans to specific companies identified and assessed by Sseguku's subsidiary in Uganda. The subsidiary in Uganda also helps to manage the repayments from the borrowers and with debt recovery. There are no other companies in Denmark with the same offer for Danish lenders. Sseguku has permission from the Danish FSA in accordance with the Payments Act, §51. How? Sseguku is established, registered and has the necessary permits in both Denmark and Uganda. In Uganda, Sseguku is represented by its Ugandan subsidiary. Sseguku has developed an integrated platform based on cloud technology that includes both the website that lenders use for lending and for information and the management solution used by Sseguku's subsidiary in Uganda to set up loans and manage repayments. The administration solution integrates with the mobile companies' mobile money platforms and with Sseguku's bank accounts. Sseguku has established a financial infrastructure that enables transfers between bank accounts in Denmark and in Uganda, and transfers in Uganda between the bank and the borrowers' mobile money. Sseguku created a network in Uganda in collaboration with an accountant, a lawyer and a number of actors in microfinance and aid organizations. Among other things, Sseguku, in collaboration with DanChurchAid (DCA), has investigated the possibilities of utilizing Sseguku's platform in connection with offering microloans to refugees in camps run by DCA. Why? The two founders: Kiyingi Yekosofaati and Hans Henrik Hammerum have a long-standing friendship that stretches back to the end of the last century. They have both, though in different ways, been deeply involved in microfinance and in developing countries in Africa. Kiyingi through employment in different microfinance institutions in Uganda and Hans Henrik through extensive investments in microloans through a previously similar platform, MyC4, which has existed in Denmark until 2014. Both have also been involved in development activities run by NGOs. Both are driven by a strong will to create financial inclusion and opportunities for low-income groups in Uganda and elsewhere it has value. When circumstances made it possible at the beginning of 2017, the interest gained concrete content and Sseguku was registered first in Denmark and then in Uganda. The most important activity since then has been to obtain permission from the Danish FSA to operate the website aimed at Danish lenders. The first loans were given in November 2018 with funds from the founders and their network and the organization in Uganda has provided loans since with the funds that have been available. The platform is not yet immediately ready to receive contributions from lenders, as some development activities are still pending. We anticipate that the launch and marketing of the platform may begin in early 2021.


Plastic waste and single use packaging is one of the great unsolved problems for our planet. In Europe the average person generates almost 500 kg of waste a year of which 35% comes from packaging. Most of this packaging is used for food and beverage products and is becoming an immense waste problem all over the planet. At Cirqle we want to tackle a part of this problem and believe that one of the grand solutions are a reuse model. We are creating a new paradigm in packaging and want to make it as convenient to reuse as it is to throw away. Our vision is to be the leading platform for reuse packaging in the circular economy. With our pioneering packaging solution, we enable a seamless shift from single use to reuse packaging. We are already breaking new ground with our meal-box service, but the sky is the limit when it comes to reuse packaging. With partners we cover the full supply chain from hardware production and software development to sanitation and logistics for a multitude of packaging solutions making sustainability the easy choice.


Brikk er grundlagt med ambitionen om at give boligsælgere en langt bedre service og mere gennemsigtighed til en mere fair pris. Dette gør vi ved at udnytte de muligheder som online og teknologi giver til at gøre mange ting langt lettere for både boligsælgere og købere. Dette kombinerer vi med en forbedret personlig service som bliver givet både af vores rutinerede lokale mæglere rundt omkring i landet, som kender dit område ud og ind, rutinerede sagsbehandlere samt et centralt kundeservicecenter, som kan kontaktes når du har brug for det. Alt hvad de traditionelle mæglere gør, gør vi også. Vi er med i salget fra A-Z, udfærdiger dokumenter, forhandler på dine vegne og meget mere. Men hos os får du meget mere til, bl.a. gratis fremhævning på Boligsiden, online markedsføring samt adgang til dit eget kontrolcenter, Brikk Hub’en. Her kan du blandt andet se status på dit salg, se statistikker på hvor mange der har set din bolig, lave ændringer i din salgsopstilling, chatte med mulige købere, få feedback på din bolig fra fremvisninger, se, ændre og arrangere møder og fremvisninger og meget mere. Du behøver ikke længere at sætte din bolig til salg og så ellers bare håbe på det bedste. Brikk Hub’en giver dig fuld gennemsigtighed og kontrol. Med Brikk bliver salget altså på dine vilkår – ikke vores. Derfor kan du blandt andet opsige formidlingsaftalen uden det koster dig en krone og sætte boligen til salg hos andre mæglere, hvis du mener at dette er det rigtige at gøre. Vi tilbyder vores service til en fair pris og opererer med fast og gennemsigtig pris. Det koster 12.500 kr. at sælge hvor du selv åbner døren for købere på fremvisninger og 19.500 kr. for at sælge med fremvisninger inkluderet. Alt dette for en A-Z service, lokal mægler-ekspertise og et lettere og mere fleksibelt salg på dine vilkår


Fysiofresh hjælper personer med nedsat fysisk funktionsevne til en mere selvstændig og meningsfuld hverdag. Dette gør vi ved at tilbyde fysioterapi af høj kvalitet hjemme hos vores klienter. Fordelene ved hjemmebehandling er, at træningen bliver så relevant og optimal som muligt for klienten og dennes hverdag. Derudover sparer klienten tid og besvær med at arrangere transport og møde op på en bestemt lokation. Vi er autoriseret som privat udekørende fysioterapiklinik hos Styrelsen for Patientsikkerhed

Curb Food

Curb is ambitiously creating high quality food experiences fully tailored for home delivery. We offer different high quality food choices - all delivered to your doorstep at the same time. We don't compromise, so you don't have to either. We believe in adaptability, high quality and people. We are constantly staying in motion, adapting to change and that's why our tables have legs. Together we stand in the frontline of changing the restaurant industry with a large passion for food and a twist of tech.


Inspired by art, and more specifically improvised comedy theatre training and techniques, we aim to motivate and stimulate the often suppressed natural skillsets with which human beings are born with: - Creativity and curiosity - Support and respect for oneself and others - Awareness, perception, and focus - Courage and confidence - Trust and openness - Critical thinking and collaboration & Emotional and clear expression. We want to inspire people to develop, and help people reconnect with themselves and others through a fun, open and motivating atmosphere in classes. We foster an environment in which people at any level can move and evolve, both physically and emotionally.

ungmedpenge er et voksende site inden for privatøkonomi og investering. Det er et site, der har et kæmpe potentiale. Fremtiden for ser rigtig lys ud, hvor der kommer til at være fokus på e-bøger, kurser, YouTube, podcast og meget andet. Der er rigtig mange spændende ting forude, der vil tage sitet til et langt højere niveau.


Woomio is on track to becoming the leading 360 tool for agencies and brands by helping marketeers grow with social creators and enabling them to make data driven decisions. Our mission is to help companies obtain high value by connecting them with digital content creators, and providing them with essential data to give them the necessary insights to qualify potential collaborations before and evaluate the outcome and impact after a campaign. We strive to make it easy and transparent for all parties, benefiting everyone involved in the collaboration. To make this possible, we created a software solution for marketers to measure and optimise performance on their campaigns, let them navigate through countless of content creators, and enable them to create market leading evaluation reports, within minutes. We’re a young and fast growing company, with high ambitions and are truly obsessed about our customers and place them in the center of everything we do. We take a modern approach to revenue by combining and aligning sales, marketing and customer success as a single unit instead of individual entities.

Wavy Wonders ApS

We're on a journey to reintroduce sugar kelp as a natural part of nordic food - first by way of a sustainable, nutritious, ready-to-eat snack product. By 2050, the world is required to produce at least 50% more food and do so while achieving 'Net Zero' carbon emission according to the UN. Seaweed has unique properties in that it can be grown on lines of rope in the ocean, with no requirement for artificial inputs (fertiliser, fresh water, light). The output is nutritious seaweed that is stock full of essential vitamins (A, D, E, B1, B2), Iron, Calcium, and Omega-3 fat - usually only found in fish. And there's more - seaweed also sequesters about 5x as much CO2 as land-based plants. In short, seaweed can be part of the solution for some of the world's largest issues. Our dream, is to create local demand, for locally produced seaweed, to support foods of the future and Danish companies.


We want to build the leading and most advanced sports betting exchange for trading Football players in Denmark. This will be a new concept on the Danish market introducing a new way for football fans to bet on the sport they love - to increase the excitement around the games and transfers - and earn money on their passion.