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Officeguru is a platform designed for workplace teams We want to simplify the complex art of running an office, and we are already helping hundreds of companies fulfilling that mission. Officeguru enables companies to operate their offices and create a compelling experience where employees thrive. We connect our customers with dedicated workplace experts, products, and passionated commercial service providers through our marketplace. We are a professional and experienced team, and with you, we want to change the industry landscape and establish Officeguru as the go-to brand for high-quality workplace management in Denmark and Europe. VCs do not fund us at the moment. We are extremely ambitious, and we know that the market potential is enormous. Soon we want to scale our platform to other European countries.


We are looking for a people who is passionate about optimizing all processes in our value chain and who wants to be part of our amazing growth journey at Spirii. Spirii offers software and hardware solutions that enables businesses, cities and EV drivers to charge EVs smarter and simpler. Based in Copenhagen, but with activities and offices in Spain, Germany, UK and Sweden We are one of the fastest-growing charging platforms in Europe, and we are constantly expanding in size, employees and markets.


In 2012, Mark Dencker set out to build a hub for companies entering the digital age, transforming their volatile ideas into rock-solid products. Starting in India, Wiredelta set up shop with both a training institute and agency, delivering top-quality web and mobile applications. A year later, Wiredelta registered in Denmark where HQ is situated to this day. So why join us? Well, because you hate corporate boredom and want to join an ambitious company that prioritizes high performance, transparency and good vibes. We give you the freedom to put your ideas into practice and want to support you on the way to greatness! Our clients come to us to transform their ideas into reality and we take this responsibility seriously - but don’t get us wrong, we like to have fun along the way through table tennis tournaments, monthly Friday bars and various social events (bowling, anyone?). We’re looking for employees who can kick ass and bring positive energy, regardless of nationality, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, disabilities or religion.

Pleo Technologies

Expense reports and out-of-pocket purchases just don't work for today's forward-thinking teams. They take power away from your people. They make a serious mess for your accountant to clear up. Work can be hard. Paying for stuff at work shouldn’t be. Pleo offers a spending solution that enable employees to buy the things they need for work, all while keeping a company's finance director in control of spending. Simplify bookkeeping, eliminate expense reports, revolutionise your business. The vision: to make people feel valued at work Join 20,000+ happy companies and start using Pleo.

Pluto Technologies

Pluto empowers municipalities with a cost-effective asset management platform empowered by AI. By automating the data collection through computer vision, municipalities are able to save millions on smarter maintenance decisions, limit their overall carbon-emmission, adhere to the legally required documentation, and subsequently offer a well-operating infrastructure for all their citizens.


Ticketbutler helps event organisers achieve success with their events. We do this by offering premium tech products and services that sell more tickets, make the event more exciting for the guests and by taking care of the shitty tasks for the organiser. The team is young, ambitious, and excited about creating tech products and services for the event industry. We might need your help so don't hesitate to reach out to us offer your help or collaboration! Read more about us on


JumpStory has been named 'Netflix of images' by international news media. We make it easy for marketers, designers and other online creatives to search & find the best and highest performing image every time. The stock photo industry has been “stock” for a decade. However, we are transforming and disrupting the industry using our unique combination of Scandinavian design and AI-technology. JumpStory is the world’s first platform, where you only search & find high-performing images instead of millions of dull and boring stock photos. With AI we optimize to only show you purely images with impact – improving your results in communication & marketing by up to 80%. JumpStory was launched in 2018. Since then we have grown massively. Apart from having received two million-investment-rounds we have customers in more than 150 countries. JumpStory – Search Images with Impact.


Self-Service Solutions for Automotive Dealerships Our vision is to revolutionize the automotive dealership service reception digitizing the customer journey. We intelligently improve the day-to-day operations and optimize revenue for automotive dealerships as well as provide a consumer grade experience for car owners. We already have 450+ customers in Europe, and within years we will have several thousands. Our customers include brands like BMW, Daimler, Volkswagen, Porsche and Group1.

1260 ApS

We are a digital agency with focus on performance marketing channels and web development. Founded by some of the leading experts within the field in Denmark, with a vision to make specialised teams around the specific channels - and by any means necessary not compromise on quality and results on behalf of our clients.

Whistleblower Software

Whistleblower Software has one simple goal - set the new standard for whistleblower solutions across Europe. Due to the new EU Whistleblower directive companies above 50 employees have to implement a whistleblower channel in their business. The Whistleblower Software system helps businesses implement a compliant solution that is both secure and transparent. Our solution can be used by companies of all sizes and our speciality is helping client-focused companies and associations such as compliance agencies, lawyers and accountants in facilitating the best solution for their client base. Our solution makes sure that both confidential and completely anonymous reporting is possible for the whistleblower.


We are BLAST – the global esports media network delivering world class entertainment experiences. Whether it be intimate broadcast studio shows, arena events, digital platforms or top-class multi-platform content, we create the most exciting, exhilarating and euphoric moments in esports. This includes BLAST Premier; a worldwide Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament where the best teams and brightest stars fight it out for a $4.25m total prize pool. Broadcast around the world in 100 territories to over 150m households. With BLAST we want to amplify the best elements of esports – excitement, competition and community. Creating exhilarating events, unmissable content and fan first experiences.


Kintella improves dialogue between relatives and staff within the caregiving sector. Today, dialogue in the caregiving sector is inefficient and insufficient. Time is spent on coordination, not care. Dialogue is on practicalities, not personalities. By 2050, 17% of the global population will be 65+. In Denmark 65+ year olds will increase by more than 40%. Many of them in need of care. Global shortages in the caregiving sector leaves relatives to be the backbone of caregiving. Relatives who are juggling caring for elderly family members with holding down full-time jobs. Kintella offers multiple services through one user-friendly platform. We digitize and automate the coordination of calendars and tasks. We structure and target the communication. At the same time, we integrate with health care systems. Kintella started out of a personal experience of the founders. At the same time as a family member moved into a care home in Denmark, other family members moved into care homes other places in Europe. The family wanted to be able to stay close and follow the citizens in their everyday life as it was difficult to visit - especially during Covid-19 lockdowns in Europe. We were faced with having to coordinate a lot of tasks and calendar-topics - both with the staff and within our group of relatives. Moreover, communication from the care homes was poor in some areas which affected the quality of the dialogue with the family members and staff badly. We dream of the day when staff or a relative of a citizen in a care home comes up to us and says that Kintella has supported them in providing a better value of life for the person they’re taking care of.

Contractbook, Inc.

Contractbook is a Danish legal tech company backed by Google’s AI-fund, Gradient Ventures. We are on a mission to help people achieve better contracts through data-driven contract automation. We offer a digital contract management platform where our users are able to manage the entire lifecycle of their contracts in one flow. Create contracts with updated templates, sign them with a digital signature and organise them safely in the cloud. They can also collaborate in teams, execute the contract to fulfil obligations, and analyse their contracts to maximise their value. We also offer them an opportunity to integrate the platform with thousands of other apps and automate your workflow with our customised automations. Besides that, Contractbook also offers automated contract drafting and a client-portal for law firms. Contractbook was founded in Copenhagen in 2015 by Niels Martin Brøchner, Jarek Owczarek and Viktor Heide. The platform has 110.000 users across 94 countries and is well-funded by Gradient Ventures, byFounders and Bessemer venture partners. Contractbook also offers an automated contract drafter and Suits, which is a digital platform for the legal industry. Suits is an advanced extension of the platform where lawyers can collaborate with their clients and support them in their day-to-day work. That allows the law firms to adopt a more client-centric and proactive approach with modern business models and new revenue streams. The company was founded in Copenhagen in 2015 and backed by Google’s AI-fund Gradient Ventures. They offer their services in SaaS-based subscription model. Choose between: a free Pilot plan, a Basic plan (49€/month) for basic contract management features, a Collaboration plan (74€/month) for end-to-end contract lifecycle management, and an Integrate plan (449€/month) premium integrations with the rest of your tech stack. Learn more about how to make better contracts at

Watery ApS

Mit navn er Daniel og jeg startede som 17-årig i Oktober 2016 med målet om at lave Danmarks største online svømmeshop efter selv at have svømmet på eliteplan gennem mange år. Her 4 år senere er det mål opnået for længst og med et #teamWatery på +25 motiverede og unge medarbejdere arbejder vi nu efter at gøre Watery til et internationalt svømmebrand, der vender op og ned for industruen. Med en omsætning på +25 mio. i 2020 og knap 80.000 ordrer forventer vi at runde 100 mio. indenfor 2 år. Undervejs har vi vundet priser som "Årets ener" til e-handelsprisen samt "årets iværksætter" i Horsens samt været nomineret til adskillige andre.

Digital Partners

Digital Partners er et digitalt hus med kompetencer inden for strategi, udvikling, indhold og eksekvering. Som trusted partner gør vi os hver dag umage for at vise, hvordan effektive digitale løsninger, et solidt kendskab til digital markedsføring og stærke kreative kræfter giver virksomheder et forspring, når de skal nå deres kunder.