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Peech er et wellnessbrand med fokus på intim velvære. Vi sælger sexlegetøj i et æstetisk og lærerigt univers, der er vedkommende for alle. Hos Peech danner sundhed og velvære rammerne for vores vision. Vi vil gerne være med til at nuancere opfattelsen og det eksisterende billede af sexlegetøj ved at stille spørgsmål som: hvem sexlegetøj er til, hvordan en vibrator kan bruges, og hvorvidt det er nødvendigt at kønsopdele produkter. Hos os skal det ikke være pinligt eller tabubelagt at købe eller læse om sexlegetøj. Peech er netop til for, at du sikkert og trygt kan udforske din seksualitet og nysgerrigt blive klogere på den og dig.


Sinful is Northern Europe's largest e-commerce company with sex toys. Sinful was founded in 2008 and has since won several e-commerce awards and 8 gazelle awards. Sinful's mission is to inspire a better sex life. We want to bring more love, presence and intimacy into everyday life. We have our head office in Højbjerg, Aarhus, where we are around 200 employees. At Sinful, we have a unique culture where there is room for many different personalities. Our values consist of 3rd half, unpretentious, straightforward, fighting spirit and ownership. We are unpretentious, but at the same time mega ambitious. We fight together, but also take individual ownership.


Formalize is a tech company founded in 2021 with offices in Aarhus, Copenhagen, Milan and Madrid. Currently we are a team of +90 people from 13 nationalities operating in multiple European markets and are one of the fastest growing SaaS scale-ups. Our journey started within the whistleblowing compliance sector, highlighted by the award-winning Whistleblower Software by Formalize, laying the foundation of our success story. This initial chapter has been within whistleblowing compliance and meeting those regulations. Along the way we established strong partnerships and a base of satisfied customers. Our commitment was recognized through the best customer support, which earned us reputation as a customer-centric pioneer. But now, we extended our expertise to a larger compliance universe including data compliance, risk and privacy. Formalize helps companies to effortlessly navigate and stay ahead in the ever-changing landscape of compliance. Our platform adapts to regulatory changes, continuously adapting to meet, and foresee, the evolving needs of our users - ensuring businesses remain compliant and confident in their operations.


Krown is the ultimate dating app for those who love going out and making real connections. We link you with people attending the same events, so if you're heading to a concert, festival, or local hotspot, why not make it a date? Swipe to find others who are going to the same place at the same time and elevate your night out. Key Features: Pre-Planned Dates: Meet up at events you're already excited about. Live Mode: Discover other singles at your favorite spots in real-time. Tailored Venue Suggestions: Get personalized recommendations for the best places to go out. Virtual Revisits: Missed a connection? Revisit past venues virtually to reconnect. Find Things to Do Together: Explore and share amazing events and experiences. Krown makes meeting new people fun, easy, and spontaneous. Turn your next night out into a memorable adventure with Krown!

Spaak Technologies

Hamilton is a cutting-edge AI-powered public affairs platform currently in beta, designed to revolutionize the way organizations engage with political work. Developed by Spaak, a pioneering artificial intelligence company, Hamilton acts as an invaluable assistant for comprehensive political analysis, extending its capabilities from the floors of parliament to the most confidential meetings. At its core, Hamilton leverages advanced AI technologies to provide organizations with unprecedented access to information on political topics and legislative matters, thereby enhancing their decision-making and problem-solving abilities. This platform is not just a tool; it is a gateway to understanding the intricate dynamics of political environments, making complex analyses more accessible and insightful. Spaak's mission is to promote and further democracy through the power of technology. In a world where information can be both liberally available and tightly controlled, Spaak's Hamilton platform stands as a beacon of transparency and insight. By utilizing this AI-driven technology, organizations can navigate the political landscape with greater clarity and effectiveness, ensuring a more democratic tomorrow.

Circular Innovation Lab ApS

We are a circular economy firm based out of Copenhagen. We work with global innovators, governments and international organisations to accelerate the global transition towards a circular economy.  We are currently working with several governments on their national circular economy roadmaps. Circular Innovation Lab is a member of the European Plastics Pact, Ellen MacArthur Foundation community as well as the Nordic Circular Hotspot.


About Game Analytics GameAnalytics is a leading analytics tool for anyone building a mobile game. Our platform helps everyone in the industry, from indie developers, to growing games studios, to global publishers. Our network includes more than 100k games, which are played by north of 2 billion people each month. That’s more than ⅓ of the world’s mobile gamers. What’s our mission? To help game developers make the right decisions based on data. And by joining our team, you’ll be working on new and innovative products to help tens of thousands of people in the industry do just that.


Chainge is an urban logistics company. We deliver products by electric cargo bikes, focused on 'last mile logistics.' We specialise in the food and subscription sectors, however with our large bikes we can move many products within any industry. Our goal is to remove as many trucks and vans from the city as possible. We are growing fast, so committed individuals are always welcome to apply for driver and internship positions. Look out for our bikes around the city!


In Radiobotics we are developing stellar machine learning algorithms, supporting doctors in analysing medical images, and making the right decisions. We are collaborating with hospitals across EU and the US, ensuring immediate clinical impact, eventually benefitting patients. We are an award winning start-up looking to expand our team, so please get in touch, in you are interested in hearing more about opportunities.

Influencer Marketing Hub

With over 4 Million unique users a month, Influencer Marketing Hub is one of the leading Influencer and Creator focused Media companies globally. As a leading resource and knowledge hub in the social media and influencer marketing space - IMH offers readers software and service reviews across various verticals including influencer marketing, social media, e- commerce and email marketing disciplines .Our proprietary ad tech solution serves B2B marketers whereas our live events and creator tools focus on the ever growing creator economy at large.


Fullview is the fastest way for SaaS companies to deliver delightful customer support experiences at scale. Fullview enables you to instantly see what's happening on your users screen, guide them with in-app video calls and multiplayer screen control. Finally, you can look underneath the hood to understand technical errors and more. We're backed by some of the top investors in Europe.

Visma LogBuy

Markedets førende fordels- og rabatportal Visma LogBuy forhandler og formidler rabatter og fordele til medarbejderne i Danmarks største virksomheder, kommuner og organisationer. Vores mål er at sørge for, at alle brugere, virksomheder og udbydere af rabatter får mest muligt ud af vores koncept. LogBuy har eksisteret siden 2002 og blev i februar 2017 en del af Visma, som efterfølgende også blev en del af vores navn. Visma er grundlagt i Oslo i 1996 og har her mere end 20 år senere omkring 14.000 medarbejdere på verdensplan, hvor af over 1200 befinder sig i Danmark.

Camp 86

Camp 86 is a music management founded by the industry professionals Lasse Siegismund and Kristoffer Winkler. Combined Siegismund and Winkler have had several tracks on the top of Billboard Top 100 chart and multiple #1 entries on the Billboard Album Charts as well as several billion streams. Camp 86 work with grammy nominated, award winning, multi platinum and gold certified songwriters and producers making sure that quality music is the corner stone of our company.


VAEKST is a Scandinavian start-up specialising in inside sales. We help B2B brands accelerate sales, generate leads and gather insights in the Nordics through a sales-as-a-service model. B2B sales require a personal connection and by blending tools such as telephone, email and LinkedIn, we cut through the digital noise and connect our clients with the right customers. While we are headquartered in Copenhagen, we drive sales in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, UK and Finland. We value professionalism, service and quality and our sales philosophy is rooted in listening more than we talk. We are highly data-driven and powered by a young and energetic team with roots all over Scandinavia. Reach out for a cup of coffee!


At Subit we make great scheduling software for schools and daycares. We started just four years ago and have worked hard to make ourselves a known name in the industry. We're trying to create the best environment for great products to be made and for people to grow. Working with us you will be a key part in making meaningful products for grateful customers.