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IFS - International Flight Support is a modern Danish software company, building a scalable SaaS solution for the aviation industry. Our Paperless Flight Bag™ platform is used daily in the cockpit by 30+ airlines and rapidly growing. We help our clients to reduce workload, digitizing paperwork and increasing efficiency.

Startup Guide

Startup Guide is a publishing and media company that produces guidebooks and online content to help entrepreneurs navigate and connect with different startup scenes across the world. As the world of work changes, its mission is to guide, empower and inspire people to start their own business anywhere. Founded by Sissel Hansen in 2014, Startup Guide today has books in over 30 cities in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the US, including Copenhagen, London, Tel Aviv and New York. In autumn 2018, the company launched a media website,, which was born out of the desire to explore different types of content and reach a wider audience by taking advantage of the digital medium. At the core of Startup Guide’s three physical stores in Berlin, Copenhagen and Lisbon are the belief that there’s nothing like real-life experiences and seeing and feeling actual products. The stores, which double as offices for the company’s 20-person team, promote products by startups as well as showcase Startup Guide books.


And Development was formed as a multidisciplinary real estate company, with a primary focus on small-scale real estate projects, rentals and much more within Copenhagen. We are young, dynamic and on mission to create and expand our business within several new fields. Each project or assignment is treated with individual expertise and a tailored and methodical approach in order to solve the tasks effectively.


CityCharge is a fast growing startup based in Oslo Norway. It was founded in 2018 and is currently receiving support from InsjUIO incubator, and collaborating with Xplorico and other partners. We are launching our product and services to Stockholm Sweden in 2020. CityCharge gives users' mobile phone power on demand through its network of portable power banks, whilst providing venues with a unique marketing tool driving customer flow. Users can find CityCharge stations in their favourite venues, like shops, restaurants and cafes, all over the Nordics. Open the app to find the stations near them. CityCharge’s portable power banks include cables for all types of phones with fast charging service, giving users the freedom to charge on the go. Users can return the power bank to any CityCharge station in the network, from the local cafe to the favourite nightclub. CityCharge's mission is to give users opportunity to be powered and stay connected any time any where, and to turn that need into venues benefits. In short term, we provide power bank sharing service for charging the phone.

Kiteborne Energy

Kiteborne Energy is developer and producer of renewable energy systems. Our products convert energy from ocean currents and slow moving rivers into electric energy. Our patented concept use novel material technology to yield high energy return on energy investment. We collaborate with several universities and are funded by the danish government and private foundations.


We make configuration management easy so time and fixed costs are limited to an absolute minimum. We have designed Version Equipment Manager (VEM) - a software tool with the main purpose to have software and parameters in control for automation and IT systems (configuration management) in regulated industries


MENUPAY er Danmarks største restaurant program og betalingsløsning for virksomheder. Vi består lige nu af et samarbejde med +500 restauranter og +450 virksomheder. Med MENUPAY får du altid op til 30% rabat når du spiser på restauranter. Dertil arrangerer vi større selskaber, team middage, julefrokoster, sommerfester og meget mere for vores samarbejdspartnere.


Wult’s mission is to make data extraction and management simpler. We’re empowering businesses and teams to become data-driven. One of the major forces in the data space in the 2020s will be an intense focus on data governance and compliance. Our platform has data governance built-in by design making this a strong platform for any company. Follow our journey on our blog:


ArtPlayer is inspired by Bill Gates who already in the early 1990s displayed art on framed and wall-mounted PC screens at his mansion. ArtPlayer is part of Cumedin ApS, a culture and media company focused on the distribution of TV and digital signage art to airports, hotels, restaurants, libraries, hospitals etc. Our vision is to become the leading global provider of TV streaming and digital signage art that can be adjusted according to purpose, style and mood for displaying in public spaces and the future digital home.


We want to make a digital platform which makes the journey from when you set a career goal to you reach that career goal shorter, more transparent and achievable. The MVP however, is just a fragment of that fairly ambitious goal. The MVP focuses on matching last year university bachelor, master and candidate students with companies. Companies provide the platform with dissertation topics they find interesting / or have a problem with. The student type in their career goal, and then platform matches the two. Last week we launched the first version of the MVP, and we are looking to launch the 2nd version before Christmas, and the 3rd and final version of the MVP mid-January 2020. It will be key to launch mid-January as students are looking to hand in their dissertation will start that work early-February. We take a fairly small monthly fee off companies pr. collaboration they agree to. - Excelerate, right now, is a very small company and consists of two full-time freelance developers and me, Kaspar Hansen I have 12 years of experience in the digital industry. A couple of the early years as a designer, then later as a flash developer and then for the past 8 years as project manager / digital producer in various digital agencies. The latest one being LAB (London) where I was leading a 5 man digital producer team and was heavily involved in client projects with up to 12 participating members as Scrum Master / Digital Producer. In August 2019 I made the jump to start Excelerate, the first couple of months was spend as a freelancer wrapping up a few commitments elsewhere, but since October 2019 I have been working fulltime on Excelerate. I have an MSc from IT University of Copenhagen in IT-Management, as well as Scrum Owner certification, Scrum Master Certification and a Prince 2 Practioner certification.


Share, sell, buy or give away your plants, flowers, seeds and sprouts. The end of flower and plant waste and the beginning of digitalization of the plant sharing that has been going on for more than 100 years offline. Now private and shops can sell or give away their plants, flowers, seeds and sprouts. And you can learn everything there is to know about plants and flowers in our GreenieWiki.


Subaio was founded at a hackathon in 2016. Prior to the event one of the founders had found an odd payment on his family’s monthly bank statement. What was this? After some research he found that it was a payment for a US online newspaper he had only used once and then forgot all about. This was the beginning of Subaio – the service that gives you control of your subscriptions. The last five years the subscription economy has grown more than 100% a year according to McKinsey. At the same time more people have a hard time cancelling their subscriptions. 42% to be exact according to And there’s no indication that this development is going to stop. 35% thus want their bank to deliver a subscription management system in their online bank according to Cicero Consulting.


We are the sustainable community that puts a stop to waste! How do we do this? We have a simple to use community app to post items before they go to waste. We also want to promote organizations that are working in this effort! We believe that savings and making an impact go hand-in-hand :) Join the community and let's put a stop to waste together!

Ambitious start-up seeks hardware developer to help turn our 1.0 sound module into a more scalable 2.0 version. A fixed contract/salary for the task is preferable. The task at hand is to help us turn our current “un-mute” 1.0 version HMD sound module into a 2.0 version by developing a more scalable SMD sound module integrated on PCB board. Don't hesitate to reach out to us for a more in-depth explanation.


Podimo is built for Podcasters: Podimo is a platform dedicated to podcasts – and to you as a Podcaster. We focus 100% on the podcast format, and we have built a beautiful app that is tailored for podcast discovery. A new ecosystem for podcasts: Podimo has created a completely new ecosystem for podcasts that can exist next to the current advertising-based one. We have introduced a revenue share model that rewards all Podcasters for their work – whether it’s a niche podcast with a few dedicated listeners, or a well-known show with a massive following. The number of listeners you have and how much time they spend listening to your podcast determines what you earn – it’s as simple as that.