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Cloudhuset A/S

Our mission is to help companies in the Nordic region use technology to create profitable customer relationships. We work within the themes customer service, support and customer experience (CX) and our solutions are usually based on the CX platform Zendesk which we are experts in. Usually, poor customer experiences are caused by limitations in technology and workforce and using a multitude of siloed systems to serve customers. We help our customers put everything they need in a single location so that communication with their customers is efficient, relevant, and personal. We offer simple, yet powerful solutions that make it easy for our customers to engage with their customers — where and when it’s right for them. Communication channels can be connected so conversations are seamless, making our customers more productive, and context can be shared across their teams. As one of the few Zendesk partners in Europe we have qualified to become “Master Implementer” which is their highest partner level. This translates into highly profitable and impactful results for our customers and our strategic collaboration with best-in-class technology vendors means that we can proudly offer our customers the best solutions as well as very high ROI.

Nordic Ergo

Nordic Ergo har fokus på ergonomiske kontorløsninger, til både små og store kontorer. Vi er eksperter i ergonomiske kontorløsninger, samt tilbehør til kontorer. Vi startede Nordic Ergo, da der manglede en webshop med fokus på egonomiske løsninger, til kontorer. Kontakt os gerne, hvis du søger tilbud på indretning af kontor. is developing an audio platform to help companies & employees create insightful audio content for internal communication, culture development & knowledge sharing. We are drowning in emails, newsletters, articles, presentations and general text-based communication. This often leads to you feeling overwhelmed and stressed out, skimming emails and losing touch with the rest of the organisation and purpose. We propose a new way of getting up to speed with the beat of your tribe! On your commute, or at the gym, you can listen to the audio series created by your colleagues, stay in the loop and find inspiring content to get in you into the productive mindset at work. We make creating an internal podcast as simple as making slides! Forget about the hassle of equipment, complex audio software and other planning tools. All of this is done is a simple solution that brings together both the creation and distribution of your content. Our mission is to help companies grow an informed and aligned organization! We enable everyone to contribute to the company culture, share knowledge and understand key decission in a way that doesn’t contribute to more information overload.


At Ada we are developing a next generation smart marketing platform where we use machine learning and the power of AI to make the marketing and advertising as easy as possible. We believe everyone is entitled to do professional marketing without needing to have years of experience. Our vision is to give the user the opportunity to create the perfect smart ad while keeping the technical side at bare minimum, making the experience fun, and providing an aesthetically beautiful platform.


MoveNation is a startup company of people that want to make the worlds best website for moving citizenship from one country to another country. Our first goal is to help 1 million people moving. We work towards making country moving as transparent and easy as possible. Today we see moving your citizenship as challenging as booking airline tickets before the 1990's and before Expedia, Momondo etc - complex, expensive and super slow. Our mission is to make it as easy to move nations as it is to book an airline ticket. Our solution is to give our users an instant overview of all the options that nations have to offer. How many steps it requires to move and the total costs of everything included. (advisors, taxes, etc) When we succeed with the above we will truly have made an impact and changed the world. Thinking BIG - We believe that we can change entire countries by helping more people move from expensive cities to less expensive cities. Moving pensions & wealth will create entire new economies. We believe we can help retirees with bad health conditions retire 10 year earlier if they had the insights of where they alternatively could retire and live from their savings. We are in the absolute early-stage of our journey and you will have a huge influence on shaping our way forward.

Heymedia Partners

We are putting together media and buyers to help them grow their SEO. We are building a SAAS tool to put more transparency into the work of finding medias an to help different actors save both money and time. We are the leading software in the business of connecting the dots and are trying to transform the way the business work.


With more than 25 years knowhow from the telecom business, Towerbooking is the leading toll to market and organized towers for both towercos and operators. What we do: Increased revenue on existing assets Physical Details of the tower Site Locator & Tower View Structural Analysis & Health Check Tenancy Management Revenue predications & assurance


CyberPilot er et dansk IT-sikkerhedsfirma. Vi arbejder med alle typer virksomheder og organisationer, små som store, der ønsker at opnå effektiv IT-sikkerhed. Vi fokuserer på, at IT-sikkerhed skal være en proces, hvor mennesker og adfærd betyder lige så meget som teknologi (hardware og software). God IT-sikkerhed afhænger ikke kun af teknologi. God IT-sikkerhed afhænger af menneskers gode beslutninger i brugen med teknologi. Vores fokus er på at gøre det så nemt for dig/jer som muligt at tænke it-sikkerhed ind i jeres hverdag og forretning. IT-sikkerhed er for mange et nødvendigt ”onde” og vi vil gøre vores del til, at it-sikkerheden bliver prioriteret – netop ved at gøre det simpelt, effektivt og værdiskabende. Vi anerkender, at det ikke er alle virksomheder, som har et budget til at arbejde med IT-sikkerhed. Derfor har vi også valgt, at vi gerne vil dele ud af vores erfaringer og viden, så alle kan komme i gang (også uden at købe noget). CyberPilot har kontor centralt i Aarhus, og ledes til dagligt af direktør og medejer Rasmus Hangaard Vinge.


We are one of the biggest e-commerce platforms of swimwear and swim equipment in Scandinavia. Watery is offering swimwear with minimal delivery to help our customers solve any doubt they may have when buying swimwear with our incredible customer service. We help our customers to get the right product in the best quality, that fits the individual customer best. As of now, we're helping swimmers, professionals as amateurs, mainly in Denmark and Sweden, and many more to come, as we're growing. We've got a wide range of swimwear and swim equipment from the biggest swim brands alongside our 08-22 customer service. We aim to provide the best customer service experience and offer a large assortment of swim related products. I've been a high-level swimmer myself. My friends and I couldn't figure out why we had to order swimwear from other countries if we wanted variation in our swimwear, so I thought to myself that something had to be done to provide the best swimwear from the biggest brands out there. Now the Danish and Swedish swimmers have an opportunity to buy quality swimwear without paying for delivery across Europe or even from out of Europe.


SoilSense is an agro-technology company that works to solve one of the grandest climate challenges of this century - water scarcity. We are driven by the ambition of making a real difference in the world. Today, more than 70% of all available freshwater is used for watering crops. This puts farming at the center of attention if we are to solve the global challenge of water scarcity. SoilSense offers an affordable soil sensor and software solution that helps farmers optimize the growth of their crops, by intelligently recommending when and where to water. SoilSense-farmers reduce water usage and increase their yield. Our company is born global with systems deployed in Peru, Kenya, and Denmark. Since 2018 we have worked to develop our product and market fit, and in 2020 we started selling our solution to the first base of customers. Our focus in 2021 will be on maturing our hardware for production and distribution, adding advanced software features to our platform, and scaling sales to European markets.

Xilium A/S

Xilium is a software and consultancy company that has specialized in providing clinical decision support and regulatory compliant software to handle healthcare communication between medical professionals and patients. To be a bit more specific, we develop and market the product, DizzyGuide. In basic terms, DizzyGuide is a patient questionnaire (for patients with dizziness symptoms) that, once answers have been processed by the algorithm, will provide healthcare professionals with guidance to ensure the shortest and best patient journey through the healthcare system. The questionnaire and algorithm which our software is based on were initially developed by experts at Mayo Clinic, The number 1 hospital in the World. Today, the development of the questionnaire and algorithm is continued in collaboration between members of our advisory board: Xilium, Mayo Clinic, Michigan Medicine, and the University of Lund, in Sweden. NOTE. we are in the process of changing our name. Therefore the link to our old website.

Period Pack Sweden AB

Sanitary protection should be as obvious and accessible as toilet paper and soap Period Pack is today Sweden's leading company when it comes to menstrual protection containers. The company was founded in 2019 by Amanda Mattsson and Lova Svensson with the aim of making menstrual protection in toilets a matter of course. The company has expanded fast and today we are a team of 6 people based in Örebro. You will find our products set up at workplaces and schools all over Sweden - and soon in Denmark. Read more on our website


MentaNudge er en løsning, der skal være med til at skabe større velvære hos danskerne i en tid, hvor ensomhed, manglende struktur på hverdagen hersker og hvor hjemmearbejde bliver den nye normal. Vores mål er at forbedre velværet hos danskere, som arbejder hjemme derved får en ensporet hverdag, hvor vi vil komme med kvalificerede bud på aktiviteter som kan udføres i løbet af dagen og derved modvirke dyk i humør og velvære/selvværdet. Vi ønsker effektivt at forebygge depressioner og nedture ved at nudge danskerne med det, de har brug for, når de har brug for det.

FLID tools

FLID makes high quality tools from upcycled FSC wood and leather for a new non-gendered audience to give equal opportunities for all. The Team: Solveig Kolstad Co-founder, Journalist and Master in Rhetoric. Solveig communicates FLID tools vision in both short and long stories to spread the joy of creating, turning traction into sales. She’s also ensuring that FLID tools develops into a fully responsible business with a solid business model and growing revenue. Julia Sand Skovsted Co-founder, Master in fine Art of Industriel design. Julia is constantly developing and testing prototypes. She joins form, function and aesthetics and doesn’t compromise until she tested and adjusted the design thoroughly. She’s also our main graphic designer and pretty handy with all kinds of tools. Ditte Marie Fog Ibsen Co-founder, Master in Fine Art of Industriel design. Ditte Marie is our expert in design processes and responsible production. In addition to maintaining manufacturer and supplier contact she’s also in close dialogue with Julia regarding product development. Testing form, materials or business models. She’s always good for a new idea plus a plan for realising it. We are a part of Innovation fund Denmarks program Innnofounder Graduate Cohort 7

Audientes A/S

Founded in Denmark, Audientes mission is to make smart, high-quality hearing aids accessible and affordable to the millions of people around the world currently suffering from disabling hearing loss. We achieve this by designing, developing and bringing to market innovative assisted hearing solutions.