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GoMore is a rapidly growing online service for ridesharing, peer-to-peer car rental, and car leasing. GoMore has more than 2.7 million members in five markets and ambitious plans to grow the company over the coming years. Our investor base consists of strong profiles from the Danish start-up scene. We are currently 90 people located in Denmark, Spain, Sweden and Finland.


Trustpilot is a global, online review community that builds trust and transparency between consumers and businesses. At Trustpilot, we’re passionate about our mission to inspire ever-improving experiences for everyone. Working here is an opportunity to collaborate with talented people in a fast-paced, and agile environment. With vibrant office locations all around the world and over 40 nationalities, we’re proud to be an equal opportunity workplace with diverse perspectives and ideas.  While Trustpilot has grown beyond being a startup, they’re very much operating like a startup with things moving at a fast pace. As an employee you’re able to manage things as you most see fit and allowed to be creative. Employees here are driven and like to have fun whilst working hard and feeling pride in creating a great website. Besides the actual work, we have plenty of social clubs here which involve cooking, cycling, movies and more - if the club doesn’t exist already you’re welcome to create it and receive support and funds from Trustpilot. Regular Friday bars involve themes and quizzes, there’s always something fun happening as it’s a very social company.


Weld exists to enable all companies to become truly data-driven. Founded by a team of former early Pleo employees, we have experienced how data can change the trajectory of a company. Data can turbocharge next-level commercial workflows, but with data fragmented across a wide range of SaaS tools and a lack of resources and knowledge in many companies, it is difficult to take control of your data. Weld fixes this with data infrastructure that works out-of-the-box coupled with our data-team-as-a-service offering. Backed by some large European seed funds and top business angels, we're currently scaling across Europe and the US and looking for talented people to join the rocket ship! :-)


Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, and with teams located in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Athens, our vision at Rokoko is to give all creative teams access to quick, non-intrusive and intuitive animation tools. After founding our company in 2014, we immediately embarked on designing and producing our current flagship product, the Smartsuit Pro, which is an inertial motion capture suit that has now been shipped to more than 100 countries. The product was designed to make professional motion capture accessible to all creators. Today, the many thousands of users across a wide variety of skill-levels and application cases attest to that goal having been achieved. ‍ After the Smartsuit Pro, we launched both our Smartgloves for finger tracking and our facial motion capture solution. On top of that, we have released the Motion Library, the world’s largest marketplace of motion assets where users can find AAA-quality motion capture assets, created by professional mocap studios, and purchase them for $3 or $6 per asset. Lastly, we're constantly expanding the software suite behind all the magic, Rokoko Studio, with new and exciting animation features. This powerful motion editing tool will increasingly become a one-stop-shop for all character animation work, regardless of what software or hardware tool you decide to pair it with. ‍ All these products are aimed at making access to creating, editing, and collaborating with professional 3D character animation quick, intuitive and accessible anywhere. As a result, one-man army indie creators as well as some of the biggest animation production companies in the world all choose Rokoko’s tools for their animation pipelines. And we’re only just getting started!


We are the leading discovery service of romantic and erotic products in Scandinavia and known from Løvens Hule / Shark Tank / Dragons Den. Back in december 2017 we shipped out our first box with the vision to redefine the way couples discovers that extra sparkle in their relationship. Since then more than 5000 couples in Denmark, Sweden and Norway have tried L’AMOURBOX. We feel we are on to something big but we just started and we need you to be part of our journey, scaling L’AMOURBOX. L'AMOURBOX was founded in Aarhus and since the beginning we have been a young international team. Now we are located in the heart of Copenhagen, and looking for even more cool people to join!


HairLust is a Danish beauty brand with a particular focus on sustainable and innovative hair care and ingredient transparency - Natural hair care at its best. With a natural and holistic approach to hair care, our hair supplements, hair care products and hair accessories in combination provide the best conditions for healthier hair. Become part of a brand that has gotten extremely popular within its industry in little time and great publicity by challenging the status quo for hair care. As opposite to most of our competitors, we're young, agile, and bold. We are a Danish-based beauty brand with offices in the heart of Copenhagen with 15 fresh and dedicated team members. We introduce a new generation of cosmeceuticals and beauty products for the picky customer. Since HairLust was founded in 2017, the business has grown each quarter, won multiple beauty awards, expanded into 10 local markets, developed 40 products, had more than 100.000 customers and the list goes on. Today, we have 10.000-15.000 monthly orders and more than 500.000 monthly unique visitors. We're on an exciting journey and we always look for new talents!


Sustainia is a global sustainability consulting company, headquartered in Copenhagen. Since 2009, the mission of Sustainia has been to change mindsets and narratives around sustainability through impact communication and fact-based storytelling. As one of our signature projects, Sustainia operates with United Nations Global Compact the world's largest platform for vetted & verified sustainable solutions, the Global Opportunity Explorer. Armed with mindsets, strategies, and solutions, Sustainia advises organisations on how to create enduring sustainability transformations required in order to stay relevant in an ever-changing world.


Cogo is an exciting up and coming startup from Copenhagen launched in 2020, where we set out to make shared mobility more accessible and transparent to everyone. Cogo gathers shared rides for frictionless mobility and a better tomorrow. We gather all shared scooters, bikes, cars and moped in one app, as long as they are human or electric powered. We currently include over 190 different mobility operators in 500 cities worldwide and we’re growing every day. We are currently 5 full-time employees who value hard work, dedication and the flexibility that only a startup can offer. We offer (and expect) a high level of ownership and personal drive to move things forward. We offer great flexibility with a mix of WFH and office days in our famous office space at BLOX, overlooking the canals in the middle of Copenhagen Cogo is backed by experienced business angels and one of the most reputable early stage investors in the Nordics - PreSeed Ventures. So if you are on the lockout for an exciting challenge and to be part of a VC-backed growth journey we’re the perfect fit for you. Please reach out if you have any questions or want to learn more about Cogo, otherwise we look forward to receiving your job application. Please include both a short letter, CV and any other documentation that might be relevant for the job that you’re applying for. Download the Cogo app today on Play Store or App Store! offers a unified SaaS platform for social media listening, engaging, publishing, measuring and management. We help our enterprise clients to explore the full potential of social media marketing and instill a social-first thought process in their employees. In January 2019 we joined the Cision family, and together we help brands build better relationships with their customers. has achieved great international traction in the market, with its technology endorsed by partnerships with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram. Our diverse and global client portfolio includes Carlsberg, Tiger, IWC Watches, Coca-Cola and many more. We launched in Copenhagen in 2010 under our CEO Ulrik Bo Larsen. Today we also have offices in New York, Berlin, Budapest, Sofia and Melbourne. With 6 offices across the globe and over 50 nationalities, at we’re a highly diverse team always hunting for passionate and curious people who want to be part of a fast-paced, high-energy environment! has an ethos of encouraging autonomy, ambition, boldness and experimentation. We value open people who take initiative and aren’t afraid to fail, learn from mistakes, adjust, and try to get better at what they do every day. You can meet us anywhere on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Drop by anytime, we’d love to talk!


We’re a green provider of electrical free-float short term car rental. GreenMobility A/S operates around 1000 cars across major cities in northern Europe. We offer users with simple, flexible and sustainable transportation. The cars are located, booked and unlocked with our app. Users pay per use and simply leave the car at any destination within our zones. GreenMobility is listed on Nasdaq Main market and have 80 employees.


Heap® is a FinTech founded in 2020 and set out to revolutionize the pension industry by empowering individuals to take charge of their financial future. We are building a state-of-the-art digital pension platform, leveraging the newest technologies. Our company culture is based on trust, openness, and personal development. In Heap®, we truly believe that the pension structures of yesterday fail to deliver on the human needs of tomorrow. Heap® caters to the ever-changing needs of the modern workforce and flexible individuals. We offer a pension product that is simple, relevant and fully transparent, empowering people to finally create and grow their future money – on their own terms. Heap® is backed by Topdanmark and Rainmaking.

Les Deux

One of the fastest growing menswear brands in Denmark. We are a team of 22 people working out of Copenhagen. We have showrooms in 15 countries across Europe and are expanding fast.The brand was born with international roots. The name is French, the founders were from different continents and since the first Autumn evening, when Les Deux was established, our ambitions have been international. Les Deux is one of the fastest growing menswear brands in Denmark. A family of 22 ambitious people striving to build one of the biggest clothings brands in the World. We have a 600 sqm office in Frederiksberg (Copenhagen ) where we have our design, marketing, finance and our E-commerce team... But it's not only about work. At the HQ we have build our own Crossfit center where we offer team and private sessions and during the week we have lots of social happenings.

Gamers Coin

Have you ever spent hours on a game and you gained only the glory of winning? Now you see the first ecosystem that will thickening your wallet and bring you more than glory. GamersCoin is the first open world coin and token to give back your hours spent in gaming. Why not make a new income, playing your favourite games. We will create specially designed tournaments, for each game to create extra excitement. Our Tournaments will be based on multiple entry levels from the beginner to the experienced Pro. You can setup an account for Free and play Freerolls and build your bankroll this way. You can also mine new coins and use them to play your favourite games and increase your bank roll. Our most exciting formats will be Bounty Hunting, where you will have a price on your head, and all your opponents as well. Knock some out of the tournament and you will receive Coins and your own bounty will increase. If you both win top 15% and have multiple knock outs, you can build up your bankroll. If you beat all and last man standing you get the top price, all the bounties you made plus your own. E-Sports is growing with amazing speed everywhere in the world. GamersCoin wish to award all Gamers for their efforts and time spend. Online gaming is becoming bigger and bigger and it is estimated that 2,2 billion people play online games already. But only a small fraction of a percentage makes an income playing. GamersCoin wish to change that economy and increase the adrenalin pumping when you are down the last competitors and looking for that crown win. We want to provide the gamers, who play games with their friends an option to make money from this in Realtime tournaments. Our App which is compatible on Android and iOS, will keep track of all the progress in the game and we have a small plugin that will track real time results, while you play. The App is your Wallet, where you always can cash out to any other currency on any of the exchanges we are listed on. We will initially focus on online multi player PC Games and once we have covered most of them, we will expand to web-based games, mobile and console games.  


Zuuvi is one of Denmark’s fastest-growing tech companies. We rethink the way modern marketers produce digital content. We believe that creativity in digital marketing is important today - and will become even more important in the future. Zuuvi is a danish tech scale-up company based in Copenhagen. Our platform enables professional marketing teams and designers to produce best-In-class digital ads to display and social media in few minutes. We know that developing great banners to display and social channels are time-consuming, that's why we've started Zuuvi. We let our users focus and invest in performance instead of production. We're on an exciting journey. Working and being part of the Zuuvi family is fun, challenging, ambitious, and most importantly, it will develop your skills, and you will get the chance to make an impact.

Wally And Whiz

WALLY and WHIZ is based on a dream to make one winegum for the whole world. One world, one winegum. Winegums from WALLY and WHIZ can be eaten by everyone, regardless of religion or cultural preferences. We wish to set a higher bar for how great a winegum can taste. Our winegums are vegan, free from artificial colours or flavours, and are lactose free, glutenfree and free from gelatine. We get our inspiration from all over the world, but with a heritage in the scandinavian culture for using clean, fresh and natural ingredients. We want to challenge the conventional tastes and are not afraid to present unconventional tastes such as turmeric, anisisop, rosehips, pine shoots etc.