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Geniale Gaver is a big giftguide, where you can find inspiration and giftideas to find the perfect gift. You can find gifts in easy to navigate categories. Some of the categories are gifts for her, gifts for him, gifts for dad, where each has a lot of subcategories. The sub categories range from everything from personal gift ideas, product categories and categories selected by price.

Parkbird ApS

Parkbird is a parking space company for trucks according to sharing economy principles. We partner up with builders merchant stores, therefore we keep our prices low and keeps a high service standard. All of our locations have security cameras, fences and guards. The problem in the industry is there is an average overcapacity of 30 % on the rest areas around Denmark. Therefore truck drivers exceed the drive-rest times or park in the hard shoulder lane. This is both unsafe and the driver often gets fined +10.000 DKK and double the amount for hauliers. We already have strong partnerships with some of Denmarks biggest furniture stores, and we are expecting to get +20.000 parking spaces by the end of 2020. If you would like to join our journey, apply for a job today, and be a part of one of the most interesting startups in Copenhagen.

FieldWorks ApS

We aim to create the most user friendly and efficient digital platforms for manual industries. By focusing on great user experience, automation and integration with existing technology, we create platforms that optimize workflows while automatically enhancing transparency and compliance. We begin by transforming the agricultural industry with a SaaS solution “KARL” ( that optimises task planning and gives resource insights for farmers and agricultural sub-contractors. There is rapid technological development in the agricultural industry with the increasing use of self-driving machines, drones and IoT. Simultaneously, many farmers and subcontractors still use physical 'worksheets' to plan and delegate tasks and invoice customers. This makes planning hard, as many tasks are weather dependent and change as frequently as the Danish summer sky. With our platform, the worksheets are digitalized and data automatically gets analyzed in the background, giving farmers insights on the profitability of machines and tasks. In time, we extend the platform with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities to optimise and automate ressource coordination. We currently have an alpha version of the web and iOS-app ready, and we are currently testing it at a single pilot customer. We are always welcoming bright minds, so do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to learn more or join our journey!

Vi er en hjemmeside, der hjælper andre iværksætter med at lave en hjemmeside. Og vi guider dem igennem markedet med mange forskellige hjemmeside builder. Vi laver b.l.a. anmeldelser på bricksite, webnode, wix og så videre. Disse hjemmeside builder har hver deres fordele og ulemper, som vi beskriver på vores hjemmeside.

Meeshop ApS

Meeshop er en nem og billig løsning for dig, der vil spare tid og penge på at skabe din egen webshop med dit eget personlige præg. Du kan med vores løsning nemt uploade nye produkter, få et hurtigt overblik over din indtægt og varelager med mere. Der findes ikke mange platforme som kan skalerer i takt med ens forretning, hvilket ofte gør at virksomheder må få skræddersyet en løsning, hvilket kan være enormt dyrt. Derfor er Meeshop bygget til at skalerer og udvikle sig i takt med din virksomhed: - Platformen kan håndtere over 1.000.000 produkter per webshop, ingen begrænsninger eller gebyrer. - Skalerbar datastruktur, som standard. Vi skalerer i takt med at din forretning vokser. - Automatisk backup system, log overvågning og redundans systemer, giver en oppetid på over 99%. - Vores webshops er lynhurtige, hvilket garenterer glade kunder, god PageSpeed og bedre ranking. Har du en lidt mere advanceret forretning. som kræver medlemskabsystemer, kundeklub eller B2B salg, så kan Meeshop også håndterer dette out-of-the-box. Kræver din forretning en unik integration, kan dette oftes også løses efter nærmer aftale.


Letmework is a startup from Copenhagen established by Frederik Gail. Bootsrapped to convince you anything is possible. We’re a language recruitment agency that sets time aside for individuals who wants to work and travel. We consist of dedicated recruiters that’ll handhold you for a job that’s likely slightly off the normal comfort zone. Moving abroad is scary. We’ll equip candidates with all the necessities for leaving their homecountry, because at one point our team has been in the same spot. The company started as of January 2020. Being inspired by the freedom of freelancing, Frederik wanted to inspire others to make the same move he did late 2018 moving to Thailand. Today the company is growing and we all share a vision of having an adventurous workspace.

Min Drømmebolig ApS

Min Drømmebolig er et nyt og spændende startup med fire iværksættere og nøje udvalgte samarbejdspartnere, som alle har en brændende vision om at ændre boligmarkedet, som vi kender det i dag. Projektet går i korte træk ud på at vi vil skabe en ny og anderledes platform hvor kommende købere og hussælgere kan mødes. På nuværende tidspunkt har hver ejendomsmæglerkæde hver deres køberkartotek, men hvad hvis Danmarks største køberkartotek fandtes uafhængigt af en ejendomsmægler og latente sælgere, som overvejede at sælge kunne teste om de selv kunne finde en køber til deres ejendom uden at bliver opkrævet skyhøje ejendomsmægler vederlag. Køberne ved ofte hvor de gerne vil bo og vi vil åbne boligmarkedet i en grad som aldrig er set magen til før. Endda give køberne mulighed for at give et indikativt tilbud på ejendomme som ikke er til salg. Vi laver et boligmatch. Skaber tryghed. Sørger for køber finder deres drømmebolig og hjælper sælger godt videre uden liggetid og store omkostninger. De sidste mange år er der ikke sket noget revolutionært med hvordan en hushandel foregår. Andet end boligannoncen ved mægler er gået fra avisen til nettet. Vi glæder til at fortælle mere.


Global warming is the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced. We know that there is only a certain amount of CO₂ we are allowed to emit into the atmosphere to limit global warming to 1.5 degree. It is unclear when we pass this limit: some researchers say we have passed this limit already, some are saying we are passing it at the moment and some say we have a little bit left. With Direct Air Capture of CO₂ - we could have the technology to stop climate change. At Klimate, we work with Carbon Capture and Storage. We are the only Authorized Climeworks Carbon Dioxide Removal Partner in the Nordics, and are working tirelessly to sell Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) as a service to individuals and corporates in the Nordics. We have an MVP platform ready for launch in May, and are exploring several growth areas in conjunction with CDR as a service. In this way, we can help individuals and corporates remove past and future CO₂ from the atmosphere. We are currently looking for a co-founder/CMO with Sales & Marketing experience, to help us with the launch and growth of Klimate.


Arpedio is a sales-enablement company and full-stack consulting company operating globally in a dynamic, cross-functional and complex sales environment in a variety of industries. We have developed unique Salesforce AppExchange solutions for complex B2B sales and account management that make your company’s best practices available to all customer-facing employees. We specialize in sales excellence and digital transformations, which help our customers transform sales processes and best practices into digitalized, automated processes that increase alignment, transparency and efficiency.

Barona IT

Barona has launched 2020's most cost efficient and full service IT-recruitment partnership in DK providing international IT candidates through search, hire, relocation, housing, and settlement. When recruiting is not enough to solve the talent gap we design elevation programs in order to build new IT competences and secure future growth for our customers. Local talent recruitment and staffing is also part of our core business and close to our hearts, thus we can fill any short or long term position within IT through recruitment marketing, search and headhunting.


Jero offer full service wine investment experience to make investments in fine wine accessible and simple. Jero services include purchase of wines, handling, storage, insurance and reselling of your wine. We specialize in wines from the best areas of the world but specifically Burgundy and Piedmont.


Coachr B2B is a company who has created an intelligent digital platform which helps fitness professionals create diet and workout plans for their clients. This allows them to scale their businesses. But what do we offer in return? Besides a job in an exciting and rapid speed growing company, servicing some of the most compelling profiles in the fitness industry, we offer you a place in a team of passionate and talented co-workers, that always takes honour in helping and learning from each other. We offer you a position in a company where you have the opportunity to add your touch to the company as a unit and influence how Coachr looks in the future.


We work with start-ups, private businesses and government institutions, as a partner, to develop state of the art software at an affordable price. We do this by making Team-As-A-Service solutions, where our individuals expertise are deployed into our partners businesses. By growing healthy businesses for our partners, we grow our business with our costumers.

Crown Tech

Crown Tech is a digital agency that specializes in digital innovation and technological services. Based in Greater Copenhagen, Denmark, we are a progressive team made up of creative, passionate and dedicated tech experts. Our working STACK: - PHP Laravel v4.2 - v6.00 - VueJs and Angular v2-v9, jQuery, LESS, - HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript. - MySQL, PgSQL, MongoDB, SQLServer, NoSQL


Kaninbutikken er en ny webshop, som specialiserer sig i tilbehør til kaniner. Vi har et mål om at disrupte markedet for kæledyr – her særligt markedet for tilbehør til kaniner. Vores styrke at et stærkt og gennemsyret brand og brandkultur – desuden at være bekendt med trends inden de overhovedet er blevet en del af det danske marked. Vores værdier lægger sig op af et ønske om at uddele information samt sælge produkter som sikrer danske kaniner et sundt og skønt liv. Men vi har brug for flere på vores stærke team for at indbringe vores mål om at disrupte og udbrede kendskabet til vores webshop og brand. Du kan læse mere på vores hjemmeside