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Too Good To Go

At Too Good To Go we are dedicated to the fight against food waste! Food waste is a huge global issue, with one-third of all food produced being wasted, a landfill is overflowing and our environment is really suffering the consequences. And it's not just about the food itself, it's all the resources that went into producing the food, the land, the water, the labour. It's a sad state of affairs and we're on a mission to inspire and empower everyone to take action! Our platform allows people to buy surplus, unsold food from restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, bakeries etc. that otherwise would have to be thrown out. Through our app, everybody can make a difference by 'saving'​ perfectly good, delicious food from going in the bin.


Khora is an award-winning Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) production studio based in Copenhagen, creating cutting edge content within multiple application areas. We are 30 full time employees, and over the last five years we have produced more than 350 VR/AR applications and hosted more than 1500 workshops and events. We are exploring the value potential of VR and AR through meaningful collaborations and partnerships. We work within multiple industries, with a deep understanding of the technologies and of how and why businesses and institutions should work within these emerging mediums. We have an open door policy, so come and see for yourself. More about Khora: Khora's Showreel from 2018:


We bring transparency to cost. Most Organisations have little or no real transparency in their procurement spending. We solved this with deep analysis and client integration - but wrapped it all in a “user first” UI with simplicity and speed overruling options and clutter. Our goal is to democratize the top tier toolbox and give it to the masses at an affordable price point


Monta is the operating platform powering the EV charging ecosystem serving drivers, companies, cities, and the electricity grid with one integrated software solution. We believe that accelerating and democratising the adoption of EV technology is key to building a better future. Monta’s mission is to provide the best technology solutions for the entire EV charging cycle. At our core, we provide access, innovation, and reliability to the mobility transformation. We're here to make the transition to electric mobility as seamless and exciting as possible. With a single integrated software built to EV better. Founded in 2020 our team has been growing fast and are now more than 200 employees with 47 different nationalities. Our HQ is based in Copenhagen, and we have offices in Oslo, Berlin, Paris, London and just opened Barcelona. Our culture is based on trust, transparency, and respect, where everyone contributes to making Monta what it is. You don't have to work 9-17, we trust our people to know how they work best. We empower each team to choose how and when they work. Inclusion is also a big part of our culture, and we make sure that everybody feels welcome, heard and able to bring all of who they are to work. We take it upon ourselves to protect this space that has allowed us to get this far. Monta is dedicated to encouraging a supportive, diverse and inclusive culture amongst all Monteers as they are fundamental to our values as a company. One of the best things about Monta is our people. Right from the get-go you will feel how inclusive, diverse, sociable and friendly our team is. We go to the office as much as possible, not because we have to, but because we enjoy each other's company - even outside work hours we hang out together. We have lots of different clubs you can join, there's a chess club, a ski club, (there's a slack channel for every little interest we can bond over). Everyone is very passionate about what we do and invested in the product and their role. We are a team of innovators, experts, and “bar-setters” in our fields. We believe that we can create the path needed to sustainably scale the industry towards the future. We're biased toward action, so we're always looking for ways to improve and make things work for many, not just few. We don't just want to be good at what we do—we want to be the best at it. Better results, better technology, better systems, better together. The combination of all this, and the feeling that we are contributing something great to the world, gives everyone a strong sense of belonging and makes our employees and customers want to work with us - it helps our company thrive. Everyone here is proud to be a 'Monteer'. If you’d like to work in a green, tech-driven company and are passionate about innovation, we might be the right fit! We've got an incredible team, and hope to find more peers who can help us push things even further.

Veo Technologies

Veo is the world’s leading AI powered and affordable football camera solution. We want to enable all teams around the world recording their football matches without the obstacles of finding a cameraman. Democratizing football, by giving access to video analysis, that in the past only were available for the few. The innovative dual-lense camera technology records the entire pitch at all times, with two 4K high resolution sports action lenses. Our intelligent software automatically follows the ball to create a broadcast view, while allowing you the controls with a simple click of you mouse. Our solution is developing better athletes. We know players are visual learners, seeing themselves play rather than being told of their mistakes is more effective and likely to produce results.


Boogiz is an interactive, creative dance app. With it, users can learn how to dance and also create their own dances with avatars. Furthermore, the user can join challenges and share their dance videos on their profile and the feed — ie., lots of social features that are similar to TikTok. The application Badjango Dance Creator, is is already succesfull developed and tested in danish educational institutions and has clients as publishing Gyldendal publishing house, Danmarks Sportsdanserforbund, Dansk Skoleidræt.

The Collective

At The Collective, we're on a mission to help individuals thrive. We believe that personal growth, well-being, and a sense of community are key in creating an authentic fulfilling life. Our venture isn't just a project or a business; it's a passion-driven journey and an intentional space to explore what it means for us, as a team, to live more fulfilling lives while working towards our company goals. Who We Are We're a dynamic and purpose-driven team that's all about creating richer lives, both for ourselves and our community. We value curiosity, creativity, and collaboration. What unites us is the belief that life's true richness comes from being genuinely present, exploring authenticity, and creating connection. What We Do We're not your typical venture. From digital tools to education, retreats, and engaging community events, we're on a mission to empower individuals to thrive based on what truly matters. Our unique focus is on enhancing lives, and we're dedicated to fostering a sense of belonging and purpose in the initiatives we do. Why Join Us Joining the collective means more than just taking on a role – it's the start of an exciting journey. As part of our early team, you'll co-create a brand, a community, and a meaningful impact. Your contributions matter, and we value your curiosity, creativity, and the opportunity to explore and learn what it means for you to live a more fulfilling life within the context of our shared mission. Come Be a Part of Something Special If you're passionate about personal development, well-being, and building meaningful connections and fun projects, we invite you to join us. Together, we'll embark on a purpose-driven adventure focused on making lives a little richer, one step at a time.


GoMore is on a mission to help people share cars. We do so by providing an online platform for ridesharing, peer-to-peer car rental, and car leasing with a lease-and-rent-out model. We are present in Denmark, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and Austria, and we have more than 3 million members showing the way forward.


A note from the Founder not generated by AI :D Have you ever thought about how amazing it is that we can instantly communicate with anyone around the world at anytime wirelessly? Personally, I have been intrigued by the devices and the invisible fields that connect us all since I was much younger. From the smartphone to the services that power it - and while they are great for everything they do, I felt the business model of selling phones and SIM cards hasn't really changed since the industry first began - more importantly to me it lacked heart and consideration for people and the planet. So about 2 years ago, I started working on Worthmore. Today, we're a small team on a mission to disrupt telecom for the good of people and the planet and redefine what a mobile phone subscription can be. We market Worthmore more as a membership to a community focused on making the world a better place first - not just a mobile phone subscription. Our goal is to transform your choice of telecom provider into a meaningful decision to become part of something bigger. In fact, we tell our members that they get the SIM card for free just for being a part of what we do. As a member, you enjoy the same great telecom services & prices (in most cases better or cheaper) - plus added perks of saving money at impactful brands and services. On top of this, for each member of our community, Worthmore pledges 15kr/mo to the "Worthmore Impact Fund," which supports people and tangible projects working towards a future we can all be proud of. See our first video here The mission is to prove that in a dinosaur industry like telecom - doing good is good business. That by supporting causes instead of wasting money on ads, we can build a movement and a community that is connected by more than just the SIM cards in their devices. They are connected with a common goal of working towards a future we can all be proud of. We are still in the very early stages, and since I don't come from money, and I didn't start this with a small loan of a million dollars from my dad, it has been a struggle to even get this far...but we now have our first working SIM cards - we have our website - we have the basic skills, and most importantly, we have the motivation to keep pushing things forward. Every time I see that it says Worthmore in the top corner of my phone instead of Telia, Lebara, or whoever, I'm reminded that we have succeeded in building a way to help people #ConnectWithPurpose. So - As a founder with an extremely limited budget and nothing but an overwhelming sense of optimism and a passion for what he's building - I write this letter to reach out to those who also want to be part of our mission - we could use the help. I look forward to connecting with some of you soon for an interview, and if you've read this far, you're probably the type of person we're looking for :D Tegan Spinner CEO & Founder @Worthmore


Founded in Copenhagen in early 2017, LifeX is a rapidly-growing living-as-a-service company whose vision is to make anyone feel at home, anywhere in the world ❤️ . We have grown to over 2000 units in the center of Copenhagen, Berlin, Munich, Paris, London and Oslo with more than 1000 active members. We are driven by our purpose and desire to shape the future of living. We have a technology platform that runs end-to-end residential operations and living experience. As a team, we live by our values of being member driven, transparent, team player, a doer and consistently think of way to reduce our footprint on the planet. With have raised EUR 17M and are planning to scale our mission all over Europe and beyond.


In the spring of 2024, LikeLingo was founded with a vision not just to enter the content marketing realm, but to redefine it with unmatched customer service and a vibrant, transparent company culture. We're searching for creative minds who are eager to contribute to a growing media house that values humor, openness, and a tireless commitment to our clients. What We Do: * Content Writing: We're not just writing content; we're crafting stories that connect, engage, and resonate. If you have a way with words, your skills are needed here. * Localization: Our goal is to make every message local, and for that, we need experts who understand the subtle nuances of culture and language. * Translation: Help us bridge the world through your linguistic talents, making every word count in a global conversation. While LikeLingo might still be finding its footing among giants, what sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to bending over backward for our clients. We believe that by providing exceptional service, we're not just fulfilling a need—we're building lasting relationships. Why Join LikeLingo? Culture of Candidness At LikeLingo, we thrive on openness and honesty. Our doors (and Slack channels) are always open for your ideas, feedback, and even your latest pet photos. Customer Service Excellence We're passionate about service, and if you share that passion, you'll fit right in. Our commitment to our clients is what drives us, and we're looking for team members who are ready to go the extra mile. Growth and Learning As a startup, the opportunities for growth are boundless. Join us, and grow with us. We value curiosity and the pursuit of learning, ensuring that your career evolves as the company does. Humor and Heart We take our work seriously but not ourselves. Expect a work environment where laughter is cherished and a good sense of humor is as crucial as your professional skills. Your Role in Our Journey We're searching for talented writers, linguists, and creative thinkers who are ready to dive into the world of content marketing with a fresh perspective. At LikeLingo, you won't just be joining a company; you'll be becoming a vital part of a team that's set on making a mark through authentic, engaging content and exceptional customer service. Ready to make a difference? Welcome aboard! At LikeLingo, every word you write, every message you translate, and every content you localize contributes to our mission. Here, your work matters, your growth is prioritized, and your well-being is valued. Let's embark on this exciting journey together, creating connections, building relationships, and crafting content that stands out.

Senpage Consulting

Senpage Consulting is a nonprofit group that provides pro bono advisory services for sustainability-focused organisations through our network of volunteer consultants. Our mission is to provide sustainability-focused organisations with solutions to improve their operational efficiency while offering students the chance to gain experience through meaningful business cases. Senpage Consulting's core team consists of permanent members who pursue prospective clients, recruit new volunteers, manage our internal and external communications, and shape the organisation’s broader strategy. Our project teams are comprised of volunteers from local universities who serve as consultants for our clients. We aim to recruit volunteers with a variety of competencies to serve every potential need.


At Bonzer we work 100% with SEO. In other words; we work hard everyday to help our clients rank as high as possible in Google’s Organic search results. If you want to work with Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads or e-mail marketing - we are probably not the right match for you. Do you on the other hand dream about building sustainable solutions for your clients while focusing on communication, strategy and data, you have landed in the right place!


We’re a group of like-minded people who want to make the planet net zero, and along the way create the world's best workplace 💚 Carbon accounting is no longer a nice to have. It’s fast becoming a legal requirement and over the next few years, we’ll see an explosion of legislation for companies of all sizes to start measuring and managing their carbon emissions. However, carbon accounting, whether you’re starting out or up to your eyeballs in it, can be complicated. So we wanted to make it, you know, uncomplicated. We spent years developing a tool that makes carbon accounting for buildings easy, accurate and affordable so any building owner can take action and help make the planet greener. It’s easy to use, automatic, affordable and one-of-a-kind 💪 At the same time, we want to create the world's best workplace. 👉 What we believe in We want – and hire for – comundo to be a diverse workplace with a high level of trust, where we support each other, celebrate our wins and don’t judge one another. Our people are the most important asset that we have. Everything we do is based on them and their well-being. Yes, we’re a startup. Yes, we’re super ambitious. Yes, you’ll need to drive commercial success. But we’ve also got a very experienced team and we have a clear vision of the company and the culture we’re trying to build. We’re looking for colleagues who have comprehensive knowledge or drive and those who can act autonomously. You control your own time and know what’s needed to add value to the company, colleagues, and our customers. 👉 What we offer We could talk about lunches, parties and all that stuff. Sure, that’s important – but not as important as the things that truly matter, which is giving you the opportunity to live the life you want to and ensuring you feel like a part of the company. To help ensure that, we offer: - A four-day working week* with full-time pay - Flexible work hours - Danish employees receive a full pension plan with Grandhood Lithuanian employees receive a full healthcare plan - Opportunity to work from home or remotely - Warrant program - A relaxed workplace - Great lunches (OK so we added it) - Friday bars (which are actually Thursday bars) Please note that we are headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, and have an office in Vilnius, Lithuania, but our business language is English 🇬🇧 *Curious about how we work a four-day working week? You can read more about it here:


Every hectare of agricultural land has the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. At Agreena we help enable that potential. Agreena has the solutions to drive environmental and financial sustainability in agriculture. Within one year, we have helped farmers across 10 countries to convert more than ​100K hectares of land to regenerative farming practices. ​Agreena is a well funded (recently raised €20M ​in Series A round) ​, Danish growth company. We have Europe's #1funded soil carbon certification program. Succeeding in our mission could result in billions of Euros saved and megatons of CO2e removed.