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NornGuest Ventures

NornGuest Ventures are currently working on a start up in cooperation with Barut Ren ApS. The start up is yet to be named, but essentially we are about to be producing furnitures of danish design from recycled plastic waste. The machinery is under construction and we expect to start production by March 21' We are looking for sales and marketing interns to help us plan and execute a sales and markerting campaign. The startup is on a very early stage, and the interns will get a lot of responsibility and opportunity to help shape the development of the brand,


Money laundering is a growing societal problem that annually costs Danish society between 34-59 billion or 1.7-2.9% of GDP. Besides the cost side of that, it creates a great inequality and leads to corruption which undermines society as a whole. Today the money laundering problem is rapidly increasing as the number of wanted individuals have been rising exponentially. ARIIA is a fintech company that develops an innovative IT solution to fight money laundering and financial crime. This solution enables banks and AML (Anti Money Laundering) regulated companies to ensure that they are not facilitating or involved directly or indirectly in such affairs. The three founders behind ARIIA are specialists within the AML sector and financial services. They have a proven track record of successful start-ups in financial services. ARIIA’s solution brings value via: 1. Compliance Ensuring that our customers comply with all the requirements set by the authorities in money laundering legislation. 2. Savings Providing additional savings by removing unnecessary expenses to run vendor systems on client’s premises using legacy rules engines. With ARIIA there is no maintenance, no fine-tuning, no solutions experts required. Our tool is cloud-based, ensuring all data protection best practices (encryption, data catalogue, etc.) 3. Business growth - up to 60% reduction in KYC cycle time - up to 70% cut in Case Resolution time - up to 50% reduction in False Positive hits Such efficiency boosts will improve customer experience and will free up resources for further business development. 4. Safeguard and peace of mind. Protecting from fines and reputational risks in an absolutely new level. With our cutting edge technologies we are able to uncover complex business structures that mask criminals or compromised individuals' participation, obscure connections, facilitation schemes and much more. Our cutting edge technologies: Central Knowledge Graph. The traditional method of screening is to make “lookups” vs sanction and watch lists. However the world is about connections and relationships. Our Central Knowledge Graph is a whole connection´s universe where we analyze companies and owners using interactive visual network. Interconnected Single Data Lake. Traditional approach is to work with siloed datasets that are updated one by one (often manually). We process many databases (bank data, public data, sanction lists, etc.) in a data model, which makes it possible to find far more contexts and connections vs traditional approach. And web crawlers that run 24/7 pulling the most recent up-to-date information from vetted sources. Intelligent Screening AI/ML Traditional approach includes rules engines and a lot of manual work that generates inconsistencies for the overall process and other limitations. We move from Rules Engines to ML models that learn from patterns, improve with feedback loops thus improving accuracy rates as well as ensure consistency in the process that is crucial for passing the audit from regulators. In a nutshell: ARIIA is the innovative, adding-value solution for KYC screening, transaction monitoring, AML compliance and risks identification in a single, intuitive platform. ARIIA are currently looking for funding opportunities to develop the MLP to the next level.


Boardmemore is developing a marketplace for sports equipment rental where people can rent equipment from each other. There are far too many unused things in our wardrobes, cellars, and garages. According to Greenpeace statistics, we buy an average of 60 items of clothing a year, 40 to 80 percent of which gather unused dust in the wardrobe. In addition, there is all the sports equipment that is only in use a few days a year. From skis, to water sports equipment, to tents and folding boats. If you were to rent these products instead of buying them, it would be cheaper for the consumer and more sustainable for the environment. And if you rent from your peers, it's even easier and more accessible! What sparked the idea? On a sunny day in Copenhagen we wanted to take a paddle board and have a tour in canals that slightly remind Venice. As we already had one board, we were missing another but we couldn't find where to rent it. And then our idea was born. We asked ourselves how might we create P2P marketplace for sports equipment rental and how to make different sports activities more accessible to everyone?

Unistu Consulting

As a consultancy of young and passionated students, we are working every day to unleash the innovation potential of our nation's firms and organisations. We believe our nation should be an international innovation center with a flourishing business life. Therefore, we work towards bringing innovation faster, more flexible and cheeper to our clients. We deliver value by asking deep, fundamental questions and challenging business-as-usual. Our tailor-made project teams consists of highly driven students from different fields of study and together they combine the very best of each individual team member. Our business is grounded in a deep belief in the youth. We believe that young people deserve an opportunity to use their knowledge and creativity to drive real impact for firms, organisations and society as a whole.

My Personal Health Bank

For a quick intro pls see: The problem & the idea Data may be the driver for change, improvement and understanding, in many sectors, amongst these also healthcare. Patient data is an important creator of knowledge both on an individual level but also on a group, regional or country level. On an individual level, patient data may support and build the clinical decisions, it may provide more efficient treatment, both in regard to time and economy and secure that knowledge about the individual is transferred fast and unbiased to the healthcare staff. For the patient, sharing of his/her data will secure a better understanding of the needs and support better diagnosis and treatment. Patient data are collected and noticed in some form in most countries, either on paper or electronically. Many countries have some sort of an electronic patient journal, either on a country level, regionally or locally. However, many countries also still use pen & paper. This challenges the storage and continuity of data collection and transfer. Patient data records in electronic form reduces the risk of losing valuable data but also allows the data to be shared if needed. The acknowledgement of the importance on several levels of having patient data and the absence of a central, regional or local electronic patient data recording system in Sub-saharan African countries (the target region) initiated the idea of looking at how it would be possible to collect and make patient data readily available for treatment, benefitting both patient and caregiver, and in a bigger perspective, for research and strategic healthcare initiative planning. During small initial market and possibility investigations the idea of creating a patient owned electronic healthdata journal app arose. Mobiletechnology is both greatly advantaged and outspread in the target region and the number of mobile consumers are increasing every year. It was and is anticipated, that the possibility of having a central system is, due to structural and financial reasons, not a possibility but to empower the patient with the ownership of own data through an app seemed a possibility. It is important to underline that data must be generated from the healthcare provider and then fed into the patientjournal at the site of the consultation. The idea is to have the most relevant data collected and stored in the app, ie. medication, allergies, blood type, diagnosis and immunizations. The data that will go into the app is transferred from a healthcare provider at the site of the healthcare visit, eg a clinique, hospital, other. That means that the healthcare provider must have access to a tablet or smartphone containing the healthcare provider app which connects to the patients healthcare data app at the visit. Also any healthcare provider with the app will followingly get access to the data from the patient by connecting (and by being given access by the patient) to get patients healthdata app. So, in summary the basic idea is to provide all citizens with a tool that will help them keep track of their most important healthcare related data including completed and planned treatments, diagnosis, tests, allergies etc. The idea is further that the data is owned by the citizens/patients, and not by the non-existing national or any hospital specific system. Upon each contact with the healthcare personnel the patient's information is updated by the healthcare personnel (e.g. symptoms, diagnosis, tests, treatment, next visit etc.) The basic idea/assumption is that no national healthcare system will be developed in near or short-term future, and that a personally owned "electronic patient journal" can have a significant positive impact on the quality of treatments because of a more complete picture of the patient is available at the time, when a diagnosis and treatment is to be decided.


NUKIGA faciliterer værdiskabende partnerskaber mellem iværksættere, virksomheder og studerende. Vi udvikler et virtuelt væksthus, og vi skaber ny viden om Grønland i Danmark gennem en række kulturelle projekter. Dialog og partnerskaber opstår, når mennesker mødes enten fysisk eller online. Vores arbejde er derfor funderet i både fysiske såvel som online events og projekter.


hiveonline is a fintech startup headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, with subsidiaries in Stockholm, Sweden and Kigali, Rwanda, where our development team is located. We give communities of unbanked businesses, primarily women led, access to formal finance through a digital reputation. We are supporting village savings groups with blockchain technology with our MVP accounting app, and building on this to help cooperatives, agricultural associations and their members create more sustainable farming communities. We are expanding from Niger into Mozambique and other African countries.


Copenheaven is developing the next gen. process automation tool, our customer is the every company with more than 100 employee, that need to develop and automate at the speed of the employee. CopenHeaven objective is to offer our customers a Saas platform that brings control over the business automation to the line of business. Making the business automate at there own speed. Our platform will give our customer the ability to optimize and develop it's way of working at their own pace. At the moment we are in process of building our first version of the platform. With the objective of having it in the marked midyear '21 During the last 5-10 years, we have seen an increasing need for speed in business development. At every mid or large size company, we have talked to the primary issue is, the resources (outside the business) needed for implementing the automation, leading to slow and long turnaround of the automation, remove the focus from the business change. The ambition is to build a platform and a company that will define the best practice "implementation of business change"


CustomiseMe is a social business aiming at providing personal hygienic products putting the customer at the core. Our vision is very simple: we intend to tailor personal hygienic goods through a unique concept - we want to put the customer at the center, giving them the opportunity to co-create with us the products from scratch. CustomiseMe produces items that are made 100% from organic plant based ingredients. With organic ingredients, the consumer uses a product which is not harmful to any of the physical and psychological body prepositions. It is actually the opposite - they enhance your health and well-being considering the well-chosen blend of ingredients matching the individual needs.

Mads Olesen Holdings

Mads Olesen Holdings is owned by entrepreneur Mads Andreas Olesen. After selling his first companies for more than 100 mio. kroner, he now invests in startups, real estate and more through Mads Olesen Holdings (CVR: 36917997) and subsidiaries. In 2020, Mads Olesen Holdings invested in more than 50 ecommerce businesses through its investment in, that specializes in alternative ecommerce funding. In 2021, the holding company is looking to add 10 properties to its current portfolio of 19 rental properties.


Jobstar is a recruitment platform that changes the way companies find candidates today, and not least makes it easier and much more intuitive for the candidates. The platform is based on a philosophy of anonymity and an easy gamification approach for candidates. We advocate more diversity and equality in the recruitment process resulting in less stress, more effective and respectful dialogue between candidates and companies. Candidates no longer have to search for job - the job finds you.

Danish-African Business Association

The Danish Africa Business Association (DABA) was created with an ambition to unite the Danish and Nordic ecosystem and increase the competitiveness of companies with an agenda for Africa. DABA seeks to promote business opportunities on the African continent and serve as a bridge between Danish and African business communities. Increase more efficient and less risky trade between Denmark and Africa, through facilitation, information, advisory and advocacy work.

Vitaro ApS

Vitaro driver en række webportaler med fokus på sundhed, træning, kost, motion og livsstil. Vi søger dig, der er passioneret omkring kost og træning og som kan bidrage med en god energi og et højt humør på vores team. Vi holder til på Frederiksberg i nye og moderne lokaler. Du er altid velkommen til at skrive til Vi glæder os til at høre fra dig og ser frem til et fedt samarbejde.


We create a future where the entire water infrastructure can be monitored in real-time using a network of distributed wireless sensors. Dryp is a range of solutions that enable proactive and holistic decision-making for water infrastructure. Dryp builds data bridges across both physical and adminstrative boarders. We are uniquely co-owned by a major danish utility - along with private companies and investors. We are spearheading a data, iot and machine-learning revolution.


Our mission is to provide functionally validated, personalised healthcare solutions to address unmet needs within cognitive disorders and obesity. Our journey is part of a healthcare evolution away from symptom-based, one-fits-all medicine, and towards personalised, causality-driven solutions with systemic efficacy - with the aim to address major global disease challenges in a more targeted, natural manner. Metaceutic ApS develops plant-based health-enhancing dietary food supplements that are functionally validated to predictably alter specific parts of the gut microbiota in order to enhance cognitive function regarding mental stress remedy, appetite regulation, and general cognitive enhancement.