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The mission of my start-up is to promote fermented food and beverage market. The company works on several projects, developing solutions and products for businesses and individuals. My mission is to empower people with knowledge and tools to make and choose fermented foods more often. I plan to achieve that by setting up a hybrid platform (offline and online) connecting leading stakeholders in the industry and fostering knowledge exchange among those who keep experimenting in this field. I plan to encourage green eating habits through the consumption of FF&B by promoting it in secondary schools.


We're here to change global games publishing by building business through Asia first and creating long-lasting developer relationships worldwide. JoyPac combines an open and communicative style of western publishers with the specialized operations & marketing know-how required to make it big in East and West markets. Registered in both Denmark, China Hong Kong, China mainland and Japan, JoyPac offers developer friendly contracts based on EU law, while fulfilling all legal requirements to publish on all platforms and in all territories globally.


FullBrain is a social e-learning platform where students study together, find personalized learning material and connect with top companies. FullBrain has unique spaces for each university course of each university out there. In these spaces, students ask, answer and share resources to pass their exams together. Helping the community rewards you on FullBrain. Based on each student's learning impact to their peers and using our novel (magic) Machine Learning algorithms we connect top students with top companies. When using FullBrain, students graduate with their dream job!

Academy - An Executive Community

Academy is a community for executives on the frontlines of corporate enterprise. Together, we form smaller, peer-to-peer groups across the C-suite disciplines. Our goal is to pursue new insights rather than affirm what we already know; to hone skills that lead to innovation; to develop solutions at the forefront of change.


SupplyBase is a platform which streamlines activities related to outsourcing of manufacturing. If you can order your favourite pizza online in 5 minutes - why does it then have to be such a time-consuming and frustrating process to order a piece of lasercut metal or a 3D printed prototype? While the B2C industry is becoming increasingly digitalized, utilizing data to optimize inventory, product flow and customer engagement, the B2B industry is lagging behind. This is especially true within the industrial order-producing companies, where many companies have little online presence, and where 58% of the companies analyses their data to a small degree or not at all. The ambition of SupplyBase is to become a multisided platform, where engineers and hobbyists can identify, trade with, and review the many order-producing suppliers of metal, plastic, and 3D printed parts. This is done by improving the process from identification and request for quotation, to purchase and repurchase in an easy and streamlined online experience. Using this platform, the order producing companies can capture and use their own data, gathered during the quotation/purchase/repurchase process, in an easily understandable manner. How do we achieve this? We start by creating a searchable platform. Then we build the software. SupplyBase is founded by Sebastian Schlicker based on his experiences when dealing with order producing companies within metal and 3D printing, through his work as a Mechanical Development Engineer and Product Manager in the robotics industry in Odense. SEARCHING FOR TECHNICAL CO-FOUNDER – Are you located in Odense and do you strive to help building a SaaS company? Do you feel the urge to be part of an entrepreneurial journey? Write Sebastian Schlicker today!


Getting paid for hard work is an essential element to our livelihood. Yet, at the same time, it is often one of the least digitally advanced and user-friendly experiences we offer to our employees. We are here to change that. We want to make it flexible and easy to get paid and enable everyone to choose for themselves how and when they want it done. Pento's cloud-based payroll automates everything from tax calculations to payments, letting you run payroll for any business in minutes - not days.


At Meneto, our mission is to make accounting simple and less time consuming for businesses. Tasks like bookkeeping, Tax and VAT-reporting are often a pain for smaller companies and take away a lot of their time from focusing on growing their business. We made it to our task to make life easier for them by offering a digital accounting solution. The clients only need to forward or take a picture of their receipt and then Meneto takes care of the rest of the accounting from A-Z.


We believe that we can change the World, by providing kids age 7-11 (Tweens) a fun, safe, creative space where they can learn how to interact online and help develop a lifelong love of learning and give them the tools to unlock their full potential. There is currently no safe digital space for younger kids just learning to navigate social media to express themselves creatively and socially. Grbll is that safe place where kids can share content with their parent- approved family and friends.


SimpleSite guides users step by step to more customers. We are a growing tech company, which founded SimpleSite in 2013 in Copenhagen around the idea of creating value and opportunity for people with no tech skills. We help micro-entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals to quickly kickstart their online activities by providing step-by-step guidance towards success, and the tools, best practices, and guidance that will help them achieve their goals. In our daily work, we focus on building a great product and a thriving company environment for more than 40 talented and enthusiastic people who share a strong company culture and set of values—to support success, value results, take responsibility, and cherish respect.

The Tasty Coconut Company

Tasty Coconut was founded because we want to make eating fruits more colorful and fun. We import exciting and different foods because we want to show consumers that it doesn't have to be boring and monotonous to eat more greens - especially fruits. We focus on ecology, biodynamic production, tree-ripened fruits and freshly harvested vegetables. That is why we work with smaller farms from all over the world, so that we ensure that the road from farm to fork is as short as possible. The majority of our selection will always be organic and we are moving towards becoming 100% organic and biodynamic.


Airplant ApS is an innovative and sustainable company with focus on research and development, creating indoor climate solutions with a holistic “sustainability mindset”. We develop innovative and effective indoor climate solutions, with an onset in nature. Our purification and humidification system Airplant has been tested to be as effective as traditional mechanical systems. The Airplant system supports the natural growth of living plants and boosts the effect so one single plant can work as 10. To treat larger spaces, such as open office areas, simply connect several Airplant systems in a network. Airplant significantly reduce the amount of chemistry in the air and raise the humidity level when needed. Thereby it supports human health and well-being, improving the quality of indoor life. We always consider both the social, environmental and economic sustainability aspects of our solutions and in the way we operate as a company. We work with and use the UN Sustainable Development Goals as guidance for our product and business development. We are “engineers with a purpose”. We love to work with ideas that solve important problems and to bring the products to life, do product development, prototyping and the initial low volume production. Our products involve mechanics, electronics, software (embedded and end-user applications), data management and information system solutions (cloud-based). We already have a strong partner for sales and service that will bring our product to the market in Denmark. In the coming years we will enter the Nordic and European markets. Furthermore, we are met with a growing interest in our product from Asia and the US. We have a PCT patent pending for the Airplant system. We are always interested in exploring new ways to improve indoor climate in cooperation with others. With the Airplant system there is plenty of opportunity to develop interaction with other products, e.g. to support solutions as part of smart buildings and smart cities. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are inspired and see potential in a partnership, investment or you would like to work at Airplant.

Alix & the Pack

Alix & the Pack is more than a dog walking and training company. It is a lifestyle. We have a certain new way of looking at the world that we want to share with your dog. We want to inspire ‘pet owners’ to become ‘pack leaders’. How do we do this? Our philosophy is to build your relationship with your dog by understanding the simple and primitive nature of canine behaviour. Resulting in an effortless partnership based on mutual trust, respect and love. We do this in the order of ‘exercise, discipline, affection’. We foster a harmonious balance of calmness and assertiveness.

One Beat Contracts

One Beat Contracts – Digitale musikkontrakter Iværksætteridéen 'in a nutshell' Musikbranchen lider under, at dens mange nødvendige kontrakter kun udbydes af dyre advokater. Dette problem løses ved en app, der nemt og billigt udarbejder alle tænkelige musikkontrakter. Problem og løsning: Dansk lovgivning forsøger at sikre musikeres indtægtsgrundlag ved at påkræve indgåelse af gyldige kontrakter, når andre anvender deres musik kommercielt. Trods denne beskyttelse gør 9 ud af 10 musikere sig selv en bjørnetjeneste ved at undlade at indgå kontrakter, da de er fanget af deres egen manglende juridiske forståelse og ikke tjener nok til at kunne betale en advokat for at udarbejde kontrakter. Min løsning kombinerer pædagogik og jura og gør musikernes juridiske kviksand til sikkert land for alle musikere. Dyre advokatregninger skal erstattes med en intelligent, sikker, nem og billig app, der automatisk udarbejder de nødvendige kontrakter ved at stille simple spørgsmål, der både er visuelt og sprogligt forståelige, og hvor der kun skal svares A eller B. I dag står valget mellem advokater eller gør-det-selv jura. I stedet tilbydes en brugervenlig kontraktstyring, der sikrer juridisk fairness for alle, og branchens dårligst stillede løftes både rettighedsmæssigt og økonomisk. Historik og status: Jeg er musikjurist af DNA, og jeg brænder for at sikre musikeres rettigheder og deres overlevelse. Det gik op for mig, at jeg stillede de samme spørgsmål om og om igen, hver gang jeg udarbejdede en kontrakt. Derfor besluttede jeg at hjælpe branchens svageste og erstatte dyrt manuelt arbejde med min jura tech løsning. Koncept, kontraktuelt indhold, content, design, og wireframe er færdigudarbejdet, og løsningen skal nu programmeres og beta-testes. Konceptet har opnået støtte fra Innovationsfonden og er nu i gang med at opsøge kompetent arbejdskraft til front-end og back-end programmering af den digitale løsning. Brugere, marked og konkurrence: Produktet henvender sig til personer, hvis arbejde er forbundet med musikrettigheder som musikere, producere, artister, pladeselskaber, forlag, managere med flere. På det danske marked repræsenterer Gramex ca. 75.000 rettighedshavere til indspillet musik (208 mio. kr. omsætning i 2019) og KODA repræsenterer ca. 40.000 rettighedshavere til komponeret musik (1.017 mio. kr. omsætning i 2019). Der leveres livemusik (ca. 35.000 koncerter årligt), musikudgivelser (ca. 30.000 udgivelser årligt) samt anden øvrigt musikudnyttelse. Dette giver en kundebase på 75.000-115.000, med en milliardomsætning og behov for kontrakter ved hvert af deres ca. 65.000 årlige koncerter og udgivelser. Mit netværk, herunder kunder, tæller i dag kendte og ukendte, små som store og fælles for alle, er deres utilstrækkelige juridiske evner og deres overvældende støtte til, at dette er et produkt, som de har brug for, og som de vil benytte. Det unikke ved dette produkt, er den indgående forståelse for musikbranchen og den altafgørende pædagogiske tilgangsmåde, der er nødvendig for at ”dumb down” jura, så brugerne rent faktisk forstår de kontrakter, de indgår. One Beat Contracts består af, Jakob Johansen, 40 år, der som Danmarks eneste både er uddannet Cand.merc.(jur.) fra CBS og Cand.musicae fra Københavns Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium. Jakob har været eneansvarligt for alt juridisk arbejde for DK’s tredje største pladeselskab, Warner Music Denmark, for senere at stifte Musikkens Juridiske Rådgivning, med formålet at hjælpe de mindre spillere i musikbranchen. Han har været professionel musiker i over 30 år og har spillet med alt og alle fra bryllupper til Orange Scene. Han har en faglig baggrund for at forstå musikbranchens forskellige juridiske og økonomiske arbejdsområder, samt et stort personligt netværk inden for musikbranchen og en helt lavpraktisk forståelse for musikbranchens mange forskellige dele.


Responsibly is a sustainability tech start-up with vision of making every purchase in the world responsible 🌍 There's no bigger problem out there than the climate, and procurement represents a big part of the solution - when purchase decisions are made on the background of responsible data like CO2 footprint, suppliers have a huge incentive to change. However, procurement is becoming overloaded with complexity. Different frameworks, different data sources, different coverage, making it difficult to make purchase decisions to improve your responsibility profile and scope 3 emissions. At Responsibly, we're trying to solve this issue by using leading technologies and data science, to build a supplier data platform that makes it easier to source responsibly. We're founded by two serial entrepreneurs with previous successes like Dixa and Ofload, and have received pre-seed funding from some of Europe's top VCs and angels. We're now building a top-tier team to tackle this big thing called climate, and have fun while we're doing it 🤘


Bagabù is eco-fashion brand. We produce backpacks, bags, and other smaller zero waste accessories from Italian factory leftovers. Fashion CAN be responsible and sustainable. That’s why we choose the path of zero-waste upcycling. We create all of our bigger products out of Italian factory leftovers or thrift old garments, and the smaller ones out of our own production leftovers. We do our best to not waste a piece. This way we can chip into the backlog of waste produced by the fashion industry and instead of allowing it to pollute our world, we pull it back to life as something new. Upcycling allows us to create cruelty-free, responsible, and nature-friendly products.