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Komplet Web ApS

Komplet Web ApS er et webbureau med base i Odense SØ som producerer hjemmesider og udfører SEO optimering for små- & mellemstore virksomheder i hele Danmark. Vi tilbyder tekstforfatning til stort set alle brancher, og vores webdesigns bliver udarbejdet med fokus på kundens ønsker til farver, billeder osv. I vores webbureau kigger vi løbende efter nye samarbejdspartnere såvel som muligheden for at ansætte dygtige SEO konsulenter eller lignende.


SwimCam is a Danish hardware startup building a fun and engaging swim practice solution based on our innovative underwater camera. Our ambition is to greatly improve the swimming skills of both competitive swimmers and beginners. We have joined forces with some of the best swimming coaches in Denmark and the Danish Swimming Association and have just been selected to the largest and most ambitious hardware accelerator program in Denmark - Danish Tech Challenge 2020.


Zaltify offers exclusive and luxurious wine glasses and wine accessories to help wine lovers discovering better wine moments and better wine taste. The wine industry is growing exponentially, but the crucial role of the wine glass seems to be overseen. Why buy expensive wine, if you cannot taste all the flavors and aromas? We want to make it easy and simple for wine lovers to discover better wine moments. Our mission is to build a ’universe of better wine moments’, where the passion and enthusiasm for wine, champagne and ’the good life’ can flourish. We already offer the handmade and mouth blown Zalto Denk’Art wine glasses and exclusive French Laguiole knives, wine openers and champagne sabers. Zaltify is already a famous brandname in the wine industry and the synonym of the Zalto Denk’Art products. We want to use this awareness and popularity to become the synonym for the ’good wine experience’. The potential of Zaltify is huge, and our vision is to offer a broader range of wine accessories and tools to all wine lovers, so Zaltify can offer the 'complete wine experience'.

Lifeline Robotics A/S

We use collaborative robots to automate and democratize access to healthcare! The groundbreaking robot, Careebo, has been designed and developed by a team of robotics researchers at the Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) in Odense, a city home to one of the world’s leading robotics clusters. is an online service portal, where customers can create a free non-binding assignments, and the local businesses can bid on the assignment’s. All businesses who register on our online service portal, will pay 10% of the consumer’s maximum budget to gain access to the assignments, and if the local business don’t get the bid by the customer. Then will refund the 10% back to the company, there are no loser’s on our online service portal but only winners. The consumer’s can also book an appointment with the local businesses, they would rather work with, instead of sharing the assignment with other businesses, and the local business have to pay for service agreement fee. The premium account is designed the business owner's, who want to have first/ second/ third priority to the task, and they will pay per update.

Spectro Inlets ApS

Mission: We provide real-time and accurate measurement solutions to optimize environmental and chemical processes to achieve a greener, cleaner world. Vision: Making mass spectrometry accessible to everyone for any test environment. Description: Using our proprietary microchip inlet technology, we are able to bring mass spectrometers out of the laboratory and into the real-world. We already provide benchtop analysis systems for electrochemistry and battery research which we sell to research institutions around the world. We have tested and are currently developing the commercial version of an online industrial sensor version of our system for real-time measurements in biogas production facilities and wastewater treatment plants.

We help window cleaners find local clients in their neighborhood and surrounded areas. Within a relative short timeframe we have established a website with high traffic and demand for window cleaners. We work with a no cure no pay modal, and do not require upfront payments like most other similar services.


Lunsj is superfood for people-obsessed organizations. We help enterprise organizations and distributed teams engage their relational assets at scale using artificial intelligence. Lunsj is an AI powered process automation platform for the future of employee engagement / employee experience and collaboration. Why? - We believe relationships are an organization's most valuable asset. - Our mission is to enable more engaged, collaborative and inclusive work environments. - Our vision is to help build the future of work where people come first. We are based in Oslo, Norway. You can learn more about us at


The online platform Alike helps you to get going with all the things you else wouldn't do, you even get to meet people with common interests who live nearby. Simply pick an activity from the hundreds of activities we find good to do with others, set a given time and place and automatically get matched up with people to play badminton with, play board games, go for a run or something else that you find interesting.


At Regnskabshelten, our mission is to make accounting simple, cheaper and less time consuming for businesses and accountors. Tasks like bookkeeping, Tax and VAT-reporting are often a pain for companies and consume a lot of the time they could spend solely on growing their business. Tasks like gathering all the correct documents are time-consuming for an approved accountant. This is what we are changing. With our assembly line approach, we are able to maximize each individuals time, where it matters the most. We are able to do this, due to our broad network and optimized internal processes. We digitalize our clients receipts, do their annual report, assist them in a broad field of accounting tasks and much more. is an affiliate website that aims to provide the best possible information about all skis from all over the world. We cover everything from ski resorts, ski shops, ski brands, ski travel agencies, and much more. Anyone who wants to go on a ski vacation should be able to find the best possible information on 1 site. We will be in attendance to our visitors and allow them to come up with changes and suggestions for our blog post so we have all the info skiers are looking for. We will be looking for people in the future who can help us beyond the Danish borders.


SuFu is a software solution built by the ClimateCPH Group. ClimateCPH Group is consultancy firm which accounts for companies GHG emissions and provides them with cost-effectiveness solutions for reducing their carbon footprint. SuFu itself is a innovative software solution using an innovative way to reduce, mitigate and offset emissions called INO-Setting. We are always looking for future team members who share our vision.


We back bold entrepreneurs in their earliest stages and help shape the foundation of their aspirations. We classify investments into three categories; BUILD, SCALE, and FOMO. Building cases are companies that are so early that the company might not even be registered with the authorities yet. It’s merely an idea that we need to shape together, right from the beginning. Here we put in lots of hours and enough capital to build a minimum viable product and test the product on the market. If successful, we move to a scale-up phase investing more money and/or raise capital from external investors. SCALE cases are more developed. The first team is there, and they are close to a product-market fit. We help build the foundation with capital, advisory and agreed-upon milestones within, e.g., legal work, growth hacking, or strategy. Finally, yes, we do also invest in FOMO cases with only capital…

Nordic Roasting Co.

Nordic Roasting Co. is a hand-crafted roastery with a strong focus on social-environmental responsible coffee. As first-movers within the Nordics to deliver a zero-waste coffee product, our newly acquired roastery in Amager is equipped with the newest, most modern equipment within the coffee roastery industry.

Winnowave SL

Winnowave is developing wind concentrators - a vertical wall of shipping containers - to install in front of wind turbines to increase the wind speed experienced by the wind turbine and thereby inproving the energy production from the wind turbine. Our first minimum viable product is built from used or scrapped shipping containers installed just in front of a wind turbine on an uni-wind-directional site. Many wind turbines are currently installed on uni-wind-directional sites in for example Spain, Brazil, France or Mexico. CFD calculations and wind measurements have shown an increase in power production from the wind turbine at 30% on a flat site and significantly more when the wind turbine is situated on the top of a hill. When using scrapped containers, the businesscase is extremely good. It is a totally new technology and we have filed 8 patent applications. For a Vestas V-90 wind turbine we designed a container wall from 50 HQ containers with wire supports and earth anchors. It is designed according to the Euro code. Our customers are wind turbine operators and our first customer will most likely be Iberdrola, Enel, Actiona or EDF. They all showed much interest in our product. One founder, Peter Grabau, has optimized wind turbine blades for 30 years and looked for new ways to improve energy production. The other founder, Manuel Alcocer, has sold Vestas wind turbines in Brazil for 4 years and he found all sites to be uni-wind-directional why got the idea.