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Thrift It Up

At our vintage shop, we are solving the problem of diminishing uniqueness and personal style in today's fast fashion culture. Our goal is to provide individuals with a curated collection of high-quality vintage clothing and accessories, offering an alternative to mass-produced, generic fashion items. Furthermore, our vintage shop promotes sustainability and reduces the environmental impact of the fashion industry. By giving pre-loved garments a second life, we extend their lifecycle and reduce the need for new production. This contributes to a more circular economy, minimizes waste, and helps combat the negative effects of overconsumption.


Portchain is a Danish startup founded in 2017 by three McKinsey project managers, who believed that the enormous advances in processing power and algorithms could be used to help carrier and terminal planners find optimal solutions to the toughest problems in the shipping industry. Combining simple and intuitive UX design with advanced mathematics and cutting edge web technologies, Portchain unleashes the power of AI to create a step change in operational performance for shipping companies.  Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, Portchain has a diverse team with many different nationalities and backgrounds. What unites us is a common goal: Building user-centric AI applications that create operational benefits for shipping companies around the world.


Peech er et wellnessbrand med fokus på intim velvære. Vi sælger sexlegetøj i et æstetisk og lærerigt univers, der er vedkommende for alle. Hos Peech danner sundhed og velvære rammerne for vores vision. Vi vil gerne være med til at nuancere opfattelsen og det eksisterende billede af sexlegetøj ved at stille spørgsmål som: hvem sexlegetøj er til, hvordan en vibrator kan bruges, og hvorvidt det er nødvendigt at kønsopdele produkter. Hos os skal det ikke være pinligt eller tabubelagt at købe eller læse om sexlegetøj. Peech er netop til for, at du sikkert og trygt kan udforske din seksualitet og nysgerrigt blive klogere på den og dig.


Mover provide software and logistic solutions for people and companies enabling them to deliver unique experiences and reduce waste - in every sense of the word! We believe that we can make the world slightly better by making logistics smarter. Join the movement and be part of a social and professional community in a technology company that grows fast. Our new headquarter is outstanding and placed at Islands Brygge in the center of Copenhagen and close to the Metro. We are currently more than 50 enthusiasts in Copenhagen and on our way to several new markets in Europe Our colleagues come from different backgrounds, common to all, however, is that they are talented and inspiring. In Mover, we're all part of the success, we're having fun, and we're growing – together!


TAKT is the furniture company rethinking the way to design, build and sell furniture. We believe in bringing high-quality design to more people in revolutionary, sustainable and transparent ways. We create refined Danish furniture for the mutual benefit of people and planet. We’re on a mission and we would like you to join! TAKT is a certified B Corp We think businesses should be a force for good. We think that business can accelerate positive change. Certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of transparency, responsibility, sustainability, and performance – with the aim of generating value for the business as well as the society and environment. To balance profit and purpose.


Nordgreen is a Nordic accesory brand which blends Scandinavian minimalism with fine craftsmanship of a leading Danish designer who has previously worked with Bang & Olufsen and other major design brands. Our mission is to make true Danish designer watches and accessories accessible to everyone, while supporting good causes along the way.


Here is our Journey from Start-up to Scale-Up... We are on a mission to substantially reduce the waste of valuable resources & time within the LifeScience industry. We provide the world's leading & next-generation compliance solution for monitoring and securing the correct storage of sensitive assets (Where we specialize in handling pharmaceuticals, eg. vaccines). We automate and digitalize processes, meaning freedom for employees and control for quality teams. Helping scientific teams to improve outcomes & the teams in quality to focus on actually improving quality. Eupry's IoT temperature monitoring solution was launched in 2016. Today, customers globally and such as Novo Nordisk, Novo Zymes, Astra Zeneca, Carlsberg, Arla, and many names and brands you know of, are using our product and services. We call our services Storage Compliance as a Service as we sell trust and stability with superior products and services for the elite in the industry. We are currently employing +30 people and growing 65% in revenue yearly. We are working on the forefront of Covid19 making the distribution of vaccines compliant. Traditionally this is time-consuming work, however, with Eupry's innovative solutions around 70% of time can be saved. We are in this industry to deploy changes with user-friendly solutions that will have a massive impact on humanity. Eupry will lead the way to change how medicine is distributed which will eventually cause medicine will be available to everyone around the globe. At Eupry you'll join a young and motivated team of talented and startup-experienced individuals with solid backgrounds, humor, and a certain calmness that characterizes the atmosphere at Eupry. Eupry is our trademark derived from the Latin word for a Hawaiian bobtail squid, Euprymna scolopes. It's a colorful little fellow but aside from the colorful exterior, the Hawaiian bobtail squid has a unique way of adapting to its environment because of a decentralized nervous system. We've taken inspiration from this way of transmitting signals around in our IoT sensor system which is truly one of our great advantages.


FrejaTECH (former Salvatio Push) is an IoT based system, comprised of an Emergency Button and App that can potentially save the lives of up to many females and elderly. This is a revolutionary new way to ensure rapid responses to enable women and elderly people to feel safe in vulnerable situations. The emergency alerts can help to save lives by sending timely notifications to family, friends, or medical institutions, which can drastically reduce the waiting time to receive assistance or medical attention. Our founder built this product based on the personal experience of sexual assault and understanding of the product that could save me from the dangerous situations and inform people who care about me where they can find me. We are in an electronics devices branch and creasy about. Our team is a group of creative people who want to make a difference. And We can do it.

The Scriptery ApS

Join The Scriptery Team: Where Language Meets Innovation At The Scriptery ApS, a leading Content Marketing agency based in the heart of Copenhagen, we're more than just a team; we're a community of creative minds, linguistic experts, and innovative thinkers. Specializing in an array of services from translations to academic texts, we pride ourselves on our expertise in Nordic languages, including Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, and a ton of other languages. Here, your linguistic skills are not just utilized; they are celebrated. What makes us different? It's our belief that the success of our agency is deeply intertwined with the satisfaction and growth of our team members. We ensure that every voice is heard, every contribution is valued, and every team member feels a sense of belonging and accomplishment. We're not just offering jobs; we're offering a community that makes a difference. Here at The Scriptery ApS, you'll find: * A vibrant, inclusive, and supportive work environment * Opportunities for professional development and skill enhancement * A chance to work on diverse projects that challenge and excite * A culture where work-life balance is not just a phrase but a practice Are you ready to join a team where your passion for languages and content creation can truly shine? Where each day offer a new opportunity to innovate and impact? If you are driven, creative, and eager to be part of a dynamic team, The Scriptery ApS is your next destination. Dive into the world of The Scriptery ApS – where every project is an adventure, and every team member is a valued part of our story. Apply today and take the first step toward a fulfilling career journey!


Fysiofresh er en dansk velfærdsvirksomhed, der tilbyder fysioterapi i hjemmet. Vi har skabt et effektivt og nærværende sundhedstilbud til ældre personer med nedsat bevægelighed, der ønsker en aktiv hverdag med træning og glæde. Vi tilbyder flere sundhedsydelser i hjemmet, herunder genoptræning, vedligeholdende træning og behandling af smerter. Fokus i forløbene er på selvhjulpenhed i hverdagen, forebyggende træning og generel optimering af livskvalitet. Fysiofresh er et privat sundhedstilbud autoriseret af Styrelsen for Patientsikkerhed. Vores team består af erfarne fysioterapeuter med viden om ældres helbred og klinisk erfaring fra hospitaler, kommuner og klinikker. Konceptet fungerer som en markedsplads, der giver sundhedspersoner adgang til et meningsfuldt arbejde med god tid til den enkelte klient. Vores vision er at give ældre mulighed for at holde sig friske hele livet og at være et positivt bidrag til de udfordringer, som fremtidens sundhedssystem står overfor.

Job Squad

We are a Multi-Lingual recruitment company based in Copenhagen, Denmark and Sliema, Malta. We are specialised in recruiting Scandinavians, Dutch, German and French to various positions around Europe. We're a small crew of experienced recruiters who enjoy adding that extra touch of personality and fun to everything we do, the core mission of the company is to help people get a great job abroad and to feel safe in their transition to a life in a new country and new career.


ShareWine is an open trading platform established to enable wine enthusiasts to trade with each other, giving people access to extraordinary wines that are normally not for sale. And to create a community where we can share experiences and knowledge within the wine universe. We see ourselves as wine enthusiasts and our vision is to create the best possible way for buyers and sellers to connect. Our backgrounds range from the software industry to wine connoisseurs and we strive to combine the two to create a unique and focused platform. We are doing this through a simple site and app, where it is both easy and cost-efficient to trade wine. In our work, we are rapidly expanding our platform with new functionality to support us in reaching our high goals. Applying the best solutions in everything from tech and design to payment methods, integrations to social media, and more. We want to combine the best part of classic auction houses with modern technologies. Beyond being a platform for sharing wine, we also want to build a community. Where people can come together for great experiences around wine, ranging from tastings, lectures, valuations, and exquisite dining where wine and food are perfectly matched.


Twentyfour is a Copenhagen-based digital agency that prides itself on delivering advanced web development solutions. Our team of experts has created exceptional projects for renowned companies such as L'oreal, The Danish Parliament (Folketinget), Glyptoteket, UN, Unity, and various other companies and institutions. At Twentyfour, we believe that our greatest asset is our team. We hire people from diverse backgrounds and with unique skill sets, creating a dynamic and collaborative work environment. Our agency is comprised of around 30 skilled employees, all of whom are dedicated to delivering exceptional results for our clients. We approach every project with creativity, innovation, and attention to detail. Our mission is to help businesses and institutions realize their digital potential, and we achieve this by developing customized solutions that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each of our clients. If you're looking for a position at a digital agency that's committed to delivering exceptional results and has a proven track record of success, look no further than Twentyfour.

Multiscription ApS

Fun and creative experiences are shackled by the way games are currently monetised. This is why we launched Unleashd: an exciting cross-game subscription service tool that offers a fresh approach to discovery and monetization. Game developers can focus on making great games that unlock creativity, expand the mind and boost happiness. Players can focus on enjoying the games and all the benefits. We believe that the world needs creative solutions to overcome the problems we are facing. This requires innovation, creativity and technology. Playing games connects us with our inherent creativity and trains our ability to develop innovative solutions. Unleashd is changing the games industry and invites you to be part of the new era of game monetization to the benefit of players, game companies and the rest of the world. Multiscription is a small Danish/Swedish startup based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and we are behind Unleashd.


Are you a curious and ambitious job seeker on the lookout for an extraordinary opportunity? 🌟 Then look no further 😍 At Ticketbutler, we're not just about helping event organisers achieve success; we're also committed to providing an exceptional workplace that fuels personal growth, fosters innovation, and ensures your career reaches exhilarating heights 🚀 Joining our diverse team means becoming part of a dynamic and forward-thinking group of individuals who are passionate about creating groundbreaking tech products and services specifically for the event industry. We embrace and celebrate the unique strengths and perspectives that people of all genders, ages, and backgrounds bring to the table. Your contributions will truly make a difference and have a profound impact on the events industry as a whole. At Ticketbutler, we value your expertise and encourage a collaborative work environment where your ideas and insights are celebrated, and where everyone feels respected and valued. We believe in nurturing talent, providing ample opportunities for professional development, and supporting your journey to becoming a leader in your field. But it's not all about work—we also know how to have fun! Our vibrant team creates an energetic and inspiring atmosphere where we strongly believe in work-life balance. From cosy Friday bars where we unwind and celebrate our achievements, to fun team-building excursions and events, we ensure that you enjoy your time with us to the fullest 🎉🍻 Trust the numbers; our eNPS score is a whopping 82 🤯 In addition to our exceptional work culture, we offer a range of cutting-edge tech solutions that make us pioneers in the event industry. From our game-changing name badge printing solution to our revolutionary lead retrieval app, you'll have the chance to work on innovative projects that are shaping the future of event management. We firmly believe that the best way to shape the future is by leading through example. That's why we're also passionate about inspiring change and fostering a mindset of environmental stewardship. For instance, through our collaboration with Climaider, a portion of ticket sales are donated to environmental causes, ensuring we make a positive impact on the world 🌍💚 If you're ready to be part of a team that values your skills, encourages your growth, and embraces your passion for technology and green events, then Ticketbutler is the place for you. We're excited to hear from you, whether you're looking for a full-time position or interested in collaborating on a project. Take the first step toward an exhilarating career by reaching out to us today ✉️ Discover more about our team, our projects, and the extraordinary opportunities that await you at Join Ticketbutler and embark on a thrilling journey where your talents are recognised, your ideas are valued, and your career aspirations become a reality. Let's make a difference together 🚀🌱💡