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JOIN US ON OUR AMAZING JOURNEY! We are an enterprise AI scaleup company working towards bridging AI ambitions with real value from implementing AI into the core of our clients’ business. With our mission being – "To close the gap between AI ambitions and real value from AI", we believe that real business value is only achieved once models are in production, delivering insights and value to all corners of the organization. We work with many different Danish and international clients and partners across various industries and sectors. Our headquarter is located in Copenhagen and with an office in Kyiv, Ukraine, counting 60 + employees.

WeCode A/S

Hos WeCode arbejder vi professionelt og dedikeret med alle opgaver uanset om vi skal udvikle unikke løsninger fra bunden, optimere standardløsninger eller lave en simpel fejlsøgning.  Vi udvikler kvalitetsløsninger inden for webshops, websites og specialbyggede platforme, og vi rådgiver om digitale løsninger.   WeCode blev dannet i 2014. Vi er i dag et stærkt team, der består af 10-15 personer. Alle arbejder meget engageret, og vi har lys på kontoret på alle tider af døgnet.


GOODIEBOX is an innovative fast-growing beauty company with offices in Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and Berlin. GOODIEBOX is an online business whose mission is to create relationships between beauty and cosmetics brands and consumers. We give both large international brands and smaller niche brands the opportunity to market their products directly to a specific target group interested in their products. Every month, we send thousands of members a sample of products in a GOODIEBOX, after which members test, evaluate and often repurchase the selected products.


In 2012, Mark Dencker set out to build a hub for companies entering the digital age, transforming their volatile ideas into rock-solid products. Starting in India, Wiredelta set up shop with both a training institute and agency, delivering top-quality web and mobile applications. A year later, Wiredelta registered in Denmark where HQ is situated to this day. So why join us? Well, because you hate corporate boredom and want to join an ambitious company that prioritizes high performance, transparency and good vibes. We give you the freedom to put your ideas into practice and want to support you on the way to greatness! Our clients come to us to transform their ideas into reality and we take this responsibility seriously - but don’t get us wrong, we like to have fun along the way through table tennis tournaments, monthly Friday bars and various social events (bowling, anyone?). We’re looking for employees who can kick ass and bring positive energy, regardless of nationality, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, disabilities or religion.


Rokoko is based in Copenhagen, San Francisco and now Athens. We invented the Smartsuit Pro and our Rokoko Studio software to empower creators and developers by giving them frictionless access to motion capture. Our Copenhagen office is in the heart of the city and houses an international and rapidly growing team. We are a happy and ambitious bunch of creatives, tech nerds, software and hardware engineers, animators, business people, one philosopher, one idealist, thousands of cables and a hula hoop.


Capdesk is a fin-tech startup based in Copenhagen and London. At Capdesk, we want to democratize capital: Let employees co-own their company. Let's have stakeholder capitalism rather than shareholder capitalism. We push this way by removing technical, financial and legal barriers. We innovate and streamline how companies, investors and employees manage and transact equity. We’ve built and commercialized our product - a leading equity management platform. As a work place, we promise a young and vibrant environment with lots of social events.

Find Helpie

Find Helpie is a secure platform and mobile app where Anybody can Register for Free to Post any Task or Work to get done at fair price or Anybody can create Free Profile with their skills and hobby to become a Helpie and create Extra Income. Find Helpie is enabling the community to Connect with three types of Services which consists of General Tasks, Professional Tasks and Quick Tasks.


We are a Copenhagen-based software and data science company, and we work with NLP-powered company and market analytics. We have developed the world’s first dedicated company search engine platform. We collect structured data and combine it with unstructured data. Our disruptive platform is built to deliver next-generation intelligence. As Google is the go-to for internet-information, Firmnav aims to be the go-to for company and market information.

We are a new startup running a network of micro-farms serving nearby cities and neighborhoods across Denmark and Sweden. We fight the environmental damage caused by the food industry by offering "better than organic", high quality food at low prices to neighbors that have the opportunity to be closer to the food that they eat. We use regenerative and permaculture practices to improve nature while producing better, more sustainable food.

Hello Retail

We care about our customers. We are a fully managed solution that will help webshops to grow their sales. We believe in being customer-centric – empowering our customers to more new business, through our technology, data, and service. That’s why we work passionately, open-minded and dedicated – with great colleagues. Our culture is dynamic and agile for development and execution in reaching a clearly defined strategy.


MENUPAY er den førende restaurant-app i Danmark og tilbyder en kombineret betalings-, rabat- og loyalitetsløsning til virksomheder og deres medarbejdere. Vi revolutionerer samarbejdet mellem store virksomheders procurementafdelinger og kvalitetsrestauranter gennem sofistikeret mobilbetaling og loyalitetskoncepter. Samtidig tiltrækker vi flere gæster og tilbyder en stærk markedsføringskanal til vores partnere, der inkluderer alt fra Michelin-hædrede restauranter til de bedste caféer, fremragende bagerier og lækre cocktailbarer.


Subaio was founded at a hackathon in 2016. Prior to the event one of the founders had found an odd payment on his family’s monthly bank statement. What was this? After some research he found that it was a payment for a US online newspaper he had only used once and then forgot all about. This was the beginning of Subaio – the service that gives you control of your subscriptions. The last five years the subscription economy has grown more than 100% a year according to McKinsey. At the same time more people have a hard time cancelling their subscriptions. 42% to be exact according to And there’s no indication that this development is going to stop. 35% thus want their bank to deliver a subscription management system in their online bank according to Cicero Consulting.


We're taking the language industry to the next level, by introducing automation and automated logics, to cut out manual handling costs. Our goal is to set a new standard for price and efficiency while delivering top-grade quality and service. The business platform makes our concept extremely scalable and we're planning international expansion at a rapid pace.


Dianox is a biotechnology company for diagnostics of infectious diseases. We produce diagnostic tests to make a sustainable impact on global health. We are at an early stage, so there is a lot of room to grow. With us you have great opportunity to take ownership, and put your mark on the company. If you are excited about this project's impact potential please apply to one of our openings.

NAUST Robotics

We are developing a completely autonomous drone platform for agricultural use, mainly focusing on bird scaring, surveillance and crop monitoring. With the accompanying mobile application, the farmers can deploy our drone at anytime from anywhere. Bird damage in agriculture has always been a problem around the globe. Whether they eat up seedlings or damage fruits, the plantation owners have monetary loss. Farmers need an easy yet effective solution, but current scaring techniques either require too much effort, not viable for larger plantations, or are simply not effective, as birds get used to it. Another issue is the lack of data. Farmers just apply fertilizers and pesticides in large doses without knowledge of the affected areas. This results in a waste of resources, not to mention the environmental damage. To solve both problems, we are using a specifically designed drone, which is an exceptional scaring device due to its randomized flying pattern. Furthermore, it can collect critical information of the fields which the farmers can access through our application. In addition, we have developed a fully autonomous platform that shelters, recharges, and controls the drone. At NAUST Robotics we believe in implementing drone technology for everyday issues, and thus achieving a more efficient and sustainable world.