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TripDoodler ApS

TripDoodler is developing a “by travelers for traveler’s” online platform to help future travelers in making more sustainable travel choices with a unique travel planning tool that has a build in sustainability algorithm. We all make too few sustainable travel choices today, even with more than 55% of us saying we want to be more sustainable in their future travel. Why? We don’t know how. It’s too complex and perceived to have a higher price tag. Our mission is to make the sustainable travel choice easy for everyone. We are therefore building a platform that enable online travel planners to find, plan, organize, rate and share their travel in a - by travelers for travelers - community. We do this because we love to travel but also are concerned about how we go about it. We view sustainability is broader than climate alone. It also has a social and financial aspect. So, if we only say don’t travel, we lose out on the opportunity to make the traveling that actually does happen more sustainable. If we all today make just one more sustainable choice than we did yesterday, we are off to a good start. With our strong combination of experienced travel industry background and tech knowledge and experience, we are the team that can make this happen.


Global warming is the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced. We know that there is only a certain amount of CO₂ we are allowed to emit into the atmosphere to limit global warming to 1.5 degree. In 2019 we officially surpassed that limit, and we therefore need to not only do everything we can to limit our carbon emissions, but also to remove excess carbon from the atmosphere. With Carbon removal (CO₂ removal) - we have the technology to stop climate change. At Klimate, we work with Carbon Removal. We are Authorized Climeworks Carbon Dioxide Removal Partner, and are working tirelessly to offer a marketplace to companies and individuals with market driven carbon removal supply at market prices. We have a pilot B2C platform live now, and are exploring several growth areas besides our B2B Carbon Removal platform. In this way, we can help individuals and corporates remove past and future CO₂ from the atmosphere. We are currently looking fro an intern to join the team.


Arpedio is a sales-enablement company and full-stack consulting company operating globally in a dynamic, cross-functional and complex sales environment in a variety of industries. We have developed unique Salesforce AppExchange solutions for complex B2B sales and account management that make your company’s best practices available to all customer-facing employees. We specialize in sales excellence and digital transformations, which help our customers transform sales processes and best practices into digitalized, automated processes that increase alignment, transparency and efficiency.

Barona IT

Barona has launched 2020's most cost efficient and full service IT-recruitment partnership in DK providing international IT candidates through search, hire, relocation, housing, and settlement. When recruiting is not enough to solve the talent gap we design elevation programs in order to build new IT competences and secure future growth for our customers. Local talent recruitment and staffing is also part of our core business and close to our hearts, thus we can fill any short or long term position within IT through recruitment marketing, search and headhunting.


Jero offer full service wine investment experience to make investments in fine wine accessible and simple. Jero services include purchase of wines, handling, storage, insurance and reselling of your wine. We specialize in wines from the best areas of the world but specifically Burgundy and Piedmont.


Coachr B2B is a company who has created an intelligent digital platform which helps fitness professionals create diet and workout plans for their clients. This allows them to scale their businesses. But what do we offer in return? Besides a job in an exciting and rapid speed growing company, servicing some of the most compelling profiles in the fitness industry, we offer you a place in a team of passionate and talented co-workers, that always takes honour in helping and learning from each other. We offer you a position in a company where you have the opportunity to add your touch to the company as a unit and influence how Coachr looks in the future.


We work with start-ups, private businesses and government institutions, as a partner, to develop state of the art software at an affordable price. We do this by making Team-As-A-Service solutions, where our individuals expertise are deployed into our partners businesses. By growing healthy businesses for our partners, we grow our business with our costumers.

Crown Tech

Crown Tech is a digital agency that specializes in digital innovation and technological services. Based in Greater Copenhagen, Denmark, we are a progressive team made up of creative, passionate and dedicated tech experts. Our working STACK: - PHP Laravel v4.2 - v6.00 - VueJs and Angular v2-v9, jQuery, LESS, - HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript. - MySQL, PgSQL, MongoDB, SQLServer, NoSQL

We are a new startup running a network of micro-farms serving nearby cities and neighborhoods across Denmark and Sweden. We fight the environmental damage caused by the food industry by offering "better than organic", high quality food at low prices to neighbors that have the opportunity to be closer to the food that they eat. We use regenerative and permaculture practices to improve nature while producing better, more sustainable food.


Kaninbutikken er en ny webshop, som specialiserer sig i tilbehør til kaniner. Vi har et mål om at disrupte markedet for kæledyr – her særligt markedet for tilbehør til kaniner. Vores styrke at et stærkt og gennemsyret brand og brandkultur – desuden at være bekendt med trends inden de overhovedet er blevet en del af det danske marked. Vores værdier lægger sig op af et ønske om at uddele information samt sælge produkter som sikrer danske kaniner et sundt og skønt liv. Men vi har brug for flere på vores stærke team for at indbringe vores mål om at disrupte og udbrede kendskabet til vores webshop og brand. Du kan læse mere på vores hjemmeside


Ginbutler er Konnessørens ginklub. Vi er Danmarks bedste klub for alle dem der vil have de bedste gin og tonics, og som samtidig gerne vil overraskes og ikke gider spilde tiden på at skulle gå i en butik for at få deres gin og tonic fix. Udover at sende en kasse med en hel flaske gin, botnicals, tonics og et ginblad, får vores medlemmer også en smagsprøve mere på en ny gin. På den måde kan man nemlig smage sig frem til det man godt kan lide.

Adni Retail ApS

E-commerce based online grocery store of your neighbourhood. Adni Retail enables the the local grocery shop to expand its reach by selling the inventory online based on a robust delivery system. We are revolutionising the grocery segment allowing the customer to choose more economically irrespective of distance.


Natureventyr kombinerer naturoplevelser med leg, bevægelse og læring. Gennem en app fyldt med stednære eventyr gør vi det nemt for børnefamilier at komme på eventyr i naturen. Uden trætte børneben. Med Natureventyr som guide går I et eventyr et kapitel ad gangen, og undervejs bliver børnene en del af fortællingen gennem spørgsmål og udfordringer. Målet er flere aktive børn i naturen, og vi samarbejder med organisationer, virksomheder og kommuner om at udbyde eventyr rundt omkring i landet..


The general attention span is rapidly declining. Whatever you have to say, you have to make it short, personal and easy digestible for the receiver. Today’s communications teams are focused on finding novel approaches in engaging stakeholders and providing more personalized experiences. In the last years on-line videos have transformed marketing as we know it -and for a good reason, video is a brilliant media to explain complex issues in a short and rewarding fashion. What video is lacking is personalization. Traditional video is a one-way linear experience where the receiver is kept passive. Adding interactivity to video turns it into a two-way engagement giving the receiver the power to choose direction and depth and at the same time captures valuable behavioral data This is why interactive video will be the new frontier in communication


We are a new type, fully digital and engaging travel guide making independent, authentic travel easier and more fun for families. Our first product let's families explore cities in a playful and fun way. We leverage storytelling and actively involve also younger kids. It's a unique way to experience a city at your own speed, gain local insights and both kids and parents learn something about the city.