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Pratum ApS

Pratum - a new automower subscription concept Pratum ApS is a newly established Raas (Robot as a service) business. The company is based on the subscription economy with a focus on giving the customer the hassle-free experience. - We want to make professional lawn mowing accessible to everyone. - We want to offer customers a worry-free way to keep their pastures. - We want customers to have a fixed cost level throughout the period So no unexpected financial surprises, in our "all inclusive full service" concept!

finuprise ApS

finuprise is developing an app that helps people make smart investments into stocks and funds with social and environmental causes 84% of stocks belong to the wealthiest 10%, and women invest 40% less than men on average. How can we make the world better if decisions lie in the financial gatekeepers’ hands? The time to act is now, and finuprise is the tool to make change happen. Money talks, so let's be loud

Guldsmeden hotels

Guldsmeden Hotels is a sustainable hotel chain with 13 locations all around the world. We have always had a preference for local and sustainable products – especially those that we eat and drink. Overall, sustainability for us is the fundamental element of our entire operation, and no decision is made, a production started, or a new process was introduced without the sustainability angle having defined it first. It is our first priority that sets all the goals. We are committed to giving our guests a wonderful stay with as little negative environmental impact as possible while contributing to the common pool of knowledge regarding sustainable practices within daily operations. As a company founded in an entrepreneurial spirit, we are in constant development – but as we have just opened a new hotel, Bryggen Guldsmeden, we are starting over and with the spirit of a start-up, we are looking to get a marketing team together to help not only promoting the newly started Bryggen, but also the rest of our lovely hotels.

Energy Machines

40% of all energy goes into buildings and about 30% of it is wasted every day. We are building hardware/software that enables building owners to take charge of reducing their carbon footprint and save on energy costs. We have offices in Sweden and our HQ is at BLOX in Copenhagen. Join us if you are interested in tackling the greatest challenge in our generation.


Reel is a climate impact start-up aiming to democratize the energy market and accelerate the development of renewable energy on a global level. We see this as a pivotal step towards a zero-carbon economy and avoiding irreversible climate change and damage to life on earth. Currently, Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) - an emerging type of renewable energy contract linked to the development of new renewable energy assets - are only available for the largest 1% of companies. Reel democratizes the renewable energy market by making it possible for groups of SMEs to act as "one synthetic large company" and enter into a PPA. This is done with an aggregational software model, a novel risk management system and a standardized contractual framework. We aim to become a central marketplace for renewable energy procurement – transparently and available for all. It will massively benefit the companies entering the market (SMEs), the renewable energy developers and the green transition that can now be accelerated on market terms.

The Wilde Shop

HISTORY: The idea came a year ago, after a few years of owning & running a successful women's designer vintage clothing store in Copenhagen. Observed how COVID19 affected consumer spending and surge in e-commerce. Inquiries about alternative payment solutions. Consistent increased sales, consumer excitement and interest focused on luxury branded bags. THE BUSINESS IDEA IN A NUTSHELL: Building a community-driven marketplace, facilitating buying and trading exclusive luxury designer bags, thus empowering members within a circular retail model, run by female entrepreneurs. PROBLEM, SOLUTIONS AND VALUE CREATION: People are looking for designer luxury bags, especially in Denmark. The consumer market for luxury bags is a 2.4 USD billion industry worldwide. However, current options for luxury bags can be expensive or “cheap”, low quality unverified or unqualified resellers. Alternatively, they are fakes or non-sustainable high street options. Sustainability awareness is forecast to increase in luxury fashion. Furthermore, there is an increased preference to trusted brands. Through our platform, we give access to luxury! Our goal is to amplify an existing & growing community. Key to success will be inclusivity and access, giving all income group consumers across Denmark a platform to buy, rent, sell and trade their luxury items. Through paid membership tiers, we provide early access to events, sales, discounts and financial incentives. We provide consumers from different income brackets access to luxury items via new financial incentives eg. rental, monthly instalments and exchange initiatives COVID has increased e-commerce spend. It has also decreased small brand sales and increased luxury brand focus. This change in mindset is accelerating the sustainable fashion trends. The market share for vintage and second hand industry has increased exponentially the last few years and expected to overtake consumer spending on new fashion in the next decade. We want to offer an affordable solution - new ways of shopping, giving access to luxury products and building a digital community.

MCon Services

The only thing more important than your time is what you spend it on! Our mission is to allow small and medium-sized business owners to save time and focus on what is truly important: growing their business. Instead of spending their time on day-to-day administration and management work. We do this through digital transformation and process automation. A lot of businesses have amazing potential that is not being utilized because day-to-day operations are taking up most of the time that otherwise could’ve been invested in developing new business ideas and income opportunities. In a large part, the reason for this rising potential is the technological advancement we have seen over the past few years. Although it is creating opportunities, a lot of companies have a hard time adapting their operational and administrative processes to this new way of doing business. As mentioned our whole reason for existence is to help companies go through digital transformation, to set themselves free of their old inefficient processes. We use a combination of different frameworks from the fields of Business Process Management and Software Development to tailor digital processes 100% to our client´s workflows, management and operations. The nature of our work can described as two integrated phases that each brings a unique value to our client. The first phase is all about in-depth analysis of current processes, painpoints, operation dynamics and redesign of these from a digital perspective adding the technological aspects. The second phase is related to developing the actual automation software, scripts, integrations and business logic using the technologies. There is a catch though: in the second phase, the first phase is actually repeated – the closer we work with the technical development the more opportunities arise along the way, which usually allows us to optimize the processes even more than expected. How and why did it start? “The only thing more important than your time is what you spend it on.” I realized this when I was 16, working a boring data entry job. At that time, I had already moved out and really had to learn how to prioritize my time. My main goal and dream was to become a professional basketball player and this repetitive, boring job was just taking away my valuable time, which I could otherwise be spending at the gym. For the first time in my life, I had too many goals but too little time. So I decided to change that. What started as a few formulas and scripts to automate my data entry, quickly turned into an app, which turned into 5 apps, and by the time I was 18 turned into my own company. I realized how small and medium-sized business owners face the same issue I was facing – too many goals, but too little time. And the solution: process automation and digital transformation. 2 years later and counting, I am running a company of process specialists, analysts, consultants, developers, and technical writers to help companies and business owners create more time for what is truly important. The journey has been awesome, but to be honest it is not all about the success. Just like I see companies as a bunch of processes, I also see life as a process – a learning process! Most importantly, this journey has brought me amazing knowledge and experience, which I would never give up for anything, and it shaped into the fearless person I am today. For me, life is about challenging yourself and learning from it – throw yourself into the deep end yet learn to survive! I will say it one more time: "The only thing more important than your time is what you spend it on!" Feel free to connect and get a cool conversation started!


Oamo is a company concept for a blue ocean company - a marketplace based on an old and enormous industry, that has yet stayed unchanged for thousands of years. Please, see the CTO co-founder job opening for further information into the conceptualization of the company as well as further information about the position itself.


mildt er en online genbrugsbutik, der sælger brugt herretøj i høj kvalitet til mænd. Det er samtidig også en blog om bæredygtigt herretøj og bæredygtighed indenfor tøj generelt. Det kan nemlig godt være en jungle at skulle finde bæredygtige tøj, men hele den proces gør mildt meget nemmere og mere overskuelig for dig. Mission med mildt er at få mænd i hele Danmark til at tænke mere bæredygtigt, når de skal købe herretøj. Tøj er en stor miljøsynder og der brug for det der komme fokus på dette.


MIIEGO® - ACTIVE LIFESTYLE AUDIO MIIEGO® is MUSIC ON-THE-GO. We are an innovative Danish brand, specializing in high quality and performance wireless audio products for an active lifestyle. Founded in 2010, on proud Danish acoustic and audio traditions, MIIEGO® has won numerous international product tests and awards for top quality sound, comfort, functionality and product design. All MIIEGO® products are designed to withstand and survive the challenging Scandinavian climate and are built to be used for on-the-go action - indoor and outdoor, anywhere and anytime. READY. SET. MIIEGO.

EventButler ApS

Eventbutler er en platform, hvor privatpersoner og virksomheder gratis og 100% uforpligtende kan indhente tilbud på deres arrangement. Det kan være alt fra en julefrokost, en konference eller et bryllup til en teambuilding-dag eller en fødselsdagsfejring. Man kan indhente sine tilbud ved at søge blandt de forskellige muligheder via platformens søgefunktion, og her selv udvælge de steder, som man ønsker tilbud fra. Alternativt kan man få hjælp af en eventkonsulent i eftersøgningen på den perfekte løsning, ved at anvende tilbudsformularen, hvor vi hjælper med at finde de 3 bedste tilbud.


We're helping people live together Wicomico is an app for coliving. We help neighbors communicate, plan or attend events, share resources, and tap into all the goodies that come with the coliving revolution. Our app is for any community: Student housing in Mumbai, Senior Villages in Florida, Scandinavian hippie utopias, or the urban professional with access to rooms in any European capital. Real Estate is changing. Driven by widely different shifts in demographics, any real estate developer knows that in the future we will live closer together, share more, and organize in new ways where we live. Our app helps coliving tenants and operators with all their day-to-day activities, such as sharing a car, planning communal dining, booking office space or guest apartments, attending yoga classes, subscribing to cleaning services, reporting issues to facility management, and much, much more. The main idea is to get tenants involved so they become better neighbors.

En digital mægler, der ønsker at gøre salg af boliger i Danmark langt nemmere via både langt mere gennemsigtighed, en mere fair pris og med stor fokus på at vores kunder får en tidslinje, hvor de altid kan følge med i hvad der sker hvornår, hvorfor og hvordan. Der vil ikke være mæglere tilknyttet hver by som man normalvis kender det, men "blot" være en mægler tilknyttet hver sag, som står for at guide kunden igennem hele boligsalget.


Voklos cures the world. We provide a proprietary personalized dashboard for Patients, Healthcare Professionals and the Pharmaceutical Industry. We discover new first-in-class and best-in-class active pharmaceutical ingredients and formulations based on real-time data to enable value-based healthcare and next-gen new product planning.

JBG Consulting ApS

We have a vision to redefine business-to-business sales! JBG Consulting was founded in August 2019 with the purpose of helping companies accelerate their client portofolio across Scandinavia. We strive to make the business development function more transparent, personal and efficient. By understanding the importance of synergies and knowledge sharing between our consultant and the company, we will reach new markets, increase turnover and create better and longer lasting relationships with customers.