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Ento Labs

Our mission is to make it easy and cost-effective to monitor and optimize energy consumption of every building on the planet with scalable machine learning systems and help drive decarbonization of the built environment. Building operations cause around 28% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and are still rising due to slow and expensive energy optimization processes. Using data and machine learning we can solve many of the inefficient steps in the process, including robust identification, prioritization, collaboration, verification and monitoring of energy optimization efforts. During the past year, we’ve welcomed many public and commercial building owners and partners to our network. We are now covering more than 5000 buildings and close to 1 TWh of energy consumption. This has already led to large energy and CO2 savings, but we’re just getting started.


We are on a journey to help the global industry to become greener by quantifying emissions and implementing a circular economy. This year we helped document environmental savings equivalent to the electricity consumption of 90.000 households for a year. We expect that this number double next year. We have, over the last three developed a PaaS solution that can help product manufacturers sell greener products at a lower price. Our solutions enable easy quantification of a product's carbon footprint and implement measures to lower it—an essential tool in a transition to a greener world.

StepUp Solutions

We are building wearables based on breathing, a vital parameter that has been much forgotten but contains so much information. StepUp Air significantly improves training efficiency while minimizing the risk of injury. StepUp Health helps patients live a better life. StepUp Horse delivers insights on racehorse health and behavior. We are a team of 20 international people covering a wide range of competencies. offers a unified SaaS platform for social media listening, engaging, publishing, measuring and management. We help our enterprise clients to explore the full potential of social media marketing and instill a social-first thought process in their employees. In January 2019 we joined the Cision family, and together we help brands build better relationships with their customers. has achieved great international traction in the market, with its technology endorsed by partnerships with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram. Our diverse and global client portfolio includes Carlsberg, Tiger, IWC Watches, Coca-Cola and many more. We launched in Copenhagen in 2010 under our CEO Ulrik Bo Larsen. Today we also have offices in New York, Berlin, Budapest, Sofia and Melbourne. With 6 offices across the globe and over 50 nationalities, at we’re a highly diverse team always hunting for passionate and curious people who want to be part of a fast-paced, high-energy environment! has an ethos of encouraging autonomy, ambition, boldness and experimentation. We value open people who take initiative and aren’t afraid to fail, learn from mistakes, adjust, and try to get better at what they do every day. You can meet us anywhere on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Drop by anytime, we’d love to talk!


Sustainia is a global sustainability consulting company, headquartered in Copenhagen. Since 2009, the mission of Sustainia has been to change mindsets and narratives around sustainability through impact communication and fact-based storytelling. As one of our signature projects, Sustainia operates with United Nations Global Compact the world's largest platform for vetted & verified sustainable solutions, the Global Opportunity Explorer. Armed with mindsets, strategies, and solutions, Sustainia advises organisations on how to create enduring sustainability transformations required in order to stay relevant in an ever-changing world.

Players 1st

Players 1st is a Danish Saas sports tech company working in the Customer Experience field. We provide the leading customer experience solution for golf clubs in the world and have now expanded to other sports. We have over 2500 sports clubs spread across the world as our customers. Our goal is to help grow the game of sports, by empowering unions and individual clubs with the data required to make important decisions and we would love you to join us!


GOODIEBOX is an innovative fast-growing beauty company with offices in Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and Berlin. GOODIEBOX is an online business whose mission is to create relationships between beauty and cosmetics brands and consumers. We give both large international brands and smaller niche brands the opportunity to market their products directly to a specific target group interested in their products. Every month, we send thousands of members a sample of products in a GOODIEBOX, after which members test, evaluate and often repurchase the selected products.

Wired Relations

Working at Wired Relations means you’re working on something very exciting: The future of trust in organisations worldwide. Through legaltech we’ve seen a way to impact how organisations improve their trust and accountability so that individuals, customers and partners trust them with their personal data. So, in a nutshell, that’s Wired Relations. Today we are a 40+ team, from over 8 nations, situated in our Copenhagen HQ, Aalborg, London, Reykjavik, Tórshavn, Szczecin and Bucharest offices. Being HQ’d out of Copenhagen means we’re inspired by sensible things like a good work-life balance. If you don’t work in the office with us we’ll help you set up the best remote setup possible.


We’re changing the way the church works. At ChurchDesk we believe the church needs great tools that can help them improve their work and meet people where they are. It’s church management software made beautifully simple. ChurchDesk is a SaaS company established in 2010 working +2,000 churches across Europe. We’re a diverse group of 30 people with 11 different nationalities. We have offices in Copenhagen, London and Berlin.

Cavea is a Danish tech company originally founded to service the growing demands of the esports market. Founded by seasoned entrepreneurs with roots from the entertainment sector and a strong background in Martech/Adtech and SaaS. Our office is located in the very vibrant Coworkingplus in Kochsgade in the city of Odense. We are part of a working environment, that is inspiring, and where projects and ideas can be fulfilled. We provide a fast-growing, fun and professional atmosphere. An environment full of collaboration and sharing of knowledge, which serves as an engine for innovation and development of ideas. This is a place to express and grow yourself professionally in order to advance your career through working with some of the most advanced technology and talented developers in the business of esports and advertisement.


We are funding ecommerce entrepreneurs without taking equity. Ecommerce is booming. However, many players are still faced with two fundamental challenges – Accessing capital and strategically investing into growth. MXNEY uses live data insights to solve these challenges and provide ecommerce businesses with the ability and confidence to spend for growth through financing and dedicated growth support. We are a venture-backed startup that is passionate about helping ecommerce entrepreneurs succeed. You'll be joining a fast-paced and collaborative team environment that is facing many exciting opportunities as we scale our business.


make!mpact is a Nordic Impact Fintech startup with a focus on sustainability and impact investing. Our goal is to generate a positive societal impact by changing people’s financial behaviour.  make!mpact in a nutshell: We are not here to tell you how to live sustainable – nor are we here to tell you what is right or wrong when it comes to investing your money. We know that there are many ways in which you can make the world a better place, but we also know that one of the most effective ways to – collectively – make a difference, is by investing in companies that are helping to generate a positive societal impact. You might already now be thinking that investing is for someone with years of experience and deep industry knowledge – and of course, a lot of money to invest. While this may be true for many of the impact investors out there, it definitely shouldn’t stop you from getting started on your own impact investing journey – no matter your income or knowledge about investing and/or sustainability. Our m!club app matches the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to global listed companies that share the same values as you. Our goal is to enable you to make informed decisions about investments that align with your values represented in the 17 SDGs and thereby get you started investing with a sustainable mindset. The Team: We are currently a team consisting of +30 passionate, innovative and purpose-driven people with +15 nationalities. We are a large group of highly qualified young people (students and newly graduates) with various competencies within Business Development, Data Science, UX & Service Design, Web Development, Graphic Design, Video Editing, Marketing, Communication, and Finance. See organizational diagram here on: Varan Pathmanathan (CEO & Founder) has more than 10 years of experience within the financial sector, where his focus mainly has been on IT, Strategy, Business Development, Sales, Marketing and Fintech. Combining our different educational backgrounds, our unique insights into various industries as well as our strong belief in the core idea of make!mpact, we can take make!mpact from the drawing board and bring it to life – ready to empower YOU to invest in tomorrow’s world. Be the movement make!mpact 🌍

Veo Technologies

Veo is the world’s leading AI powered and affordable football camera solution. We want to enable all teams around the world recording their football matches without the obstacles of finding a cameraman. Democratizing football, by giving access to video analysis, that in the past only were available for the few. The innovative dual-lense camera technology records the entire pitch at all times, with two 4K high resolution sports action lenses. Our intelligent software automatically follows the ball to create a broadcast view, while allowing you the controls with a simple click of you mouse. Our solution is developing better athletes. We know players are visual learners, seeing themselves play rather than being told of their mistakes is more effective and likely to produce results.

Moneyflow Group A/S

At Moneyflow we get people paid. Businesses are constantly challenged in managing cash flow - one key change is getting paid on their invoices. Moneyflow offers smart and integrated financial tools which help businesses get paid the moment they send their invoice. With our head offer in Copenhagen, we are quickly expanding into Scandinavia and the UK.


ComplyTeq is a Trifork Labs venture on a mission to reshape KYC (know-your-customer) processes so you only have to do it once... We operate with customer centricity and user-experience at our core – as KYC is now becoming a license to operate and customer experience a competitive parameter. We now serve multiple customers in Europe and are building our solution to both serve traditional onboarding and KYC needs whilst also building the future KYC and identity wallet. We are industry agnostic as we experience the pull from several industries looking to improve the customer experience when gathering customer information. This includes both private jet operators, luxury hotels, vehicle rental agencies apart from the traditional fintech clients and financial institutions.