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Fysiofresh hjælper personer med nedsat fysisk funktionsevne til en mere selvstændig og meningsfuld hverdag. Dette gør vi ved at tilbyde fysioterapi af høj kvalitet hjemme hos vores klienter. Fordelene ved hjemmebehandling er, at træningen bliver så relevant og optimal som muligt for klienten og dennes hverdag. Derudover sparer klienten tid og besvær med at arrangere transport og møde op på en bestemt lokation. Vi er autoriseret som privat udekørende fysioterapiklinik hos Styrelsen for Patientsikkerhed

Curb Food

Curb is ambitiously creating high quality food experiences fully tailored for home delivery. We offer different high quality food choices - all delivered to your doorstep at the same time. We don't compromise, so you don't have to either. We believe in adaptability, high quality and people. We are constantly staying in motion, adapting to change and that's why our tables have legs. Together we stand in the frontline of changing the restaurant industry with a large passion for food and a twist of tech.


Inspired by art, and more specifically improvised comedy theatre training and techniques, we aim to motivate and stimulate the often suppressed natural skillsets with which human beings are born with: - Creativity and curiosity - Support and respect for oneself and others - Awareness, perception, and focus - Courage and confidence - Trust and openness - Critical thinking and collaboration & Emotional and clear expression. We want to inspire people to develop, and help people reconnect with themselves and others through a fun, open and motivating atmosphere in classes. We foster an environment in which people at any level can move and evolve, both physically and emotionally.

ungmedpenge er et voksende site inden for privatøkonomi og investering. Det er et site, der har et kæmpe potentiale. Fremtiden for ser rigtig lys ud, hvor der kommer til at være fokus på e-bøger, kurser, YouTube, podcast og meget andet. Der er rigtig mange spændende ting forude, der vil tage sitet til et langt højere niveau.


Woomio is on track to becoming the leading 360 tool for agencies and brands by helping marketeers grow with social creators and enabling them to make data driven decisions. Our mission is to help companies obtain high value by connecting them with digital content creators, and providing them with essential data to give them the necessary insights to qualify potential collaborations before and evaluate the outcome and impact after a campaign. We strive to make it easy and transparent for all parties, benefiting everyone involved in the collaboration. To make this possible, we created a software solution for marketers to measure and optimise performance on their campaigns, let them navigate through countless of content creators, and enable them to create market leading evaluation reports, within minutes. We’re a young and fast growing company, with high ambitions and are truly obsessed about our customers and place them in the center of everything we do. We take a modern approach to revenue by combining and aligning sales, marketing and customer success as a single unit instead of individual entities.

Wavy Wonders ApS

We're on a journey to reintroduce sugar kelp as a natural part of nordic food - first by way of a sustainable, nutritious, ready-to-eat snack product. By 2050, the world is required to produce at least 50% more food and do so while achieving 'Net Zero' carbon emission according to the UN. Seaweed has unique properties in that it can be grown on lines of rope in the ocean, with no requirement for artificial inputs (fertiliser, fresh water, light). The output is nutritious seaweed that is stock full of essential vitamins (A, D, E, B1, B2), Iron, Calcium, and Omega-3 fat - usually only found in fish. And there's more - seaweed also sequesters about 5x as much CO2 as land-based plants. In short, seaweed can be part of the solution for some of the world's largest issues. Our dream, is to create local demand, for locally produced seaweed, to support foods of the future and Danish companies.


We want to build the leading and most advanced sports betting exchange for trading Football players in Denmark. This will be a new concept on the Danish market introducing a new way for football fans to bet on the sport they love - to increase the excitement around the games and transfers - and earn money on their passion.

MAAB Probiotics

MAAB is an investment and trading company specialized in incubating and commercializing innovative medical technologies. The company is headquartered in New Zealand with operations in China, UK and Denmark through our trusted partners. MAAB Probiotics® is MAAB’s portfolio for evidence-based probiotic products produced in Denmark with GMP standards. MAAB Group invests in probiotic innovation and is committed to promoting science-backed health products in a global world with local partners.

NBR Solutions ApS

We at NBR Solutions is a modern challenge-solving company. Our slogan - "Modern challenges require NBR Solutions". We are based in IT development and Cyber Security. As of 2021 NBR Solutions will focus mainly on Cyber Security and our new branch Viral Hosting which provides web hosting services for websites.

Oak Digital

Oak Digital er et digitalt kreativt bureau med rødder i indre København, som specialiserer sig i digital kommunikation og forretningsudvikling. Siden vores grundlæggelse i 2019 har vi hjulpet både store og små virksomheder med at realisere deres digitale målsætninger. Vi arbejder med alle afskygninger af digital markedsføring og tilbyder holistiske løsninger, som imødekommer vores kunders ønske om, at samle deres markedsføringsaktiviteter ét sted. Oak Digital er en moderne arbejdsplads med fokus på nytænkning og personlig udvikling. Vores lokaler i hjertet af København er præget af et kreativt arbejdsmiljø, som skaber basis for idégenerering, personlig udvikling og socialt samvær. Vi er en ung dynamisk arbejdsplads, som vægter nytænkning højt. Derfor leder vi hele tiden efter nye måder at gribe vores arbejdsopgaver an, og har en meget open minded tilgang til forandringer i arbejdsstrukturen. Det medvirker til, at vi som organisation er omstillingsparate og praktiserer en arbejdstilgang, som harmonerer med den digitale branche, der hele tiden er i forandring. Personlig udvikling er i højsædet, og derfor har vi implementeret en åben arbejdskultur, hvor medarbejderne frit kan sparre og lade sig inspirere af hinanden. På den måde kan vi også imødekomme hinandens udfordringer og sikre kvaliteten af vores arbejde.

Purple Scout

Purple Scout creates engaging user experiences via augmented and virtual reality, real-time 3D, animation, apps and websites. We love assisting and guiding companies in their journey to digitalisation. In order to help them, we deliver product visualisations, sales and training tools, educational web apps and more to B2C as well as B2B clients.


Every year over 150 million smartphones are replaced across Europe each year. Today over 80% of those devices find their way into our drawers, wasting millions of dollars and tonnes of valuable resources. You may even have a few lying around yourself. We think this is a problem, so we developed a system that simplifies the process of converting your used phones into money for yourself or an impact donation to one of our partners in 3 easy steps. The secondhand smartphone market is expected to explode from €10 Billion today to €45 billion by the mid-2020s. Our mission is to become "what to do with your used smartphone" within the next two years and be the most efficient at capturing the supply of used devices by introducing sustainable incentives that will engage our customers to make an impact, and help us "close the loop".

Nova Experiences

Nova Experiences is a company in the tours and activities sector. We sell and operate private guided sightseeing experiences in Northern Europe. Our specialties are relaxed and personal guided tours. We want to provide our guests with high quality tour experiences that are memorable and hopefully the highligt of their trip


We develop quality software. Web development We have +15 years of experience in operating and developing ecommerce and websites in Europe. The focus is always on the purpose of the site, whether it is lead generation or sales. Technology and design (UX) is our toolbox for creating the most optimal solution that ensures you and your project the best possible ROI. When we develop websites and ecommerce sites, we always recommend that you incorporate KPIs from the start, so that you can subsequently manage and operate the site in relation to your goals. App development App development has been in high demand in recent years. Being able to service its customers or employees via an app can have enormous benefits. Our focus is to develop apps that users feel like using. Therefore, an intuitive user interface in particular is essential to achieve the desired goal with the app. We therefore think enormously visually in the development of apps. Software development We have developed many different software solutions. Some small super simple and others very large and complex. Many of the solutions we develop help our customers to remove / optimize some workflows. No matter what type we develop, profitability is often earned back home within a very short time after it is put into operation. Among other things, we have developed a small application with OCR recognition which helps the customer with their invoice handling. The solution has now been running for over 5 years. Of the more complex, we have developed a complete data warehouse with full analytical insight. A great solution that really gives the customer insight into where the earnings lie. Technologies We work with the technologies and solutions that provide the most value for our customers. It also means that our employees spend a lot of time keeping up to date with the latest new opportunities and technologies. This is our DNA to be able to provide the right solutions to our customers. NORDDOCK NORDDOCK is a newly found Danish company with +15 years of experience in software development. We are a bunch of passionate people who take pride in making an effort and strive for our customers to achieve the desired effect as soon as possible after the solution has been put into operation. It also means that we abide by the agreements we make and put a virtue in delivering on time. We like to be direct and to have clear expectations for / from our customers (but also internally).

Unity Studios

Unity Studios is an experienced software development -and technical consultancy company, specializing in Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, and Augmented Reality. Unity Studios was originally created by the founders of Unity Technologies, the developers of the 3D engine Unity, which is used for developing more than 60% of all VR applications and 90% of all HoloLens applications worldwide. Unity Studios was initiated in 2008 as an independent company and today develops award-winning solutions, creating value globally for both people and organizations by improving decision-making processes, time-to-market solutions, communication, learning, employee satisfaction, and organizational efficiency, while reducing operational costs. Unity Studios is recognized both nationally and globally, within a broad variety of awards in categories such as Learning & Development, Design, Transformation of Products, Optimization of Operations, and Communication.