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Current social media does not connect us in any meaningful ways. The more connected we get online, the more lonely and isolated we become. Millennials is the first generation to have grown up with social media, and we now know that social media addiction leads to lower quality of life. The problem is that social media is primarily built around the needs of advertisers and not that of users. The business model of current social media growth engines is designed around addiction as a profit-maximizing mechanism. The LifeBonder mission is to create a social media platform that lives up to the promise of what social media can be: A tool to facilitate human connections rather than replacing them. We want to make the world a better place by filling a growing need - connecting people in friendships that are human, profound and meaningful. By leveraging AI and ML, we will intelligently match people on profile parameters listed by the user. In a commitment to privacy, we do not track search or platform behavior. Instead, advanced AI algorithms will discover new patterns through ML that link everything from demographic data, lifestyle, interests, likes and dislikes, places and whatever else users might enter into their match profiles. Using machine learning we will train different AI models to learn which combination of parameters best predict a good match using feedback from our users. We will build a social network focused on building in-person social bonds – or Life Bonds - in close one-on-one connections or as part of a wider LifeBonder community of user-initiated groups. We will lead a social media revolution to bring user needs into the core business - and keep advertiser needs at the periphery where they belong. We are spearheading the next generation of social media, which will be: • A genuine human connection tool • Subscription-based • Committed to privacy protection through blockchain • Well-moderated • Chronological to keep posts in order NextGen will be more than sharing content with existing friends and friends of friends. NextGen will be all about new meaningful social relations where people are matched in friendships aimed specifically at exactly what each user is looking for, whether: • Establishing a new network of friends as a city newcomer • A running partner • Travel companions • Someone with whom to share a passion • A friend to join you volunteering • And much, much more Anything is possible. LifeBonder is a place for anyone and everyone to find the friendships they most need in life. NextGen social media must take on the challenges existing platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many others face: • Privacy concerns of users and regulatory agencies • A growing disconnect between social media and real life • Increasing aversion to intrusive advertising and "fake news" • Rising social isolation • A growing lack of meaningful social relations

From the moment we signed our first client in 2011, has been revolutionizing the world of e-commerce personalization across site search, product recommendations, email, social media & ads. We are committed to making every team member succeed and create an environment where everyone can do their best, while having fun.

About Vintage by Skov Andersen

About Vintage is a watch company located in Copenhagen. We strive to combine Scandinavian minimalism with fine craftsmanship. Despite only few years on the market we are experiencing massive national and international growth and has already sold to more than 60 countries worldwide. We operate online but with a supplement of individual and specially selected concept stores around the globe, as well as our flagship store located on Gothersgade in the heart of Copenhagen.  Read more here:


ShareWine is an open trading platform established to enable wine enthusiasts to trade with each other, giving people access to extraordinary wines that are normally not for sale. And to create a community where we can share experiences and knowledge within the wine universe. We see ourselves as wine enthusiasts and our vision is to create the best possible way for buyers and sellers to connect. Our backgrounds range from the software industry to wine connoisseurs and we strive to combine the two to create a unique and focused platform. We are doing this through a simple site and app, where it is both easy and cost-efficient to trade wine. In our work, we are rapidly expanding our platform with new functionality to support us in reaching our high goals. Applying the best solutions in everything from tech and design to payment methods, integrations to social media, and more. We want to combine the best part of classic auction houses with modern technologies. Beyond being a platform for sharing wine, we also want to build a community. Where people can come together for great experiences around wine, ranging from tastings, lectures, valuations, and exquisite dining where wine and food are perfectly matched.


We fund the inventory and marketing for e-commerce businesses. But we don’t ask for equity, interest or security. Our product investment program is created specifically for e-commerce businesses and helps fund the inventory and marketing to scale online businesses rapidly without asking for equity, interest or security. We only invest in online businesses where we truly believe that we will have a significant impact on their future sales and growth. Our focus at MXNEY is to boost online sales growth by providing funds for online businesses buy purchasing existing inventory and thus increasing liquidity to boost the business’ digital advertising to grow online revenue. You can visit our webpage for more information.

Paper Cutter Games

WHO ARE WE? As a studio that embraces diversity, Paper Cutter Games is dedicated to giving voice to people and issues that have historically been crushed or swept under the rug. We believe that our players deserve to feel seen. And this begins with opening doors that help us better understand our peers. One of our primary goals as a studio is to challenge stereotypes and the simplifications saturating the video game market. Our “international and diverse team” is a power-up we’re proud to keep equipped. WHAT ARE WE DOING, YOU ASK? Paper Cutter Games is an indie game development studio dedicated to achieving mass-market appeal through constructing compelling narratives supported by its game mechanics, UX/UI best practices, level design, and art. We thoughtfully and accurately explore complex themes through intensive and continued collaboration with subject matter professionals, and continue the conversation beyond the game by providing interested players with resources to learn more about the subject matter or get involved in related community projects. WHY ARE WE HERE? We solve 2 major problems facing the present video game industry: 1. Gameplay lacks cohesion with the narrative, breaking immersion, creating frustrating experiences, and leading to churn. 2. Complex themes (like mental health) are rarely tackled in an engaging and accurate way; when they are, the conversation ends when the credits roll. We also harness the 3 key factors to growth/success in the games industry (according to the International Game Developers Association): 1. Diversity in game content 2. Advanced game design 3. Innovative storytelling HOW ARE WE TACKLING THIS? Our first game is Project Filter (working title), and centers on the themes of mental health and complex post-traumatic stress disorder (cPTSD), perception, and healing from trauma. Since our main method for exploring this theme is using game mechanics rooted in metacognition, i.e., awareness and understanding of one’s own thought processes, Project Filter is being developed in collaboration with the Danish psychologist house Cektos Center for Metacognitive Therapy. This combination of themes and their in-depth exploration with licensed psychologists has never been done before. Our competition ignores this new and uncharted niche of providing narrative-informed gameplay with deep exploration of any mental health issue. The overarching goal of our startup is to become the proprietary eponym of this niche. Project Filter is the first of a franchise that will speak to our studio’s ethos and throw open the industry’s doors to diverse content and major advancements in narrative game design. Currently, our team is focused on developing our demo and securing additional investments. WHY ARE WE TAKING THIS RISK? Game development is a risky venture, but our team is passionate about art, video games, and pushing the envelope. We imagine a future where the game dev industry doesn't just welcome diversity and the exploration of complex (and sometimes uncomfortable) subject matter, but embraces them. This ideal, and our personal connections to the themes encompassed in Project Filter, drive us to see our studio succeed and become a top studio in Europe.


Welcome to Picadon! We are an early-stage proptech startup with an office located in the heart of Copenhagen. We fight climate change with money everyone has - with rental deposits. We define a new class of do-good financial products that turn hard-earned money into a good cause. We are an awesome and diverse team filled with entrepreneurs and fintech enthusiasts – all with a passion for sustainability and our 2 founders have both founded startups before and advised many along the way!


Every year over 150 million smartphones are replaced across Europe each year. Today over 80% of those devices find their way into our drawers, wasting millions of dollars and tonnes of valuable resources. You may even have a few lying around yourself. We think this is a problem, so we developed a system that simplifies the process of converting your used phones into money for yourself or an impact donation to one of our partners in 3 easy steps. The secondhand smartphone market is expected to explode from €10 Billion today to €45 billion by the mid-2020s. Our mission is to become "what to do with your used smartphone" within the next two years and be the most efficient at capturing the supply of used devices by introducing sustainable incentives that will engage our customers to make an impact, and help us "close the loop".


At GamerzClass we're building a gaming edutainment platform. We work exclusively with the industry's biggest creators to bring innovation and excellence to gaming content. We create high-quality content with top-tier pros across multiple games and genres. We strive to deliver personalized experiences to each of our users so they can become better gamers. What sets GamerzClass apart is the fact that we're gamers too. This makes us able to walk in the shoes of our customers and therefore know how to better offer solutions to problems that many times we have also faced. In many ways, we try to create a community and product that we always wanted to have, but never did.

Mustache ApS

Hos Mustache udvikler vi kun native iOS (Swift) og Android (Kotlin) Apps. Vi går op i høj kvalitet og har brug for passionerede og dygtige specialister til både at videreudvikle samt ny-udvikle apps, for vores kunder og eksisterende samarbejder. Vi har desuden Design & UX in-house, hvorfor mange af vores udviklings-projekter vil være i tæt samarbejde med vores interne UX & Designer.


Nordetect is a biochemical analysis company that develops products to help organizations track and optimize the usage of chemicals in the agricultural and food industries using a Lab-on-a-Chip and Computer vision. Agriculture is a resource-heavy industry that depends on inputs such as seeds, fertilizer, and pesticides that are overused, just to be safe. This has an impact on the economy of the farmer, the quality of soil and water in our environment, and the quality of food that we eat. The industry is rapidly digitizing in an effort to become more sustainable. Our product has been called “The blood test for crops” as it combines a one-time use cartridge that is combined with a portable measuring device. The product allows our clients to rapidly measure the levels of chemicals in soil, water, or plant leaves and make better decisions on how they use these inputs.


Artland is a global online platform dedicated to connecting galleries with collectors worldwide. With the goal of making contemporary art more accessible, we offer a new way to discover, sell and buy art. In creating a unique virtual destination, Artland creates a place for collectors and galleries to meet, whilst unlocking new possibilities for the art world to expand.

Klint Marketing

Klint Marketing is a GROWTH agency. We're aimed at bringing the technical, tools, creative, reporting and next-level marketing techniques to any business. We differ from other agencies because our background is all about scaling. We've worked with bootstrapped startups and large companies alike to bring value. We prioritize what you need and vertically integrate user flows, customer journey, and tools that allow us to measure traffic, conversions, and new deals from the start.

Ocean ApS is the next generation of Account-Based Marketing. We've spent years building completely new technology using big data and AI to help with the growing complexity of the Sales and Marketing world. Our software empowers sales and marketing teams to reach the right audience with the right message. With our account-based everything approach, we're helping companies break down the barriers between sales and marketing and enabling them to focus on the bottom line, instead of wasting resources on manual processes. Join us!


Råhandel is an online marketplace for selling and buying food products for small food producers to restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and other food businesses, thereby making it easier to both sell and source local and innovative products. Our vision is to create a more transparent, sustainable and resilient food system with better conditions for small food producers. We take pride in our company culture, where positivity, honesty, openness and transparency is the norm and not just something we strive for. We’re a tight, diverse team, who stick together through the ups and downs of startup life. Our office is often filled with laughter and smiles, and when the inevitable happens and something goes wrong, we find solutions and set up precautions together. We’re hardworking, but respect weekends and evenings, because we know this is key to staying effective and loving our jobs. Part of what drives the company is creating better conditions for small producers, and we strive to walk the talk and start by creating good conditions for our own employees. New employees are always surprised by the trust, involvement and honesty they’re met with. Within reach you’ll always find a smile, a listening ear and some delicious food from one of our producers.