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Mindpool is a technology company on a mission to be the global leader in the world’s transition to a hyper-connected future of combined human intelligence and computers for efficient, inclusive, and smarter decision-making. The company is rooted in years of deep science and cutting-edge research in the field of collective intelligence. Collective intelligence is a shared group intelligence that emerges from the integration of crowds and computers so that they collectively act more intelligent than any person, group, or computer on their own. The combination of human minds and technology makes collective intelligence much more applicable for solving complex decision problems in a fast-moving business environment. Mindpool is at the forefront of developing collective intelligence software and enabling a hyperconnected future of more proactive, inclusive, and smart decision-making. We aim to assist organizations in achieving a better competitive advantage through harnessing the tacit knowledge of the company’s stakeholders which today is considered an untapped strategic resource and which represents 90% of knowledge in organisations. The Mindpool platform builds on decades of research at the intersection of collective intelligence, tacit knowledge, quantitative models, and data analysis. To learn more, check out our explainer video:

Make It Good Again

Make It Good Again aims to break with the throw-away mentality, by making it easier and cheaper to get your broken items repaired. This is done through our website, with 3 easy steps: 1. The customer describes what is broken and put it up for the repairmen to give their bid on how much they can repair it for. 2. The repairmen participate in a reversed auction, to give the lowest bid on the repair. 3. The customer chooses their preferred offer. It doesn't have to be the cheapest. It can also be the most convenient, with the highest ratings or whatever other parameter is most important for the customer. Make It Good Agains team consists of the two co-founders Jacob & Sara. We met each other during our studies, where we started developing the concept. It quickly became a common passion of ours, and it was only natural to keep at it after our study ended. Now we are almost two years in and still going strong! We are passionate about our company and work hard to reach our potential.


Vi er en virksomhed i rivende udvikling. Vores behandler og indehaver i klinikken hedder Josefine Bogs. Josefine er uddannet sygeplejerske og senere jordmoder, og har gennem sine erfaringer fra hospital og fødegang en stor anatomisk viden, en dyb forståelse for kroppen og ikke mindst for klienternes individuelle ønsker og behov. Josefine blev i november 2018 den første og – indtil videre – eneste certificerede Ultraformer III behandler i Danmark. Josefines æstetiske sans kommer til udtryk i hendes behandlingsform, hvor hun altid stiler efter et markant men stadig naturligt resultat.


Prezentor is the Sales Enablement platform for strategic growth in sales. Prezentor improve sales rep performance, enrich CRM with consistent and high quality data and provide marketing with invaluable customer insights from every single customer meeting. We are a team of 15 awesome colleagues based in Copenhagen, Denmark and Vinnytsia, Ukraine. We have a big passion for sales and marketing and together we are on a mission to change the way B2B sales is done, make CRM entry automatic (yay!) and sales presentations intelligent (say no to static Power Points!). Companies like Tryg, CircleK, SaxoBank, Widex and many more already use our platform to make sure their sales operations are ahead of the game! What are some of the problems that we solve? 1. Prezentor help align company brand and message across sales reps, teams and departments 2. Automatic data collection from every customer meeting (automatically collecting and creating customer data and history in CRM) - currently a blind spot for 95% of all companies! 3. Tracking and actionable insights from emailed sales material - helping sales reps to qualify their leads and close deals faster! 4. Providing data and insights to marketing about what and how sales content is being used, by which reps, with what type of customers - helping marketing to optimise content based on data of what works vs. doesn't work! 5. Sales reps save time with all sales content in one place, always updated, available online and offline - never waste time searching folders, emails or the intranet again! 6. Interactive sales presentations, ROI and cost calculators, video and links/hotspots - make sales content come to life and use interactive elements to effectively uncover customer needs and sell based on value! 7. Data and actionable insights about sales reps behaviour before, during and after sales meetings for better coaching and faster on-boarding of new sales reps! Want to be part of a journey and responsibility from day one? Join us!


NOVEL TECHNOLOGY to enhance DIETARY SOLUTIONS for people with DYSPHAGIA. PROBLEM: There are an estimated 45 million people across Europe and 16 million across the USA who struggle to chew and swallow with normal function (dysphagia). Eating and drinking to obtain adequate energy, nutrition and hydration is a daily challenge. Food items are broken down (blending and diluting) and then thickened to alter the consistency for safe ingestion to avoid/minimise choking, drooling, coughing, asphyxiation pneumonia and even mortality. Current methods results in vegetables and proteins (meat/fish) comprising a 'meal' with low taste and visual appeal (more like baby food) and diluted nutritional values with issues around medicine bioavailability, consistency instability and dehydration. Dysphagia is said to affect up to 27% elderly people living in the community, up to 70% of those living in care homes and around 30% across the hospital setting - yet there are limited opportunities to obtain/prepare suitable, appealing food/drink options and so for many, simply not eating is the next best alternative. SoftBite is developing a technology that should improve the sensory, digestibility,nutritional and stability quality of soft textured food for people with dysphagia and interrelated conditions such as sarcopenia, frailty and malnutrition in recognition that food and nutrition are key pillars to health, wellness and recovery. A collaborative project across healthcare, academia, food science and industry, we have the potential to develop solutions beneficial for both the European and US markets where research and development transformed into relevant and needs-filled commercial products, is lacking . Our aim is to advance targeted, consumer-centric development using innovative technologies, building on current and new research to produce SoftBite solutions that aid prevention, independence and quality of life for those who are otherwise food insecure. Nutritious food is a fundamental need. Without it, we experience far reaching economic, psychological and physiological consequences such as malnutrition in all its forms (undernutrition, micronutrient deficiency and overweight and obesity). Food systems are a key driver of malnutrition - it is well recognised that these systems need to be transformed to address etiological factors accelerating the demand for more specific food and nutrition to maintain, prevent, treat and positively influence quality of life for so many people with varying food and nutrition needs.

LYS Technologies - Live Healthier with Light

Hi, we're LYS. We’re not here to build smarter lighting products, but to enable a smarter and healthier living with light. We look beyond the lifespan of a light bulb, the aesthetics of a lamp and the technology of smart lighting systems. Instead, we focus on what should always come first — people and supporting their healthy livelihood. Just as air, food, and water, light is a natural and vital source to health. To most people, the absorption of light is an unconscious choice in life. It’s everywhere, always. But not necessarily in a healthy way. We can choose to eat better, drink less, run more… but what about the things we don’t see, but subconsciously feel? The things that can truly energise our day and make us happier and healthier. We are here to improve people’s health by enabling personal light adjusted to their inner rhythms and daily routines. Light can only be truly healthy, if it’s powered by people and the lives they live every day. So, whenever you are ready to feel the difference, we are here help you live a healthier life with light.

Female Invest

Female Invest is an impact start-up aspiring to eliminate financial inequality between the genders. We do this by collaborating with companies and financial institutions across countries and by educating women on investing and personal finances. We are Scandinavia's largest investment society for women currently present in Denmark and Norway.

OliOli Meditation app

OliOli Meditation is bringing guided meditation to everyone, everyday. In just one beautifully intuitively designed app, users will have acces to hundreds of audio files with guided meditations, recorded by some of the best meditation teachers, from around the world. The app even includes OliOli Junior, where all meditations are made especially for kids. The app was first launched in Danish, and since July 2019, it has been available in English as well. OliOli's vision is to grow bigger, and to present meditations in even more languages, and to help people all over the world experience the benefits of meditation, and help them find a peaceful mental clarity and to be happier.

Npvision Group

Hos Npvision Group har vi specialiseret os i køb og salg af brugt IT udstyr. Fremgangsmåden er følgende: » IT udstyret bliver afhentet af uddannet personale i sikre lastbiler. » Udpakning og optælling af jeres IT udstyr » Datasletning efter tidens højeste standarder » Til sidst afregner vi for det brugte IT udstyr


Dojo is on a mission to map all digital talents with various skills to match the right people with the right tasks. It is our goal of giving passionate talents the opportunity to learn and develop their skills through the platform. In addition, SMEs must have the opportunity to enter the age digitalisation without blowing up their budget. We achieve this by having a strict focus on the automatisation of the platform and an in-depth selection of the talents we use. Dojo is a community of digital talents, all gathered on a platform, to solve SMEs digital hassles. Through Dojo, companies get access to Denmarks finest digital talents. The company describes its task on the platform, we ensure the right talent is selected and before the company receives the final product the quality is assured by the platform. So in short, Dojos purpose is essentially to be the engine for SME’s and talents future progress in the digitalisation age.


LABWORK is a SaaS company founded in 2017 with the purpose of optimizing the way dentists and dental labs communicate. Our platform connects dentist and dental labs and takes ordering dental lab work from carbon copy paper into the digital age. With an innovative and simple approach we have integrated the entire workflow from order to delivery into a single online solution and made communication with patient sensitive information safe. We have 100+ dental clinics subscribed and 30+ dental labs in Denmark alone. Currently we're looking for a co-founder with it skills to help develop the platform further and expand to other countries.


With Fairhomes you get a cash offer on your home & you can sell instantly. Fairhomes is reinventing the process of selling real estate in Copenhagen & Berlin by leveraging technology and data. Our mission is to change the complete experience of being a homeowner, rebuilding the processes of home transactions. 🚀


Wildfires are an increasing problem all over the world. They are cause of a great environmental impact, destroying wildlife and flora. Up to 315,5 billion Euros are at risk every year, spent on firefighting operations to combat this issue and in damages. Current wildfire data gathering is time consuming and provides inaccurate data. Moreover, reconnaissance operations from helicopters and planes are very dangerous, and stands for 24% of deaths in wildfire operations. We have developed an autonomous wildfire recognition and analytics drone. This will provide the user with an out-of-box method for fast and accurate data gathering and monitoring of the wildfire. The user will utilize a tablet to mark an area for the drone to search in, and will receive real-time feedback regarding the location, size, intensity and direction if detecting a wildfire. The strength of this product is the fact of it being an autonomous system, which will eliminate the need for an operator and reduce the time-consuming aspect of current methods, while improving the accuracy of the data. This product was developed as part of a yearlong bachelor thesis, meaning that a proof of concept together with a prototype has been developed, in collaboration with the Danish Emergency and Management Agency. This thesis was so well received that we published two scientific articles on our work. A pilot project is established with Nordjyllands Beredskab, Alingsås and Vårgårda Fire and Rescue, which will also mark the launch of our product.


LifeSky is a start-up software company founded in 2018 in Denmark. We develop and run the app “BodySky” with focus on Personal Training. We are a small company with a great working atmosphere, and room for personal development for each employee. Today, LifeSky has launched the app BodySky in Denmark, and we are working on expansions outside Denmark. BodySky is present in App store and in Google Play. We also own the website Our mission is to create the preferred platform to search and book personal trainers - anywhere

NucliRay Defence

NucliRay Defence’s invention enables humans to protect themselves against any radiation type. The RayShield Series ® has revolutionized the field of radiation protection. As the first and only product in the world capable of protecting all the vital organs against high energy radiation, the RayShield vest will be able to ensure supporting life-saving protection against all kinds of radiation. The RayShield Series ® is designed to help and protect Health Care, Emergency- and Military personnel from damaging radiation exposure.