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We are a small startup company situated in Aalborg, Denmark. We work with helping international students and workers alike, integrate and find suitable living conditions and jobs within Denmark. Our vision is to help grow the diversity and acceptance within the danish bussiness and job market and provide relevant insights to those who wish to make a life for themselves within the country.


Vi laver relevant kommunikation til mennesker med afsæt i data. Relevans finder man i krydsfeltet mellem kreativitet og strategi. Derfor tænker vores kreative strategisk og vores specialister kreativt. Resultatet er en e-mailkanal, der både er hurtig, billig og rentabel - og formidabel til at opbygge relationer mellem dig og din modtager. Vores store erfaring med e-mailmarketing betyder ikke, at vi ved, hvad der virker hver gang. Men at vi ved, hvordan vi finder ud af hvad der virker. Vi arbejder med e-mailmarketing ud fra et gennemtestet framework, som vi ikke er bange for at justere på i takt med, at dine data gør os klogere. Og det er netop dét, der er nøglen til effektiv e-mailmarketing.


DreamPlan er en fintech start-up beliggende på Christianshavn. Vi ønsker at hjælpe danskerne med at planlægge deres økonomi, så de kan få råd til at udleve deres drømme - mange har nemlig flere penge end de lige tror. Vores løsning fortæller bankkunden, hvordan deres økonomiske situation er lige nu baseret på deres faktuelle økonomiske virkelighed - og hvordan deres ønsker og drømme kan opnåes nu og i fremtiden.

IN2 Sustainability

IN2 Sustainability is developing a process to help SMEs in Denmark transform into sustainable companies. Small steps can lead to big impacts, and it is our responsibility to act now. Climate change as well as other global challenges force us to redefine the way we do business and become more efficient. We offer help, knowledge, and expertise to guide companies on this journey of sustainable transformation. Therefore, both the inspiration day and the sprint months focus on strengthening the core business by thinking sustainably. We focus on mutual value creation to have a positive impact on the triple bottom line of economic, social and environmental factors. It is our goal to ensure future generations can have their needs met as well.

Give Service

Give Service er et rengøringsfirma, der kan sikre dig et rent og harmonisk arbejdsmiljø, tilfredshed og samt ikke koste dig en formue. Du kan du trygt overlade opgaven til os. Det er vores vision at blive mellemstore, så er vi i stand at tilbyde fornuftige priser som er fri fra belastning af unødvendig administrativ del.

HBS Economics

Vi er en ambitiøs startup, som har en vision om hjælpe jobsøgende med at træffe bedre karrierevalg. Vi skal over de næste år udvikle en datadreven job- og karrierevejviser til jobsøgende. Vi søger en dygtig frontend-udvikler, som skal stå for at udvikle brugerfladen til vores produkt. Du vil blive en del af vores udviklingsteam, som består dygtige folk med kompetencer inden for bl.a. machine learning modeller, NLP og databaser. Vi udspringer af en veldreven konsulentvirksomhed (HBS Economics), og vi har derfor styr på finansieringen og de fysiske rammer.

Plussmarte Danmark ApS

We are helping buildings and organizations to increase their air quality while saving energy . We develop plug and play actuators, air quality sensor technologies and software solutions. We provide 360° Energy Management Solution with using own hardware solutions and sensor technologies, measure real time data and combining with thermodynamic analysis by our software platform.


SundhedsTV er et digitalt og videobaseret samlingssted for sundhedsinformation. SundhedsTV er skabt som en reaktion på den stigende forvirring blandt danskerne omkring, hvad der er sundt og usundt – en forvirring, der bl.a. kommer af det (mis)informationsoverload, der findes på nettet samt det paradoks, at rigtig meget sundhedsinformation er tekstbåret, mens over en halv million danskere har svært ved at læse og forstå en simpel tekst. Derfor er der brug for overskuelig og korrekt viden om sundhed og sygdom til alle. Både for at give tryghed til den enkelte og for at understøtte sundhedsvæsenet, hvor der er travlt og behov for at kunne fokusere på det vigtigste. Men også, fordi den øgede mængde sundhedsinformation har gjort det sværere at gennemskue, hvad der er myter eller halve sandheder – og hvad der faktisk er korrekt og videnskabeligt bevist. SundhedsTV tilbyder troværdig og relatérbar viden om de mest udbredte emner inden for sundhed. Fra myter om lus til diagnosticering af kroniske sygdomme. Vi formidler i korte video-formater, som gør emnet letforståeligt, og vi gør en dyd ud af at give seeren håb og mulighed for at handle – hvad enten det handler om gode råd til, hvordan du giver dit lille barn medicin eller gerne vil høre andre fortælle, hvordan det er at leve med en kronisk og måske alvorlig diagnose. SundhedsTV er en online tv-kanal på eget website, men de fleste danskere vil møde os dér, hvor de er i forvejen. Alt indhold bliver distribueret på tværs af de største sociale kanaler og maksimalt Google-optimeret. SundhedsTV-platformen er sponsorfinansieret og det sponserede indhold lever dermed også på sponsorernes egne kanaler og kan bruges som en vigtig del af et content marketing spor. 


EyeJustRead is an application that uses eyetracking to improve the reading skills of challenged readers. EyeJustRead has been developed in close collaboration with practitioners, students and universities to successfully bridge the gap between research and classrooms. The award winning solution is available for schools who seek to improve their efforts within reading.


PowerPersons is a new platform offering house and garden services provided by professional and top rated service providers. PowerPersons is a sister brand to ‘Dansk Hus & Have Service’ which is already a successful company in the house and garden service industry. ‘Dansk Hus & Have Service’ professional approach to deliver services to their customers all over Denmark have already made them a very popular provider of house and garden services in Denmark. However, handling smaller and more autonomous request can be very time consuming - especially in the cases where there's a lot of information, pricing and questions between the customer and one of the 700 independent service-providers. This is where PowerPersons comes to the rescue with our upcoming multiplatform application, particularly suitable for smaller house and garden services which will make sure all questions are handled automatically in the booking process to give the customers a smooth, convenient booking process with no unpleasant surprises and unexpected charges. The platform is going to make it even more convenient for customers to search, calculate prices and book home and garden services online with no hassle! We are planning to launch the PowerPersons platform in Denmark this year and we expect to be rapidly expanding to other Scandinavian countries and specific German cities next year.


At HUNTERS' POINT we're working hard to become the leading e-commerce within the hunting and outdoor industry throughout Europe. Our vision is to make the lives of our customers better by empowering them to use our wonderful nature. Our mission and vision is only achievable by having and developing talented employees, which we're striving to do every single day.


We make films that are focused on and centered around humans for companies and organisations. Together with our customers we create video-content that delivers on value and aspires engagement on social platforms. In Raketfilm, we are a team of two visual anthropologists, who tell stories that are not only visually compelling, but which connects content-creation with customer insights, thus making a targeted product for our customers. Meet Jens and Christian, two visual anthropologists, friends and colleagues. Jens is the artistic and creative one, while Christian is the organized and communicative one. Besides creating appealing and beautiful films, they enjoy (perhaps enjoy too much) craft beer in all shapes and sizes. Jens even brews his own beer! Going to work should be fun and while saying "do what you love" is beating a dead horse, it does ring true in Raketfilm. If you don't do what you love, then what are you doing?


FestivAll is the mobile app for Android and iOS - that hosts the most complete, always up-to-date database of music festivals worldwide!Our platform is for:- festival goers, who will have all the relevant information of about +3000 festivals in one place;- organisers, who can sell tickets and engage with users;- sponsors, who are able to evaluate and monetize their products through collaboration;We are determined to become the super app for the music festival industry. Our team consists of very passionate and experienced programmers, marketers and business developers who work together to give you the best possible festival experience.  We are based in Copenhagen and Lisbon.If you want to join our team and work in the constantly growing industry of music festivals - check out our job openings.


SPORTSWAY er en nyere dansk e-handelsside indenfor sportsudstyr, som allerede er i en rivende vækst. Med et større fokus på onsite service og brugervenlighed end set før, giver det kunden en endnu bedre og ikke mindst hurtigere købsoplevelse, mens SPORTSWAY, som virksomhed, kan bruge tid på at skabe endnu mere værdi for kunderne. I pipelinen for fremtiden er flere spændende services og koncepter, som vil skabe en helt ny og revolutionerende e-handelsplatform på SPORTSWAY.