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We are reducing errors and delays for fashion companies and their factories through a web-app that's using visual communication enabling marking and commenting on the product images. We collect a company's product details and allows it to be shared with their supplier to keep all communication, quotes, orders updated in one place.  We are saving the companies a lot of time and resources - and we are all together in creating a paperless design industry

Blue Ocean Robotics

Blue Ocean Robotics is a highly specialized company focused on developing new generations of robots for the global market. The development takes place in cooperation with strategic partners, which typically are large global companies with a strong market position. While we take the lead on the robot technology and joint design and development, the RoBi-X partner takes the lead on the global sale, service, and production. The corporations are based on a unique partnership model (RoBi-X). Blue Ocean Robotics is a highly specialized company focused on developing new generations of robots for the global market. The development takes place in cooperation with strategic partners, which typically are large global companies with a strong market position. While Blue Ocean Robotics takes the lead on the robot technology and joint design and development, the RoBi-X partner takes the lead on the global sale, service, and production. The development of new solutions is based on a number of integrated technology platforms (TP-X) that ensure synergy across Blue Ocean Robotics' different partnerships. The corporations are based on a unique partnership model (RoBi-X). Read more on


Cortrium is a Danish medical technology company founded in Copenhagen in 2014. Cortrium develops state-of-the-art, medically approved, ambulant long-term ECG monitors. The company offers innovative and user-friendly solutions that are compatible with both stand-alone and cloud-based analysis software. “At Cortrium, we believe that the C3+ Holter Monitor will significantly advance the digitization of healthcare in Europe and simplify daily practice. With our profound medical expertise and technical knowledge, we developed a product that fit today’s healthcare market and will shape tomorrow’s healthcare market – for the benefit of physicians and patients alike”.


At INEXSO we build infrastructure for intelligent exchange solutions to eg.- Airbnb Hosts- Car Rental Industry- Automotive Industry- Transport Industry- Holiday Rental Industry- Pharmaceutical Industry- Public and Private Sector

Jonathan Løw - Listen Louder

Founded by serial entrepreneur Jonathan Løw. Jonathan Løw works with startups and growth companies and supports their business development, scaling, investments, PR etc. Jonathan Løw's current clients include companies such as lix, GoMore, and others.Jonathan Løw has written a number of books about startups and growth companies including Listen Louder, GURUBOGEN, Disruptionbogen and The GuruBook. He has worked as Head of Marketing at Accelerace and The KaosPilots. Jonathan Løw - Danish serial entrepreneur and key note speaker Jonathan Løw is one of Denmark’s most well-known entrepreneurs and business authors. He has been nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year and is amongst Denmark’s 100 most promising leaders according to a major Danish business newspaper. In addition to being a serial entrepreneur, Løw is the former Head of Marketing at the KaosPilots – named Top 10 most innovative business schools in the world by FastCompany. He is also former Startup-Advisor and Investor at Accelerace – the leading investment fund for startups in Denmark. His latest books, Listen Louder and The Disruption Book, both made it to the top of the bestseller-lists in 2015 in the category “Business and Entrepreneurship”. Finally Jonathan Løw is the editor of The GuruBook – to be published in March of 2018 by Taylor & Francis.

North Consulting

We are an elite unit of consultants from across the Nordics who believe we can create a better consulting experience for our customers. We are who you engage when you want to take commercial and digital execution to the next level. We move mast, with specialised resources and technology. Our customers are both corporates and startups with the highest ambition in their respective industries.


Accrease is an international consultancy that helps companies use data to answer high value questions that drive improved customer experience, revenue and profitability. We are passionate digital marketers that help customers create data driven organizations. We believe in data as the enabler to unlock great value – which we can help you strategize around and most importantly realize.


CORTIME is a Danish software company founded in 2013 based on an idea originating from a Ph.D. project at Aalborg University. Our company aims at simplifying & reducing the time and complexity of the CAD/CAE process. We believe that working with CAD software is still too time consuming & often leaves the users in despair. Our main goal is to become a leading provider of 3D CAD optimization control software for engineers within 7-8 years.

Bendani Software

Bendani Software is a 100% Danish owned software company founded in 2014. We specialize in developing high-availability enterprise software for IT Professionals in the data management and data surveillance categories.  At Bendani Software, we will create happy employees and customers, and continue to develop, sell and support user-fliendly and powerful enterprise software that will help customers every day. The company's vision is to be among the market leaders in enterprise, data security software and backup solutions.


More business, less banking.Hufsy enables small businesses to do their day-to-day banking and financials in a simple and understandable way. Our solution is tailored to businesses' needs and offers a frictionless and time-saving way to do all the business financials in one place. This is possible because Hufsy integrates with other systems and tools that the businesses use such as accounting, salary, expense and invoice systems and non-financial tools such as Slack and Dropbox. Human-centricityWe believe in involving our users and stakeholders in everything we do. We take our outset in the human and go from there. We use an approach called design thinking to understand the persons we're designing for before we start developing, and we always test it with them along the way.Quality and simplicityEverything we make is made with a Scandinavian mindset, focusing on quality and simplicity. We always try to cut away unnecessary steps, while reaching the highest possible quality of our service on any device.It's all about trustWe are a fintech company, and we handle other people's money. This is a huge responsibility. Therefore, it's crucial that we craft exceptional solutions that are always at the highest standard, especially when it comes to the latest regulatory requirements. To ensure this, we collaborate closely with the Danish FSA (Finanstilsynet) to comply with EU regulations.Have fun!Last, but not least, we believe in having fun! We do what we love, our work is our hobby and vice versa. It's important you share the same passion and want to have fun with us.

Power Soup ApS

We are developing the food of the future. We want to make food based on microalgae. We are now launching Onemeal and we need help to tell our story and to grow. Because of the earth's population growth we have thought of a new way to feed and nourish people. Onemeal is a tasteful instant in-between meal containing microalgae developed by our Michelin chefs. Onemeal is rich in proteins and plant oils and it is an easy way to eat healthy! On the go or as a snack when staying late at work! We believe microalgae are good for you – but also for the world.  For every Onemeal you buy we donate a meal to a person in need. We believe that your everyday purchase choices can have a big impact. When enjoying Onemeal you know another person in need is getting a fulfilling meal.


Wellnessplus er en markeds og service platform til alle behandlere og butikker inden for segmentet "træning, behandling og velvære" Vi vil gerne hjælpe butikker og behandlere med en let og brugervenlig portal, så de selv vil være i stand til markedsføre sig på en let og overskuelig måde.. Vi arbejder benhårdt på at skabe og opbygge så det bliver stedet hvor danskerne søger og bestiller efter fremtidige behandlinger


Foopla is a biosystem uniting consumers, small local food producers, and small food shops - it’s totally free for shops and farmers. We believe that our IT environment is the missing ingredient to enable local food networks sprout. Imagine the abundance of local herbs, hand-made jams, fresh eggs and vegetables. All hand-picked for you by your shopkeeper - available via your iOS device. Contact me if you would like to join us.

We Make Journals

We love interior design and we make journals on a daily basis via Blog and social media platforms. On top we have 2 online magazines publiced every 2nd month. Feel free to contact us if you want to contribute our portfolio of blogs and magazines.

Fantini of Denmark

Fantini of Denmark is a new fashion brand that combines style, quality and functionality, adopting the best textiles treated with nanotechnology to make them water-repellent without compromising on its touch, flexibility or breathability. Da Vinci believed that art and science are two disciplines meant to go hand in hand, this is what we have done. It is now possible to walk straight from your boat or the golf course for a drink at the club. Stay dry and sharp in any circumstance.