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Trifork is a software business with a technical focus, creating back-end systems for enterprises, apps for mobile/wearables and more. We are for example a key player in creating MobilePay and the DSB ticket app. While we have as many as 21 offices around the world, we keep each office small with a crew below 50 people to maintain the start-up mentality, ensuring that employees have a lot of individual responsibility Calling ourselves an impatient business, Trifork always makes its action and development fast-paced. Apart from the development itself, we host regular go-to-conferences as well to create inspiration for ourselves and our clients. Being fast and agile, all developers obtain a Scrum certificate, if they don’t have it already. Teams are small and specialized with a lot of direct customer contact. Trifork regularly delivers new software at a high frequency, making us focus on projects with a short timeframe. Employees have the option to move between the international offices, and the schedule has a fixed flexibility, meaning that most people work 09-16 but can also meet earlier or later. We like people to be in the office simultaneously for the development and social scene, where we use each other as much as possible. Software development is a very social thing to us. We have regular Friday breakfasts, annual parties and weekly presentations with technical knowledge sharing. Each year we hold a big strategy seminar for all employees, usually taking place in the Alps and involving skiing. Our meet-ups and go-to-conferences mean plenty of courses and seminars taking place in our house, where we also invite anyone interested from outside on a global scale.

Publia ApS

Where do you get your news and stories from?Publia is a startup that aims to rethink every part of the way we receive news and news stories. Too many media outlets all with different agendas make it very difficult to get to what matters. On top of that the many pay-walls makes it impossible to read articles and ads clutter the experience. So much  could be better.  Today Publia is a simple hand-curated newsletter collection of the most interesting international articles from the web. But newsletter distribution is only the beginning, we are aiming at making tools to automate and distribute, in order to make it easier for the reader to find and consume stories and much more. Also podcasts our own platform, curators and a subscription model is on the roadmap.If you are enticed by these word let us know.


Reform creates custom-designed furniture of good quality and reasonable prices. Offering both entire kitchen solutions as well as parts and products fitting the designs from Ikea, the fundamental desire of Reform is to improve the look and feel of kitchens and to rethink the entire, slightly old-fashioned kitchen business.   By creating a new kitchen concept and providing an online shopping platform the business is made to be scalable. One modus operandi is where Ikea gives advice on the fundamental kitchen composition and Reform then offers the specific products. When you decide you want a customized Reform kitchen or Reform cabinet doors, you send your desired design to Reform - and in less than a month it will be delivered. The philosophy of Reform is to create a fun and exciting atmosphere for every employee. We want motivated people who want their job to be a big part of their life; you spend so much of your lifetime working, so we do what we can to create the best possible framework. Our company structure is flat with a lot of freedom for employees to create their own terms and workflow. We actually call ourselves a family and have both regular and Christmas lunches and enjoy going out for a beer. We often go outside of the office for our lunches as well as for other activities, such as going for Swedish meatballs at Ikea, playing a basketball match or do business meetings on weekend trips abroad.


At Jukeit the mission is to provide a legal and economically sustainable music streaming service for commercial use. Furthermore, it consists of an innovative way of interacting with end users through a state of the art app, that basically functions as a jukebox but has a ton of features that must be experienced!


Plant develops ambitious digital solutions which makes a measurable difference for their clients. Plant is keen on offering the users a good experience on every digital platform. Plant helps companies develop websites, smartphone apps and products for digital marketing and they believe that the best projects are created through a close dialogue between costumer and bureau.

Talent Garden Rainmaking

Talent Garden is Europe's leading innovation platform and campus network for digital tech entrepreneurs. We support our community by providing them with a highly inspiring work environment, future skills education, events, and various corporate programs. Currently, Talent Garden is running +23 locations across Europe.


AnalyticTrust has emerged from the desire among analytical instrument owners to have a better and more flexible control of their instruments. AnalyticTrust is a Software as a Service solution (SAAS) which will help the costumers ensure that their instruments and analytical processes perform to the fullest of their potentialwith improved margins and thereby release additional profit based on monitoring and management of the analysis processes from sampling to reporting results. AnalyticTrust enables the users to maintain an overview of all their locations, organizations, instruments and applications.


In we they are passionate about creating modern and intelligent app- and web solutions, which helps companies streamline their procedures, make their online presence visible or earn money. Makeable focuses on user involvement and understanding the costumers business and their clients. Makeable is a young team and is currently in great growth.


Edulabs vision is to make every child in the world better at math. Therefore they created the math platform which is the biggest provider of digital math for primary schools in Denmark. Today 70% of the schools in Denmark uses EduLabs digital solution and over 75.000 students visits the site every day. More than 1 million questions are answered per day. In 2013 EduLab launched the norweagan edition to get closer to the goal of the vision, to make every child better at math.


At Trendsales we love to have fun. Not teenage-giggly fun, not dad-joke-fun. We just like to challenge the pretentious fashion industry and support our users in pushing the boundaries for fashion and free them from dress code dogmas. We want them to find their own unique style using our great platforms and flea markets.We are a team of about 35 passionate product-, support- and marketing professionals operating out of offices in central Copenhagen and we can't wait to hear from you.


Timeplan is the leading software product for workforce planning, time registration and HR-administration. It is a flexible and efficient software that is easy to use. The program is customized to the current needs of the companies.

Dwarf A/S

Dwarf helps their costumers develop their digital business. Dwarf is a bureau specializing in online strategy, development and implementation and it combines competences in strategy, technology, design and user experience. The main focus is to combine the company’s online solution with its business model and by that creating more value for the company.


Trustpilot is a global, online review community that builds trust and transparency between consumers and businesses. At Trustpilot, we’re passionate about our mission to inspire ever-improving experiences for everyone. Working here is an opportunity to collaborate with talented people in a fast-paced, and agile environment. With vibrant office locations all around the world and over 40 nationalities, we’re proud to be an equal opportunity workplace with diverse perspectives and ideas.  While Trustpilot has grown beyond being a startup, they’re very much operating like a startup with things moving at a fast pace. As an employee you’re able to manage things as you most see fit and allowed to be creative. Employees here are driven and like to have fun whilst working hard and feeling pride in creating a great website. Besides the actual work, we have plenty of social clubs here which involve cooking, cycling, movies and more - if the club doesn’t exist already you’re welcome to create it and receive support and funds from Trustpilot. Regular Friday bars involve themes and quizzes, there’s always something fun happening as it’s a very social company.


Libratone is on a mission to liberate sound and to expand peoples’ experiences with music in the era of streaming. Founded in 2009, Libratone is one of the first audio companies to consider the aesthetics of speakers – to move them out of the corner of the room and into the centre and onward, for the consumer on the move. Designed in the Scandinavian tradition, Libratone creates high-performing sound refined through plush fabrics for a warmer, brighter listening experience.


Vivino is the world's largest wine community, built on top of a vast database of 8 million wines, 70 million ratings and 23 million wine reviews. More than 25 million users globally are scanning wine bottles to see community feedback which helps them choose and buy the best wine. Our app is by far the most downloaded and used wine app in the world. is the world's largest wine marketplace, with hundreds on online wineshops meeting millions of wine-lovers.