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Coh&Co Copenhagen

Coh&Co is a bicycle company with a mission to bring new riding experiences, quality and a sustainable mindset to urban cycling. Innovative design & material tech combine with a unique inter-relational sales platform as a foundation for circular economy & long-lived products to rejuvenate the urban cycling market. Highlights - We have a full range of well developed products and production tooling. - We have begun selling thru our distribution network and direct online. - Award winning products and several nominations internationally. - Inhouse design, engineering, programming, CNC & online marketing established - Our supply chain is gradually becoming more established and negotiable. The Business Coh&Co’s bicycles are made of a new groundbreaking material technology that makes it possible to recycle carbon fibre and thus offer our customers a lifetime warranty that transitions into a buy-back program when the product is 10 years old. This opens up possibilities for a circular product life cycle and encourages ambassador shops and customers alike to work with us to maintain these bicycles and keep them operating at their best. Sales divided between direct internet sales and brick mortar ambassador shops ensure that our products can be serviced locally. Our digital sales platform helps ambassador shops engage consumers through out the product lifecycle while providing them with virtual stock to complement their showroom stock. The Market European focus on cutting CO2 emissions and healthcare costs has brought on strong public investment in commuter cycling programs & cycling infrastructure. This is driving growth in urban commuter, cargo bicycle & Pedelec markets. European cycling industry statistics estimate sales at 16B€ with a CAGR of 4-6%. Independent retailers maintain 40-55% of market share. Average unit costs are increasing. People & society are investing in a cycling lifestyle. Coh&Co assists small retailers in servicing local markets with commuter bicycles & cargo bicycles. We have screened 200 retailers across Northern Europe and are actively expanding our ambassador shop network. The expansion will drive sales of 600 units in 2020 and 1000 in 2021. Progress/Proof With 4 years of technology and materials development and a series of new designs, Coh&Co is pioneering the implementation of carbon fibre composites in the urban cycling market. The development has included techniques for recycling of these materials. To date, we have a series of 5 models that sport this new technology. Objectives/Future We have had a strong start developing products & business models for a growing market. Now we need to focus on expanding distribution and sales while optimising our production pipeline. Coh&Co will spend 2020 expanding to encompass 40 points of sale in Northern Europe, whilst continuing the development of our sales and marketing products to better arm retailers with appropriate tools to address a dynamic market.

Ja Tak

Du kender med garanti de populære ja-tak-tilbud, hvor lokale forretninger sælger restpartier, store partier eller spotvarer via deres Facebook-side. App'ens formål er at gøre det lettere at komme ud til flere potentielle købere og få dem til at handle direkte i din fysiske butik og ikke via postordre. Alle fysiske butikker er velkommen til at sælge deres produkter eller ydelser via app'en.

The Transporters

3PL company that focuses on solution systems for last-mile deliveries & urban micromobility infrastructure. We work with IT professionals, state-owned institutions, electric scooter owner companies and end-consumers in our daily operations. A team of 20 so far, working with enthusiasm and perseverance towards neater cities and greener last-mile solutions.


MoldoVin is an import company based in Copenhagen. We import wine from Moldova, a small country in eastern Europe. The country is known for their delicious wines, but unfortunately not in Scandinavia. Our mission is to bring this underrated wine into Scandinavia, starting with Denmark, and help wine connoisseurs broaden the views on what is considered a great wine.

The Why

The Why is a no-profit organisation that initiates, produces and distributes documentaries on pressing social and environmental issues. It promotes human rights, democracy, gender equality and justice by providing the world with thought-provoking and investigative documentary films. It fights for freedom of media and free access to realible information for all and collaborates with public broadcasters, NGOs and educational institutions across all continents. The Why contributes to the UN SDGs by educating for sustainability and supporting free media.

Anyware Solutions

Anyware Solutions provides Smart Home-as-a-Service based on unique retrofit IoT devices, including the unprecedented and award-winning Anyware Smart Adaptor – the world's smallest and smartest lamp socket adaptor. The Anyware Smart Adaptor is a Smart Room solution, enabling the user to achieve 'smarter living' Room y Room, Service by Service. It is seamless to self-install and easy to use for everyone. The unique Data Analytics and Customer Engagement Platform enables companies to effectively create customer retention, acquisition and re-engagement alongside new revenue streams through targeted and personalized customer interaction and cross-selling of connected devices and services.


Claimlane is a B2B Saas startup operating in the fashion industry (FashionTech). We have build a platform for retailers and suppliers to easily manage complaints (i.e. faulty clothes). Our mission is to make the complaint process silky smooth and to provide our customers with insights into their faulty products, thus helping them make better and more sustainable products in the future. We believe in a strong culture - with the right motivated people the sky is the limit. A few things that define us: - We are motivated by building something great as a team, and prioritize maximizing team output rather than having individual hero performances. - We value learning as fast as possible, both as a company and as individuals. - We put customers first, and expect everyone to want to engage with them. - We are ambitious and know that creating a success takes a lot of hard work. - We are always looking for ways to improve, even if we are doing pretty well already. - We are fun to hang out with. We spend a lot of time together - let’s make it enjoyable!


Teambox is an app for iOS and Android that should make it easier and more fun to keep track of accounts in small communities. We have all played football on teams where there was a fine box. We thought the administration of these fines was to difficult and would like to do something about it. We have developed an app that can be used for the administration of fines. The target groups are sports teams, friend groups, food clubs, school classes etc.


Mindpool is a technology company on a mission to be the global leader in the world’s transition to a hyper-connected future of combined human intelligence and computers for efficient, inclusive, and smarter decision-making. The company is rooted in years of deep science and cutting-edge research in the field of collective intelligence. Collective intelligence is a shared group intelligence that emerges from the integration of crowds and computers so that they collectively act more intelligent than any person, group, or computer on their own. The combination of human minds and technology makes collective intelligence much more applicable for solving complex decision problems in a fast-moving business environment. Mindpool is at the forefront of developing collective intelligence software and enabling a hyperconnected future of more proactive, inclusive, and smart decision-making. We aim to assist organizations in achieving a better competitive advantage through harnessing the tacit knowledge of the company’s stakeholders which today is considered an untapped strategic resource and which represents 90% of knowledge in organisations. The Mindpool platform builds on decades of research at the intersection of collective intelligence, tacit knowledge, quantitative models, and data analysis. To learn more, check out our explainer video:

Make It Good Again

Make It Good Again aims to break with the throw-away mentality, by making it easier and cheaper to get your broken items repaired. This is done through our website, with 3 easy steps: 1. The customer describes what is broken and put it up for the repairmen to give their bid on how much they can repair it for. 2. The repairmen participate in a reversed auction, to give the lowest bid on the repair. 3. The customer chooses their preferred offer. It doesn't have to be the cheapest. It can also be the most convenient, with the highest ratings or whatever other parameter is most important for the customer. Make It Good Agains team consists of the two co-founders Jacob & Sara. We met each other during our studies, where we started developing the concept. It quickly became a common passion of ours, and it was only natural to keep at it after our study ended. Now we are almost two years in and still going strong! We are passionate about our company and work hard to reach our potential.


Vi er en virksomhed i rivende udvikling. Vores behandler og indehaver i klinikken hedder Josefine Bogs. Josefine er uddannet sygeplejerske og senere jordmoder, og har gennem sine erfaringer fra hospital og fødegang en stor anatomisk viden, en dyb forståelse for kroppen og ikke mindst for klienternes individuelle ønsker og behov. Josefine blev i november 2018 den første og – indtil videre – eneste certificerede Ultraformer III behandler i Danmark. Josefines æstetiske sans kommer til udtryk i hendes behandlingsform, hvor hun altid stiler efter et markant men stadig naturligt resultat.


Prezentor is the Sales Enablement platform for strategic growth in sales. Prezentor improve sales rep performance, enrich CRM with consistent and high quality data and provide marketing with invaluable customer insights from every single customer meeting. We are a team of 15 awesome colleagues based in Copenhagen, Denmark and Vinnytsia, Ukraine. We have a big passion for sales and marketing and together we are on a mission to change the way B2B sales is done, make CRM entry automatic (yay!) and sales presentations intelligent (say no to static Power Points!). Companies like Tryg, CircleK, SaxoBank, Widex and many more already use our platform to make sure their sales operations are ahead of the game! What are some of the problems that we solve? 1. Prezentor help align company brand and message across sales reps, teams and departments 2. Automatic data collection from every customer meeting (automatically collecting and creating customer data and history in CRM) - currently a blind spot for 95% of all companies! 3. Tracking and actionable insights from emailed sales material - helping sales reps to qualify their leads and close deals faster! 4. Providing data and insights to marketing about what and how sales content is being used, by which reps, with what type of customers - helping marketing to optimise content based on data of what works vs. doesn't work! 5. Sales reps save time with all sales content in one place, always updated, available online and offline - never waste time searching folders, emails or the intranet again! 6. Interactive sales presentations, ROI and cost calculators, video and links/hotspots - make sales content come to life and use interactive elements to effectively uncover customer needs and sell based on value! 7. Data and actionable insights about sales reps behaviour before, during and after sales meetings for better coaching and faster on-boarding of new sales reps! Want to be part of a journey and responsibility from day one? Join us!

LYS Technologies

LYS Technologies is the leader in Healthy Light and has built the world's first database on human sleep and wake cycles. Using machine learning and the latest scientific research from its partners, it develops data-driven solutions to improve health from sleep to patient recovery times. LYS Technologies offers data services to lighting, corporate, construction and research clients. It has also built an unique wearable light sensor, called the LYS Button, to capture its own proprietary data.

Female Invest

Female Invest is an impact start-up aspiring to eliminate financial inequality between the genders. We do this by collaborating with companies and financial institutions across countries and by educating women on investing and personal finances. We are Scandinavia's largest investment society for women currently present in Denmark and Norway.

OliOli Meditation app

OliOli Meditation is bringing guided meditation to everyone, everyday. In just one beautifully intuitively designed app, users will have acces to hundreds of audio files with guided meditations, recorded by some of the best meditation teachers, from around the world. The app even includes OliOli Junior, where all meditations are made especially for kids. The app was first launched in Danish, and since July 2019, it has been available in English as well. OliOli's vision is to grow bigger, and to present meditations in even more languages, and to help people all over the world experience the benefits of meditation, and help them find a peaceful mental clarity and to be happier.