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We believe in making more value to recruintment. By value we mean giving cadidates the oppetunity of been matched with companies based on passion, personality and skills! Doing so, we have made a video job portal for companies to upload videos with their job oppetunies. You can apply by sending a video and CV. Also candidates can make a general video showing their passion and motivation for companies to contact them with job offers.

Experience Design

Our focus is on the many employees who provide value every day to their stakeholders but are held back by inefficient processes and/or systems that don’t keep pace with the technological possibilities of the day. Our mission is to drive value creation through internal functions by using technology to create the best possible Employee Experience. We have chosen the best and modern digital platforms which can be tailored to produce logic and easy to use mobile solutions. With our long experience with process optimization we put value creation and mobility to work – for your employees.

Basis Nuts

Basis Nuts finds and imports unique, delicious, regional varieties of nuts grown by small-scale farmers. Today, consumers are nut illiterate in the same way we were coffee illiterate 20 years ago. We're unable to identify different nut varieties, recognize the different tastes between varieties, or distinguish between the same nut grown in different growing areas. Without this basic understanding of nuts, consumers are unable to judge the quality of nuts and thus buy them based on price. This has benefited the nut industry enormously, because it has made nuts completely interchangeable. It means that nut buyers and importers can source nuts from around the world and dictate the prices for growers – even if it is below the cost of production. It means that in order to be competitive, nut growers have to plant larger and larger orchards, mechanize their production, and grow high-yielding nut varieties to ensure that they can sell their nuts on the international market. It means that local, traditional nut varieties are less and less available as the industry favors standardization. We've also lost one of the most important things: taste. In the industry's push for disease resistance, durability, and standardization, we've lost flavors, textures, and variety. Basis Nuts is trying to change this. We find the best-tasting varieties of nuts that are grown by small farmers around the world and import them to Denmark. We identify the variety, origin, and uniqueness about these nuts and target food-conscious consumers and chefs to make them realize what they've been missing. We want to highlight and preserve biodiversity and make people start to think about where their nuts come from.


Vi laver relevant kommunikation til mennesker med afsæt i data. Relevans finder man i krydsfeltet mellem kreativitet og strategi. Derfor tænker vores kreative strategisk og vores specialister kreativt. Resultatet er en e-mailkanal, der både er hurtig, billig og rentabel - og formidabel til at opbygge relationer mellem dig og din modtager. Vores store erfaring med e-mailmarketing betyder ikke, at vi ved, hvad der virker hver gang. Men at vi ved, hvordan vi finder ud af hvad der virker. Vi arbejder med e-mailmarketing ud fra et gennemtestet framework, som vi ikke er bange for at justere på i takt med, at dine data gør os klogere. Og det er netop dét, der er nøglen til effektiv e-mailmarketing.


DNA handler passioneret og ambitiøst om at hjælpe andre mennesker med at lykkedes. Vi er eksperter i kommerciel udvikling af virksomheder og fokuserer overskyggende på eksekvering. DNA er et kontroversielt og unikt koncept, der bryder med den måde virksomheder typisk modtager hjælp til at udvikle deres forretning. Konceptet består af det bedste fra organisations- og konsulentverdenen – samlet ét sted. Vi tror ikke på quick fix og søger derfor dybe relationer, hvor vi sammen med virksomheden også står på mål for den effekt, der strategisk er aftalt. Vi er et opbrud med konsulenthuse, brancheorganisationer og andre institutioner, der typisk blot leverer den uforpligtende og simple analyse. DNA arbejder operationelt og vedholdende med det langt sværere “hvordan” og hjælper med at få strategierne til at virke i virksomhedens travle og lavpraktiske hverdag.

Your Local Flower

Your Local Flower was founded in 2020 in the belief that the future of flower shopping is both local and digital. Our mission is to provide independent florists with an online 'venue' and the opportunity to display their unique and creative flower decorations. From the talented individual florist who wants to strengthen his or her business to the enterprising florist who wants to reach a wider audience. What is Your Local Flower? Your Local Flower is an online marketplace and e-commerce solution, that allows florists to sell flowers and bouquets online directly to consumers around the world through their own online stores and a shared marketplace. On Your Local Flower, consumers can find and send unique bouquets bound by local creative florists across the country. Whether customers are looking for a large bouquet of long-stemmed red roses, or a unique, creative design, Your Local Flower gives consumers the opportunity to find and send the perfect decoration. For store owners, we have transparent terms and fair prices. Our platform provides powerful sales, marketing, and analysis tools that help store owners simplifying their online channels and focus on what they love, designing beautiful decorations of high quality. We have already connected more than 50+ local florists with consumers from all over the world. Right from Scarlett in London, who bought a bouquet for her friend in Denmark, to Jens, who bought a bouquet for his mother in Bjerringbro. It is a great pleasure to help inspire local trade throughout Denmark and beyond the country's borders. Why Your Local Flower? The online trade of flowers is characterized by a monopoly-like market. With a few large players and many smaller ones. It's incredibly hard to breakthrough in the market for small individual florists, who cannot compete, with the massive marketing budgets of the large players. Therefore, many physical flower shops miss out on the opportunity to go online and reach out to a larger market, as it is often expensive, cumbersome, and resource-intensive when they already have a physical store to take care of. Your local flower enables independent flower shops to start their online sales in a fast, easy, and cost-effective way that allows them to expand their market significantly. At Your Local Flower, you can set up your own store in less than 5 minutes. Sell online directly to your customers through your own unique link, or through our marketplace. It's free to get started. We believe that good floral design and beautiful decorations are created by florists, who know their customers personally and who have passionate employees with a true understanding of what good customer service and good craftsmanship are. We're helping them give customers that experience online.

Live Klassisk

Live Klassisk is a new digital platform for classical music, providing easy access to all live classical concerts, festivals, ensembles and venues in Scandinavia. Our goal is to make classical music more approachable and engaging through a strong unified digital presence. The platform is the first of its kind for classical music and has a significant global potential in a big and widely respected industry that is - thankfully for us - lacking digital innovation. In spite of lockdown, our small team has already made a big impact on the classical music industry in Scandinavia in a very short time. Now is the time to think big and to expand - and for that we are looking for partners and potential co-founders. Live Klassisk is founded by a team of musicians and entrepreneurs from Denmark and Norway who are deeply passionate about classical music and who see the potential - and the cruciality - of combining arts and tech. Don't hesitate to hit us up if you think this is for you!

Tubus Technology ApS

Tubus Technology ApS is an innovative start-up business that works within ideation, innovation and product development. We enforce self-empowerment and independence by developing products that are designed to make a difference for people with physical limitations. We work with the entire process from idea generation and product development to market validation and production development. We are currently in the stage of making international market validation and development for our first product TubusOne. TubusOne is a medical device class 1 product that holds a CE mark. It is a mechanical device for people with upper limb limitations and works by sipping and puffing into a tube (hence the name TubusOne). The tube contains a piston function that works like a finger on touchscreen devices when it is activated by a puff from the mouth. TubusOne is a prolonged finger used for navigation on touchscreen devices.


Pro-Screens strives to optimize multitasking on the laptop. We are providing our costumers with our portable screen: TRIO. Without any need for an electric socket, Pro-Screens makes your office completely portable - bring your laptop and TRIO wherever you go! In order to maximize the working effort on the laptop, TRIO makes it possible to simply switch from one screen to another - just like a foldable monitor. We seek to minimize time waste on the laptop while improving our costumer's general work efficiency.


EyeJustRead is an application that uses eyetracking to improve the reading skills of challenged readers. EyeJustRead has been developed in close collaboration with practitioners, students and universities to successfully bridge the gap between research and classrooms. The award winning solution is available for schools who seek to improve their efforts within reading.


Hvad er produktet? Fastr er en all-in-one service til virksomheder, der kan lease el-løbehjul til deres ansatte og dermed skabe deres egen flåde, hvor de sikrer sig at de ansatte nemt kan booke, komme rundt og er godt forsikret, når de benytter el-løbehjulet. Du kan læse mere på Med vores app kan medarbejderne i virksomhederne frit administrere, og have fuldt overblik over alle løbehjul i virksomhedens flåde. Medarbejderne kan nemt booke et løbehjul gennem appen. I appen kan i både åbne og låse løbehjulene, der gør det nemt og hurtigt på farten.

VIRUS Europe

We are a small team building a big brand. VIRUS EU team is smart, young, and striving to be better as individuals and as a company. We brought the VIRUS brand in Europe recently, slowly, but steady growing the team and the brand name. VIRUS is a dynamic sport apparel brand. Our performance apparel keeps pace with the latest in nanotechnology, technical fabrics and biomechanical patterning to help push the limits. From training to performing to recovery, our offerings are helping in every condition and situation one encounter on one's path. It is the passion that defines you.


Today software robots are being integrated into many companies with a focus on optimizing processes and service both internally and externally. Powered by artificial intelligence and natural language processing, a chatbot are able to understand requests, tasks and processes, using the same applications as their human colleagues and thereby optimizing service-related tasks by improving speed, accuracy and output. Our vision is to make chatbots accessible for all companies. Impnd develop chatbots-as-a-service to both external and internal use. With artificial intelligence, chatbots can simplify tasks and thereby save time for employees as well as customers.

goforlocal Aps

Recent studies show that the majority of consumers, actually prefers local to organic produce. But given the cost of traditional supermarket logistics, or delivery, no one could effectively chase this huge market opportunity. Until now ! We'll get there by transforming DK's largest directory of local producers & farm shops, to an omnichannel e-commerce platform, that enables even the smallest farm shop to match Just Eat on glocal convenience, BilkaToGo on food delivery and GLS on demand planning.   Niels Høegmark | Co-founder International logistik og projektleder med 38 somre på samvittigheden og rødderne solidt plantet i den midtjyske landsby Sdr. Rind. Passioneret omkring udviklingen af vores små landsbyer og lokalt potentiale.    Niels Reinau | Co-founder Produkt og e-handelsveteran på 41 år med base i Aarhus. Madøre af hjertet, som elsker gode råvarer og sin maskinpark af køkkenmaskiner. Har et sydlandsk temperament overfor uærlige fødevarer og forbrugervildledning i detailhandelen.   Sofie Bjarup Hansen | Food developer Professionel madentusiast på 26 år. Bor i smukke Silkeborg og læser til daglig ernæring og sundhed med linjen ’fødevarer og ledelse’. Brænder for madglæde, køkkenkreativitet, smag, gode råvarer, bæredygtighed og et liv i balance.


Cyrix is an AI-driven sales and marketing tool that helps retailers to streamline the Marketing in physical retails. We have our first production ready setup implemented at the client side and now we are looking for skilled talents to join our team to scale this into a sustainable business in the Nordics and beyond.