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Completion is a new category of VR leisure experience. We have developed a platform with short 10-minute VR journeys that sensorily induces advanced states of meditation, helping with calm and mental clarity. Completion combines immersive, mathematically generated visuals and soundscapes for regeneration, requiring no prior meditation practice. is a Danish headshop operating online. The company has a warehouse and a physical store located in Skive. focuses strongly on customer satisfaction and strives to offer a wide range of smoking equipment. They have over 6500 products in their assortment. Emphasis is placed on safe and discreet packaging of products, and they ensure that the customer's purchase remains anonymous throughout the process. In addition to offering competitive prices, where they match prices across Europe, also engages in social media, often holding competitions and informing about cannabis-related news.

Yagogo ApS

Are you tired of struggling to satisfy the various learning requirements of your students? Do you find it difficult to meet the needs of both students who excel academically and those who require additional support in your classroom? Introducing Yagogo ApS, an innovative education technology startup that is transforming the nature of education. At Yagogo, we utilize artificial intelligence (AI) to offer each student a seamless and tailored learning experience. Imagine an education where each student's individual talents and difficulties are accommodated for, and taken into consideration. Making sure that every student receives the education they actually deserve is one of the most significant challenges in education, and Yagogo's cutting-edge Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform combines AI and Bloom's Taxonomies to address the matter. Our AI-driven model ensures sure that high-achieving students and struggling learners are engaged at the ideal level of complexity. No more one size-fits-all lessons that leave some students bored or overwhelmed. By utilizing Chat GPT Yagogo, create custom lesson plans that vary depending on the knowledge and competence levels of each learner. Every student is effectively challenged and supported throughout their educational path thanks to this tailormade learning experience. Are you prepared to take your teaching to the next level? Yagogo empowers educators as well as learners, thus both groups gain from it. Every student is assigned a detailed learning profile that we give teachers, providing invaluable insight into how to maximize the learning of every student. Our cutting-edge technology gives teachers the tools they need to create customized learning plans that effectively match the profiles of each student. Join us in our mission to transform the educational landscape. Yagogo ApS is committed to developing a more dynamic and efficient schooling system that benefits both teachers and students. Discover the future of education with Yagogo, where personalized learning meets the power of AI and games to unlock every student's full potential. Below is an in-game image of Stack the Blobs one of the learning games that we have made for our partner in the US.

Life Science Talent Solutions

Life Science Talent Solutions is a recruiting company focusing on the needs of the life science start-up ecosystem with a strong focus in the Greater Copenhagen area where we are based. We make match-making easy through a dedicated Life Science Talent Platform as well as recruiting services. Sign up for free and join the life science talent pool here: 𝗢𝘁𝗵𝗲𝗿 𝗦𝗲𝗿𝘃𝗶𝗰𝗲𝘀 𝗜𝗻𝗰𝗹𝘂𝗱𝗲: - Recruiting & Headhunting - Leadership & Team Development - Career Services

HeyWaitr ApS

HeyWaitr was founded January 2021 and is a Copenhagen based fintech / SaaS solution dealing with the HoReCa industry. We reduce waiting time for the guests - they can order their food and drinks with just a few clicks on their smartphones. - without any delay, waiting time and physical interaction. A lot of places are troubled with the lack of qualified staff and have to be highly aware of their cost. We increase the revenue, especially on beverages - it's fast to place a new order via the app instead of waiting for a waiter to come by or go to the bar. HeyWaitr reduces waste via eliminating human flaws. A lot of places are troubled by waiters who by accident types in the wrong order from the guest. Furthermore we eliminate the possibly of the guests either forgets to pay the bill or runs away from it, because th guests are paying when they place the order via credit/debit card, MobilePay or Kevin. We are currently working with everything from famous tourist attraktions like Egeskov Slot to classic cafes. The idea of heywaitr was born at a regular cafe. We were sitting outside, enjoying the sun and had some food and beverages. When we repeatedly had to sit around and wait for 10-15 minutes to get in contact with a waiter to order and had to wait additional 10-15 minutes to pay the bill when we were done eating and drinking we decided that there should be an easier way to handle this. Then the digital waiter was born, and we started out researching and interviewing the managers & owners of some local places.

Measurelet ApS

Measurelet is a Danish medtech company (founded in 2018) that offers innovative solutions for the healthcare of the future. Solutions that automate and improve the procedure around fluid balance measurements for the benefit of patients, health professionals, the health sector and the health economy. ApS

We are a small startup company situated in Aalborg, Denmark. We work with helping international students and workers alike, integrate and find suitable living conditions and jobs within Denmark. Our vision is to help grow the diversity and acceptance within the danish bussiness and job market and provide relevant insights to those who wish to make a life for themselves within the country.


INDIVIDUALS is a people consultancy founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, yet operating on a global scope. INDIVIDUALS is founded to develop, consult and connect ambitious, curious and talented people. As an external resource for in-house HR & management, we support talent development initiatives and projects that complement existing structures.


Founded in 2016, NinjaThinking develops and nurtures game-changing ideas, taking them from idea to proof of concept before "releasing them into the wild". We have a specific project seeking funding for marketing & advertising purposes. We have the backbone and development team in place (and the funding for this), however, our need is funding and expertise in marketing specifically to help get the word out, whilst avoiding the traditional pitfalls and errors that plague start-ups.


DUFFLashes is a danish cosmetic brand. Our key product is our line of quality strip eyelashes in different styles. Furthermore we recently launched a mascara, Supreme Lash Mascara, which is a mascara that do not smudge doing the day, and that protects and nurture your own natural eyelashes doing. This ensures your own lashes to stay healthy and beautiful at the same time!

Republic of Man

Launched out of London with global reach, Republic of Man (RoM) - and later Woman (RoW) - is a fashion and lifestyle platform, offering hand-picked and timeless items for personal style, new adventures, and editorials for day- and night game. Our mission is to promote sustainable lifestyle through strong cross-industry partnerships and tech enabled services, ultimately changing the way we create and consume fashion.


Elsewhere is a startup that helps startups to build their startup.. We're a close-knit group of digital experts who help purpose driven founders turn their digital product ideas into thriving organisations. Not quite a venture studio, not quite a product development agency, not really a recruitment company either.. We take the best parts of all of these things (and leave out the worst parts) and bundle it into a pragmatic package that is purpose built for founders of tech startups. Think of us as a band of interim co-founders that help to accelerate an idea and turn it into a real, operational company. Then get out of the way when we're no longer needed. 👉 We help founders to work out the most sensible place to start with their idea 👉 We validate ideas early and de-risk them by building proof of concepts to test with real users 👉 We create evidence based communication to help with investors and pitches 👉 We design, build and develop product strategies for scalable digital things like apps, platforms and web services 👉 We develop go to market strategies that align perfectly with the product roadmap we've created 👉 We assemble the right team to turn a digital product into a fully functioning company 👉 We establish the best time to hand everything over and then we leave it up to you Why do we do this? Because we've worked for startups and we've worked for product studios and creative agencies.. and we see so many things that feel broken and get in the way of getting brilliant, world-beating ideas out of someone's heads and out in the world, making a difference. There is a better way to build impactful organisations.. and we are dedicated to making it happen.

Dalberg Media

We are Dalberg Media a communications and experiences consultancy creating positive impact. We were founded in 2015 in Copenhagen, Denmark as an extension of Dalberg Group. Our goal is to support the global development agenda through creative communication, immersive experiences and thought- and action-provoking publications. Since then, we have expanded to four continents and delivered fit-for-purpose solutions for both private and public sector clients. We insist on collaboration, putting people and impact first and always ensuring inclusivity.​ We act with curiosity, seeking and acquiring knowledge to advance our work and exist at the forefront of new trends. We value efficiency to secure optimal results and the best use of resources by being solutions-oriented and accountable. We deliver quality, providing creativity and rigorous analysis and execution throughout the process.

Charlotte Larsen Fine Jewellery

I'm an independent Jeweller with my own shop in Copenhagen. STORIES, DREAMS & CREATIONS Inspired by memories, everyday life and relationships, Goldsmith Charlotte Larsen’s fine jewellery and personal projects celebrate the stories and opportunities in life and give way for freedom of expression. Charlotte Larsen started her journey with jewellery in 1990 when she lived in Los Angeles. Today she is based in Copenhagen, Denmark, from were she works and sells her jewellery in her shop. Charlotte has educated herself in various ways within the field and has over the years come to appreciate the craftmanship and precition of fine jewellery. With her great technical ability and a creative mind Charlotte is able to create the finest classic jewellery as well as wonderfully conceptual and contemporary design pieces. B. 1968 Awards 2008 Bronzemedalje Kunsthåndværkerprisen 2008 Håndfuglen Danske Kunsthåndværkere

Aarland Media ApS

Aarland is a Design Studio where we focus on the entire graphic process. Right from idea generation to the implementation of design & layout. We are two down-to-earth people who share our process openly, act fast and always strives to deliver solutions that meet expectations - and ensure that we are on the same page.