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Thorning Astrup / aarhus

Based on our first collection, we launched our new styles of jewellery, Spring 2016, a bit more daring, but still celebrating simple.In our first line of jewellery, we sought to break with the usual notion of how jewellery should look like. We have chosen a material that is raw and industrial as a starting point, but through processing becomes smooth and exclusive. The style is Nordic, raw and minimalist. We have worked with simple geometric shapes and the cube has been the heart of our shape. Maja Thorning Kristensen holds a masters degree in architecture from Aarhus School of Architecture, 2013 and Niels Astrup holds a masters in Digital Design from Aarhus University, 2012. We started Thorning Astrup / aarhus in 2014. Our shared pool of genes create a love to different materials and the challenge to design and combine these in minimalist, unexpected compositions.Our mantra is always to design using only one defining detail in a specific product with a constructivist, modernist approach.

Q Groups

Vi har gennem de sidste pr år, arbejdet på at udvikle og drive app`en Q Groups. Med tunge poster inden for it og kommunikation, har vi den faglige ballast, der har været nødvendig for at få udviklet og lanceret vores app. Q Group placerer sig et sted mellem et intranet og en lukket facebook gruppe. Betaversion har mere end 1000 brugere - og de er glade. Next step for Q Groups er at få flere udviklere og flere folk med erfaringer i brugeradfærd med om bord. Vi ønsker at udvide ejerkredsen.

Trusted A/S

We provide tracking, monitoring and logistics solutions for the heavy industry. Our devices included sensor for position, temperature, humidity, light, motion, pressure and acceleration and are battery operated giving years of maintenance free operation and an easy installation. Our users create an overview and setup the system for monitoring, alarms and documentation that help and secure optimized logistics and materials handling by locating and monitoring specific parameters.

North Consulting

We are an elite unit of consultants from across the Nordics who believe we can create a better consulting experience for our customers. We are who you engage when you want to take commercial and digital execution to the next level. We move mast, with specialised resources and technology. Our customers are both corporates and startups with the highest ambition in their respective industries.


CORTIME is a Danish software company founded in 2013 based on an idea originating from a Ph.D. project at Aalborg University. Our company aims at simplifying & reducing the time and complexity of the CAD/CAE process. We believe that working with CAD software is still too time consuming & often leaves the users in despair. Our main goal is to become a leading provider of 3D CAD optimization control software for engineers within 7-8 years.

Made Studio

MADE Studio aims to contribute to the world with useful and meaningful stuff made for real humans. We do it by making our own products, investing in other peoples ideas and partnering with local/global brands by being their fresh eyes and brains when they need to get unfucked... Other than having the mission of doing good for others, we are serious about our well being with deadlines made for humans, less ‘money jobs’, no client work on fridays + ... palm trees, bonzini table, great cantina etc

WeFly ApS

We help drone pilots start up their companies and help them get their dispensation from The Danish Aviation administration. Furthermore, we are striving to be the best supplier of aerial shots in Denmark.

Huuray A/S

At Huuray A/S we operate and sell digital gift cards. We offer a new, easy and convenient way of cashing in your giftcards, which is suitable for the person on the run. It is suitable, because everything from purchasing the gift card and sending it to the intended receiver, takes place digitally on your phone.

Ima Read

The goal of Ima Read is to optimize your digital reading habits. We are addressing various customer segments, but designing our cloud-based solution from the point of view of a typical university student. Our calculations point to the fact that students are wasting an astonishing amount of weekly hours on inefficient reading and that we can help them read more – faster – using very simple tools. In addition, we offer you access to anyone anywhere in the world that is reading the same text as you.

Dataminds A/S

Dataminds specializes in Business Intelligence, Data Mining, and Big Data. We provide solutions that support decision-makers in making optimal business critical decisions. We are changing your data into knowledge.

Audientes A/S

Founded in Denmark, Audientes mission is to make smart, high-quality hearing aids accessible and affordable to the millions of people around the world currently suffering from disabling hearing loss. We achieve this by designing, developing and bringing to market innovative assisted hearing solutions.


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Employ ApS

Ever been waiting in line to get you lunch from your local lunch guy, without thinking about the time you've spent in the queue? And by the time you've placed your order, you have waited for over 10 minutes just to put in your order at the cashier. Well, that's one of the many reasons our Founder Kerim Arikan founded Employ. Employ is a startup company that have developed one of the simplest self ordering systems that puts it's focus on time efficiency and more sales for the business. The vision for the company is to make our self-ordering as easy to implement in business as a MPOS system is nowdays. We'll update you on that soon.


Share, sell, buy or give away your plants, flowers, seeds and sprouts. The end of flower and plant waste and the beginning of digitalization of the plant sharing that has been going on for more than 100 years offline. Now private and shops can sell or give away their plants, flowers, seeds and sprouts. And you can learn everything there is to know about plants and flowers in our GreenieWiki.

SearchComet ApS

SearchComet er et datadrevet Digital Marketing Bureau. Vi hjælper dig og din virksomhed med at få succes online gennem digital strategi, søgemaskineoptimering, online annoncering og konverteringsoptimering. Drømmer du om at øge din online synlighed, få mere relevant trafik til din hjemmeside og dermed få flere leads og konverteringer – så lad os samarbejde om at gøre netop dét. Vi startede SearchComet, fordi vi vil gøre tingene anderledes. De store bureauer bliver kun større i håbet om at lande endnu større kunder. Det betyder også, at distancen mellem kunde og bureauet bliver større. Du finder måske et bureau, der kan stille med et team af fem konsulenter, men hos SearchComet er vi to passionerede specialister, og vi har ingen at gemme os bag. Det er os, der udfører arbejdet, leder projekterne og ser dig i øjnene, når vi gennemgår resultaterne. Vi prioriterer ikke vores kunder efter størrelsen af deres forretning – så uanset om du har en kæmpe global virksomhed, eller om du sælger lokalt i dit nærområde, går vi altid helhjertet ind i samarbejdet. Vi har rig bureauerfaring og et stærkt kompetencegrundlag. Vi satser på tætte relationer, nærværende kundeservice og eksekvering i bedste kvalitet.