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Dansk virksomhed med fokus på at øge danskernes forståelse for økonomi online. Både for nybegyndere og dem med den grundlæggende viden i orden. Vi fokuserer på alle emner fra budget til investering og alt herimellem. Vi hjælper med at skaffe kunderne de bedste finansielle aftaler, og sørger for at de er opdateret omkring hvad der sker på de finansielle markeder.


TAG-IT is a lost and found service. By the use of unique ID tags TAG-IT helps lost things back to the owner. TAG-IT doesn't require a monthly subscription nor batteri - TAG-IT is simply powered by helpfull people around the world. TAG-IT Pro is TAG-IT for proffessionals. Beside the ability to get lost things back, TAG-IT Pro is a subscription web/app based solution that helps companies in the construction business to save money and workhours by keeping track of tools, gear and safety equipment.

Adorno ApS

Adorno International Design Collaboration is a network of designers and design curators from design communities around the world.Through joint efforts the goal of the collaboration is to empower designers and design communities, and to contribute to a more culturally diverse world.Adorno is responsible of providing the infrastructure of the collaboration; the digital platform, an international shipping solution, and the promotional activities of the collaboration. Welcome aboard!


Who is Syngja?Syngja is a Danish manufacturer of premium, functional beverages enriched with 1% cricket. We promote insects’ capacity to accelerate the global sustainable transition through accessible, natural & pleasurable juice products. BUGS'N SHOTAs the only fruits & greens beverage in the world, our shots all contain natural Vitamin B12 from crickets. This energizing nutrient is already in high demand (& will continue to grow) amongst the increasing population of flexitarians/vegetarians.  Syngja is a small, dedicated team, only 2 years old. Our broad experiences encompass multiple & diverse fields, from microbiology to brand & communication, and from legal expertise to functional food ingredients.We are situated at office hub DARE2Mansion, part of Singularity University, in Copenhagen,  brimming with similar-minded young companies in tech, food & social entrepreneurship.


ABaCus is a smart tool for training math, currently helping one third of Danish high schools improving their math teaching. At the moment 20% of students fail their high school math exams. We want to change that! We offer a new way of training and improving math skills, which adapts to the individual user and gives feedback based on clever algorithms and machine learning.

Refugee Text

Refugee Text work with aid organisations to help them deliver crucial information to refugees. We employ interaction and service design methodologies to research, build, test and implement SMS chatbots for major international humanitarian aid organisations. Our current prototype, provides refugees coming to Europe with important information that they need to know. Now we are seeking to rebuild our CMS ahead of a project in the Middle East.


Cloud-based solution for sports clubs and teams. Comprehensive member and club/team management. Payment processing as a service. Klubmodul has 2 offices in Denmark, 1 office in Oslo, 1 office in Hamburg.   Our Mission To provide sports team and club owners a complete online solution for all their online presence and member recruitment, sign-up, scheduling, and payment processing   Pain We Address Sport clubs are not proficient in setting up and managing team and member administration tools for their business online    Our Solution One-stop shop for all the tools needed to manage a team or club including the development and online management of the website, member signup, scheduling, communication (email/text) and payment collection/processing

Klinikker ApS

Klinikker - Mere tid, mindre pres & flere patienter Klinikker er Danmarks største sundhedsfaglige telefonservice inden for sundhedssektoren, med over 150.000 hjulpet patienter årligt, forbinder vi patienter med klinikker og sundhedspersonale samt stræber efter, at gøre sundhedspleje mere tilgængelig og effektiv for alle. “Tal lyver ikke og vores statistik udarbejdet siden 2015 ud fra 750.000 hjulpet patienter siger, at gns. 20% af alle patienters opkald, selvom man har en reception, når ikke at blive grebet eller ringet retur til! - Det er blot én af de mange fordele ved et samarbejde med os, for dem griber vi!” Lidt information om os: - Vi er den største sundhedsfaglige telefonservice i Danmark!📞🇩🇰 - Vi hjælper med patienterne udenfor vores kunders åbningstider!🕗🕔 - Har hjulpet over 780.000 patienter siden 2015 og 150.000 årligt!🫶🙌 - Formidlet mere end 65.000.000 kr. i meromsætning til vores kunder!💰💰 - Og vigtigst af alt, frigivet vores kunder for mere end 25.000 timers administrativt arbejde!😮‍💨😌 - Samt giver vi fuld fleksibilitet, så kunden selv kan vælge tidspunkt og dag hvor vi skal hjælpe dem og receptionen - Grunden til at alt dette kan lade sig gøre, er fordi vi har udviklet vores unikke software, som gør at vi kan håndtere alle typer patienter.


PlusRen er et dansk-ejet og -drevet rengøringsfirma, der effektivt sikrer dig rene omgivelser og et sundt indeklima. Vores mål er at have mange glade og tilfredse kunder. Vi kan kun nå vores mål ved at gøre godt rent og gøre det effektivt.Vi går op i at gøre rengøring så nemt som muligt for vores kunder, og vi dækker hele Storkøbenhavn, men går nu nationalt og søger i den forbindelse iværksættere til at overtage franchise-andele i PlusRen.Hvis du er interesseret så send os gerne en mail. is a B2B site specializing in industry services such as, but not limited to, fleet management, coffee machines and websites. aims to secure the greatest possible offer for a client, by offering their service needs to several suppliers, who in turn are aware of each other competetion.


Easy and user-friendly online accounting system - developed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. We are a young and creative company with new, innovative solutions that provide an overview of finance and accounting. Facts and accounts are presented in an attractive and intuitive graphical interface with visual graphs and statistics of the economy and development. This includes time-saving features that are smart and easy-to-use without limiting options and functionality.


Amillionmails is an email Ad-server. It's a smarter way to buy and sell ads in email. We work to deliver a higher standard of display within email newsletters sent by top publishers. For advertisers, we make buying ads in email as easy as it is on the web, only with much higher standards.  For Sellers, we turn your email newsletters into an easy innovative and powerful revenue stream.


Autobutler is the biggest online auto garage portal in Europe where car owners fast and easily can obtain, compare, and choose among quotes from quality garages whenever their car needs a repair or service. Autobutler helps car owners save money on their next visit to the garage and help local garage shops and mechanics reach out to a bigger client base. Founded in DK in 2010, Autobutler has been adding value to car owners and has since experienced considerable growth and now also operates in SE, DE, FR and the UK.

Ampersand Music

Ampersand Music is a new concept for a music streaming platform. Ampersand aims to become a social media for music, eliminating the gap between the users of today's music services. Ampersand will combine all existing music services into one platform, letting users listen to music a cross platforms. Ampersand will make it easier for people to discover new music and to send music to each-other and will also give artists the possibility to interact with their listeners in a whole new way.


Create, practice and deliver an impactfull pitch in record time.Pitcherifics mission is to make effective, easy to use-tools for clear, fast and simple communication. We deliver this through our online pitch training tool at in 2014, our tool powers pitching all over the world; from entrepreneurs with big ideas to corporate business and sales people. We look forward to help you too and welcome you on our team!