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We create tracking software for the booming esports market, providing media and betting companies with livescores and stats from esports matches. The idea started at a small LAN party, where the organiser couldn't keep track of the score and started looking for software to help. As this didn't exist, the concept of GameScorekeeper was born! We love games and esports, and when we're not working on figuring out how to best get data out of games and presenting it in a valuable way, we're often talking about or playing games, old and new. Like many other startups we have a relaxed atmosphere at our office, and it's an easy place to just be yourself and work with something you love.

Green Tech Challenge

Backed by the Confederation of Danish Industries, Green Tech Challenge looks for businesses with environmental ambitions for their competition. A 5-10 days rapid growth program for 16 selected green companies.Access to NETWORK, PARTNERSHIPS, and possibly FUNDING. We help you to fast-track your company to new heights through our intensive growth sprint. Here you will be taught and mentored by your industry’s finest. Participation is free of charge.​


Win money by playing games! BattleMoney is an online platform that allows gamers to bet on themselves and win real money. We integrate with the most popular PC, console & mobile games to implement our "Cash Games" feature. You should be able to play any game with real money on the line! BattleMoney is the future of betting.

BORN Denmark IVS

BORN Denmark is a danish company in growth. We are currently 3 shops online: ApS, ApS and BORN Nordic ApS (GreyLime) - we are constantly developing our companies and are always looking for news ways to do so. Currently we are 5 people connected to the projects: Luciano Bellacci, Jacob Oppenheim, Christoffer Nielsen, Mads Rosager and Allan Vincentzh

Unite & Write

We are youtube for authors! New authors have great difficulty to get through to publishers because publishers chooses books by celebrities - these books already have buyers built in. This leaves new authors with limited acces and no control. Readers can evaluate their work and like on youtube the most popular floats on top.  Publishers can use as out/crowdsourcing of the demanding task of eval received manuscripts.  Readers can interact with authors  Freelancers can find customers


Et økonomisystem med alt hvad man behøver Uniconta er et 100% cloudbaseret økonomisystem, der opfylder alle behov indenfor bogholderi, logistik og projekt. Uniconta er udviklet af Erik Damgaard, der har udviklet økonomisystemer siden 1984. Uniconta’s fundament er bygget på det bedste af de foregående 5 økonomisystemer, Erik har udviklet, kombineret med den nyeste teknologi fra Microsoft. Uniconta understøttes af en professionel og landsdækkende forhandlerkanal samt et stort netværk af revisorer.


Our mission is simple: make finding and booking of space easier. SpaceDetector is a platform that lets both public institutions, as well as private individuals, sign up as hosts and rent or loan out any space they are in charge of for any purpose they choose for any length of time. The platform hence gives users unique access to spaces and equipment that would otherwise be inaccessible or financially unviable, optimizing access to space that would otherwise stand idle and unused.

Nordic Poppins

Nordic Poppins offers a high quality service with a personal touch. We hand-pick our nannies to represent our core value: to offer parents the best service possible. All our nannies have the appropriate childcare qualifications, a first aid certificate, a clean criminal record and outstanding references. We offer a wide range of services, such as babysitting for tourists, maternity assistance, long or short term nanny help and travel nannies.

Atea Future Growth

We are an international team of business and concept developers, multimedia designers and digital strategists. Our target is to cultivate radical future growth potential with end user value in focus, and technology as the means. We work in various industries including; Retail, Smart Cities, Healthcare and Education. Based on analyses of market, user trends and customer interviews, we explore how emerging technologies can shape the future in traditional industries.


117Banker er en dansk prissammenligningstjeneste. Vi sammenligner og anmelder forbrugslån og kreditkort i Danmark, Sverige og Norge. Sitets formål er at guide og vejlede brugere i Skandinavien til et bedre lånetilbud eller tilbud på kreditkort. Brugerne kan anmelde de enkelte kreditselskaber, og derved være med til at guide andre. Vi anbefaler, at brugerne tillægger fakta størst vægt i deres beslutningsproces (ÅOP, kreditomkostninger, debitorrente, afdragsperiode, krav fra långiver, beløb osv).


spisr wants to alter the takeaway market. The days when you had to wait 60-90 minutes to get yourself a decent meal delivered, or pick it up yourself, is something of the past.With a tap of a button, you can order your dinner from a selection of well-prepared and delicious meals made from honest ingredients, and prepared by our own chefs. In less than 15 minutes your meal will then show up at your doorstep, hot and ready to eat. Bon appetit!

Geniads ApS

Geniads er et konsulentbureau specialiseret i betalt markedsføring på søgemaskiner som Google, Bing osv.. Virksomheden blev stiftet i starten af 2013 og omfatter i øjeblikket omkring 50 forskellige kunder. Vi er således en startup virksomhed med fokus på, ikke blot at skabe gode resultater for vores kunder, men ligeledes at involvere dem i et transparent og ærligt samarbejde. Vores værdier går på åbenhed, ærlighed og god service – værdier der desværre ikke altid gennemstrømmer branchen.

Uden Lige

Uden Lige is a small digital design agency based in Kødbyen, Copenhagen. Creating user experience, visual identities and digital applications. Services include digital strategy, wireframes, prototyping, usertesting, art direction, design, motion graphics and interfaces.

City Space

City Space is a transparent online marketplace for city spaces. We want to make any type of vacant space available for anyone at anytime, and thereby optimising and improving the way we use and exploit the city. Whether it’s a roo op space, a backyard, empty buildings waiting to be developed, or unused mall space, we make it easy for space owners to rent it out, and just as easy for brands or people to rent the space on a short term basis. Just like Airbnb, but for all kinds of unused spaces.


Mobile Backend with customer app and merchant app   Customers can locate businesses near them easily with geo-location, the app allows them to discover new businesses all over the world and never miss a discount. Businesses can run and manage loyalty program easily, process orders via merchant app from any location and access history along with all their data in their own backend hosted on our servers.