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Vi hos hjælper dig til en forbedret hverdag med vores massage- og kompressions støvler. Vores støvler hjælper dig med gigt, uro i benene, ødemer, smertelindring og meget mere. Når støvlerne anvendes giver det en øget blodcirkulation, som fjerner hævelse, smerte og affaldstoffer og hjælper lymfesystemet.


We are YoHype and we are a SaaS start-up that specialise in software for influencer marketing. Our software makes it easier for marketing professionals to identify the right influencers for their marketing campaigns and track the content produced by the influencers. Our platform has today more than 2.500 Danish influences signed-up, and we are growing every day. The platform went live in January 2018 and we are 7 employees with offices in Copenhagen and Århus.


MinEjendom is a new digital way of managing housing administration. We want people who live in housing cooperatives and condos to take back control of their property by enabling them to run operations digitally, on demand and (almost) by themselves. Today, housing administration is costly and in many ways inefficient, and residents pay large up-front fees that often do not match with the service provided. We have decided to break with conventional thinking and create a new better solution. Our team has a wide variety of skills, as we are a good mixture of developers, graphic designers and marketers. We share our daily routines and coffee maker with our parent company SCHØDT A/S. Together, we are convinced that we possess the right and necessary competencies to offer a product and service that will make property operations, communications and maintenance easier to deal with. Even for people without the professional qualifications to do so. So how do we get there? - We believe in agile workflows - We believe in having an open office, a flat organizational structure, and an informal and humorous atmosphere - We believe in working hard and doing the right things right without comprimising on finding joy in what we do - We believe that user experience is the key to succes

Motus Workout

Motus workout er en innovativ virksomhed der laver app løsninger til motionsiter for at gøre livet for dem, markant nemmere, sjovere og inspirerende. Kernen heri, består i at der er en løbe, gå of cykel funktion der har startpunkt og slutpunkt på samme sted. Hertil kommer der nogen relaterede side produkter, såsom custom made t-shirts. Flere produkter kommer til med tiden.

TWA- Brands LLC

TWA-Brands LLC, a German-Danish based startup company, dedicated to the creation and distribution of SMART PRODUCTS for consumption HANGOVER OFF Is our star product/brand that quickly rehydrates your body, being perfect to treat the bad symptoms after alcohol consumption, the lack of water in your body because of a stressful, hard workout, stressful situations, and the dizziness after sleep deprivation. with a simple combination of electrolytes and the right combination of vitamin B,


DearFamiy ApS is a  startup company with a team that is dedicated, passionate, and competent. DearFamily calendar app provides you with an online family calendar that keeps your family organized and updated 24/7. Family members can manage appointments in the shared calendar and through push messages and notifications keep everyone up to date. Aps is a leading grants finding service in Denmark. It helps students win grants to study what and where they want. Further, work as fundraisers for government agencies, businesses and non-profits.Since early 2014 we have grown to become a top rated service within grants suggested by hundreds of on-line reviews primarily from Danish students. Besides we have raised money from foundations to a number of organizations including small business grants and other grants My name is Soren and I am founder at ( Professionally, I have consulted students, startups and international organisations, as well as for-profit and non profit companies and helped scaling organisations and operations across the country and internationally. Many of my clients has benefited largely financially from my expertise with fundraising. It's encouraging to experience their success in part thanks to my efforts and connections. On the personal side, I have travelled to 39 UN countries incl. Malta, Sweden, Indonesia and many more and lived abroad 6 years. And I want to visit every country in the world. A polyglot by nature capable of using 5 languages; completed a Thai MBA degree and speak Thai fluently. I am a winner of some of the most prestigious Danish scholarships.

InterForm A/S

We are specialized within Output Management. Turning data into documents for customers all over the world. We work with some of the largest ERP vendors out there. Currently, we are moving our software from on-premise to the cloud and the transformation is really exciting for the whole company and our customers.


WE ARE A CREATIVE DIGITAL AGENCY BASED IN DENMARK, AND WE WANT TO HELP YOU STAY AFLOAT.It is crucial to establish a solid, but agile foundation. Because we specialize in improving online storytelling, we know exactly what it means to be adaptive and flexible. We develop and monitor diverse platform strategies, campaigns, content creation, performance analytics and publishing to secure the best possible results are reached.


Founded in 2011 SKAARHOJ is still a very young and small company, but with a very promising future.  As many other Start-ups, SKAARHOJ also started more or less by coincident, when Kasper Skårhøj in his profession as a Video Producer at DTU saw a need for a smaller and cheaper broadcast control unit instead of the solution available from the company Blackmagic Design.   After 2 years he achieved what he had started out to develop and in 2013 he incorporated SKAARHOJ as a company.

Sensfood ApS

Alle skal have mulighed for at få en god pizza-oplevelse hjemme ved spisebordet. Med udgangspunkt i de bedste råvarer vil Sens Food udvikle produkter, der kan gøre en hvilken som helst pizza til en større og bedre smagsoplevelse.Sens Food arbejder med stor opmærksomhed, åbenhed og kreativitet på at udvikle pizzabranchen i Danmark.


CodersTrust provides a ‘Learn-and-Earn’ platform for tech talents in developing countries to upgrade their skills, so they can earn more money through freelance portals!Top freelancers are matched directly with the demand through B2B SaaS partnerships enabling CT to monetize both sides of the market.


We are a creative agency driven by a passion for storytelling and everything that is visual. Original ideas can always be made into digital stories, and that is our mission: to tell stories that involve, inspire and make you feel!Our individual backgrounds make us seasoned veterans in video production, photography, graphic design, social media and online marketing. The combination of these skills creates the perfect cocktail to help your brand succeed.


We create mobile solutions that support change, whether it is a personal change or digital transformation for your company. At BridgeIT we believe that engagement is the core element for creating successful mobile solutions. We are excited about what the technology and transformation era has to offer, and therefore we specialize in employee, patient and customer engagement as a driver for kick-starting our customers’ digital and organizational transformation.


DinOptimering - Digital markedsføring og webløsninger Hos DinOptimering laver vi unikke webløsninger til vores kunder. Vi tilbyder søgeoptimering der styrker kundens online profilering samt skaber trafik til deres hjemmeside. Vores digitale markedsføring i form af Facebook annoncering og Google Adwords annoncer skaber trafik/salg gennem diverse strategier. Er der brug for en ny hjemmeside? I så fald hjælper vi også gerne. Vi udbyder store som små webshop løsninger der fungere optimalt.