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Amino is a web portal where entrepreneurs meet. It consists of different pages where it is possible to debate, blog and exchange knowledge. 20.000 entrepeneurs is visiting every day. Amino makes it easier to buy or sell commercial leases, to get in contact with investors or find a good accountant.


Spring/Summer conceives, crafts and produces digital experiences that help build brands, are good for business and make people’s lives easier. They pride themselves in having some of the best talents in the business. They form a multidisciplinary team of strategists, user experience designers, visual designers, producers & technologists. They have worked with Nike, Adidas, Victoria's Secret, American Express, Swatch, Reebok, Uniqlo, B&O Play, Rapha, Carlsberg, Tuborg, Somersby, Grimbergen, Georg Jensen, TDC, YouSee, F.C.Copenhagen, TV2, Podio etc.

Nordjysk Projektledelse ApS

Nordjysk Projektledelse ApS (NPL) er et konsulenthus, som tilbyder ydelser inden for projektledelse. Man siger at 80% af alle projekter hos virksomheder aldrig bliver realiseret, og det vil vi gerne lave om på. Vores målsætning, når vi laver projekter er derfor, at vi skaber flow, sikrer leverancen og sørger for at projekterne nås i mål ude hos vores kunder. Det opnår vi gennem klar kommunikation, godt lederskab, og kompetencer som gør os fleksible i at kunne både arbejde med agile, vandfald og hybridprojekter. Vores hovedområder inden for projektledelse forholder sig til digitalisering, SCM, ledelsesstyring og forandringsledelse. Vores virksomhedsværdier er bygget på det nordjyske mindset, hvor vi sikrer den lovet kvalitet til en overkommelig pris. Vi går op i at opkvalificere vores medarbejdere, og sikre et motiverende arbejdsmiljø, så vi gennem styrke af vores in-house evner, bedre kan styrke vores kunders evner. I vores nuværende team er vi alle certificeret i enten PRINCE2, Scrum, Half Double eller SAFe.


Uvisa are an ambitious FemTech on a mission to empower women by offering them non-pharmacological solutions to their intimate health issues. Up to 1.45 billion women worldwide each year are suffering with vaginal discomfort and itching, most commonly caused by bacterial and fungal infections. This an extremely distressing condition that, if left untreated, can lead to infertility, increased risk of contracting STI's, and premature birth and miscarriage during pregnancy. Currently the only options for women to treat these conditions are over the counter remedies and prescription antibiotics. Uvisa are a scientifically focussed startup that are using technological advancements to develop a reusable device that will treat this condition regardless of the underlying cause, without the use of chemicals or drugs, in a matter of minutes. We believe that women's health has been overlooked, underfunded and neglected for far too long! We are a team of four passionate people that want to change the status quo and give women and those with vulvas alternative options which do not require them to pump their bodies full of man-made pharmaceuticals.

Improv Communication

Ever since Viola Spolin invented theatre games to help immigrant children make friends while not being connected by a common language, improv has been used to make people better communicaters. It turns out that the skills performers master to create shows in the moment that are coherent and meaningful can also be used to help teams achieve more together. We teach those skills to companies all over Denmark. Improv Communication is part of the Improv Comedy Copenhagen Theatre

Makari - Sustainable Crowdlending

The world is full of people with great ideas. Ideas that can change the world, if we let them. The beautiful thing is, every one of us can do that, and we don’t have to wait a single minute. With a bit of courage and a lot of heart, we can ignite sustainable solutions today, so they can make an even bigger impact tomorrow. Crowdlending offers the perfect way for all of us to create a world where money is used to do good. That is why, we have created Makari - a community of likeminded people, who want to contribute to a more sustainable world, locally and globally. We remove financial access barriers to connect solutions with money, enterprises with investors, people with people. So, whether you’re new to crowdfunding or a total master, whether your investment budget is small or large, we welcome you to join us. Makari - Smart investments are green.


Real estate and the urban environment have a profound impact on all of us We spend 90% of our lives inside buildings. And by 2050 almost 70% of us will live in cities. The built environment enables life, community and culture. But at the same time, it fosters loneliness and health issues. It counts for almost 40% of global CO2 emissions. It is the biggest living expense for most people. And nowhere is growing inequality more visible than in how we live. To overcome the challenges of population growth, climate change, growing inequality and social unrest, we need to move to a more conscious and responsible version of capitalism. A version that is market-based, but with equal priority for all stakeholders and with long-lasting impact. We are a European real estate company setting out to develop urban communities with inclusivity, liveability and sustainability at its core. We do not have all the answers yet, but we aspire to join forces with likeminded investors and partners – and we are a team with the motivation, experience and ambition to be a pathfinder on this journey. We are Home.Earth


More than 40% of the electrical energy in office environments is used outside working hours. CO2 in buildings has too high a level, which gives sick employees and students who lose 12% of their learning ability. Ventilation is often oversized by 10-20% due to uncertainty about CO2 levels, which have not been adequately investigated and measured. Often, consulting firms offer a measurement over 30 days. The measurements are only a snapshot of the real picture, which does not take into account the season and number of people in the room. VOCs in buildings are more harmful than first thought. VOC combined with too high CO2 can cause allergic reactions and over time develop asthma. The solution for reducing electricity consumption is to use intelligent automation and with behavior control. A sensor can be set up in areas that are used that automatically turn on the light when there is a person present. Several companies offer this solution, but if it is to be used for something, the devices must send data to the central server, after which you can analyze when and how much. The data set provides better management and control. For the CO2 problem, sensors are set up in the premises. The problem with existing sensors on the market is they have to be mounted with cable that is led maybe 100m away to a central box. It is both expensive and often not without surprises, especially for older buildings where drawings are often not updated. Sawux solves several of the mentioned problems. Sawux is a combination of 5 sensors in the same unit that measure and operate wirelessly. The sensors have access to a Cloud server, where data is collected every minute. Then data can be analyzed and given a real picture over time, which forms the basis for the right decision and correct ventilation systems. Sawux fits into existing 230V electrical environment and does not require cabling, boxes, battery or external power supplies. Sawux connects to the Internet via standard WiFi, which is found in all modern buildings. Sawux's solution is very cost effective and user friendly which is able to provide valid data. The Sawux system comes with an app. and web based energy management system, where you can at any time perform analysis of the building completely at the contact level.


BostadsPortal grundades år 2010 och har sedan dess vuxit till en digital marknadsplats för uthyrare och bostadssökande att mötas på bättre villkor. Vi är en del av en längre tradition och tillhör den danska börsnoterade mediekoncernen North Media A/S som består av bland annat Danmarks största bostadsportal, BoligPortal. producer og sælger industrielle møbler, lavet i vandrør og svensk fyrretræ. Vores primærmarked er danmark, men vi har ligeledes webshops i Sverige, Tyskland, England og Holland. Firmaet blev stiftet i 2015, af tre brødre - Simon, Jonas og Daniel. Sidenheden er virksomheden vokset, så den i dag tæller 8 medarbejdere, som arbejder på kontor og lager i Fredericia. Du finder hele vores sortiment på - hvor du også kan finde mere information som virksomhedens historie og værdier.

MamaMilla blev startet af Kamilla efter at have været på barsel og indset at der manglede nogle gode kavlitetspridukter til gravide og babyer. Vi går 100% efter at gøre vores kunder tilfredse og anser dem for vores vigtigste prioritet. Om det er babynest, vikler, sutter eller bare en god snak om det at være gravid, så står vi klar!


Pepbercorn is developing a stockphoto portal to help businesses and blog owners and whoever might need it solve the need for professional photos with pay per photo concept instead of a subscription. The motivation for the project comes from a desire to help companies and others with images where the user rights have been secured and which are easier to deal with than common similar services, as there is no ongoing subscription. Pepbercorn er ved at udvikle en stockfoto portal for at hjælpe virksomheder og bloggere - og hvem, der måtte have brug for det - med adgang til billeder taget af professionelle fotografer mod engangsbetaling pr. billede i stedet for et løbende abonnement. Motivationen til projektet kommer sig af en lyst til at hjælpe virksomheder og andre med billeder, hvor man har sikret sig brugerrettighederne og som er nemmere at have med at gøre end gængse lignende tjenester, idet der ikke er tilknyttet et løbende abonnement.


Purpose 1: BOOST22 is bringing people together across geography, nationality and culture. Ways 2: We reinvent the traditional card-night and building a worldwide community based on our brand new cardgame. A cardgame that is easy to learn, fast played and and difficult to master. Impact 3: Old relationships are brought to life, exciting relationships is getting a new angle, and new relationships occurs. Join the journey of this new powerful cardgame.


KLUB er et forsamlingshus for professionelle, der er interesseret i verdens transformation. Tidligere var det branchenetværk, Rotary-klubber og VL-grupper, der fungerede som professionelle vandhuller. Det var der man hentede inspiration eller blev ajourført. De findes stadigvæk. Men i dag drives udviklingen i samfundet og i erhvervslivet ofte af dagsordener på tværs af de enkelte brancher. Det er disse dagsordener, KLUB koncentrerer sig om. Medlemmerne kommer fra vidt forskellige brancher. KLUB er et fælleskab, der er forbundet i nysgerrigheden efter at forholde sig klogt til de omskiftelige betingelser, som definerer virksomhedernes og borgernes handlingsrum i fremtiden. Medlemmerne (370 på nyhedsbrevet) er stærke profiler, der øver indflydelse i deres faglige sammenhænge. Mange er direktører, bestyrelsesmedlemmer, eksministre eller ejere af virksomheder.


Light only where it should be. NorthLED is a LED Technology company founded in 2016 that design and produce high-performance LED solutions. Our patented technology is built on high-end brand components, optical modulation, and customization. We are moving into the IoT world and are looking to expand into IoT development, device management etc.