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Bmetric is a full-service technology start-up that makes customer journeys - and data - work better for trusted brands across Europe. Our service and technology operate in a space between websites and call centres, a space in which businesses often lack the data and actionability to incentivise customer return. Bmetric technologies provide cross-channel data and apply machine learning to promote specific sales and service goals for our customers by repairing and enhancing customer experiences.


We are committed to complement individual and collective human potential by bringing people to open debates.  In order to do so we arrange and moderate debates for everyone on a large diversity of topics. You can se the topics at  Our vision is to become a sustainable company which benefits society by creating better opportunities to debate for everyone.


Abtion is a creative technology company building software and services that make life better, easier and more fun. Zeros and ones are the backbone of our work, and together with a diverse mix of designers, developers and strategists, we create websites, mobile- and web applications with a purpose.  Our approach is human-centered. We don’t just do pretty, we design strategic and business-oriented — and with purpose. Just because something is smart from a technological point of view, it is not necessarily what creates the best experience for the user (and the best business for you). We make decisions based on user insights and data. We are always on the lookout for new talents to join our office in Copenhagen or Odense. So do not be shy and drop us a line!

We provide a platform where forest and garden owners get easy access to retrieve forest services with competitive and transparent prices from contractors in a high trust environment.By building an online platform, our goal is to establish a cost-leadership position through automization and an enabling user environment, which is operational at far lower cost of transaction, than currently prevail in the market.


KlarPris is cloud-based price comparison and purchasing service targeting construction companies. We started in 2014 and have more than 800 companies using KlarPris every day to optimize their business. Our small and dedicated team is located in central Copenhagen and serve our customers across Scandinavia. Our goal is to do super advanced stuff and present it to the user in the simplest and fastest way possible.

Nordic Startup Bits

Nordic Startup Bits is an English language media that provides insights into life as an entrepreneur, the business behind startups, and trends relevant to the Nordic startup environment. Bit by bit, we tell the stories of Nordic startups: the exciting innovations, the people behind them, and the communities that support them.


Artland is a global online platform dedicated to connecting galleries with collectors worldwide. With the goal of making contemporary art more accessible, we offer a new way to discover, sell and buy art. In creating a unique virtual destination, Artland creates a place for collectors and galleries to meet, whilst unlocking new possibilities for the art world to expand.


CrediWire is a FinTech start-up that collects cloud data to do real-time credit rating, customer analytics, and deliver work optimizing enterprise software to banks and other financial services. We are a team of highly professional and experienced; entrepreneurs, investment bankers, marketers, and developers.   Our focus is to develop the next-generation technologies that will change how millions interact with the financial industry. See more at CrediWire was founded by the experienced entrepreneurs Nicholas Meilstrup (CEO) & Kasper Mullesgaard (CTO). The team has decades of experience within IT development, start-ups, marketing and sales. CrediWire's board of directors consist of well known corporate figures from the Nordic and European market. We put emphasis on a fun, creative and innovative work environment and have office in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Transporteca is an online marketplace for international shipping of goods. Freight forwarders use the portal to offer their transportation services, which enables buyers to compare relevant services and to book online. Transporteca also handles pricing, sales, financial flow and document flow.Buying and selling shipping services has never been easier. makes sport fun by engaging users in real-time fantasy manager games.Our business is online engagement and our platforms are and We do everything from developing, support and marketing in-house and we are located in a bright and open office space in Vesterbro, Copenhagen.Our vision is to make sport fun, and we are always keen to hear from talented people who can help us grow and make sport even more fun.


Practio is making high quality healthcare accessible for all, by providing a technology platform that strengthens pharmacies as local healthcare hubs. Founded in 2015 in Copenhagen, Practio currently employs 30+ people in our offices in Copenhagen, Lisbon and Liverpool, and is currently active in Denmark and the UK.

CxD - Child Experience Design

CxD is the producer of interactive and engaging learning environments for children. We aim towards learning in a more fun way as well as moving. This is done by emerging the physical elements of play with a digital layer in new interactive products. The first product is in the pipeline launching in April 2016: Hopspots. With 12 interactive Pads and a game station it is now possible to move and play while learning at the same time.


ERNIT is the world’s first smart piggy bank. It gives your children confidence to deal with real money in a digital world and harnesses the very latest technology to gain important lifelong skills that never go out of date: how to earn and manage their funds – all on their own. Our interactive app and attractive piggy bank make the intangible, tangible. Pocket-money chores become relevant. Goals become as much about the journey as the arrival. And giving has a purpose.

House of Code

We are a team of experienced Consultants, App and Web Developers that work closely together with our network of partners and clients to deliver new and innovative solutions. We think creative, are solution-oriented and take responsibility and ownership for our products. It is important to us that our clients are provided with functional solutions tailored to their needs.   We are dedicated to the development of digital solutions that create value and knowledge. In other words; We love technology


Morningtrain is a Danish digital agency located in Odense Funen. We specialize in digital marketing, web-design and web-development. We've grown from 4 employees to 40 in 5 years, and recieved numeroues awards on our journey. One of the most important one is the the "Denmark's Most Healthy Workplace 2020" - we cherish our employees and want Morningtrain to be an amazing place to work