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Coh&Co Copenhagen

Coh&Co is a bicycle company with a mission to bring new riding experiences, quality and a sustainable mindset to urban cycling. Innovative design & material tech combine with a unique inter-relational sales platform as a foundation for circular economy & long-lived products to rejuvenate the urban cycling market. Highlights - We have a full range of well developed products and production tooling. - We have begun selling thru our distribution network and direct online. - Award winning products and several nominations internationally. - Inhouse design, engineering, programming, CNC & online marketing established - Our supply chain is gradually becoming more established and negotiable. The Business Coh&Co’s bicycles are made of a new groundbreaking material technology that makes it possible to recycle carbon fibre and thus offer our customers a lifetime warranty that transitions into a buy-back program when the product is 10 years old. This opens up possibilities for a circular product life cycle and encourages ambassador shops and customers alike to work with us to maintain these bicycles and keep them operating at their best. Sales divided between direct internet sales and brick mortar ambassador shops ensure that our products can be serviced locally. Our digital sales platform helps ambassador shops engage consumers through out the product lifecycle while providing them with virtual stock to complement their showroom stock. The Market European focus on cutting CO2 emissions and healthcare costs has brought on strong public investment in commuter cycling programs & cycling infrastructure. This is driving growth in urban commuter, cargo bicycle & Pedelec markets. European cycling industry statistics estimate sales at 16B€ with a CAGR of 4-6%. Independent retailers maintain 40-55% of market share. Average unit costs are increasing. People & society are investing in a cycling lifestyle. Coh&Co assists small retailers in servicing local markets with commuter bicycles & cargo bicycles. We have screened 200 retailers across Northern Europe and are actively expanding our ambassador shop network. The expansion will drive sales of 600 units in 2020 and 1000 in 2021. Progress/Proof With 4 years of technology and materials development and a series of new designs, Coh&Co is pioneering the implementation of carbon fibre composites in the urban cycling market. The development has included techniques for recycling of these materials. To date, we have a series of 5 models that sport this new technology. Objectives/Future We have had a strong start developing products & business models for a growing market. Now we need to focus on expanding distribution and sales while optimising our production pipeline. Coh&Co will spend 2020 expanding to encompass 40 points of sale in Northern Europe, whilst continuing the development of our sales and marketing products to better arm retailers with appropriate tools to address a dynamic market.

Ja Tak

Du kender med garanti de populære ja-tak-tilbud, hvor lokale forretninger sælger restpartier, store partier eller spotvarer via deres Facebook-side. App'ens formål er at gøre det lettere at komme ud til flere potentielle købere og få dem til at handle direkte i din fysiske butik og ikke via postordre. Alle fysiske butikker er velkommen til at sælge deres produkter eller ydelser via app'en.

The Transporters

3PL company that focuses on solution systems for last-mile deliveries & urban micromobility infrastructure. We work with IT professionals, state-owned institutions, electric scooter owner companies and end-consumers in our daily operations. A team of 20 so far, working with enthusiasm and perseverance towards neater cities and greener last-mile solutions.


MoldoVin is an import company based in Copenhagen. We import wine from Moldova, a small country in eastern Europe. The country is known for their delicious wines, but unfortunately not in Scandinavia. Our mission is to bring this underrated wine into Scandinavia, starting with Denmark, and help wine connoisseurs broaden the views on what is considered a great wine.

The Why

The Why is a no-profit organisation that initiates, produces and distributes documentaries on pressing social and environmental issues. It promotes human rights, democracy, gender equality and justice by providing the world with thought-provoking and investigative documentary films. It fights for freedom of media and free access to realible information for all and collaborates with public broadcasters, NGOs and educational institutions across all continents. The Why contributes to the UN SDGs by educating for sustainability and supporting free media.

Anyware Solutions

Anyware Solutions provides Smart Home-as-a-Service based on unique retrofit IoT devices, including the unprecedented and award-winning Anyware Smart Adaptor – the world's smallest and smartest lamp socket adaptor. The Anyware Smart Adaptor is a Smart Room solution, enabling the user to achieve 'smarter living' Room y Room, Service by Service. It is seamless to self-install and easy to use for everyone. The unique Data Analytics and Customer Engagement Platform enables companies to effectively create customer retention, acquisition and re-engagement alongside new revenue streams through targeted and personalized customer interaction and cross-selling of connected devices and services.