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VR Rehab

We believe that the best way to help people who are suffering is to change their reality. VR Rehab offers clinical VR solutions to improve rehabilitation processes. Our core product is ReHub - a VR rehabilitation platform which gives access to VR applications specifically designed for physical and/or cognitive rehabilitation. We also cover a range of hardware products and services to ensure optimal experiences. Our mission is to bring rehabilitation at home.

Growth Tribe Denmark

Growth Tribe is Europe’s 1st Growth Hacking Academy. At Growth Tribe, we teach the digital growth skills of the future: Growth Hacking and A.I. & Machine Learning skills. We have trained over 10.000+ people, from 900+ different companies. We have courses in Amsterdam, London, Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo & Copenhagen, and we help teams from SME's and Corporates with growth coaching.  Join us as we are growing brand awareness in Denmark!


Akkurator produces branded podcasts for other companies. Some of our clients include Aarhus Letbane, Northside and Dynaudio.The podcast is a strong communication tool in the modern media landscape, because it gives clients new ways to reach their audience. The podcast is on demand, can be used in many different situation where other media cant, and is a great story teller.

DIGILABS - Creative Agency

DIGILABS is international creative company founded in 2017.  Our specialisation areas are visual design, digital products and performance marketing. We take care about client needs in whichever phase of his business. Our dream team is created by designers, copywriters, programmers, socialists and marketers. Therefore we are able to cover different kinds of project briefs, campaigns and other requests. Our main goal is to fulfill clients visions, deliver on time and more than expected.

Stars Connections

Need any kind of service? Post a request.OrDo you have any skill? Fill in your profile on our platform.We connect you!Freelancers are connected with people in need of any services, such as handyman, home, garden, beauty, cars, travel, photography, health, and so on. Come and enjoy selling your skills or get help for your need on .

Scrinium ApS

Scrinium is a FinTech company dedicated to helping investors making better, more informed decisions and keep track of their investments. The Product: Scrinium is a state of the art all-in-one portfolio management tool developed in tight corporation with the industry. Scrinium offers front- middle and back office solutions for asset managers, enabling them to make better and more informed decisions, easier. Scrinium is a family driven startup. We have a flat organizational structure and we treat every employee as family. We're a tight-knit group with a friendly atmosphere and we strive to make everyone as comfortable coming to work as possible. Right now we don't have the capacity to host Friday-night bars, especially with the diverse age-groups working at Scrinium, but we like to have a social dinner once in a while. Our everyday demeanor is professional but friendly - there's room for jokes.

Rainmaking at Pier47

Rainmaking at Pier47 is a collaborative space for leading corporate innovators and entrepreneurs. At Rainmaking we update you on the technologies and trends redefining industries -right now- by connecting you to relevant peers and resources and by facilitating workshops and presentations with people who have succeeded with a transformation within their own company.


InnoFounder is a nationwide design-driven incubator owned and financed by Innovation Fund Denmark. InnoFounder offers 12 months of funding of 215.000 DKK per founder, a dedicated mentor, workshops on everything a startup needs to grow, a free seat at a co-working space and a vast network of investors and domain experts.


Our product enables freight forwarderes and transport buyers: Visibility across transport stakeholders and geographies  Visibility in communication enables you to control all parties, from shipping line, airlines, truckers, freight forwarders and customers. Rate Visibility: Applying technology to achieve rate transparency can help organizations ensure that the most cost-effective rates, at the right service level, are consistently used.

Dinero Regnskab ApS

Vi startede Dinero i 2013 med visionen om at blive Europas førende leverandør af værktøjer til små virksomheder, der gør dem i stand til selv at lave deres daglige bogføring uden nogen form for viden om regnskab. Det gør vi ved at crowdsource data og finde mønstre i den måde, som virksomheder bogfører på – og så give denne viden til alle andre virksomheder. Og da vi kører med en freemium-model, får vi cirka 100 nye virksomheder på hver dag, der giver os meget data at arbejde med.

Finans 247

Finans 247 ApS is a European online consumer lending group specialized in offering short term loans to consumers. Our key concept is to be convenient and to lend people the money they need – in a responsible, quick and easy way.   We provide short-term loans to consumers in Scandinavia, easy, fast, secure and reliable through our two products: – our payday loan product: – our line of credit product:

Cerebriu A/S

Cerebriu improves global healthcare by helping radiology work smarter using AI solutions. Our solutions span real-time decision support during radiology examination through enriched image analysis supporting medical diagnostics. Our workflow solutions are powered by a deep learning-based AI backbone that provide fully automated image quantification and biomarkers, initially of MRI brain scans. We come from all over the world with a mission to make the most versatile Brain MRI analysis tools.

Skov Rejser

SkovRejser is a holiday portal that connects all holiday offers from the German tour operators that are departing from Hamburg Airport on The site is on Danish and is super user friendly. We target Danish citizens from Funen and Jutland, as they are fairly close to Hamburg Airport. We are looking for an advisory board with knowledge of online marketing, site optimizing and travel industry experience. Kind regards, Henrik SkovFounder and partner

Big Little Frank

We build, refursbish and upgrade Mac Pro systems, for all kind of creative professionals within video-creation, music-production, 3D & more. Each of these Mac workstations are built on the base of our clients specific needs, with the best modern components, with great attention to details and software optimization.Our Mac Pro are 100% Apple original machines, but we do also build PCs which can run MacOS.

Bluebell ApS

Bluebell ApS er et it-firma med fokus på moderne og fremtidssikrede løsninger, inden for apps og hjemmesider. Vi er specialister i at udvikle apps og hjemmesider, der forener flot design og brugervenlighed, med funktionalitet og intelligente løsninger. Vi tilbyder app udvikling i både iOS og Android, mens hjemmesiderne bliver udviklet i Laravel. Bluebell i Sverige Vi er også på det svenske marked, med kontor i Malmø. For de svensksprogede har vi hjemmesiden