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the Monocular

We are on a mission to inspire people to get closer to nature and to each other.The Monocular is a media-tech startup developing an online platform for outdoor culture.We are committed to delivering the most authentic and engaging content to the social outdoor generation.  We empower content creators to grow their audience and professionalize brand collaborations, by cultivating successful brand strategies, providing technology, measurement, and distribution at scale on the Monocular platform.


At AppKoncept we construct and develop mobils apps and startups. We build companies and for companies. Are you looking to join a strong team with many skills? Welcome to the perfect workspace. We have developed a lot of apps, some count: Secondo, Just Hang, Too Good To Go, Cleenento, SportiUp, Socialize, Work for Me!, Cheapp etc.Read more at:

Teamwork Family

Follow the procedure at Teamwork Family’ platform and you will increase your chances of an amicable divorce considerably.Teamwork Family is an objectively portal that helps divorced parents make and navigate through the many difficult and important choices - before, during and after a divorce.You will have a tool there takes care of all the agreements made and keep track on the financial balance between you and your ex-spouse. And you keep track on who has the kids at any given day/time. We acknowledge that feelings and emotional needs often dominate the process of making a parental agreement. We can't do anything about the statistics, but we can help you handle the necessary agreements so that your divorce becomes more manageable. We have gathered the parental agreement, the division of property, and the financial agreement in one place. We provide you with an overview of both the details and the bigger picture making agreements more transparent, objective and fair.


Innrider consists of a core duo, as well as a supporting quality team, all contributing to the brand Innrider. Jeanett Andersen and Maria Dehnhardt are the driving forces behind Innrider.  A brand based on innovation and quality. We are now introducing a brand new concept to the equestrian market. A concept where every product is unique and only produced in very limited editions.


Amillionmails is an email Ad-server. It's a smarter way to buy and sell ads in email. We work to deliver a higher standard of display within email newsletters sent by top publishers. For advertisers, we make buying ads in email as easy as it is on the web, only with much higher standards.  For Sellers, we turn your email newsletters into an easy innovative and powerful revenue stream.


VIPSTER – FROM NOBODY TO SOMEBODY IN MINUTES Meet Vipster the new fun and rewarding clubbing APP that transforms you from average Joe to VIP in just two simple steps. Vipster is a brand new customer service-, marketing- and e-commerce platform that upgrades your night club experience in one easy-to-use APP. Vipster provides the night club guest with exclusive VIP benefits. Let’s you interact with other guests, buy directly through the APP at discount rates with build in superior service. And if you feel like it you can even send drinks to selected fellow guest. To ensure the success Vipster provides not only the guest with unique advantages but also gives the club owner a wide range of commercial possibilities to increase both sales and customer service. Everything fully integrated with your existing IT systems. "With more than 35 professional club owners starting to take advantage of the concept. Vipster is a well proven platform that combines E-commerce and extended social community features with the possibility to maximize both the customer experience and the Club revenue.”


KlarPris is cloud-based price comparison and purchasing service targeting construction companies. We started in 2014 and have more than 800 companies using KlarPris every day to optimize their business. Our small and dedicated team is located in central Copenhagen and serve our customers across Scandinavia. Our goal is to do super advanced stuff and present it to the user in the simplest and fastest way possible.

Tubus Technology ApS

Tubus Technology ApS is an innovative start-up business that works within ideation, innovation and product development. We enforce self-empowerment and independence by developing products that are designed to make a difference for people with physical limitations. We work with the entire process from idea generation and product development to market validation and production development. We are currently in the stage of making international market validation and development for our first product TubusOne. TubusOne is a medical device class 1 product that holds a CE mark. It is a mechanical device for people with upper limb limitations and works by sipping and puffing into a tube (hence the name TubusOne). The tube contains a piston function that works like a finger on touchscreen devices when it is activated by a puff from the mouth. TubusOne is a prolonged finger used for navigation on touchscreen devices.


Pro-Screens strives to optimize multitasking on the laptop. We are providing our costumers with our portable screen: TRIO. Without any need for an electric socket, Pro-Screens makes your office completely portable - bring your laptop and TRIO wherever you go! In order to maximize the working effort on the laptop, TRIO makes it possible to simply switch from one screen to another - just like a foldable monitor. We seek to minimize time waste on the laptop while improving our costumer's general work efficiency.

Tiger Online Digital Marketing Bureau

Vi tilbyder et komplet udvalg af digital marketing services! Vi kan udvikle din virksomhed hurtigt gennem online markedsføring Vi er et digitalt marketing bureau, der arbejder med inspirerede virksomheder, der søger at dominere deres niche. Vores strategiske proces er designet til at brande din virksomhed og vores kampagner fremmer engagement og driver forbrugerhandlinger.


We're passionate innovators and developers of software for mobile platforms. We optimize workflows that are tedious and time consuming. Our framework is developed for an entire industry as well as niche applications. We offer software ranging from the unique and tailored to industry solutions.Our software for mobile platforms comes with the following key benefits:Time saving in the office and at the customerError eliminating Optimizing workflowsMaking life easier on-siteLess administration