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We supplement health services to small-and-midsized businesses, to improve employee welfare.Employer! Think about this: Do you provide your staff with possibilities for treating work-related injuries or illnesses? No? Have you assessed the productivity, let alone emotional gains associated with providing such care for your employees?If so, we can help you on this journey by providing a lower cost and flexible solution. Book us for a test-drive at and experience our services.


Kommunikant er et mindre kommunikationsbureau, der arbejder med online kommunikation og marketing. Vores fokus er især på rådgivning og undervisning i LinkedIn. Dertil arbejder vi med den praktiske kommunikation for vores kunder, som kan være blogindlæg, opretholde profiler på sociale medier og PR.Kunderne er indenfor forskellige brancher:JobcenterKommuneUddannelsescenterProduktionMekanikerRevisorerDesign/InteriørOg flere andre...


We are a small start-up tech company based in Copenhagen currently working on algorithms and apps that applies said algorithms. We expect to introduce our services publicly in the second quarter of 2017.We are in the prototyping stage and are looking for funding.We will continue to update our profile.


ABaCus is a smart tool for training math, currently helping one third of Danish high schools improving their math teaching. At the moment 20% of students fail their high school math exams. We want to change that! We offer a new way of training and improving math skills, which adapts to the individual user and gives feedback based on clever algorithms and machine learning.


Transport er systemer, der altid kan optimeres. I Multiflash optimerer vi transportsystemer med intelligent software og kun den mest nødvendige hardware. Missionen er at hjælpe vores samarbejdspartnere med at udnytte optimerings-software på deres egne præmisser mest muligt. Vi udvikler: Flådestyringssystemet - MultiTrack Ruteoptimeringssystemet - MultiRoute Chauffør applikationen - MultiApp Vi er altid på udkig efter nye kollegaer til vores unge team af udviklere.

Six Nordics

VI.ER AKVAVIT, which is today known as Six Nordics, was founded in 2015 based on a desire to create an aquavit that soars above everything else that is already on the market. We produce aquavits that make people want to immerse themselves into a new world of Nordic cool, combining our classic virtues of craftsmanship and quality with a contemporary and relaxed approach. Our goal is to design and produce a series of aquavits that are distilled and infused with the finest herbs and plants from Denmark and the Nordics. We have teamed up with some of the best and brightest within their respective fields to help us forage and distill our aquavits. Six Nordics is more than just an exclusive small batch aquavit - it’s a lifestyle. It is a community of individuals who seek the unique, love adventure and do not compromise on quality . As we grow our small company, we are looking for individuals who share these values and will help us become the best aquavit in the world.


Hostnordic is a professional IT Outsourcing and web hosting supplier. They handle both advanced cloud solutions and customer service.


AnalyticTrust has emerged from the desire among analytical instrument owners to have a better and more flexible control of their instruments. AnalyticTrust is a Software as a Service solution (SAAS) which will help the costumers ensure that their instruments and analytical processes perform to the fullest of their potentialwith improved margins and thereby release additional profit based on monitoring and management of the analysis processes from sampling to reporting results. AnalyticTrust enables the users to maintain an overview of all their locations, organizations, instruments and applications.

Gamerce ApS

Gamerce ApS is a newly established software company that offers e-commerce companies new customers by using mobile games as a marketing conversion tool. Our customers are e-commerce companies offering their customers bonus points, discount codes or other forms of digital reward structures. Gamerce drives traffic and conversion to your e-commerce business. This is done by offering you a top quality branded mobile game with unique conversion and drive to shop mechanisms.  The people behind Gamerce have proven the strength of using mobile games as an effective drive to shop mechanism within retail. Now we are ready to expand fast into e-tail. Gamerce is a sister company of Copenhagen Creators, which has 12 employees in programming, graphics, animation, project management and game design. Copenhagen Creators has delivered solutions for widely different companies such as Tivoli, Bilka, Kiloo, Carlsberg, the Danish Defence and London & Partners.

Ampa Medical

Ampa Medical is a health-tech start-up, dedicated to radically improve the quality of life for people living with an ileostomy (stoma from small intestine). Today a stoma bag is the only available solution for people with ileostomy. But living with a bag of stool attached to your stomach 24/7 comes with a lot of clinical complications and social stigma, decreasing quality of life for the many people living with an ileostomy. Ampa Medical is determined to change this.

YanCo ApS

We LOVE building WordPress and WooCommerce solutions that create ongoing value for our clients.WordPress and WooCommerce is our specialty and with more than 10 years experience in developing software and web solutions.We serve our clients by building webshops, websites and provide ongoing service through service and maintenance plans for WordPress, WooCommerce and E-learning platforms built with WordPress.Read more about us here (in Danish):

Skov Rejser

SkovRejser is a holiday portal that connects all holiday offers from the German tour operators that are departing from Hamburg Airport on The site is on Danish and is super user friendly. We target Danish citizens from Funen and Jutland, as they are fairly close to Hamburg Airport. We are looking for an advisory board with knowledge of online marketing, site optimizing and travel industry experience. Kind regards, Henrik SkovFounder and partner


We deliver parcels sameday you place your order in a webshop. We deliver parcels cheap, fast and convenient for private consumers.Pickup parcels near you. Or receive a parcel at your adress in the evening when most of are at home.We also Pickup parcels from your doorstep and deliver it next day for a price starting from 2 Euro.We use Local Heros, young people and professionals to distribute in the evening.

Genius Analytics

Genius Analytics er den nye spiller på markedet. Konverteringsoptimering er aldrig tilbudt før som vi gør det. Vores ambition er, at være Danmarks billigste, men samtidig have den ønskede positive effekt på kundens konverteringsoptimering. Vi har derfor valgt, at opnår vi ikke det mål vi sætter inden start, jamen så skal du som kunde slet ikke betale. Ej heller selvom din konvertering er øget til punktet under målsat. Vores team er dit team.


SJELP is developing an app for coworking spaces. We let spaces assemble their own app from a selection of modules including community feed, meeting room bookings, billing and communication. We are currently testing a beta version of our software with select spaces in Denmark and Sweden. During summer 2017 we will launch out application to the market.