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We are a small company in Copenhagen who are working hard on making a new generation of creative tools. Our tools can be used by anyone in the production team to communicate their ideas to the rest of the team, regardless of their experience with animation and other 3D content. Create animations quicker than with current solutions and without compromising the quality of the outcome. We believe that 3 dimensional content should be created with 3 dimensions of freedom. Not with a keyboard and mouse.


LendBob is a danish startup comparing all types of loans. Everything from car loans, mortgages loan or payday loans. We're building a disruptive system which can change the way we compare loans. We want to show the best loan for exactly you. We are a small team, but with experience in finance and online marketing.

The Eastern Craft IVS

The Eastern Craft aims to bring the best of Polish and Eastern European craft beer, cider and soda to Denmark. We aim to not only import the best products but to promote the Eastern European craft beer scene through all venues possible; organizing events, collaborations and information transfer. We strongly focus on innovation – we look to innovate B2B sales pipelines, processes, and distribution as well as create new ways to connect B2C customers and bring craft beer culture to a wider audience.

Bendix Medier

Bendix Medier er en medieproduktionsvirksomhed i Aarhus. Vi producerer journalistiske stemningsvideoer til sociale medier og websites og derudover udvikler vi markedsføringskampagner og -materiale til at styrke virksomheders online tilstedeværelse på sociale medier. Vi har fokus på at fortælle nærværende historier på online platforme.

Wingroup ApS (

Only 2% of the bettors in the world play with profit. But there are betting experts who can actually find the edge over the bookmakers and make money on betting. Bettingfamily is a platform for these experts where users can subscribe to get their tips/analyzes and make a profit on sports betting. The experts are getting a percentage of the subscriber revenue they generate via our platform. We are NOT a bookmaker - see us more like a Airbnb/Etoro for Bettingexperts.


DareHero is the social video platform where users and brands engage directly, through video challenges and competitions, creating unaltered and unmediated relationships.  We are on the mission to make DareHero the global digital competition platform.  Users and brands experience and capture life through fun, engaging and short video challenges and responses, taking part in local and global competitions. All communities are invited to show their skills and passion. Currently growing in Denmark.

Civics ApS

Civics was established in 2016 with the aim of creating and delivering innovative citizenship-based services. The two founders both have personal experiences of having elderly relatives living at long distances away. We also both spend decades with technology innovation and entrepreneurship, and both are only a little more than a decade away of being in the group of seniors ourselves and we want to help create platforms making it easy to be an active senior -  for ourselves and many others.


At Manigrip we want to change the looks and feels of smaller assistive tools. Through user studies we learned, that people suffering from arthritis demands multifunctional assistive tools, that also offers great aesthetic design. We are creating and designing a new multifunctional grib for people suffering from hand mobility issues. The grib will work as an adapter for small and narrow objects, thus ensuring an ergonomical grib. Our product strives to be compared with great Scandinavian design.

DLIVER is an online delivery platform, that optimize transportation resources in our society. DLIVER is upfront with the newest technology to bring transparency and value to every transport buyer and -seller in the world.We would like to create a transport community in which all the resources are used optimal for the benefit of us as human beings and the planet earth. A society where transportation of parcels from A to B are easy, convenient, cheap and better for the environment.


OP & NED er på en mission i krydsfeltet mellem kunst, design og arkitektur. Vi benytter design og indretning af uderum som aktive redskaber til at skabe forandring.Vi skaber børnebyrum, der er smukke, fantasifulde og nyskabende i samarbejde med nogle af verdens bedste legepladsmagere, byudviklere og eksperter – børnene selv.For at sikre at det altid er den bedste idé, der realiseres har vi egen produktion i træ samt tætte samarbejder med dygtige leverandører i andre materialer.

UrbanCoast ApS

Fitness is the name of the game. We sell fitness products like protein powders, protein bars and fitness equipment. In our blog we focus om producing quality content for our webshop ensuring that we have blogcontent and articles for all of our readers. The sports nutrition and fitness community i booming online and we're a part of that growth.

DIGILABS - Creative Agency

DIGILABS is international creative company founded in 2017.  Our specialisation areas are visual design, digital products and performance marketing. We take care about client needs in whichever phase of his business. Our dream team is created by designers, copywriters, programmers, socialists and marketers. Therefore we are able to cover different kinds of project briefs, campaigns and other requests. Our main goal is to fulfill clients visions, deliver on time and more than expected.


DinOptimering - Digital markedsføring og webløsninger Hos DinOptimering laver vi unikke webløsninger til vores kunder. Vi tilbyder søgeoptimering der styrker kundens online profilering samt skaber trafik til deres hjemmeside. Vores digitale markedsføring i form af Facebook annoncering og Google Adwords annoncer skaber trafik/salg gennem diverse strategier. Er der brug for en ny hjemmeside? I så fald hjælper vi også gerne. Vi udbyder store som små webshop løsninger der fungere optimalt.


We are a tech start-up with an award-winning book-creation Web App for young elementary students. The Danish version is reaching 50% of the Danish public schools – with documented results of enhancing children’s learning. For 200 years schools have used basically the same methods to teach children to write and read. Still, every fifth child today is functionally illiterate. Our mission is to change that by offering motivating learning tools built on new tech and proven pedagogical principles.


Emailplatform er et dansk, prisvindende email marketing, marketing automation og sms marketing platform, som er grundlagt i 2011 af Kim Østergaard. Vi har selskaber i flere end 10 lande, og servicerer omkring 10.000 kunder. Den er stadig ejet af grundlæggeren og ledende medarbejdere.I dag beskæftiger vi flere end 50 medarbejdere på hovedkontorerne i Danmark og Makedonien. Herudover har hvert landekontor egen organisation til onboarding, support og salg.