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Ageras redefines administration for small businesses by integrating banking, accounting, and tax filing in a single platform. We serve more than one million companies in Europe and the US. We enable success for small businesses. At Billy, we work every day to make accounting and bookkeeping easy as a breeze by offering a cloud-based bookkeeping tool that makes it easy for our customers to invoice, keep track of bills and keep accounts.

Baser ApS

At Baser we are on our journey in changing the market for parasols and parasol bases.  We have made an awesome patent on a new type of locking system that simply does a better job at a reasonable price in the mass market. So naturally we have a pretty international mindset and we really like our high quality coffee.  Our culture is deeply rooted in the principles described in the 7 habits of highly effective people. This means we value proactive employees taking responsibility, a deep curiosity to learn, eagerness to share your expertise and a willingness to pitch your ideas when you have it. Humans fail, but as we say in our team fail is First Attempt In Learning. This is our culture. We let people grow and we give them the right tools to succeed. Important principles are:  Be Proactive, Plan your week, month, year - we help each other plan so we dont burn out, Think win-win with customers, employees & partners and seek first to understand thereafter to be understood - a difficult talent we all practice when times are tough. Synergize - by acknowledging our differences and having a variety of skillset we can create much greater things.

November First

November First improves cross-border and international payments based on transparent real-time currency exchange rates allowing businesses around Europe to start saving money and time on all their international and local payments and transfers.November First collaborate with one of the biggest banks in Europe to deliver the cheaper currency to companies of all sizes.November First will expand its operation throughout Europe and will be looking for talented and ambitious people to realize the potential. We have people from different countries who each contribute to the culture of the team. We are placed near the harbor, so we do jump in the water when it is not too cold. We love a great bottle of wine and from time to time play board games.

Cool Gray A/S

Cool Gray rummer et fuldservice kommunikations- og reklamebureau på pt. 32 medarbejdere i et hus med mere en 165 dygtige, imødekommende kolleger inden for alle grene af online- og offline kommunikation. Vi arbejder med integreret kommunikation på tværs af platforme. Vi brænder alle for det vi laver, og er gode til det.  Cool Gray udvikler løsninger med fokus på brugervenlighed og forretningsværdi for en lang række virksomheder i Norden. Vi er i gang med en spændende udvikling på det digitale område.

WeFly ApS

We help drone pilots start up their companies and help them get their dispensation from The Danish Aviation administration. Furthermore, we are striving to be the best supplier of aerial shots in Denmark.


Sequel blev grundlagt for at få udviklet en intuitiv løsning til det globale marked. Sequel søger tech og finansielle co-founders i København eller Aarhus med eksekveringsevner for at få videreudviklet den 1. version, som 10 ITU studerende og en scrum master har lavet i mit samarbejde efter pitch ved International Software Engineering og som er med til at søge investering, hvorefter vi kan udviklere platformen til en dynamisk, skarp Cloud-baseret, intuitiv løsning til globalt marked. Løsningen er valideret af rådgivere, advokater, ITU professorer, vækstkonsulenter etc.


Edulabs vision is to make every child in the world better at math. Therefore they created the math platform MatematikFessor.dk which is the biggest provider of digital math for primary schools in Denmark. Today 70% of the schools in Denmark uses EduLabs digital solution and over 75.000 students visits the site every day. More than 1 million questions are answered per day. In 2013 EduLab launched the norweagan edition MatteMestern.no to get closer to the goal of the vision, to make every child better at math.


At Meneto, our mission is to make accounting simple and less time consuming for businesses. Tasks like bookkeeping, Tax and VAT-reporting are often a pain for smaller companies and take away a lot of their time from focusing on growing their business. We made it to our task to make life easier for them by offering a digital accounting solution. The clients only need to forward or take a picture of their receipt and then Meneto takes care of the rest of the accounting from A-Z.


En af de absolut vigtigste faktorer for et succesfuldt bureau er effektivitet. Desværre er et strømlinet og effektivt workflow oftest forbeholdt de større bureauer, som formår at prioritere den tidskrævende og videnstunge opgave. Basely er de mindre bureauers virtuelle vækstpartner, der optimerer og automatiserer bureauets workflow i et skræddersyet all-in-one system, så de kan overgå de større bureauer i effektivitet uden at gå på kompromis med den personlige relation. Vi stræber efter at skrive et nyt kapitel i bureaubranchen, der giver mindre bureauer mulighed for, at udfordrer de etablerede normer og skabe en fremtid, hvor det ikke er størrelsen, men i stedet evnen til at levere det ekstraordinære, der definerer succes i bureaubranchen.

Aarland Media ApS

Aarland is a Design Studio where we focus on the entire graphic process. Right from idea generation to the implementation of design & layout. We are two down-to-earth people who share our process openly, act fast and always strives to deliver solutions that meet expectations - and ensure that we are on the same page.


Flowbuilders make Enterprise service management easy. With our many years of experience with Service Management, Flowbuilders has chosen to become a 4me® partner, and has therefore created Denmark's only dedicated 4me® Service Management Partner. 4me® takes Service Management to a whole new dimension, e.g. with full access to all the company's processes and seamless integration via “trust”. With 4me®, we also expand our process methods around the establishment of customers' necessary overview of business services and underlying critical infrastructure, typically divided into hardware, software and cloud assets. Within Asset Management, we work with the whole Asset Lifecycle. Especially the final part, where assets are to be disposed. We work with refurbishment, recycle and re-sell. And with our partnerships, companies can make a good economical business case, as well as get CO2 quotas in return to their company - doing something good for the environment. Flowbuilders works with Enterprise Service Management, and the establishment of efficient and automated processes within IT Asset Management, which ensures the business' needs for IT Asset Compliance.


Vi laver relevant kommunikation til mennesker med afsæt i data. Relevans finder man i krydsfeltet mellem kreativitet og strategi. Derfor tænker vores kreative strategisk og vores specialister kreativt. Resultatet er en e-mailkanal, der både er hurtig, billig og rentabel - og formidabel til at opbygge relationer mellem dig og din modtager. Vores store erfaring med e-mailmarketing betyder ikke, at vi ved, hvad der virker hver gang. Men at vi ved, hvordan vi finder ud af hvad der virker. Vi arbejder med e-mailmarketing ud fra et gennemtestet framework, som vi ikke er bange for at justere på i takt med, at dine data gør os klogere. Og det er netop dét, der er nøglen til effektiv e-mailmarketing.


Do you want to join a startup at the very beginning? - Here is your chance! protabase deliver customised software for smaller companies, and our apps help firms optimise and ease workflows. We love to develop apps that eliminate paper, confusion and bureaucracy. At protabase, we are currently developing a new SaaS solution for the agricultural sector, and we are looking for talents to join us on this journey!


Vicruit er en jobportal med videorekruttering. Rekrutteringsprocessen i dag er omstændig for både virksomheder og jobsøgende. Vicruit fjerner flere udfordringer ved den traditionelle jobsøgning og hjælper dig med at spare både tid og resourcer. Med videoansøgninger får du nemt og hurtigt et indtryk af den jobsøgende og den jobsøgende kan på samme tid søge sit drømmejob på få minutter.

CIMA Technologies

Consultancy and incubator. Project examples: Blockbasis.com: crypto bank and payment solution. dataTrade.dk offers people to claim their personal data from companies and earn money from selling data. Pre.Do: evaluating ideas aimed at companies (intelligent idea box) and start-ups/venture capitalists Copyfightr finds copyright infringements on Internet and offers automated legal process. GoGeekee matches companies with skilled it developers and assists negotiation and payment via smart coin.