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Schrøder & Villadsen

We are the creators of the new social event app - Hoodee. Hoodee gives you the best overview of nearby activities happening within the next 24 hours. You can read about and join exciting events ,create your own event, invite you Facebook friends and chat with all other attendees per event. With hte hoodee  app in your hand you'll never miss a thing. Donload app (danish appstore):

Vi formidler danske måltidskasser og gør det lettere for danskerne at undgå madspild. Vi prioriterer at danskerne: handler lokalthandler økologiskspiser fisk mindst en gang i ugenVi har et bredt udvalg af de mest populære måltidskasser i Danmark, som bl.a. er Aarstiderne, Retnemt, Den Grønne Asparges, Sundemå m.m.

BORN Denmark IVS

BORN Denmark is a danish company in growth. We are currently 3 shops online: ApS, ApS and BORN Nordic ApS (GreyLime) - we are constantly developing our companies and are always looking for news ways to do so. Currently we are 5 people connected to the projects: Luciano Bellacci, Jacob Oppenheim, Christoffer Nielsen, Mads Rosager and Allan Vincentzh


Gloove is mobilizing an on-demand student workforce to help with the hard and annoying part of moving - namely lifting your stuff. We call them gloovers, and they are screened students that helps with small and medium sized moves. This effort is possible by utilizing technology to facilitate the behind-the-scene matching of customer needs, with fresh and motivated gloovers.

Betfray is the ultimate betting platform where betting and sport fans from all over the world can gather in one place. Betfray is a combination of the current betting culture, but with new features that make the game more simple, social and exciting.We are soon launching the first version of the platform.


I am a Brand Strategist and Creative Art Director who works for offline and online projects. I am currently building a startup for helping people to learn languages through challenges and games. Just having a more natural and human approach comparing to the languages apps as a duolinguo or babbel. I am looking for business partner to develop this idea together. I will be in charged of the all strategy, marketing, communication and visual design likewise, the product on itself.


Data4insight bring Big Data to the people.We take advantage of our experience in data, analytics and digital development when building digital consumer services that will make insight accessible for everyone. First beta is ready, we're now working on adding more functionality. Plan is to get in the hand of consumers by end 2017.

We provide cloud solutions in terms of backup and synchronization mainly to private customers and businesses in Denmark. Our goal is to offer an internet service that is full of features but at the same time with a customer service that is understandable and personal to the customer. In many cases, Internet services are abstract to the average computer user. Often they need help and a support-team who understands them. They need guidance and in their native language.

Clean Sneaks Aarhus

Dit førende sneaker renseri i Danmark. Få dine sneaks friske om aldrig før ved indlevering i vores drop off box på GRISK. Vi leverer dem tilbage inden for 4 hverdage, og en absolut 100% kundetilfredshed står højst på vores agenda, hver eneste dag. Vores mission er at sørge at ingen længere skal ses i offentligheden med beskidte sneaks, vores vision ligger i at blive verdens mest kvalitets sikrede sneaker renseri.


At BizCoreLogics we tackle business processes from a holistic perspective - based on practical experience.We provide a business transformation platform that enables SMEs to attain:   strong integration of business operations across departments and responsibilities  transparency in business processes and usage of ressources to get the work doneagile continuous improvement through engaging co-creation

Give Service

Give Service er et rengøringsfirma, der kan sikre dig et rent og harmonisk arbejdsmiljø, tilfredshed og samt ikke koste dig en formue. Du kan du trygt overlade opgaven til os. Det er vores vision at blive mellemstore, så er vi i stand at tilbyde fornuftige priser som er fri fra belastning af unødvendig administrativ del.

Your Local Flower

Your Local Flower was founded in 2020 in the belief that the future of flower shopping is both local and digital. Our mission is to provide independent florists with an online 'venue' and the opportunity to display their unique and creative flower decorations. From the talented individual florist who wants to strengthen his or her business to the enterprising florist who wants to reach a wider audience. What is Your Local Flower? Your Local Flower is an online marketplace and e-commerce solution, that allows florists to sell flowers and bouquets online directly to consumers around the world through their own online stores and a shared marketplace. On Your Local Flower, consumers can find and send unique bouquets bound by local creative florists across the country. Whether customers are looking for a large bouquet of long-stemmed red roses, or a unique, creative design, Your Local Flower gives consumers the opportunity to find and send the perfect decoration. For store owners, we have transparent terms and fair prices. Our platform provides powerful sales, marketing, and analysis tools that help store owners simplifying their online channels and focus on what they love, designing beautiful decorations of high quality. We have already connected more than 50+ local florists with consumers from all over the world. Right from Scarlett in London, who bought a bouquet for her friend in Denmark, to Jens, who bought a bouquet for his mother in Bjerringbro. It is a great pleasure to help inspire local trade throughout Denmark and beyond the country's borders. Why Your Local Flower? The online trade of flowers is characterized by a monopoly-like market. With a few large players and many smaller ones. It's incredibly hard to breakthrough in the market for small individual florists, who cannot compete, with the massive marketing budgets of the large players. Therefore, many physical flower shops miss out on the opportunity to go online and reach out to a larger market, as it is often expensive, cumbersome, and resource-intensive when they already have a physical store to take care of. Your local flower enables independent flower shops to start their online sales in a fast, easy, and cost-effective way that allows them to expand their market significantly. At Your Local Flower, you can set up your own store in less than 5 minutes. Sell online directly to your customers through your own unique link, or through our marketplace. It's free to get started. We believe that good floral design and beautiful decorations are created by florists, who know their customers personally and who have passionate employees with a true understanding of what good customer service and good craftsmanship are. We're helping them give customers that experience online.


People first. It's good business. There are countless obstacles in any leadership situation when driving a happy, motivated team that also has to perform their best not to mention to improve every day. Many leaders today got their role through seniority because they worked their way up, which is excellent. Still, great leadership skills don't appear with many years of experience in a certain position. Leadership skills have to be learned and always developed, as a leader has the most significant responsibility of all, the people. That is not an easy task and as organizations develop into more remote work and diverse teams the challenge has never been bigger. We have commissioned each other to settle for mediocre leadership because leaders are too busy with other assignments than checking in on the people. But this needs to change, and all change is difficult. Changing leaders' mindset to put people first, will create happier team members who are less likely to quit, which will leave everyone more motivated to do their tasks. Motivated team members deliver better results, and that is good business. It's not a cliche it's a fact. We have built an easy-to-use tool that supports leaders in creating and upholding a feedback culture, where leaders improve and develop through honest feedback from their team members. We help leaders identify and take action on team challenges ensuring happy and motivated teams with the best conditions to perform. If people are given the right conditions to succeed, they will.

Webshop with clothes, shoes, toys and interior products for childrens bedroms. We have a large selection of delicious brands such as Molo, Angulus, Pippi, CeLaVi, Mikk-Line, The New, Filibabba, Bundgaard, Bibs, Bisgaard, Oball, PlanToys and many more. Find products for both baby and kids here between the age of 0-12 years of age.

First-8 er Danmarks førende startup inden for førstehjælp og hjertestartere. Bosiddende i Aarhus og med egne dygtige folk til, at undervise i førstehjælp og yde professionel rådgivning i køb af hjertestartere. - På finder du relevant information om vores ydelser inden for undervisning og vores webshop hvor du kan købe produkter der hører inden for vores ekspertise område.