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We provide a SaaS compliance solution for Danish companies. We're creating flows and overviews, thus making compliance doable for non-laywers. Moreover, we sell packaged solutions with templates, subscription and legal consulting at a minimum cost. Our system is currently being used by known Danish and international brands such as:FC Nordsjælland, Autobutler, Raunsborg, Varelotteriet and many more.We're currently located in Odense and Copenhagen on satelite offices provided by our partner Abtion

M&A Talks

M&A Talks strives towards providing M&A conferences with high-quality content. M&A is one of the most demanding processes for executive teams and takes high skill, not only to fix the paperwork, but also the post-deal itself.  We aim to put new trends in focus through exciting panel discussions and networking sessions. Our goal is to offer dealmakers in Europe a day of professional development and networking opportunities the likes of which have never been seen before.


We are a startup in the early stage that is developing a platform of vehicle-recyclingOur goal is to recycle the vehicles that are in disuse and put them available to anyone who needs one. This is for the purpose of contributing to the creation of smart cities, as well as to protect the environment since our philosophy is based on the Sustainable Development Goals.We are currently in a stage of fundraising and we are also looking for the right team to make our mission a reality. We are a startup with an office in Nykobing Falster, but we believe that you can work from anywhere, whether you are in Copenhagen, Aarhus, or traveling.We are motivated to know that we are doing something that will change the world to improve it since we believe that nobody needs to buy a new vehicle, but rather, recycle it.We are currently looking for great humans who want to accompany us on this trip and who want to join the team. Designers UX/UI and Programmers. If you think you should be part of something big that changes the world, then contact us.


Rigtigmad, et samlingspunkt for Danmarks bedste madvarer med fokus på gennemført håndværk, upåklagelig kvalitet, 100% naturlige produkter, produceret af mennesker vi kender og elsker. Vores samarbejde med små producenter bringer de bedste madvarer direkte hjem til dig. Vi er din venlige, lokale, bæredygtige, renere end ren mad-formidler. En sundere og simplere måde, at skabe et bedre fødevaresystem for dig, din familie og resten af Danmark.


COLUMDAE Export Specialist - Work local, trade Global! We support companies in their Export and trading abroad. COLUMDAE assists you in every step of your exportation and business journey. Through a range of unique services, we can give you new and fast export growth, more sales opportunities abroad, reliable information with direct key business contacts: Building your advanced channel development to maximize your export expansion and your trade success, as a true alternative to in-house resources. COLUMDAE offers a unique high level of practical and advance sales experience on the national field, exclusive local know-how, contacts & network in your target market business community, and of course confidentiality: • CUSTOMER & PARTNER SEARCH • ACCOUNT EXPORT SERVICES • TRADE MISSION • MARKET ANALYST • LEAD GENERATION SERVICES & LOBBYING WHERE: EUROPE: Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Germany, Russia, Benelux, France, UK, Italy, Spain and Turkey ASIA: Korea and USA Our staff in each country is exclusively local with a long experience in specific industry sectors, export rapid growth and international sales. This allows us to offer high professionalism with excellent knowledge of the "field" and trade culture, as well as linguistics and business network. Outsourcing with local and highly qualified personnel, can be an excellent way to conquer new markets and foreign customers, considerably lowering costs and time, with a clear and target oriented goals.

Mosspiration Biotech

We use moss as a green cell factory to produce small natural products. Physcomitrella patens (spreading earthmoss) is the perfect plant for this. Using Physcomitrella we produce fine chemicals that are normally obtained from rare, endangered or non-agricultural plants.Our products include living fragrant plants, and fragrance compounds sold as extracts.


LastNova is a start-up which offers an afterlife service to provide digital peace for the deceased. This means, we work with memories and digital life, that stays up after a person passes away - we help to secure the data to not be exploited. We help relatives in grief to handle the practicalities with the digital remains of the deceased by closing or memorializing the accounts and saving the content from them.

Adhost ApS

Adhost is a digital advertising bureau, focusing on user journeys, data and client growth. Based in Aarhus at the beautiful Marselisborg lystbådehavn. We are a strong team, looking to grow even further. We are a young team of specialists, consisting of SEO, SEM, SoMe, Content and Marketing Automation nerds.


Intellecto er et inkasso advokatfirma, men vi identificerer os selv mere som en fintech virksomhed, da vi har udviklet vores eget intelligente inkassosystem, med hvilket vi vil disrupte inkassobranchen.  Vores 3 principper:  Digitalisering - brug af AI og machine learning Adfærdsdesign - inddrivelse er en vare, der skal sælges til skyldner på den rette måde ud fra skyldners adfærd  Mennesker - Mennesker handler med mennesker, vi skal derfor kunne forstå skyldner og hjælpe ikke blot true

HolmeTex ApS

HolmeTex is a new company in growth, with young energetic and passionate owners. The company primarily deals with fabricating and distributing textiles. We have started our own brand which is growing fast. Also we are the distributor of Fila underwear in Scandinavia. Our focus is on selling to wholesale customers, but we are starting to target the B2C market with our own webshop concept.

Highspeeddrinks Aps

Highspeeddrinks develops automated bar systems that are designed for high volume sales outlets such as festivals, concerts, nightclubs and cafes. Highspeeddrinks also aims to solve common problems in the bar and catering industry, such as long waiting times and shrinkage. Highspeeddrinks bar systems are able to dispense more alcoholic beverages at the same time in precise amounts to prevent overlap.


WE ARE A CREATIVE DIGITAL AGENCY BASED IN DENMARK, AND WE WANT TO HELP YOU STAY AFLOAT.It is crucial to establish a solid, but agile foundation. Because we specialize in improving online storytelling, we know exactly what it means to be adaptive and flexible. We develop and monitor diverse platform strategies, campaigns, content creation, performance analytics and publishing to secure the best possible results are reached. - a place that gathers all services in Denmark is a unique billboard where you can find all businesses/individual persons that offer services in Denmark, request for proposals, ask questions from professionals and compare prices. This concept exists very well in Lithuania, it is like the DBA for services and we are looking to make a similar concept in Denmark that would become the largest marketing channel for businesses to promote their services and the ONLY go-to place when you search for services in Denmark. Me (CEO) and my business partner (CFO) are looking for a strong CTO (you will get a share in a company) that can help to re-build the existing concept into The existing website is built using Java, Spring, AWS, React, Gradle, Docker. We would be open to outsource this project if there is too much work for our new CTO. About myself (CEO): Founded a number of startup communities. Strong project/change management skills, worked in the financial industry. About company: We have a registered company (Aps) in Denmark. The company existed for 3 years but we have realized that we need to change the concept, hence, was born. You will have a vital part in company's decisions and product creation. Willing to negotiate on equity. Write if you are interested to join the team, we might need more people (especially in IT, SoMe, business development space), glad to discuss the idea.


We are developing a platform for ICOs and STOs (security token offerings) with a focus on the Nordics and Europe. We have a high quality team and are moving fast with our business development. We are organizing the event, Fintech Disruption Summit, in Copenhagen, on February 28 - see GoSecurity will be able to help companies raise capital - or tokenize their assets. See er Danmarks største hjemmeside for par, der ønsker at udvikle og finde inspiration til deres parforhold. Vi dækker i øjeblikket flere dele af livet sammen som et par, men har planer om at udvide hjemmesiden yderligere med fx bryllup, så vi når ud til endnu flere mennesker. Seneste tiltag er en dedikeret indsats omkring parterapi, så vi også får det aspekt med af parforholdet. Udover selve hjemmesiden har vi også haft testet en iPhone applikation og en e-bog.