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Hollywood 2.0 Alliance

Hollywood 2.0 Alliance is a community for technology-creating companies who contribute to innovation in the development, production, post, and distribution of the motion pictures, cinematic arts, and entertainment. The main goal of the Alliance is to inspire, innovate and push creative boundaries through the use of the networking amongst film technology companies.   Learn more at or get in touch at


Pendlr is an iOS and Android based carpooling service that connects people to support everyday transport needs with an absolute minimum of hassle and administration.Pendlr collaborates with workplaces, educational institutions and local authorities to reduce emissions, traffic and costs. We offer a tailormade experience and closed communities to the organisational members and fleet management of shared cars that can additionally be made available for booking in the app by authorised members only


I samarbejde med Aarhus Kommune, har jeg startet en virksomhed, som tager rundt og skaber liv og ”markeds-stemning” på plejehjem. Vi laver boder med smykker, tøj, lækkerier mm. som beboerne på plejehjemmet kan købe. Da jeg pt. har meget travlt, søger jeg en co-founder, som både kan drive og med-finansiere mine popup shops i Aarhus, samt være med til at planlægge den kommende ekspansion - også i udlandet. På sigt vil der være gode muligheder for en attraktiv tilbagebetaling på denne investering. Links til reportage, artikel og video der meget godt beskriver det gode budskab som MASO Shop skaber både for kunderne og for en fremtidig co-founder: - Link til reportagen fra TVOJ: - Link til artikel i Lokalavisen: - Link til video fra popup shop: – Musikviden samlet ét sted. er websitet hvor man kan finde alt musikviden alt sammen samlet samme sted. Find viden om musikinstrumenter og højtalere fra hele verden. Så i stedet for at lede mange steder, kan du slippe med kun at lede et sted. MusikMM - Musikviden for enhver. Derfor kan du i stedet for at lede flere steder, så kan du slippe med bare at søge et sted. - Musik for enhver.


Kala giver virksomheder det bedste værktøj til tidsregistrering og projektstyring på markedet. Vi hjælper virksomheder med at optimere deres processer og digitalisere deres forretning.    Kala integrerer til både økonomi og lønsystemer, derved automatiseres en række traditionelle arbejdsprocesser.

L'Homme de Cuir

L'Homme de Cuir is a French inspired suit accessory brand selling suit accessories in suede and leather. All products are made of premium French lambskins and are handmade in Denmark.Our mission is to become a big player in the suit accessory market, and to introduce lambskin suit accessories to the wardrobe of any well-dressed men around the world.We are a young start-up and ready for the next step, do you want to join our team? Feel free to contact us at

No Name Company ApS

We are a software developing company, that develops payment systems to a wide range of businesses (Festivals, school canteens, restaurants, bars, stores etc). To us user experience is a top priority a long with a reliable software system. Besides terminal software, we have developed an online system (PrimeDrive), where the customer can access their data and customise their terminals. We also develop Apps, entrance systems and other software solutions related to payment.

RetteGuiden ApS

Retteguiden ApS is a platform for high school students where it is possible to get feedback on assignments for a reasonable price. Furthermore, the platform offers a membership solution that gives access to a library, for instructive notes and videos, and a forum, for questions and discussion. Our vision is to make sure all students, no matter their background, can receive competent help with the writing process.


GladTeknik is a computer repair company based in the Copenhagen area. Besides repairing computers we also do IT support such as email configurations, WiFi optimisations, data recovery, remote IT support and much more. Our headquarters is based in Hvidovre, Copenhagen, but we support all of Sjælland and have several workshops around Sjælland. At GladTeknik we solve 9 out of 10 issues within 24 hours, which is one of the reasons we have so many satisfied customers.


We are developing a project management platform for businesses that wants to invest in the distributed energy revolution. Beside the development of a data management system, we prototyped a software for optimization of distributed energy systems that offers deep insights in the business case enabling energy analysts to make smarter investment decisions on projects including variable renewable energy and other clean energy technologies projects.


GOTABLE er en online platform hvor restauranter kan sælge deres ledige borde last-minute.GOTABLE fungerer på den måde at restauranterne ligger deres ledige borde online i løbet af dagen, og tilbyder eventuelt en rabat til gæsten for deres fleksibilitet. Gæsterne har dermed et samlet overblik og kan nemt booke det de har lyst til gennem app’en. Vi skaber altså en win-win mellem restauranter og gæster.


Koblr is an early stage company aimed at improving the Danish driver education experience for both instructors and students. We strive to ease the workload of driving instructors in Denmark by offering digital solutions to administrative issues.To meet this need, we are developing the most advanced and customizable scheduling platform specifically made for driving instructors mainly to save them loads of time but ultimately deliver a better service for their end customers. We are a young, hardworking and ambitious team, with a shared goal of disrupting the driving school industry. Our team currently consists of 2 part-time employees and 2 full-time employees. ApS was founded back in 2014, with the idea of making it easy for people to order sushi directly from home from local sushi restaurants. Today we have more than 28.000 sushiklub members and is the largest online takeaway site with only sushi in Denmark.  We are currently working on a new concept and therefore a relaunch of the original concept. Working in Sushiklub, you have the change to get a lot of responsibility as well, as working together with entrepreneurs.

Find Advokat

We are in the market to match customers/clients with good lawyers for a reasonable price. Create the case description and get up to 3 offers though our platform. Our platform makes it simple to get good offers from specialist. It's not about cheapest but a good price for a good lawyer. We've managed to keep afloat in a red ocean and are looking for help to fly instead of float.


DearFamiy ApS is a  startup company with a team that is dedicated, passionate, and competent. DearFamily calendar app provides you with an online family calendar that keeps your family organized and updated 24/7. Family members can manage appointments in the shared calendar and through push messages and notifications keep everyone up to date.