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Rocket Startup

Rocket Startup er en iværksætterplatform, hvis mission er at skabe flere iværksættere. Rocket Startup består af redskaber og inspiration til dig der gerne vil bygge et KICK ASS startup. Vores vision er at være stedet der håndterer dit startup, derfor er vi på udkig efter passionerede ildsjæle, der vil være med til at gøre en forskel for andre iværksættere!

Ivory North Showroom

Ivory North Showroom (INS) represents Scandinavian design brands on the US b2b market. The showroom specializes in curating the right retailers for the brand while focusing on branding the Scandinavian design identity. With the client, the showroom develops a brand and sales strategy that will create adequate cover on the US market. INS's business plan work as a service between a sales agent and distributor.


'Netmærket' is the labeling scheme, that gives a transparent overview of what type of internet connection, there is available on any given address in Denmark. 'Netmærket' is created to give you a quick and easy knowledge of what type, and which speed you can achieve on any given address. Regardless if you are buying or selling your home or just want the information, you can be 'Netmærket' today. 'Netmærket' is ranked from A to D, and is designed to show if you can achieve the internet speed that YOU need. We measure the possible speed, of three different types of internet:  Fiber  Cobber (Internet by the phone plug)  Coax (Internet by the cable-TV plug) Our measurements are extremely accurate, and that is why we can give you the exact information on what internet speed there is available on the address, this way you can be ensured that your needs will be met.

Thorning Astrup / aarhus

Based on our first collection, we launched our new styles of jewellery, Spring 2016, a bit more daring, but still celebrating simple.In our first line of jewellery, we sought to break with the usual notion of how jewellery should look like. We have chosen a material that is raw and industrial as a starting point, but through processing becomes smooth and exclusive. The style is Nordic, raw and minimalist. We have worked with simple geometric shapes and the cube has been the heart of our shape. Maja Thorning Kristensen holds a masters degree in architecture from Aarhus School of Architecture, 2013 and Niels Astrup holds a masters in Digital Design from Aarhus University, 2012. We started Thorning Astrup / aarhus in 2014. Our shared pool of genes create a love to different materials and the challenge to design and combine these in minimalist, unexpected compositions.Our mantra is always to design using only one defining detail in a specific product with a constructivist, modernist approach.


Without having to follow the bands or the venues, Kartweel help you find events in your area quickly and easily. Get an immediate snapshot of what's happening in your local area, filter by what you prefer and get instant updates. Geared towards the music lover, you will appreciate how Kartweel makes loving your music easy again!For artists, venues and industry folk, Kartweel helps you centralise your content, your social media and analytics. Know what your fans, local demographic or next tour location really thinks about your offering, and back-up your next decision with data from a vetted, engaged audience.

Fluency ApS

Fluency producerer software med et stærkt fokus på data-håndtering, web og sikkerhed. Internt, ser vi vores firma som en legeplads, hvor vi både projektsamarbejder med andre virksomheder, og udvikler vores egne produkter. Virksomhedskulturen bygger på flid, læring og sjov. Vi er iværksættere af sind, støtter open source-fællesskabet og vores virksomhed 100% medarbejderejet.


Mofibo started in Copenhagen (2013) as one of the world’s first book subscription services. We are currently in three countries and will be expanding into more countries within the next 12 months. Our overall goal is to transform the way millions of people interact with books, through using a data-driven and customer centric approach to fundamentally change the reading experience crosses multiple countries. We are a fast growing, innovative and extremely fun company to work at - we can’t hold ourselves back from getting new ideas. We use cutting edge technology – are constantly developing our platform and our services. We challenge formats and break old habits. Nothing is carved in stone. No matter whether we’re talking neither literature nor technology.We love what we do. That’s why we’re ambitious both regarding our business and (Mofibo’s) user experience. We make difference in the world giving our clients a good reading experience.We are easy to deal with and always on the look out for new talents to help us grow. If you like big challenges and want to take significant ownership of our growth, you'll love it at Mofibo and we would love to hear from you!


Hangr is a collaborative documentation, search and analytics tool. Hangr empowers fashion buyers with an intelligent and visual insight into their business. It's all about organising and collaboration. Hangr is documenting, organising and analyzing the products you invest in. Anytime, anywhere.


The digital body hub💪☕️ BodyBarista is the App where you measure you body by pictures taken in the mirror. Track your muscles and body parts and your Body Fat %. Patent photogrammetry together with Machine Learning makes BodyBarista one of its kind to help you follow your body. A boosted bathroom scale using your bathroom mirror.

Skov Rejser

SkovRejser is a holiday portal that connects all holiday offers from the German tour operators that are departing from Hamburg Airport on The site is on Danish and is super user friendly. We target Danish citizens from Funen and Jutland, as they are fairly close to Hamburg Airport. We are looking for an advisory board with knowledge of online marketing, site optimizing and travel industry experience. Kind regards, Henrik SkovFounder and partner


Workr®   Workr® is an app, which creates the link between supply & demand for everyday tasks.   You can either get help for a given task or help solving tasks for others – Fast & Easy!    ______________________________________________   You can easily get in touch with both skilled & unskilled Workrs, who can help you solve any given task.   Help can be offered within 90+ categories.   You can offer your help to others, no matter if you’re skilled, unskilled or a company.


Wedigin is a digital marketing agency with the ability to strengthen your brand in order to create the ultimate revenue from digital channels. SEO Digital marketing strategy Digital campaigns What distinguishes Wedigin from others is that we create close almost-in house- relationships with our clients. This means that we get a stronger understanding of your customers, leading to an expanded strategy to find converters, subscribers and buyers. Welcome to contact and book a meeting with Wedigin!