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We are driven by design, and therefore the collective of designers driving us are the most radical and yet sensible designers out there.Design for us is all about the experience of context. An object’s context to the space it resides in, and everything besides the object itself. It helps define the form and functionality, and eventually with who the object will resonate.You’ll notice none of our products look alike, and that’s because no two humans really are alike.


Workr®   Workr® is an app, which creates the link between supply & demand for everyday tasks.   You can either get help for a given task or help solving tasks for others – Fast & Easy!    ______________________________________________   You can easily get in touch with both skilled & unskilled Workrs, who can help you solve any given task.   Help can be offered within 90+ categories.   You can offer your help to others, no matter if you’re skilled, unskilled or a company.


Welcome to Meloa. When you travel we can help you find great places to stay, delicious food to eat and exciting things to do. Meloa is the place to go when you need to find a hotel close to that concert you don't wanna miss, to find the best restaurant nearby, to find fun activities and many more recommendations for your next getaway.  We believe in better experiences.


Did you know that one kg of protein from beef leaves the same footprint as flying London – New York, and requires around 30kg of corn to produce? The whole agriculture- and farming industry is inefficient and broken – we are working hard to fix this. At Biotrino we are passionate about utilizing microorganisms to produce proteins and fats. They do this far faster and more efficient than animals and plants – without using any toxins.

Bestil Online

We are a Danish start-up company on a mission to revolutionize the online takeaway ordering industry. We want to give all restaurants the possibility to have a full serviced top tier online ordering system that until now only have been available for big brands with big wallets. With more than 20 years experience and a huge network with restaurants and take away industry in Denmark, we understand ours customers' needs. Therefore, we provide a simple, low-cost and user-friendly service.


"Standard accounting is not helpful in evaluating entrepreneurs. Startups are too unpredictable for forecasts and milestones to be accurate."  The Lean Startup - Eric Ries Let results guide you with a software that simplifies managerial decision making. LEANACSYS allows you to control input factors and resources in order to plan for the future instead of reporting past results and the same time comply with requirements for providing balance sheet and income statement.


Everyone learns to speak their native language. Why not use the same approach with a second language? Surround yourself with meaningful input that matters to you - news sites, blogs, ebooks, wherever your interests lie. Real content in your target language equals real motivation and progress. Lingole offers powerful vocabulary tools and personalized word tracking system. Soon the language will be a part of you, naturally. Lingole is currently a one man show, developed by a skilled developer and a passionate polyglot.

Vento Maritime

We are dedicated to helping maritime customers save fuel and time while improving safety at sea.Our team is passionate about excellent customer service and the art of communicating meteorological and oceanographic uncertainties in order to provide timely, essential and accurate decision support to our customers. Our weather forecast data is of very high quality in Northwestern Europe. Business sectors we serve include: Offshore Renewable Energy Shipping Oil and Gas Marine Transport and Operations


The Pitch Tomorrow is a tech startup building an app that automatically computes the carbon footprint of your daily activities, and gives you mean to compensate for your emissions. The What Citizens care about climate change, but don’t know how to act. They ask what they personally can do to fight climate change, and find it’s too cumbersome to understand their emissions and to compensate for them. The existing solution is simply to cumbersome: to compensate for emissions, one has to manually enter all activities into a carbon calculator, or to use an estimated value which is not precise enough. The How We're building an app that automatically computes the carbon footprint of your daily activities. It does so by connecting to third parties to reach the history of activities performed by the user. For example, by connecting to emails, we can retrieve the list of flights from the receipts. By connecting to Uber, we can retrieve the list of Uber trips. We're building an open source community of people helping us build all those integrations. Furthermore, we want to make it easy for users to expense work-related emission compensations to their employer The Why We're doing this because there's a high demand from people around us to act more sustainably and to understand their footprint. As climate change is the most challenging problem of our time, we're here to build the single source of truth for carbon information based on an open movement. To know more about why:

Nordic Blockchain Association

We are a non profit organisation working to spread knowledge about blockchain technology and strengthen the possibilities in the nordics for developing and implementing blockchain solutions in society.We facilitate a network and a platform for knowledge sharing, community, ideation and debate and we arrange workshops, hackathons, conferences and many other types of events. We support a variety of blockchain projects & initiatives (Through advisory, an accelerator program, and more) offers a SaaS Business Intelligence solution providing strong insights into the European public procurement market.With customers will gain the strongly needed edge in the competition of winning public tenders in Europe. Plan, manage and submit powerful and successful bids for European tenders.


KLAUSEN HR er en virksomhed, der leverer arbejdspsykologiske ydelser med henblik på at nedbringe sygefravær. Vi tilbyder både samtaler og foredrag til virksomheder, der oplever at deres ansatte ikke performances 100% grundet stress, mistrivsel el. lign.  Vi er eksperter inden for området med mange års erfaring. Derfor har vi stiftet søsterselskabet KLAUSEN CONTENT, der skal formidle og digitalisere vores viden. KLAUSEN CONTENT er et start-up tech, der stadig er i opstartfasen og vi søger folk.


Talentguiden er Danmarks nye onlineunivers om karriere for studerende. På siden kan studerende læse om spændende virksomheder i ind- og udland, møde topstuderende og unge professionelle i spændende stillinger, finde karriereevents og blive klogere på, hvordan de kan komme i gang med deres karriere efter studielivet. Talentguidens artikler er blevet læst af over 100.000 studerende.

Hello World Danmark IVS

I en stadig mere digitaliseret verden bruger de fleste børn oceaner af timer klæbet til en ipad eller computer.Hello World vil gerne forvandle børns rolle i den digitale verden, så de ikke længere blot er passive forbrugere af digitalt indhold. Vi vil gerne inspirere og uddanne børn, så de i stedet bliver aktive brugere, der selv er i stand til at producere digitalt indhold og kommunikere med andre børn og voksne.


In everything we do, we trigger people’s imagination and creativity so that, together, we find solutions for a better future of our world. Everyone has imagination! We are the go to management consulting company, triggering people’s imagination and creativity. The vision is to invent the future of organizations, where people can truly thrive.