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CLOUT is a technology consulting company focused on helping NGOs and non-profits succeed. We offer information technology advice, help build solutions and support non-profit work. We are planning to pivot into a machine learning and NLP startup focusing on the Danish language and the public sector.


We are innovative and passionate entrepreneurs who value quality work, credibility and passion as well as team work and personal development. At IESC, we have a flexible environment and like to work hard, respect and value each other’s input and share ideas. We are like a family and believe that development and success are created through excellent work ethics, trust and powerful team work. At IESC, there are no limits to develop yourself and everyone’s opinion is heard and appreciated!

Travelday er en digital rejseplatform som har til formål, at hjælpe rejsende med at finde deres drømmerejse. Vi har gjort rejsebureauernes arbejde digitalt og hermed kan rejsende finde deres næste rejsedestination på få minutter. Brugerne går ind og vælger de ønsker de har til aktiviteter, kultur, priser osv. Herefter viser vi på 2 sek. de rejser de bør undersøge nærmere. Vi har netop fået udviklet en MVP, for at se hvordan brugerne vil bruge siden. Derfor er forretningsmodellen i starten med fokus på affiliate til bookingsider som og TripX. På sigt skal vi have rejsebureauerne op på siden, samt egne hoteller og en abonnementsløsning. Travelday hører til i Aarhus og søger en co-founder.

Prizebeat was launched in may 2018 and is the leading gamification media in Denmark, with an active userbase of 150.000 users. In collaboration with brands such as 7-Eleven, Just-Eat, ALDI, Nordisk Film and Viaplay (to name a few), we are on a journey to re-invent how media can be built around gamification and engagement.


Keyhole wants to enable tenants, so they get easy access to their dream rental residence without laying down a large upfront deposit. At the same time, Keyhole wants to remove the stress and uncertainty for tenants, property managers, landlords, and likewise regarding moving in and out. In short, we aim for the best-renting experience imaginable for everyone involved. This is why Keyhole wants to change how renting works. We're on a great mission to give tenants their own money back into their wallets, so they can use it for whatever they want. This is particularly helpful in today’s booming rental market where even more chooses to rent their homes than ever before, and where move-in cost is just skyrocketing. Keyhole is created to give a proper alternative. This is done by replacing the traditional deposit with a small monthly membership fee. A fee that enables us to cut down the cost of your new home significantly. This means easier access to greater(better?) homes, and more money to spend on, well, whatever. The latter reason is also why Keyhole isn’t a loan. We want to financially empower tenants, not add debt. We will vouch for tenants so that everyone involved can feel secure.


Like ANNA er modeshoppen for de modne kvinder, der gerne vil have moderigtig tøj, til fornuftige priser - men stadigvæk klæde sig ligeså godt som sin datter.  Like ANNA er en voksende retail kæde, der stadigvæk er ung, men vil vækste med flere butikker - ikke kun i Danmark, men også ud over landets grænser.  De er den officielle forhandler af Brandtex, et over 80 års gammelt tøjmærke, som måske er det ældste tøj mærke der stadig eksisterer i Danmark.

Spry Aps

Spry works with lightweight technology and digital readiness - with a mission to prove that enterprise web platforms do no longer need to be heavyweight.We implement lightweight technologies and practices that cover and connect branding, marketing, e-commerce, planning and content management platforms. Technologies and practices that all help to increase speed to market.  We go beyond a traditional implementation house and couple development with digital readiness - all to enable the agile cx.


Our mission is to commoditize SaaS development. Tired of building CRUD APIs and half-hearted back-office pages, spending days fighting with APIs to do simple onboarding workflows, but never quite getting to that killer feature that will put you miles ahead of your competitors? So are we. Join us and be a part of building something huge, and help free product teams from all that boring stuff so they can focus on the stuff that really matters - creating real value for their users.

Spejl Blank

Vi er ikke så dumme som vi lyder!Spejl Blank er danmarks moderne vinduespudser. Vi leverer spejlblanke vinduer i både øst og vest, via vores digitale platform Som nogle af de første på markedet, i vores branche, har vi bygget en digital platform op fra bunden. En platform som giver vores kunder og medarbejdere en mere simpel, moderne og fleksibel oplevelse fra booking til levering. Vi er vinduespudsere der tager vores forretning seriøst!

Peopl A/S

Peopl A/S er et digitalt konsulenthus, som huser flere specialistvirksomheder inden for SEO, SEA, Paid marketing, design, influencer marketing og videoproduktion. Peopl A/S arbejder med strategi og digital marketing for virksomheder, der ønsker fokus på bundlinje og kompetent rådgivning. Arbejdsmiljøet er præget af høj energi og drevet af ambitiøse mennesker. Det er meget normalt, at folk arbejder i fællesskab om aftenen for at færdiggøre deres individuelle og fælles projekter for kunder.


Somnia is a sleep app built on the principles of ASMR using dynamic 3D audio to create a unique experience every time with a no loop policy to avoid listener’s fatigue. The people behind Somnia are audio specialists and tech nerds and have years of experience in the industry. We have put all of our knowledge into one app to help people fall asleep faster. Currently we are part of the SoundTech Accelerator run by Accelerace - Europe’s leading seed accelerator


We helps travelers avoid taxi scams. The app gives you the average price for a taxi ride in foreign countries, to help you haggle a fair price. Haggelstar merges features from Google Maps with local taxi prices along with a “translate address to driver” option to make sure the driver always understands where you want to go. In countries where English isn’t widely used, misunderstanding and stressful scenarios are likely to happen, and the address translator will help minimize that risk.   Michael Johansen had experienced the taxi scam several times from a vacation in Bali, and when he came back to Denmark, where fixed prices are standard, he wanted to dig deeper into the world of haggling when traveling in foreign countries. He decided to address the problem with friend and former colleague, Lea Kilde, who grabbed the idea immediately. After tons of coffee meetings, brainstorming and doodles they came up with the brilliant idea to help future travellers avoid taxi scams.  The two instantly teamed up and the startup Haggelstar was born. Shortly after the digital agency, Jungle Coders joined the company as an early investor to ensure the tech side of the product.


Golisto is a global community of collectors and thing lovers.A social platform for people to discover amazing collections from around the world, track their own favourite things and share their passion with like-minded enthusiasts.Recently funded and with a strong board of advisors/investors, we're moving fast and are eager to conquer the world!

PV Production

PV Production is a mobile gaming and tech production company working with global clients to produce innovative and best in class products. Founded in July 2019. We are a relatively small team of specialists with years of experience within the industry. We love what we do and want to deliver outstanding service and quality.


At eLægen (The eDoctor) our mission is to make it easier for people to see their doctor. Our vision is with our online doctor´s consultations on video to make it the patient´s choice which doctor to see and when.  We have a very experienced team of business managers, doctors, IT- and eCommerce specialists. On top of that we offer Scandinavia´s widest selection of specialty doctors.