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Shopbox can revolutionize the catering and hospitality industry. Shopbox is an app that brings together all the key features such as cash register, booking, storage, finance, customer club, eshop and payments in one place. Shopbox all-in-one cash register increases service levels and sales to our restauranters customers and at the same time save our clients money in administration. Shopbox is used by app 400 shops in Denmark and Sweden.

Huuray A/S

At Huuray A/S we operate and sell digital gift cards. We offer a new, easy and convenient way of cashing in your giftcards, which is suitable for the person on the run. It is suitable, because everything from purchasing the gift card and sending it to the intended receiver, takes place digitally on your phone.


RaskRask offers massage therapy on-demand, where a professional therapist comes to your home or office at your convenience. We believe that a massage is more than candlelights and aromatic oils - it is about loosening those tensions with a deep tissue massage, calming your muscles with a sports massage or making a memory with a couples massage. The core of our business is based on improving health and well-being in society and making it more accessible. By simplifying the whole process for the therapist, we create a flexible yet motivational workspace allowing the therapist to work passionately - everyday. This means that our therapists are 100% focused on meeting the customers needs. We have rethought the massage industry and made it easier for both the customer and therapist. Our on-demand service is a simplified process, which enables more people to get the treatment they need in an easier way.


Mojob is a mobile jobmarket especially for young people. We believe that the existing solutions are slow and ineffective and we want to modernize recruitment as it is done today. Mojob offers jobs on a platform young people actually use – their mobile phones. We make use of leading technology to make it easier for young people to find a job. Jobseekers will be notified when a potential dreamjob is posted, and can then apply for it, as well as chat and talk to the recruiter directly from the app. Additionally, we make it even more effective for companies to select the perfect person for their jobs. We exclude disturbing factors and present the employer with only the information, which is relevant and essential, through our in-house developed web-solution. By disrupting current recruitment systems and turning them into one seamless and exciting experience, Mojob revolutionizes the jobmarket. Making the world work.

Loyalty Key

Loyalty Key offers loyalty solutions tailored to the individual needs of companies to strengthen and enhance the relationship between the customers and company. We are represented in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.       Our objective is clear: to be innovative within the field of concept development and management of benefit services. We want to be first movers in the loyalty market, and to constantly be abreast of the end user’s wants and needs – even before they become aware of them!


Sequel is seeking tech co-founders located in either Copenhagen or Aarhus, Denmark, it´s very important that we can meet physically often, with execution skills in order to dev. a web-prototype. My two co-founders will help getting equity, then we can develop further into a dynamic, sharp, diff. solution pointing into an app. Cloud-based, use API, have user profiles, Touch ID, chat-function and be very intuitive. Global market. The solution is validated by councellors and growth consultants.  Sequel was made April 2018 in order to have a fantastic solution made for the global market.  In Sequel we are three people. The founder, Peter Høncke and the two business/financial co-founders who have worked with other startups, have a wide range of investors to choose from and know how to scale a business.

Shape A/S

Shape is a mobile development studio based in Copenhagen and Zurich, dedicated to making outstanding products. We are proud that our work is touched, tapped and swiped by millions of people every day, and our goal is always to make their experience as good as it gets.We work with our clients to reach their goals. Whether we are starting from scratch, revitalizing, or completely overhauling a mobile application, our teams of experts provide the skillset needed to achieve outstanding results.


Hangr is a collaborative documentation, search and analytics tool. Hangr empowers fashion buyers with an intelligent and visual insight into their business. It's all about organising and collaboration. Hangr is documenting, organising and analyzing the products you invest in. Anytime, anywhere.

Not Even Entertainment

Not Even Entertainment is a game studio that focuses on delivering unique games that is forged by passionate game developers. Because of personal interest, our games are characterised by deep and dynamic mechanics and systems that allows our players to explore and play the game on their terms. We strive to be ahead of our competitors by using the latest tool and technological methodologies which trends in the industry.  We released our first game titel, Midnight Delivery which is available on Android, iOS and Windows.


In 2012, Mark Dencker set out to build a hub for companies entering the digital age, transforming their volatile ideas into rock-solid products. Starting in India, Wiredelta set up shop with both a training institute and agency, delivering top-quality web and mobile applications. A year later, Wiredelta registered in Denmark where HQ is situated to this day. So why join us? Well, because you hate corporate boredom and want to join an ambitious company that prioritizes high performance, transparency and good vibes. We give you the freedom to put your ideas into practice and want to support you on the way to greatness! Our clients come to us to transform their ideas into reality and we take this responsibility seriously - but don’t get us wrong, we like to have fun along the way through table tennis tournaments, monthly Friday bars and various social events (bowling, anyone?). We’re looking for employees who can kick ass and bring positive energy, regardless of nationality, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, disabilities or religion.

Omaido Technologies

Omaido is a new start-up with a innovative platform for the service sector. Omaido is a cutting edge concept within the service industry – and we’re looking for a technical wunderkind with the right mindset, experience and qualifications to join our team. We're building the cleaning company of the future!

Evermart A/S

Evermart is a young ecommerce company, which since it's start in 2014 has grown from a single man project and 10 products, to 16 employees and about 5000 + specializes in affordable consumer electronic with a high value for money. We don't believe that products should be overpriced just because they have a fancy name. This means that most of our products are from start up brands, or our own private label where you pay for the product only and nothing else.

Debitoor ApS

Debitoor is easy-to-use invoicing and accounting software designed for freelancers and small businesses.  With deep roots in Scandinavian working culture, we value equality and believe in flat hierarchies. This means that we share the same workspace, the same tables at lunch, and of course, the same successes. Teamwork and team building are cornerstones of our organisational culture, so we regularly plan social activities in order to develop a strong team and a supportive working environment.


Relesys started four years ago and today we are one of the biggest performance app company in Scandinavia and Northern Europe.The performance app bridge the gap between HQ & all employees within your organisation. It creates a fun and engaging environment to share information, interact and sales training. Some of the proven effects from our performance app is increased motivation & brand awareness, team morale, product knowledge and personal development.

Softmedia Group ApS

Softmedia Group assists private and public enterprises in design and development of eConcept solutions and Corporate Branding Strategies. We help design and implement the stratigies that makes it possible for companies to use their full potential.