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Hangr is a collaborative documentation, search and analytics tool. Hangr empowers fashion buyers with an intelligent and visual insight into their business. It's all about organising and collaboration. Hangr is documenting, organising and analyzing the products you invest in. Anytime, anywhere.

Not Even Entertainment

Not Even Entertainment is a game studio that focuses on delivering unique games that is forged by passionate game developers. Because of personal interest, our games are characterised by deep and dynamic mechanics and systems that allows our players to explore and play the game on their terms. We strive to be ahead of our competitors by using the latest tool and technological methodologies which trends in the industry.  We released our first game titel, Midnight Delivery which is available on Android, iOS and Windows.


In 2012, Mark Dencker set out to build a hub for companies entering the digital age, transforming their volatile ideas into rock-solid products. Starting in India, Wiredelta set up shop with both a training institute and agency, delivering top-quality web and mobile applications. A year later, Wiredelta registered in Denmark where HQ is situated to this day. So why join us? Well, because you hate corporate boredom and want to join an ambitious company that prioritizes high performance, transparency and good vibes. We give you the freedom to put your ideas into practice and want to support you on the way to greatness! Our clients come to us to transform their ideas into reality and we take this responsibility seriously - but don’t get us wrong, we like to have fun along the way through table tennis tournaments, monthly Friday bars and various social events (bowling, anyone?). We’re looking for employees who can kick ass and bring positive energy, regardless of nationality, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, disabilities or religion.

Omaido Technologies

Omaido is a new start-up with a innovative platform for the service sector. Omaido is a cutting edge concept within the service industry – and we’re looking for a technical wunderkind with the right mindset, experience and qualifications to join our team. We're building the cleaning company of the future!

Evermart A/S

Evermart is a young ecommerce company, which since it's start in 2014 has grown from a single man project and 10 products, to 16 employees and about 5000 + specializes in affordable consumer electronic with a high value for money. We don't believe that products should be overpriced just because they have a fancy name. This means that most of our products are from start up brands, or our own private label where you pay for the product only and nothing else.

Debitoor ApS

Debitoor is easy-to-use invoicing and accounting software designed for freelancers and small businesses.  With deep roots in Scandinavian working culture, we value equality and believe in flat hierarchies. This means that we share the same workspace, the same tables at lunch, and of course, the same successes. Teamwork and team building are cornerstones of our organisational culture, so we regularly plan social activities in order to develop a strong team and a supportive working environment.


Relesys started four years ago and today we are one of the biggest performance app company in Scandinavia and Northern Europe.The performance app bridge the gap between HQ & all employees within your organisation. It creates a fun and engaging environment to share information, interact and sales training. Some of the proven effects from our performance app is increased motivation & brand awareness, team morale, product knowledge and personal development.

Softmedia Group ApS

Softmedia Group assists private and public enterprises in design and development of eConcept solutions and Corporate Branding Strategies. We help design and implement the stratigies that makes it possible for companies to use their full potential.


Tifiti is a fashion startup customizing dresses for women that want to look elegant and stylish. We are working on our platform where customers will choose one of our dresses, drag and drop accessories to it create own individual look of it. We believe that creativity empowers people and that is why we have a mission of women inspiring women. Tifiti allows our customers to truly get involved in a product creation but we are also a brand that makes women feel and look strong and independent.   We are 6 multicultural women living in Copenhagen. We share a great interest for fashion and women empowerment. We are not afraid of challenges and we know how to work independently and take own responsibilities, yet we are great team players and we know how important it is to collaborate well with each other. We already managed to do some amazing thing in a very short amount of time because we all believe in Tifiti and we know it can challenge the way we look at fashion today. ApS er en online-service, som gør det nemt for bloggere, freelancere og virksomheder at lave responsive hjemmesider, som passer til deres behov hvad angår design, indhold og funktionalitet. Vi har udviklet platformen til redigering af design og indhold på en ny visuel og brugervenlig måde, som er konstrueret op omkring bedste praksis inden for designprincipper og nyeste webteknologier.

Ima Read

The goal of Ima Read is to optimize your digital reading habits. We are addressing various customer segments, but designing our cloud-based solution from the point of view of a typical university student. Our calculations point to the fact that students are wasting an astonishing amount of weekly hours on inefficient reading and that we can help them read more – faster – using very simple tools. In addition, we offer you access to anyone anywhere in the world that is reading the same text as you.


Firmafon is a Saas located in Cph. Firmafon provide companies in Denmark with an easy phone system that makes it simple to focus on the business and having great conversations with customers. As an employee in Firmafon you can be a part of a amazing company culture and a  mature startup, currently focusing on growing exponentially.


We are a digital agency in Copenhagen who love what we do. We do engaging digital communication: Digital Strategies, Modern websites, Online film, Awesome design, fun stuff on social media and a number of other initiatives, all which help our customers succeed in the digital sphere.


Rokoko is based in Copenhagen and San Francisco. We invented the Smartsuit Pro and our Rokoko Studio software to empower creators and developers by giving them frictionless access to motion capture. Our Copenhagen office is in the heart of the city and houses an international and rapidly growing team. We are a happy and ambitious bunch of creatives, tech nerds, software and hardware engineers, animators, business people, one philosopher, one idealist, thousands of cables and a hula hoop.

Lund&Bendsen A/S

Our main focus is the delivery of expert advice and assistance to ambitious IT project owners complemented by customised skill enhancement of teams. This involves development of competency set and IT systems. We strive to be the best provider in the industry and our target is to have the best skilled employees within their area of expertise.