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sophub ApS

sophub supports companies in creating a world class business forecast. It is based on a proven and well structured end-to-end process. Tapping into subhub is easy as it is a cloud based service. sophub was developed based on real market needs and we always strive to improve based on business needs as well as research within statistical forecast algorithms. The sophub team has profound experience with forecasting from various local and international companies within various industries.


RETO MOTO is a game studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Established in 2008 by the original founders of IO Interactive and the creators of the Hitman series, RETO MOTO develops and operates the WW2 game Heroes & Generals.Through inspiring values and our strong commitment to craftsmanship, RETO MOTO will attract and retain the best talents to define the future of large scale multiplayer entertainment with and for the players.

Origo Systems

We build and run infrastructure clouds. Enterprises, start-ups and public organizations run their servers in our public cloud Origo Cloud or on premise with our hardware box the Origo Engine.


LinkAiders is a Danish startup striving to optimize disaster communication by delivering timely and verified data to relief coordinators. We are the owners and drivers behind the project Reachi - an information management system that will function even when regular signal and power is unavailable. Reachi utilizes the existing capacity of trained volunteers to establish mesh networks. We cooperate with the Danish Red Cross and our technical partner Neocortec.


AthGene is a Copenhagen based life sciences startup on a mission to help change the way people think about their nutrition and fitness by providing the public with access to interpretations of their specific gene variants, so that they may be better informed as to how they can more efficiently try to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle.    The company was started in January 2015, and has since raised two investment rounds, as well as on-boarded hundreds  of paying customers.

Made Studio

MADE Studio aims to contribute to the world with useful and meaningful stuff made for real humans. We do it by making our own products, investing in other peoples ideas and partnering with local/global brands by being their fresh eyes and brains when they need to get unfucked... Other than having the mission of doing good for others, we are serious about our well being with deadlines made for humans, less ‘money jobs’, no client work on fridays + ... palm trees, bonzini table, great cantina etc

Aware Care

Aware Care is a Healthcare/AAL start-up. AwareCare portal & app is based on a special context & usercentric architecture for elderly citizens, citizens with light dementia, acquired brain injury, Disabled and their relatives. Exploiting user context data model it will provide guidance & automation to a whole new level. An example is My Areas: A Route / guide / Track /Surveillance app /cloud portal solutions that creates contextual links between citizens in open space & care personnel/relatives.


bosoLog is a startup created by 3 entrepreneurs, Jesper Ravn Jacobsen (CEO), Jørn Hansen (CSO) and Michael Pedersen (CTO). Our innovative concept encompasses elements such as: fully automated business logics, accurate mapping; real-time monitoring of several parameters and personal alerting by exceptions; proactive maintenance; and support to tactical and operational decision-making. The usage of the bosoLog product is very generic and concerns many different sectors.

Applicate IT

Applicate IT is an innovation company. We provide customized model and software development. Our development projects are always based on the customers' own individual needs. Which has resulted in accumulated broad knowledge and specialist experience in cloud-based portal solutions and mobile apps - in IoT, In-app payment solutions, Healthcare technology, Context-based decision systems, Sensor Data positioning & Monitoring, Project Recording Solutions, Big Data, etc.


Fluidan is changing the game of making complex liquids. Complex liquids? Paint gets thin when you brush it but returns to be thick within seconds when you leave it, so that it doesn't drip. Ketchup must be agitated to flow out of the bottle. Or shampoo,   skin creams... The way liquids flow is critical to quality, but cannot be controlled in the factory instead samples are manually analyzed in the factory lab. Often, the product is nok OK first time, and has to be re-processerd, or even wasted. This leads to long delays and large waste of time and resources. We make the instrument to measure flow properties IN THE FACTORY in REAL TIME and get the process in control. In short: Fluidan optimizes the production flow in manufacture of paints/coatings and other “thick liquids”. Increase capacity by 20%. Welcome to the world’s first process control rheometer.


ActionPlanner is the first purpose built software application for Execution Management i.e. making things happen from plan to action to results.Most companies create goals and roadmaps but fail in execution. Our cloud-based solution takes out the pain in execution by digitalizing documents and making follow-up a breeze.We provide real-time overview and enable Execution Excellence through alignment, employee empowerment and continuous feedback & learning.References: Nordea, Danske Bank, SKY-LIGHT


At Pubfront, we help publishers and media companies succeed with their online strategy. Our technology is proven, easy to use, and we can set it up quickly.We are continually improving the capabilities of the white-label eCommerce technology for the publishing industry, as well as looking for new areas where we can make a difference for our customers. A/S blev stiftet, som en reaktion mod bankernes dyre og komplekse investeringsprodukter. Vi er en fintech virksomhed, der i samarbejde med Saxo Bank, tilbyder en nem og enkel investeringsløsning.Vi søger løbende talenter til vores team, så hold dig ikke tilbage med at tage kontakt til os, hvis du vil med på rejsen.Mød os på!


24Slides exist to change the lives of creative people living in emerging markets. There are so many extremely talented people that don’t get a chance to create value. We are changing that, by hiring the best designers in Indonesia and giving them an opportunity for an attractive professional career working for some of the largest companies in the world. Today we are 120 employees that work with clients like Deloitte, Novozymes, Valcon, MillerCoors and many more. At 24Slides our motto is: Making the world smaller, one slide at a time.We want to showcase the incredible talent and competitiveness of designers in emerging countries by giving them the tools to compete in the global market. But it’s not just about providing exceptional design services at affordable prices. It’s about building a better, fairer model of digital outsourcing. Whether it’s our custom-built office with free lunches, a giant slide and sleeping pods, or our development courses covering language, entrepreneurship and much more, we’re committed to investing in the social and professional development of our designers in Indonesia. Because ultimately, our mission is to redefine the idea of outsourcing in the global market and create a brighter future for all talent in emerging countries.

House of Companies

Media agency with a focus on permission marketing.Additionally we have a developing branch that is currently developing data management systems, and the next generation of offerings-platform.We are a professional team, with 15+ years experience within the online industry.Our slogan "focus on tomorrows market" is pinnacle for our approach to the online market. - Constantly coming up with improvements to the existing market, and also implementing entirely new ideas and concepts.