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Weikop Project

Weikop Project is a vision of revolutionizing and re-defining the way start-ups work The vision is to find the right teams for business concepts. It’s a setup that creates companies. The teams don’t create the concepts. The concepts create the teams. We want to do that by taking some of the best ideas and connecting the ideal individuals to develop them. Weikop Project consists of a group of skilled and experienced entrepreneurs and investors. Their joint experience stretches over countless business areas and segments. The Weikop Project group will therefore act board for the various start-ups within the organization, as well as, develop the initial business cases and making sure that they’re valid, before compiling the perfect team for the given concept. All concepts within Weikop Project will be based on at least one of the UN's 17 sustainable development goals. Each start-up individual will be carefully selected and will get to choose the area and direction, in which they wish to work in. From there, teams will be made, based on personalities, skills and visions. These teams will then proceed to build the start-up from the ground. All team members will receive equal equity in the project – after a proof of concept round.


GreenSteam has pioneered the application of AI and Machine Learning to increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions across the world's fleet since 2007. We have designed and built a machine learning platform where shipowners, charterers, and operators can optimize the efficiency of ship operations helping them to reduce their environmental footprint on the world. Our vision is trade without waste. With the backing of BP, we are expanding our client base rapidly and entering into several strategic partnerships. This creates a need for great team players that can help us take customer satisfaction to the next level. We know that no two shipping companies are the same. Charterers, Owners, Operators all have different needs. For this reason, our client success efforts are deeply founded on delivering value on every level - from analytical insights to performance management to client success management.


Revolutionize and Simplify critical training for LIFE SCIENCE and HEALTHCARE industries using SEEING, HEARING, FEELING Life Science and Healthcare industries are heavily regulated and require extensive training in critical and complex processes, face issues as: cost, efficiency, quality, staff retention and agility and patient safety. A training, we want to optimize. ADvirtual uses Virtual Reality to deliver comprehensive interactive training solutions in a virtual environment, simulating real working situations for employees. This makes the training more consistent, realistic and easy to train anywhere.

Peter Thomsen Golf

I am in cooperation with Dansk Golf Akademi starting up various interesting concepts in the golfbusiness. Dansk Golf Akademi is the leading golf teaching business in the country with facilities allover Denmark. We are taking the business from nothing and all the way to a functional business and keep running it.

Logic Partner

Logic Partner leverer IT-forretningsløsninger til medlemsorganisationer og foreninger inden for ERP og Business Intelligence. Vi er Microsoft partner og vores løsninger er baseret på Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (tidligere Dynamics NAV), Jet Reports og Power BI. Vi hjælper desuden vores kunder med løsninger til løn.

Dit X Hjem

'Dit X Hjem' is a PropTech startup, building innovative digital solutions for private homeowners, -buyers and -sellers. Dit X Hjem is the umbrella covering a suite of market-oriented business entities - startups within the startup - that builds and delivers standalone, yet synergetic products and service, based on shared proprietary technological components, IT infrastructure and market ecosystem

Children of Ash

Welcome to Children of Ash, an ongoing research project devoted to Viking ornamental art and its understanding. We are developing a new museum platform application designed to use technology as an interface to present academic research to museum visitors in a visually accessible and understandable way. Our focus is on the ornamental tradition of Late Iron Age Scandinavia, expressed as a proper language, with its 'vocabulary', 'grammar', 'syntax' and 'dialects', throughout its development. To achieve that, the original works found through archaeology are studied and 'digested' to extract their canons and underlying principles, which we present to in comprehensive visual breakdowns as well as detailed background information. A true glimpse into the Viking mind.

PowerCon Embedded A/S

PowerCon Embedded A/S is a consulting company specializing in converter control, power electronics and embedded development. Throughout the years, we have worked with large wind turbine OEM's, as well as several product manufacturers in Denmark. We are a company that also looks into the future and are currently investigating projects and solutions within Cloud and Internet of Things development. Join our journey and learn from our team of seasoned experts along the way. We are always open for unsolicited applications.

F&M Digital

F&M Digital er en ung startup som med fokus på onlinekoncepter - primært produktsammenligninger og medier indenfor hus og have. Vi er en fleksibel virksomhed med højt til loftet, og vækster kraftigt fra måned til måned. Vi er på udkig efter unge, dygtige talenter, som virkelig forstår at udtrykke sig på skrift.


CathVision is a system for treating heart arrhythmia patients. It has superior signal quality, control features and set-up simplicity over existing systems. CathVision develops a low-noise electrophysiology (EP) recording system, CathVision Cube, to help better guide ablation therapy through exceptional EP signal quality. The product comprises a proprietary low-noise console and computer software to stream, analyze and store EP signals.


CleanWise is a family-run startup offering cleaning and gardening services primarily in Aarhus and its surrounding areas. The owner, Blanka E. Koi has gained 7 years of hands-on experience working both as a cleaning assistant, as well as a cleaning supervisor at different Danish companies. After experiencing serious issues in the branch, such as exploiting employees, lack of transparency in pricing and making agreements or huge employee turnover, she decided to start CleanWise, focusing on reliability, good customer relations and employee welfare. Quote from Blanka: "As a client, letting a cleaning company into your house once a week is not supposed to be a stressful event. As an employer, overbooking your workers and then blaming them for not delivering the expected quality is not supposed to become a norm. We got to the point where people don´t even want to engage with companies like ours, because - without even asking - they just assume it would be too expensive anyway. We want to make a difference. We want to show that we are ready to deliver. We want to invest in aspects that other companies don´t."

We wish to create the leading community i Denmark for people who are searching for others with common interests. The goal is make more people feeling less lonely as well as make people become more outgoing. This should be achieved through the community, within events and user meetups based on geography

Coh&Co Copenhagen

Coh&Co is a bicycle company with a mission to bring new riding experiences, quality and a sustainable mindset to urban cycling. Innovative design & material tech combine with a unique inter-relational sales platform as a foundation for circular economy & long-lived products to rejuvenate the urban cycling market. Highlights - We have a full range of well developed products and production tooling. - We have begun selling thru our distribution network and direct online. - Award winning products and several nominations internationally. - Inhouse design, engineering, programming, CNC & online marketing established - Our supply chain is gradually becoming more established and negotiable. The Business Coh&Co’s bicycles are made of a new groundbreaking material technology that makes it possible to recycle carbon fibre and thus offer our customers a lifetime warranty that transitions into a buy-back program when the product is 10 years old. This opens up possibilities for a circular product life cycle and encourages ambassador shops and customers alike to work with us to maintain these bicycles and keep them operating at their best. Sales divided between direct internet sales and brick mortar ambassador shops ensure that our products can be serviced locally. Our digital sales platform helps ambassador shops engage consumers through out the product lifecycle while providing them with virtual stock to complement their showroom stock. The Market European focus on cutting CO2 emissions and healthcare costs has brought on strong public investment in commuter cycling programs & cycling infrastructure. This is driving growth in urban commuter, cargo bicycle & Pedelec markets. European cycling industry statistics estimate sales at 16B€ with a CAGR of 4-6%. Independent retailers maintain 40-55% of market share. Average unit costs are increasing. People & society are investing in a cycling lifestyle. Coh&Co assists small retailers in servicing local markets with commuter bicycles & cargo bicycles. We have screened 200 retailers across Northern Europe and are actively expanding our ambassador shop network. The expansion will drive sales of 600 units in 2020 and 1000 in 2021. Progress/Proof With 4 years of technology and materials development and a series of new designs, Coh&Co is pioneering the implementation of carbon fibre composites in the urban cycling market. The development has included techniques for recycling of these materials. To date, we have a series of 5 models that sport this new technology. Objectives/Future We have had a strong start developing products & business models for a growing market. Now we need to focus on expanding distribution and sales while optimising our production pipeline. Coh&Co will spend 2020 expanding to encompass 40 points of sale in Northern Europe, whilst continuing the development of our sales and marketing products to better arm retailers with appropriate tools to address a dynamic market.

Ja Tak

Du kender med garanti de populære ja-tak-tilbud, hvor lokale forretninger sælger restpartier, store partier eller spotvarer via deres Facebook-side. App'ens formål er at gøre det lettere at komme ud til flere potentielle købere og få dem til at handle direkte i din fysiske butik og ikke via postordre. Alle fysiske butikker er velkommen til at sælge deres produkter eller ydelser via app'en.

The Transporters

3PL company that focuses on solution systems for last-mile deliveries & urban micromobility infrastructure. We work with IT professionals, state-owned institutions, electric scooter owner companies and end-consumers in our daily operations. A team of 20 so far, working with enthusiasm and perseverance towards neater cities and greener last-mile solutions.