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Brick Technology

Brick is a Stockholm-based startup that is bringing charging into the era of sharing economy. Brick is an app that solves the problem of electronics running out of battery. Download our app and find the nearest Brick station on the map, then rent a power bank (with cables) to charge your phone, tablet, headphones, or whatever it is that is running out of battery. Return the power bank to any Brick station so that you can charge on the go. Brick's power bank sharing network is currently available at partners like Åhlens, ICA, Starbucks, Cafe Opera, Hard Rock Cafe, Hornhuset, Texas Longhorn, Sturecompagniet.


Eupry's IoT temperature sensor was launched in 2016. Today, customers such as Novo Nordisk, Novo Zymes, Astra Zeneca, Carlsberg, Arla and many names and brands you know of, are using our product and services. We call our services Compliance as a service as we sell trust and stability with superior products and services for the elite in the industry. Eupry is a Danish startup employing +20 people and growing 65% in revenue yearly. We are working on the forefront of Covid19 making the distribution of vaccines compliant. Traditionally this is time consuming work, however, with Eupry's innovative solutions around 70% time can be saved. We've developed the easiest way to monitor temperatures and humidity for medicine storage with data loggers produced here in Denmark. Today, we deliver products and serve customers all over the globe, this is possible thanks to a unique software solution and a state-of-the-art ISO17025 calibration laboratory and our sensor patent. Yes it is a bit techy, but we are up against the best in the industry and they are aware of this young kid in the block, named Eupry, doing things smarter than the rest. Even though you might find the above description slightly complex, fear not, we are in this industry to deploy changes with user-friendly solutions that will have a massive impact on humanity. Eupry will lead the way to change how medicine is distributed which will eventually cause medicine will be available to everyone around the globe (which is certainly not the case today) At Eupry you'll join a young and motivated team of talented and startup-experienced individuals with solid backgrounds, humor, and a certain calmness that characterizes the atmosphere at Eupry. Eupry is our trademark derived from the Latin word for a Hawaiian bobtail squid, Euprymna scolopes. It's a colorful little fellow but aside from the colorful exterior, the Hawaiian bobtail squid has a unique way of adapting to its environment because of a decentralized nervous system. We've taken inspiration from this way of transmitting signals around in our IoT sensor system which is truly one of our great advantages. is a fast-growing and well-funded healthcare startup, with a mission to introduce an intelligent assistant to health professionals around the world. We are assembling an ambitious and hardworking team with one goal in mind - to empower Health professionals and elevate patient care using cutting-edge deep learning and computer vision.

Aline - Learn Better

Aline is an EdTech platform validating informal learning and enabling data-driven development for organisations and individuals by providing a real-time overview of interests, knowledge, and progress. We are a team of people all passionate about the same thing: no one is ever done learning, and knowledge is one of the most powerful tools one can have; something we should all have the right to. Founded at the end of 2020, we have been developing our products, onboarding customers, and taking in investment at full speed ever since. If you work with us you will be given full responsibility from day one, we learn, we adapt, and we grow fast. We work out of Stockholm but we are remote from day one so if you are in another city then that's no problem. We ensure to have transparency, openness to ideas, and most of all Aline-ment with the team, which happens every Friday at our 'Aline & Wine'.

World's Sports Group

World’s Sports Group is a global company with a Swedish DNA. Founded in 2016, we offer a wide range of digital services for the endurance sports events industry. Our portfolio includes, where runners can discover and sign up for running events; RaceOffice™, an organizer’s gateway to listing and selling tickets for their events, and, the world’s largest endurance event calendar. Our mission is to make endurance sport more accessible and help athletes find unique and inspiring events right across the globe. Working in a startup is a lot of fun and at WSG, we grow with every challenge that we master! Passion and drive are traits we look for in a new team member. We strongly believe that diversity in culture, knowledge, and experience will lead to a better workplace and better products! We encourage individuals to improved health through training and inciting goals.


We’re a green provider of electrical free-float short term car rental. GreenMobility A/S operates around 1000 cars across major cities in northern Europe. We offer users with simple, flexible and sustainable transportation. The cars are located, booked and unlocked with our app. Users pay per use and simply leave the car at any destination within our zones. GreenMobility is listed on Nasdaq Main market and have 80 employees.

Rens Original

At Rens, we’re building a new footwear generation made from the world’s most advanced technologies and sustainable materials. Like all of us living in the era of fast-fashion, we too are frustrated with the insane amount of waste produced by the fashion industry. We believe that by combining sustainable materials with technology and style, we can create the world’s best sneaker, without wasting precious resources from Mother Nature. Learn more about us here


Velbi is developing a digital wellbeing assistant to prevent burnout and improve workplace wellbeing for millions of professionals. We're currently experiencing a global burnout crisis and it's expected to get worse. Velbi uses the latest scientific research and partners with the best training providers to prevent burnout, build sustainable working practices and dramatically improve workplace wellbeing for the masses! We do this through our digital wellbeing assistant, who we have lovingly called, Linda. Velbi is the brainchild of three experienced professionals who believe that it is possible to come to work, enjoy what you do, feel inspired, inspire others and never burn out. In fact, this isn’t only possible, it’s necessary.

The Considerate Consumer

The Considerate Consumer is a digital manual for sustainable living that educates consumers on making more sustainable purchase decisions. How? We build a digital manual for sustainable everyday consumption, The Considerate Consumer. The backbone of TCC is a team of engaged, highly motivated, and optimistic sustainability enthusiasts from different nations and fields. We aim to save our planet by making all consumers transitioning towards a more sustainable lifestyle. We are here to inform, to inspire, and to encourage – we are here to help.


Aumla är en start-up med visionen är att hjälpa tusentals företag att skapa arbetsplatser där medarbetarna blir sina bästa jag. Idén för Aumla grundas i insikten att ny innovation och digitala verktyg ger företag helt andra förutsättningar att arbeta strategiskt med sin företagshälsa som en konkurrensfördel. Genom kompletta företagsprogram bestående av flera olika komponenter som workshops, onlinekurser, gemensamma utmaningar och live-klasser så vill vi bidra till långsiktigt hälsosamma företagskulturer med friska, glada och produktiva medarbetare. Vi jobbar med framstående experter inom branschen och våra samarbetspartners erbjuder den senaste teknologin på marknaden.

Vitala Health

Vitala is a Stockholm-based health tech startup that aims to inspire and redefine the entire healthcare industry. Vitala was initially created by doctors and physiotherapists with the goal of helping patients with chronic health conditions use physical activity and digital rehabilitation as part of their medical treatment plan to improve physical + mental wellbeing = quality of life. Today, we are a fast-growing company with global potential with our own unique digital therapeutics (DTx) platform for medical exercise and rehabilitation. Our platform enables healthcare providers to prescribe the Vitala-app as a medical device, remotely monitor patients’ health parameters, and nudge them to become healthier. As Vitala is growing, we're looking to expand our impact-tech team. This is a unique opportunity for the right candidates to enter our growth journey and become a key resource in an impact tech startup with global potential.


Bankly har siden 2018 etableret sig som en markant fintech-spiller på det danske marked, og vi startede med det formål at skabe transparens på et meget komplekst marked og hjælpe danskerne med at spare penge. Det gør vi ved at indsamle personlige lånetilbud til vores brugere, som dermed kan finde det bedste og billigste tilbud på markedet hurtigt og nemt.

Maria 01

Maria 01 is the Nordics' Leading Startup Campus. We are a not-for-profit combination of a selective tech-club, a community house, and a tribe of people building the products and services of the future. We provide the best possible environment for early-stage startup teams to work alongside venture capitalists, corporations, and other startup organisations. Our community values are collaboration, trust, internationality, and impact & responsibility.


We all agree that climate change is a real and serious problem. Wouldn't we all want to lead a more sustainable lifestyle and simply do better to help the planet? Most of us don't know where to start and are overwhelmed by the amount of effort it requires. Worthmore is the first carbon-negative telecom provider, allowing you to calculate, reduce and offset your digital carbon footprint and donate to causes you deeply care about through our impact pool - all done seamlessly through a bill you already pay today: your mobile phone subscription. What's easier than switching your SIM card in order to make a positive impact on the planet? Join Worthmore and connect with purpose.

Go Impact

Go Impact is an up and coming platform and app that allows users to tackle challenges related to the Sustainable Development Goals. As a reward for their effort, users receive points, that can be directed toward prizes from local shops or donations to charities. It's a win-win! The platform works as a tool to work voluntarily for the SDGs for both private citizens as well as businesses, institutions and organisations. We are looking for new members to join our crew as well as volunteers to help realise and develop cool projects moving forward. Find tha app on the App Store: