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How do we fix the global plastic pollution and packaging waste problem without causing more problems? The only pragmatic solution is REFILL and REUSE of packaging especially for consumer goods. Fizzit is on a mission to accelerate circular economy. We are developing a new supply chain technology to develop, deploy and operate reusable packaging. The solution is scalable to most consumer goods and markets. We have successfully deployed a delivery service for users of soda machines to supply CO2 refills (kulsyrepatron ombytning) along with our technology. We are humble, hard but also fun working individuals. We are social, chill, very diverse and open minded.

Returbo AB

Returbo makes return management easy! Returbo is an essential eCommerce Return Management System that brings satisfaction and enjoyment to the after-purchase experiences. We provide a seamless return process that reduces the manual steps, so merchants can focus more on your business, instead of wasting time on processing returns manually. With the booming growth of e-commerce, we have simultaneously witnessed a growth in product returns. Approximately 50% of fashion purchases are returned, entailing high costs for businesses and a negative impact on the environment. As a result, there is a business and customer demand for improvement. We are here to make a change for both the end customer but also the e-commerce to minimize their returns and create a greater awareness of the environmental impacts returns have. Join our team today!


Tise is a social marketplace in the Nordics. We have operations in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland with the aim to make it easy, more fun and inspiring to sell and buy second hand. Tise has now over 2 000 000 registered users and we have great faith in making the world a little more sustainable continuing the growth. We do everything from coding to design and business development in-house. The Tise team now counts 35, and is expected to double in the next few years.


We strive to enable consumers to freely choose the origin of their energy by providing them with a transparent and validated source of energy. We create verifiable energy authentication, detailing the source, type and location of the energy produced, available for producers and consumers around the globe. For the first time ever, end-consumers will be able to prove they consume and operate completely on 100% renewable energy.

The Considerate Consumer

The Considerate Consumer is a digital manual for sustainable living that educates consumers on making more sustainable purchase decisions. How? We build a digital manual for sustainable everyday consumption, The Considerate Consumer. The backbone of TCC is a team of engaged, highly motivated, and optimistic sustainability enthusiasts from different nations and fields. We aim to save our planet by making all consumers transitioning towards a more sustainable lifestyle. We are here to inform, to inspire, and to encourage – we are here to help.


MoveNation is a startup company of people that want to make the worlds best country moving platform. Our first goal is to help 1 million people moving with a strong focus on leisure financial freedom. We are backed by the venture capital fund We work towards making country moving as transparent and easy as possible. Today we see moving country as challenging as booking airline tickets before the 1990's and before Expedia, Momondo etc - complex, expensive and super slow. Our mission is to make it as easy to move nations as it is to book an airline ticket. Our solution is to give our users an instant overview of all the options that nations have to offer. How many steps it requires to move and the total costs of everything included. (advisors, taxes, etc) When we succeed with the above we will truly have made an impact and changed the world. Thinking BIG - We believe that we can change entire countries by helping more people move from expensive cities to less expensive cities. Moving pensions & wealth will create entire new economies. We believe we can help retirees with bad health conditions retire 10 year earlier if they had the insights of where they alternatively could retire and live from their savings. We are in the absolute early-stage of our journey and you will have a huge influence on shaping our way forward.


Roles at the bottom of the page! We are an interdisciplinary community of students and recent graduates who 1. create the most thriving crossdisciplinary student community 2. empower students through hands-on programmes and projects about sustainability, innovation and entrepreneurship, and 3. engage in collaborations with the private, public and civic sector. We are 30-40 core volunteers and around 250 members split into smaller teams doing programmes, projects and activities. We are from every university in greater Copenhagen and specialize in a multitude of different disciplines ranging from STEM to social sciences and journalism to everything business related. We are also culturally mixed with approximately 50% Danish and 50% Internationals. We are based in the 100-year-old police station of Frederiksberg that we have just transformed to the slickest space for 52 million DKK to fit the ideas of bright minds. Station is the first crossdisciplinary hub for student innovation - and if you have a drive to make a difference and would like to connect with great people - we are here for you!

Frame ApS

Frame is a digital platform for leading and managing the process of designing and constructing sustainable buildings. It is the only existing digital platform that effectively integrates process management and building design with certification systems. Frame makes sustainability goals concrete, measurable and manageable from start to finish ensuring overview and effective processes for all participants involved in the project. To us, sustainability is a must in all building projects. We want to increase the number of sustainable buildings and believe that Frame is one of the most important tools to achieve this. Come join us making sustainability and construction go hand in hand!

Tribe Takeaway

Our vision is to live in a world without hunger! We have developed the world's first socially responsible takeaway system aimed to solve just that. It's quite easy and works like this: Every time you order a meal from a restaurant using Tribe Takeaway you automatically share a meal with a child in hunger. The meals are shared in collaboration with recognized help-organizations all around the world. We are always on the lookout for talented, passionate and ambitious people. Join our startup in the ambitious goal and make the world a better place meal by meal.


iOpinions arbetsprocess påbörjas med att vi undersöker era medarbetares svar för att sedan jämföra de på gruppnivå. Därefter redovisar vi en rapport för er ledningsgrupp där vi belyser era styrkor och förbättringsområden. Sedan påbörjas ett förbättringsarbete för att ni skall kunna göra ett hälsobokslut för er organisation. Det följs sedan upp med en ny undersökning. Vi kallar det för ett hälsoår. iOpinion är grundat av erfarna entreprenörer i Stockholmsområdet med en bakgrund inom IT och hälsa. På vårt kontor mittemot Norrsken är det högt i tak, samtalen pendlar mellan högt och lågt och det finns alltid nymalet kaffe. Hos oss är ingen dag den andra lik, men varje dag försöker vi skapa en bättre värld i kombination med att ha roligt.

Ento Labs

Our mission is to make it easy and cost-effective to analyse and monitor energy consumption of every building on the planet with scalable machine learning systems and help drive decarbonization of the built environment. Building energy use causes around 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and are still rising due to slow and expensive energy optimization processes. Using data and machine learning we can solve many of the inefficient steps in the process, including robust identification, prioritization, collaboration, verification and monitoring of energy optimization efforts. During the past year, we’ve welcomed many public and commercial building owners and partners to our network. We are now covering almost 5000 buildings and 1 TWh of energy consumption. This has already led to large energy and CO2 savings, but we’re just getting started.


Med TestaViva ( har vi skabt Danmarks bedste juridiske- og digitale platform som tilbydes til alle danskere. TestaViva gør det nemt at oprette, holde styr på samt opdatere juridiske dokumenter. Vores mission med TestaViva er, at sørge for at alle danskere er juridisk sikret igennem hele livet. Vores vision er at udbrede kenskabet til TestaViva, da vi med et stærkt produkt derved sikrer, at vores mission bliver ført ud i livet.


KLUB er et forsamlingshus for professionelle, der er interesseret i verdens transformation. Tidligere var det branchenetværk, Rotary-klubber og VL-grupper, der fungerede som professionelle vandhuller. Det var der man hentede inspiration eller blev ajourført. De findes stadigvæk. Men i dag drives udviklingen i samfundet og i erhvervslivet ofte af dagsordener på tværs af de enkelte brancher. Det er disse dagsordener, KLUB koncentrerer sig om. Medlemmerne kommer fra vidt forskellige brancher. KLUB er et fælleskab, der er forbundet i nysgerrigheden efter at forholde sig klogt til de omskiftelige betingelser, som definerer virksomhedernes og borgernes handlingsrum i fremtiden. Medlemmerne (370 på nyhedsbrevet) er stærke profiler, der øver indflydelse i deres faglige sammenhænge. Mange er direktører, bestyrelsesmedlemmer, eksministre eller ejere af virksomheder.


Avallone is Empowering companies to eradicate financial crime while building a tribe of outstanding individuals The founders of Avallone have combined their many years of experience from the corporate world, the financial industry, and several start-ups to build a company that unites systems and resources in the fight against financial crime. Our product is a platform that enables large companies to handle all of their anti-financial-crime documentation and processes in a smooth, secure, and compliant manner. We are deliberately blending the best from the corporate world with the best from the start-up world. We value execution discipline, structure & process - where it makes sense - but we have zero patience for bureaucracy and politics. We encourage and expect big ambitions and high-performance, and we constantly strive to provide the coaching, training, and working environment to facilitate this. We are guided by our company values, which you will hear us refer to and discuss often. One of these values is: EDGE - Be who you are, it's your contribution that counts. That is how we think about inclusion. We are a workplace for everyone. Period. Working at Avallone as a student: If you dream of starting your own company one day, or simply love the idea of being part of building something from the ground up using agile principles and the newest tools and technologies, then a student position at Avallone might just be what you are looking for! We offer a unique learning environment, where we value everyones input, regardless of their seniority or title. We provide structured training in McKinsey-style problem solving, Excel best practices, Power Point presentations, project management, feedback and communication, Anti-Financial-Crime principles, principles for building a venture backed company etc. We are very ambitious about supporting your continued growth by offering tasks of both high importance and high impact, but with plenty of support, coaching and feedback along the way. You will receive extensive training as part of your onboarding as well as on an ongoing basis, and you will be paired with a buddy from day one so you will feel part of the team instantly. We know that your studies are your first priority so we offer flexible working hours, and the opportunity to work from home - although we do love to see you in the office as often as possible so we can socialize over lunch/coffee/drinks etc Join us! //Team Avallone

Rens Original

At Rens, we’re building a new footwear generation made from the world’s most advanced technologies and sustainable materials. Like all of us living in the era of fast-fashion, we too are frustrated with the insane amount of waste produced by the fashion industry. We believe that by combining sustainable materials with technology and style, we can create the world’s best sneaker, without wasting precious resources from Mother Nature. Learn more about us here