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Sentispec helps logistics companies optimise productivity and cost base by utilising cutting edge Computer Vision AI. We help take 90% of the work out of stock taking by using cameras mounted on forklifts and AI to process the results. We help reduce claims stemming from damaged goods by 10-40% by monitoring the loading operations, thus providing our customers comprehensive image data with which to negotiate claims. We help increase the average fill rates of trailers and containers 5-15% by providing real-time insight into actual fill rates, which also reduces CO2 emissions. We are a global startup with huge ambitions, based out of Denmark and working with some of the worlds largest companies.


Mover provide software and logistic solutions for people and companies enabling them to deliver unique experiences and reduce waste - in every sense of the word! We believe that we can make the world slightly better by making logistics smarter. Join the movement and be part of a social and professional community in a technology company that grows fast. Our new headquarter is outstanding and placed at Islands Brygge in the center of Copenhagen and close to the Metro. We are currently more than 50 enthusiasts in Copenhagen and on our way to several new markets in Europe Our colleagues come from different backgrounds, common to all, however, is that they are talented and inspiring. In Mover, we're all part of the success, we're having fun, and we're growing – together! www.mover.dk


FoodOp helps foodservice companies measure food waste and guest preferences automatically, and use these insights to improve future menus in terms of e.g., quantities, guest preferences and the environmental footprint. We do so through a menu planning platform that automates central kitchen tasks and comes with a data-enriched encyclopaedia of recipes incl. e.g., waste and guest preferences per dish. The data comes from scales that are placed under all dishes and organic bins in food servings. From there, the scales automatically measure consumption and leftovers for each dish. Concrete and measurable benefits include: i) reduce the environmental impact and get visibility into the extent of food waste, ii) improve customer satisfaction by tailoring menus to their preferences, iii) reduce food purchasing costs and save time, iv) report on sustainability, nutrition, and customer eating profiles. The platform further enables foodservice operators to make a wide range of performance enhancements through detailed central insights per site incl. e.g., an overview of all menus being served, end-customer satisfaction, resource management, the CO2-footprint and much more.


Pleaz is a Danish Startup, which encourages forward-thinking companies to work with sustainable health. We love productive working days, but we recognize that productivity comes with an increased cost for some of the biggest health issues in our time; inactivity and stress. We believe in making the social gap smaller through our platform for healthy breaks. Small steps over time create big changes and international companies have already shown that thousands of healthy breaks make the difference. With video-guided content found in a few clicks, it has never been easier to implement a scientifically proven solution that impacts well-being.


Integrify is a fast-growing tech company and a modern coding academy. Our mission is to help international talent kick start their dream careers as developers and data scientists. Already over 600 people have started in our programs and almost 80% of graduates are working in technology. 2022 is going to be an exceptionally exciting year at Integrify as we continue to grow by doubling the number of people in the team as well as the number of graduates from our academy. Our students are highly motivated and driven as most of them are either technical university graduates or career changers with many years of work experience and eagerness to start new careers. Only 1% of applicants are chosen to the Academy so you’ll be working with the best. Our vision is to become the #1 coding academy in Europe and you have the chance to hop on board and grow with us! At the moment, we are operating in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands. What it's like to work at Integrify? At Integrify you get a unique opportunity to combine high-growth entrepreneurship with important social goals. Build and scale the business together with amazing colleagues, challenge yourself, and grow into the best version of yourself.


FinananceKey is a fintech company developing modern technology for enterprise treasury and finance teams. We are an experienced team with backgrounds in tech, treasury and international organisations, creating intuitive and intelligent tech designed for finance and IT professionals. FinanceKey is a data-driven cloud native treasury & payments platform simplifying and modernizing treasury infrastructure, automating workflows and providing dynamic, easy-to-use dashboards. Our platform helps end-users free-up time from manual routines, achieve complete control and drive higher return on cash. With FinanceKey, customers can manage liquidity, payments operations & compliance in a single place, and connect to banks & treasury partners via our API.

Lifeness AS

We want to help people live a healthy life with our digital platform that connects health professionals with the patient. With evidence-based and personalized treatment we will make an impact on the worlds third largest cause of mortality; Obesity. We are based in Norway and are thinking globally. Therefore you will find our team members in different countries around the world.

Whistleblower Software

Whistleblower Software has one simple goal - set the new standard for whistleblower solutions across Europe. Due to the new EU Whistleblower directive companies above 50 employees have to implement a whistleblower channel in their business. The Whistleblower Software system helps businesses implement a compliant solution that is both secure and transparent. Our solution can be used by companies of all sizes and our speciality is helping client-focused companies and associations such as compliance agencies, lawyers and accountants in facilitating the best solution for their client base. Our solution makes sure that both confidential and completely anonymous reporting is possible for the whistleblower.


Here is our Journey from Start-up to Scale-Up... We are on a mission to substantially reduce the waste of valuable resources & time within the LifeScience industry. We provide the world's leading & next-generation compliance solution for monitoring and securing the correct storage of sensitive assets (Where we specialize in handling pharmaceuticals, eg. vaccines). We automate and digitalize processes, meaning freedom for employees and control for quality teams. Helping scientific teams to improve outcomes & the teams in quality to focus on actually improving quality. Eupry's IoT temperature monitoring solution was launched in 2016. Today, customers globally and such as Novo Nordisk, Novo Zymes, Astra Zeneca, Carlsberg, Arla, and many names and brands you know of, are using our product and services. We call our services Storage Compliance as a Service as we sell trust and stability with superior products and services for the elite in the industry. We are currently employing +30 people and growing 65% in revenue yearly. We are working on the forefront of Covid19 making the distribution of vaccines compliant. Traditionally this is time-consuming work, however, with Eupry's innovative solutions around 70% of time can be saved. We are in this industry to deploy changes with user-friendly solutions that will have a massive impact on humanity. Eupry will lead the way to change how medicine is distributed which will eventually cause medicine will be available to everyone around the globe. At Eupry you'll join a young and motivated team of talented and startup-experienced individuals with solid backgrounds, humor, and a certain calmness that characterizes the atmosphere at Eupry. Eupry is our trademark derived from the Latin word for a Hawaiian bobtail squid, Euprymna scolopes. It's a colorful little fellow but aside from the colorful exterior, the Hawaiian bobtail squid has a unique way of adapting to its environment because of a decentralized nervous system. We've taken inspiration from this way of transmitting signals around in our IoT sensor system which is truly one of our great advantages.


We're located in a beautiful office in the city of Copenhagen, Denmark with canteen, fitness, lots of fun and good times. Professional and personal development is at our core and we also do a ton of social activities, like friday bars, monthly activities, breakfast every Monday morning etc. We also want you to experience our amazing products yourself, which is why free products are one of the many perks of working here at Hairlust. Become part of a brand that has gotten extremely popular within its industry in little time and great publicity by challenging the status quo for hair care. As opposite to most of our competitors, we're young, agile, and bold. With strong roots in Scandinavian principles, we want to create playful and best-in-class hair care and be frontrunners on sustainability, innovation, and transparency. We are a Danish-based beauty brand with offices in the heart of Copenhagen with 25 fresh and dedicated team members. We introduce a new generation of cosmeceuticals and beauty products for the picky customer. Since Hairlust was founded in 2017, the business has grown almost each quarter, won multiple beauty awards, expanded into 16 local markets, developed 60 products, had more than 300,000 customers and the list goes on. Today, we sell more than 60,000 hair care products every month, we have 15,000 monthly orders and more than 600,000 monthly unique visitors on own, local webshops. Our products are mainly being distributed D2C on our local webshops, but also at local retailers such as Matas, Magasin, Sokos and Douglas. We're on an exciting journey and we always look for new talents! Feel free to send an unsolicited application to careers@hairlust.com. Make sure to follow us on LinkedIn for job posting and company updates.

UNO econetwork

UNO econetwork is young startup developing a digital platform to help businesses make corporate sustainability due diligence easy. We are working on a SaaS solution that enables users to account for their own environmental, social and governance related risks, as well as keeping a track on their suppliers'. Through our platform, companies can minimise the need to answer and resend the same information over and over again. To save our planet, it is critical that all businesses act responsibly. However, many companies end up wasting valuable ressources and time on accounting, instead of focusing on what is really important. We wish to help companies reduce the amount of double-work in their sustainability journey, so they can focus on taking action.

Hunomics Ltd

Hunome revolutionizes understanding of our humanness, who and why we humans are, by connecting humankind's collective knowledge and experience to build multidimensional shared understanding on a web-based platform. Hunome helps humanity make sense of itself for better decisions in many contexts. MVPv1 launched in April 2021. Our team is very strong in startup, commercial, product, technical and design experience.


Over the past 20 years, TimeLog has grown. From a basement to offices in Denmark, Sweden, and Malaysia. From the goal to create the world's best time tracking tool to wanting to be Europe's leading Professional Services Automation (PSA) software provider. And we're not nearly finished growing. Or dreaming. In November 2020, the renowned software investor, Viking Venture, invested € 10 million in TimeLog. The goal of the partnership is to create a Nordic PSA power house by accelerating product development, becoming even more TimeLoggers and acquiring at least one company a year over the next five years. In March 2022, TimeLog acquired its first company: AutoPilot. AutoPilot is a market leader in Denmark used by more than half of the Danish architects, and nearly that many engineers. It covers their need for time management, resource planning, pipeline, analysis and business intelligence. The acquisition is part of a strategy to offer more niche solutions to our customers. The acquisition of AutoPilot is also the first after the investment from Viking Venture. With the acquisition, we are more than 100 employees working from offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg, Kuala Lumpur, London and Stockholm.

Hansen & Ersbøll Agenda

Siden 2017 har Hansen & Ersbøll Agenda arbejdet med virksomheders og organisationers engagement med FN’s Verdensmål og den bæredygtige omstilling. Vores team tilbyder førende bæredygtighedsekspertise inden for forandringsledelse, agenda setting, interessentindragelse, fortalervirksomhed, PR, virksomhedspositionering, ledelseskommunikation og bæredygtighedsrapportering. Vi arbejder på alle niveauer fra sparringsmøder på ledelsesniveau til længerevarende implementeringsindsatser.

Reshape Biotech

Reshape Biotech is revolutionizing lab automation with our cutting-edge robotics, empowering biotech trailblazers to tackle the most pressing global challenges—from alternative protein development to sustainable agriculture. As the ultimate scaling factor, we enable researchers to collaborate globally and boost their throughput by an astounding 500x. We started Reshape Biotech with the intend of making automation an everyday tool in labs. What we see very often is huge "one-robot-that-does-everything" robots in the lab that are so complex that no one knows how to program, and they end up doing things by hand anyway. On the other hand, a lot of researchers can't afford automation, so they just stick to doing things by hand. We're building one robot for each function, and spend a long time on the UX so anyone can use them without training them first. Our team consists of multidisciplinary experts spanning PhD-level biologists, hardware engineers, and software gurus. We're backed by renowned investors, including Y Combinator, industry-leading CEOs, and the most influential names in the business. We have two products today: the Reshape Imaging System and the Reshape Media Plate Filler, deployed at some of the biggest biotech companies in the world. At Reshape Biotech, you have the chance to redefine biotech research for the next century. Join us to experience a truly integrated and vertically-aligned team environment.