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THINK International

THINK International is a non-profit organisation born in Denmark in 2022 that is on a mission to transform health and well-being across the globe through innovation and collaboration. THINK builds on a decade of passionate work in South Africa where our story began with an urge to improve the lives of those touched by Tuberculosis and HIV, with research as our guiding star. Building on our experience and expertise as public health experts and researchers, we improve lives, build capacity and strengthen health systems across Africa. With THINK International as a platform, we aim to take this legacy further by building international partnerships and providing technical support. Our goal is to make a difference in vulnerable people's lives, locally and globally. At THINK, we look at health and well-being through a wide-angled lens, caring about mental health, gender inequality, and planetary health. Rooted in the rich soil of Africa, we're also diving headfirst into the digital expanse of the Metaverse. Our game-changing strategies blend the best of cutting-edge tech with human-centered solutions. THINK mobile clinics on the move, AI-powered diagnostics, state-of-the-art clinical trials and social research, and data analysis that digs deep. With THINK, we're not just transforming healthcare - we're reimagining the very essence of health care, making it more accessible, more innovative, and more attuned to the world we live in today. THINK: Making a Difference


Welcome to Klint! 🎨 We help more people decorate the spaces they love with paint in a sustainable way. 🌿 Today, furnishing and decorating the places we live in with paint is a mix of: 1. Fun! (getting inspired, visualizing different colours, matching colours, textiles and styles) 2. Not-so-much-fun (driving to the paint store, looking at +100s of shades of paint, driving back and forth a few times for more samples, maybe once more for some extra painter's tape, etc.) At Klint - we hope to be able to keep the fun (!) and skip the not-so-much-fun, while also supporting the shift towards a more sustainable future, starting with our recyclable paint packaging. Sounds fun? Then we would love to hear from you. 👋 Warm regards, Team Klint


Monthio is a fully funded Fintech company working hard to build and launch an innovative financial platform for financial credit services. We are on an ambitious mission to create: "Smarter financial decisions with less effort". Put simply, we want to enable businesses and people to achieve a healthier financial situation with less hassle, saving both time and money. Monthio is on an ambitious mission in the growing industry of Fintech. We are a passionate and skilled team representing multiple age groups, and we have deep industry knowledge. Our experienced management team has strong knowledge within finance, entrepreneurship and software development, and our young team members keeps everyone on their toes. Our office is located in Parken, Østerbro in Copenhagen, Denmark. Here we have our own office with a great view to the Parken Football pitch as well as the green park: "Fælledparken"


We are a tech startup, developing a B2B SaaS product: a AI-based software platform that can identify, classify, and evaluate external damages on cars. It is our ambition to provide reliable, simple, and decentralized car handover processes in order to enable a transition into a new paradigm of the rental and sharing economy! With our software we are leveraging machine learning to enable fleet owners, to automate repetitive work, avoid errors when inspecting cars and provide a standardized service across all branches. Simultaneously, we are helping customers to increase efficiency and cut costs.

Knowledge Gate Group

An AI-powered platform to identify and connect organizations to life science opinion leaders. This kind of service has been used by Investment Firms and Management Consultancies on a daily basis for over a decade, but unless you’re a consultant or have worked at an investment firm you are probably unfamiliar with expert consultations, and the enormous value it brings. Our vision is to take the somewhat opaque ‘Expert Network’-service to a broader market, specifically the life science industry, to realize massive value and make knowledge extraction by expert consultations a no-brainer as part of a growth strategy.


At Qarma we built the next generation supply chain tools. We work with the leading brands within fashion, furniture and lifestyle to help them step up on product quality and compliance by reducing administrative complexity and increasing transparency throughout the supply chain. We have offices in Århus, Copenhagen, Shanghai and Saigon. We are born international and our customer footprint is Europe and the US, but our users are spread across +70 countries and still counting.


Are you ready to be part of an innovative and rapidly growing startup? At Memmora, we make a significant impact every day for thousands of family members across Denmark. Memmora is a concept for grave care that combines tech with gardening through a user-friendly platform. Our gardeners maintain gravesites year-round and send photos to members, enabling the maintenance and sharing of memories, regardless of distance. 🏆 Winner of the E-commerce Award 2024 as Denmark's Best Subscription Business 🌟 Nominated for EY's Entrepreneur Of The Year 🥇 Winner of the CBS Startup Award Most of us have lost one or more loved ones. So have we. Therefore, we understand how important it is that the final resting place of our loved ones is beautiful and well-maintained. Memmora makes it possible to share in grief and memories – even if you live far away or cannot visit the grave as often as you would like. Memmora is a place where memories come first. We strive to be there for everyone who wants to remember and be a part of the gravesite. We dream of bridging the gap between families and their memories, no matter where they are, and creating a community where memories can be shared and preserved. And we dream big! We have our office in Copenhagen. Come by and say hi! 👨‍🌾


BuddyCompany challenges the big brands in the home services market and aims to be the number one marketplace for all services in the home. Partly with the help of the unique platform that makes it possible to deliver a variety of services on site with high efficiency and scalability. Partly through our sustainable view of the gig economy, which makes it possible to offer fair wages and conditions for our Buddies as well as attractive prices for our customers. Get more time for life. We envision a world where all people can take part in a seamless synergy between digital innovation and a comfortable life. We aim to challenge the big brands in the home services market and become the number one marketplace for services around the home. On the one hand, with the unique technology platform that enables high efficiency in delivering services on site.

Hello Ada

At Hello Ada, we believe in a world where every girl has the opportunity to thrive and excel in the field of technology. Our mission is to bridge the gender gap in the tech industry by providing parents with the resources and information they need to support their daughters' interest in technology. We are dedicated to empowering girls to become the future innovators, creators, and leaders in the digital age.

The Sunday Snug

The Sunday Snug is an online lifestyle, fashion, and well-being magazine dedicated to inspiring and informing its readers about diverse ways of living. We focus on exploring various styles and promoting feel-good activities. Our platform addresses the need for a reliable and uplifting source that encourages personal growth, fashion sense, and overall well-being. By delivering high-quality content in these areas, we aim to enrich the lives of our audience, offering insights into achieving a balanced and stylish lifestyle.

StepUp Solutions

We are building wearables based on breathing, a vital parameter that has been much forgotten but contains so much information. StepUp Air significantly improves training efficiency while minimizing the risk of injury. StepUp Health helps patients live a better life. StepUp Horse delivers insights on racehorse health and behavior. We are a team of 20 international people covering a wide range of competencies.


In Radiobotics we are developing stellar machine learning algorithms, supporting doctors in analysing medical images, and making the right decisions. We are collaborating with hospitals across EU and the US, ensuring immediate clinical impact, eventually benefitting patients. We are an award winning start-up looking to expand our team, so please get in touch, in you are interested in hearing more about opportunities.

LM Consulting

LM Consulting specializes in career coaching, workshop delivery, and public speaking, supporting ambitious women in STEM careers. We design and provide clients with various customizable coaching programs catering to their individual needs. For us, coaching means exploring, discovering, and empowering people on their journey to self-discovery and success. Coaching is the source of inspiration, motivation, and progress, creating experiences and emotions that will last a lifetime. Personal approach, creativity, and trust are the cornerstones of our path together.

vCare Denmark

vCare Denmark is developing telemedicine software to help chronic patients get best possible care and quality of life using patient engagement, motivation and empowerment. We aim to improve care and disease management, and reduce hospitalisation rates for high-risk patients. The ambition is to increase access to healthcare for patients who face barriers such as distance, transportation, or caretaker availability giving equal access to healthcare services for all.


PROBE is the world first patient-centered & digital contract research organization (CRO). PROBE is committed to transforming clinical trials and the conduction of them. We leverage advanced digital technologies like AI and data analytics to optimize trial design, enhance patient recruitment, and streamline data collection. Our ultimate goal is to make treatments reach, the people that needs it the most, faster.