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UX / UI Designer

UI Designer at Cool New Startup - designing next generation of social media

UX / UI Designer

UX Designer

Customer Service

Danish Speaking Customer Experience Associate


Strategy Analyst


Digital Content Writer (NO)


Law Student Assistant


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Rodinia Generation

Rodinia Generation was created, with one goal in mind: Changing the fashion industry for the better. With a strong ambition to drive forward the transformation, from being one of the world’s most polluting industries to becoming a digital and sustainable one, The Green Fashion Factory was setup in Copenhagen in 2020, where we produce clothes sustainably and ultra-fast. Rodinia has been recognized by fashion companies, investors and public funding bodies (i.e. Innovation Fund Denmark) incl. the European Patent-office and has secured €2M from investors and grants.


Tise is a Nordic, fast-growing software company with an experienced team. We do everything from coding to design and business development in-house. Our marketplace-app, Tise, has grown dramatically since we launched in 2016, now measuring nearly 1 000 000 registered users, and 4 000 000 listings. With around 80 000 DAU, spending 17 minutes in the app on average, we are blessed with a highly engaged community. We are now looking for great individuals to join our journey onwards.


At Ada we are developing a next generation smart marketing platform where we use machine learning and the power of AI to make the marketing and advertising as easy as possible. We believe everyone is entitled to do professional marketing without needing to have years of experience. Our vision is to give the user the opportunity to create the perfect smart ad while keeping the technical side at bare minimum, making the experience fun, and providing an aesthetically beautiful platform.

Heymedia Partners

We are putting together media and buyers to help them grow their SEO. We are building a SAAS tool to put more transparency into the work of finding medias an to help different actors save both money and time. We are the leading software in the business of connecting the dots and are trying to transform the way the business work.


With more than 25 years knowhow from the telecom business, Towerbooking is the leading toll to market and organized towers for both towercos and operators. What we do: Increased revenue on existing assets Physical Details of the tower Site Locator & Tower View Structural Analysis & Health Check Tenancy Management Revenue predications & assurance


CyberPilot er et dansk IT-sikkerhedsfirma. Vi arbejder med alle typer virksomheder og organisationer, små som store, der ønsker at opnå effektiv IT-sikkerhed. Vi fokuserer på, at IT-sikkerhed skal være en proces, hvor mennesker og adfærd betyder lige så meget som teknologi (hardware og software). God IT-sikkerhed afhænger ikke kun af teknologi. God IT-sikkerhed afhænger af menneskers gode beslutninger i brugen med teknologi. Vores fokus er på at gøre det så nemt for dig/jer som muligt at tænke it-sikkerhed ind i jeres hverdag og forretning. IT-sikkerhed er for mange et nødvendigt ”onde” og vi vil gøre vores del til, at it-sikkerheden bliver prioriteret – netop ved at gøre det simpelt, effektivt og værdiskabende. Vi anerkender, at det ikke er alle virksomheder, som har et budget til at arbejde med IT-sikkerhed. Derfor har vi også valgt, at vi gerne vil dele ud af vores erfaringer og viden, så alle kan komme i gang (også uden at købe noget). CyberPilot har kontor centralt i Aarhus, og ledes til dagligt af direktør og medejer Rasmus Hangaard Vinge.