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Founders is a startup studio, a rather new concept in the entrepreneurial world. Acting as a co-founder, Founders participates in the establishment and development of different startups. At Founders, entrepreneurship is seen as discipline more than as a work of art. Founders believe that processes, details and workflow can be optimized for success through an establishment period of 12-18 months. This timeframe is then facilitated by 3 teams, a development team, a design team and a growth team. Through repeating the startup process, Founders experience a lot of problems first hand, e.g. how difficult successful headhunting can be. Founders is built on a fund which is distributed among the involved startups, enabling them to create an individual budget of about 3 million kroner for each startup to reach a product-market fit. Through the development of the startup there is a strong focus on the final product which is crucial for the startup to succeed.   Founders has a flat organization and they believe in proactivity; it’s an office full of generalists rather than specialists, with the three core teams focusing each on their individual field. When the development of a new startup begins, the first 1-2 weeks are spent exploring which processes the startup will deal with (e.g.: creating a new credit card system for employees, involving financial transactions and budgeting). The next phase is generation, where the development team works on figuring out which hypotheses they might encounter (e.g.: the financial transactions of employees will be much simpler when systematized without reimbursements being necessary). The last phase is discovery, three months with problem probing, product sketching and solution testing (e.g. how can the necessary level of employee trust be reached with the new credit card system?). When a product-solution fit is then reached, the growth team takes over and spends 4-12 months on validation to reach a product-market fit.


Since day one, Kraftvaerk has focused on uniting the most talented consultants under one roof. The primary idea is to offer company development. That definition covers both consultancy, concept development and implementation of different web- and IT-solutions. Kraftvaerk delivers solutions based on Microsoft .Net, Sitecore, Umbraco and EPiServer from their offices in Copenhagen, Århus, Helsinki og Sct. Petersburg.


We help individuals, organizations and the healthcare sector utilize good habits as 
a catalyst for change.In March 2016 Habitlab got accepted into the Thinkubator accelerator program. We are now launching our newest product - Physio. A platform created to improve compliance in physiotherapy.Download soon in your favorite app store.


Capdesk is a fin-tech startup based in Copenhagen and London. At Capdesk, we want to democratize capital: Let employees co-own their company. Let's have stakeholder capitalism rather than shareholder capitalism. We push this way by removing technical, financial and legal barriers. We innovate and streamline how companies, investors and employees manage and transact equity. We’ve built and commercialized our product - a leading equity management platform. As a work place, we promise a young and vibrant environment with lots of social events.


GoApplicate develops, contains and supports customer specifik IT-solutions mainly based on Microsoft technologies. They specialize in supporting complex business processes by making efficient software solutions for many different industries. Their goal is to deliver "Better Software Faster" and they do that by constantly developing their own business processes.


&tradition is a Danish design company established in 2010 with the founding principle being tradition tied to innovation. Their unique library of furniture and lighting spans from the 1930s to the present day and includes designs by internationally renowned designers. Although &tradition is influenced by their Nordic heritage, they handpick design talent and production facilities internationally and across the ages. This is part of their remit to reshape, redefine and reinvent materials, techniques and forms, helping them to find a unique position in the international design market.


AltaPay is a leading cross border payment processor that delivers payment management solutions to e-commerce businesses across Europe and the USA. Their innovative IT platform and consultative approach help companies scale internationally by offering secure and reliable payment coverage across multiple sales channels, currencies and payment methods.


Hostnordic is a professional IT Outsourcing and web hosting supplier. They handle both advanced cloud solutions and customer service.


BetterNow provides charities with strong and customisable online fundraising solutions. At the core of BetterNow is a vision is to make the world more generous by empowering anyone to make a difference by giving charities the best and most affordable digital fundraising toolset possible.Our customers count some of the biggest charity brands that exist and we are active across all of Northern Europe.We have office in Copenhagen and London, though our team is remote first.


Conferize is a bespoke platform for B2B events, seminars and conferences. We want to change the game for the event industry by enabling you to make more valuable events. Events that connect people, generate impact and drive business. We’re based in Copenhagen Denmark, but our team is all over Europe. Conferize is listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen.

Ageras A/S

At Ageras, we are all about making complex things simple, and that is because we believe it to be more fair, transparent, and empowering. We are building a simple ecosystem connecting clients to lawyers, accountants, and bookkeepers. We are an ambitious, young and fast-paced technology company in Copenhagen. After 8 years we are financially backed by one of the largest Private Equity funds, Investcorp, and have a footprint in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Germany and the US.


Sharefunders software is designed to make it easy and simple to use shares to develop a company. It provides a complete set of tools and compliance to organize the users own online public offering of shares. The solutions are inspired by IPO processes, with the option to run open rounds (Public Offerings) and closed rounds (Roadshows) to ensure that companies, professional investors and retail investors are matched through optimal financial processes. Sharefunders provide the perfect structure for preparing a market for corporate shares, and the solutions are developed together with lawyers, investors, companies and incubators.


Make every day less everyday! Bownty collects all deals and experiences in one place! We help consumers get the most out of their city by collecting and curating the best value for money experiences from hundreds of partner sites. Bownty is like a Momondo, but for cool things to do. With millions of users across 9 markets Bownty is the largest service of it's type in Europe.


WannaSport wants to make it easier to get up and do sports. They launched in September 2014 and the website and app offer easy access to sports facilities all over Denmark. The system is formed so it can integrate almost every activity system in the world. Right now WannaSport is working on completing a new version which also includes social features.

Sybo Games

Sybo Games is a brand and innovation house that turns ideas into captivating and clear-cut games and spin-offs for mobile devices. They are most famous for their global game hit Subway Surfers. Working with a flat structure, every individual at Sybo Games is an expert within their domain. Every production method is kept agile: fail fast and then make things function. Because of regular team meetings, working hours are mandatory between 10-16, but you can come earlier or stay later within the controlled flexibility of the schedule. Sybo Games have monthly Friday bars and movie nights where they feature both awarded and more unorthodox B-films. The social scene is extensive and besides the obvious interest in gaming it also offers Artistic Nights with a creative focus as well as a running club.