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The Org

The Org is the world’s biggest network of public org charts. We’re on a mission to make organizations more transparent to improve internal and external collaboration. The Org is doing for the public org chart what LinkedIn did for the public resume. As a job seeker, why is it so hard to get an idea about who you'll be working with? As an employee, why is there no single place to get to know your colleagues and learn how every team works? As a team leader, why can't you study how similar companies operate and apply their processes and learnings on your own team? We lead by example, and operate honestly and transparently, to show the world the value of transparency in business. We’re backed by some of the world’s leading investors including Founders Fund, Sequoia, Balderton and Tiger Global.

Swap Language

Swap Language is the future of flexible and engaging language learning. By dedicating our attention to educational technology, we combine the latest and greatest online streaming software and e-learning methods, and combine it with weekly speaking lessons. We are in - as we call it - the edutainment business! With our technology, we can teach the most popular languages in the world to thousands of members simultaneously - live and on-demand. Our vision is to break down language and cultural barriers all over the world. To do that, we need to make language something fun and easy to learn. Two years in a row, Swap Language has won the title as the most innovative startup within the "social impact" category in both Denmark and Spain. Swap Language also won the 'Go Glocal' award in Business region Aarhus, due to the positive impact on integrating internationals in Danish companies.


Nuntio is a fully open-source backend platform built for Kubernetes. Nuntio embraces the concept of containers and introduces a standard model for building and deploying scalable backends on Kubernetes using our SDKs and CLI. The platform automatically handles auto-scaling and networking and comes with everything you need to develop and manage your backend — from auth and user management to built-in CI/CD pipelines, multiple database & storage compatibilities, and an extensive dashboard to manage it all.


Tise is a social marketplace in the Nordics. We have operations in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland with the aim to make it easy, more fun and inspiring to sell and buy second hand. Tise has now over 2 000 000 registered users and we have great faith in making the world a little more sustainable continuing the growth. We do everything from coding to design and business development in-house. The Tise team now counts 35, and is expected to double in the next few years.


Contribe is on a mission to empower a sustainable future through innovative tech - simplifying, transparently tracking, and automating actions for a healthier planet. We turn sustainable collaborations into a competitive advantage! At Contribe we are creating a SaaS platform to automate manual work, find the right impact partner, validate results, link actions to business processes and use it all to gain competitive advantages. We are helping parties connect and collaborate, communicate their efforts with supreme accuracy and free time to focus on creating value within their core business, instead of focusing on tiresome and obsolete administrative practices. New EU-legislation is pressuring the way we handle sustainability data today, 9/10 customers demand higher transparency in sustainability claims and corporate sustainability collaborations are on a rise! With the Contribe software, we are going to totally redefine the way sustainability collaborations are managed and communicated! Our founder team consists of young driven individuals skilled within software development, IT-infrastructure, business law, commercial strategy, sales, leadership and business economics. Our company office is in the heart of Copenhagen, with the potential opportunity for remote work as well.


RaskRask offers wellness on-demand, where a professional massage therapist, personal trainer or yoga instructor comes to your home or office at your convenience. The core of our business is based on improving health and well-being in society and making it more accessible. By simplifying the whole process for the professionals, we create a flexible yet motivational workspace allowing the professionals to work passionately - everyday. This means that our therapist, personal trainers and yoga instructors are 100% focused on meeting the customers needs. We have rethought the wellness industry and made it easier for both the customer and therapist. Our on-demand service is a simplified process, which enables more people to get the treatment they need in an easier way.


The football app! Where professionals pay it forward to the next generation. In short: The app for young football players that want to become the best version of themselves. Why was InchByInch founded? InchByInch was founded based on a desire to create a positive change for Danish football. Our main priority is that football must be fun, and on top of that we want as many people to play football for as long as possible. Our mission is to make talent development available for everyone, no matter their age, gender, size, location or talent. Our vision is a world where talents focus on becoming the best version of themselves. What is InchByInch about? We have created a universe for learning that can be accessed through App Store and Google Play. In our app you can meet football players, mental coaches, nutrition experts, sleep experts, scouts, coaches and other experts that share their knowledge. Additionally there are many videos where you can learn practice exercises, shots and tricks. All the players share what they wish they would have known sooner and pass on their best advice. They also talk about failures, hardships, and difficult times, so that talents with the same challenges can relate to their idols, and in that way learn that they are not alone with those challenges.

Pluto Technologies

Pluto empowers municipalities with a cost-effective asset management platform empowered by AI. By automating the data collection through computer vision, municipalities are able to save millions on smarter maintenance decisions, limit their overall carbon-emmission, adhere to the legally required documentation, and subsequently offer a well-operating infrastructure for all their citizens.

Monil AS

Accelerate the worlds transition to sustainable agriculture by automating animal care. We design and build high-tech smart collars that benefits both farmer, animal and environment: - The farmer saves time and money on building fences and animal feed - The animals spend less time inside and more time grazing on open pastures - The smart collars enable grazing techniques that boost soil health and reduce the need for artificial fertilizer


Swappie is the no. 1 online destination for buying and selling refurbished smartphones in Europe. Since launching in 2016, we have grown to more than 1100 talent and €100M annual revenue. And this is just the beginning! We empower our customers in 15 countries to choose environmentally friendly and affordable ways to upgrade their smartphones. Buy smart, not new; that's how we change consumer behaviour in Europe and soon worldwide. Our core values are endless optimism, highest standards, customer focus, and connect. They guide us in the decisions and actions we take every day. Our successful model and ambition in solving important sustainability challenges is being continuously recognised by international sustainability and start-up awards, including Growth Builder of the Year 2020, the Finnish Innovation Fund’s award for contribution to the circular economy and appearing on Wired’s list of hottest startups in Helsinki. Sounds like the place for you? Join us! 🚀


nordlys.studio exists to realize the full value of your data through collaborative digital apps we are powered by dolittle.com we co-design digital solutions that drive new revenue we build collaborative apps and enrich them with real-time data we fund exceptional products, bringing them to new markets

Startup Lighthouse

We are a startup factory and support ministry for entrepreneurial spirits. Different minds with different aptitudes are more powerful together than one alone to solve wicked problems. As the number of wicked problems worldwide is growing with global as well local impact and because action is needed, we connect people to form a team with a common purpose, solving a problem or meeting a need and together building a company with global reach. Because we can and we should! Join us!


CHARLES is a robotics firm launching a farming robot very soon. We believe in technology as a driver of common good and want to launch a robot that will change how humanity functions in it core. We are currently hiring in Ă…rhus/Hinnerup and Greater Copenhagen area. Our site will be live as soon as we can disclose our amazing project :)


ABOUT GAMUCATEX We are an indie startup of 20+ people making meaningful games that can level up your understanding of the world. Our headquarters are in Copenhagen (Frederiksberg/Amager) but we are an international company with team members across the world. Our cooperative team takes good care of each other and is open, flexible and transparent; so do you want to join our family? We believe games should be both fun to play AND to make! ABOUT OUR CURRENT GAME We are developing a digital autobattler card based game in a historical and mythological universe. The aim is to make a historically accurate game that inspires people to immerse themselves into history. The upcoming game is in production. The player will be taking charge of a faction, either Viking, Frankian or English which they will follow through history. Letting you experience what happened in the past according to historical records. Battles take place online and in scenarios on a turn based board. You will lead your forces to your enemies lines and holding your moral high you will dominate the fighting! This innovative game puts historical characters in cards moving combat on a grid format. The inspiration comes from: Magic, Civilizations, Age of Empires and Heroes. We are a member of Human & Legal Innovation Hub at UCPH, at South Campus (KUA), Copenhagen Entrepreneur School (CSE) and Game Hub Denmark. They all aid us with consultants, an office space, workshops and much more. WHY ARE WE DOING THIS AND HOW? With games we can make a great impact in people's lives


Batata is a B2B agricultural e-commerce software designed for sales optimization and reduction of waste. The farmers are mainly focusing on production cultivation and not on sales optimization. Therefore they have a problem selling excess and damaged commodities that leads to wasted productions and loss of capital. According to Danish Statistics, farmers are wasting 15% to 20% of their output. They have only a few selling options: intermediaries, local markets, grocery chains (bigger farmers). There is no marketplace that connects suppliers (farmers, SME's) with direct buyers (catering industry, grocery chains, manufacturing companies) or non-profit organizations. Our solution provides a real-time private marketplace platform where farmers can expand local and international sales channels. Deal with overproduction and waste by connecting with potential partners (manufacturing, catering companies) or non-profit organizations. With a cloud-based tech-enabled solution Batata will offer a set of analytical and automation tools (KPI's, detailed sales results, sheet generation, order processing, and generation).