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BrainCapture is a Danish startup developing a revolutionary medical technology aimed at the 4+ Billion people in emerging markets who lack consistent and affordable access to neurological diagnostics. This lack of access leads to millions of people going without diagnosis and treatment for conditions like Epilepsy. We believe this significant global issue can be addressed by applying the tools of the 21st century - smartphones, connectivity, AI and automation - to the outdated medical technology and practices currently in use. We also believe that the vast disparity in access to care represents an opportunity. We are creating an Electroencephalogram (EEG) device which is easy to use, telemedicine optimized, and AI assisted in order to offer EEG as a service throughout Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. The idea of an affordable, portable, connected EEG device has matured rapidly since BrainCapture was founded in 2019. Our small but dedicated team has validated the concept in trials in Guinea and Bhutan, tested prototypes at Filadelfia Epilepsy Hospital in Denmark and at Harvard Medical School, and undertaken usability testing in Kenya. Our founding team consists of leading AI professors from DTU, a Harvard professor in Epilepsy, engineers with execution experience and strong senior investors. We have secured funding through investors and European grants for the next phase of our growth we have been awarded a 1M EUR Eurostars grant(2020), raised 500k EUR in seed capital (2021), and secured 2M EUR from the European Innovation Council via their Accelerator Award (2022) with this our development and roll out is fully funded through 2025. We are currently expanding the team with several profiles to take us to the next level and deliver a device and technology stack that will change the lives of millions of people all over the world. While our approach to the EEG device is novel, we are not alone. A wave of innovation is sweeping the diagnostics industry. Join us to participate in a once-in-a-generation innovation.


IZX is a platform for integrating LLMs into business applications, enabling natural language understanding and automation. Our product streamlines the creation, inference, and scaling of enterprise foundational models (that can also be hosted on-premise or in private cloud) that interact with external LLMs, APIs, and data sources. Our team includes the top 1% of AI/ML engineers in Europe. Join our team!

SoundMap - The creative ecosystem

We're tackling the giant headache that is today's music industry. Music creators need a ridiculous amount of streams to even start making a living from their music. That's where we come in. We are SoundMap 🍊, and we're all about building the kind of industry that creators can really root for. We want to make it a no-brainer for anyone to cash in on their hard work and get paid what they deserve, without all the fuss. SoundMap is shaping up to be the go-to hub for music artists, producers, and creators alike. We're bundling up all the important stuff a creator needs into one awesome platform, shaping a chill space where you can let go of the money worries and just focus on making cool tunes. Thanks to heaps of data and some wicked smart AI tools at your disposal, you can dive right into what matters most: whipping up amazing music and giving your fans the time of their lives. We're dubbing this the 'creative ecosystem', and as of now, SoundMap is the lone ranger taking this route. With this approach, we're shooting for a triple win scenario where everyone gets a piece of the pie. This way, we can all grow as one big happy industry family, with wins all around. We're in the process of gathering a bunch of skilled and super passionate folks who are hungry to dive head-first into the challenges that lie ahead. So, if you're up for being part of this wild ride, hit us up with your application!

Droppe – One-stop shop for all your wholesale

Connecting local businesses to Europe's top equipment manufacturers via an online wholesale marketplace. ——— Founded in 2020 in Finland, Droppe is building an online marketplace that brings European industrial equipment manufacturers and industrial buyers together. Currently, the top concern for industrial buyers is finding and stocking operating supplies that are painless to buy in bulk, low in cost and responsibly sourced. Industrial buyers can now bulk order products for food manufacturing and industrial manufacturing ranging from hairnets to aprons and protective gloves through Droppe’s online platform. Ultimately Droppe makes the European wholesale industry more connected by creating shorter and more responsible supply chains, as companies can look for local wholesale marketplaces from Europe instead of other continents. The company's easy-to-use online marketplace is already used by some of the biggest industrial key players and publicly listed companies in Europe. “As industrial wholesale moves online, more and more industrial buyers will be looking for new ways to bulk order products via the internet. Droppe is the first in the market to build a European industrial wholesale marketplace, a mission that we are excited to continue building and expanding with new resources,” Johannes Salmisaari, the CEO and Co-founder of Droppe, explains. “Our vision is to create a trustworthy community of European buyers and manufacturers and through that, build a stronger European wholesale market.” In just under two years, Droppe has reached a GMV of over €4M and over 500 customers from SMEs to publicly listed companies, bootstrapped. In early 2022, Droppe raised a venture round backed by Lifeline Ventures, Ilkka Paananen (CEO & Co-founder of Supercell) and Miki Kuusi (CEO & Co-founder of Wolt). “Droppe’s online marketplace streamlines the buying process and makes it easier for industrial buyers. Buyers are now able to order directly from multiple manufacturers across Europe at the same time, all on one invoice–something that the industry hasn't seen before,” tells Henrik Helenius, Co-founder of Droppe. “According to Gartner by 2025, 80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will occur in digital channels, such as online marketplaces. Droppe is tapping into this worldwide shift to industrial online marketplaces with their online platform, showing an exceptional promise to do so with their strong growth numbers. As an investor, it is quite rare to see such a well-oiled machine at this stage,” Timo Ahopelto, the Founding Partner at Lifeline Ventures, tells.


Healper a game-changing booking platform that matches people with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and addiction with the psychologist who fits their needs. Problem: The cumbersome booking of the wrong psychologist In Denmark, mental disorders account for 25% of the disease burden and cost society 55 billion DKK annually with more than 2,000 people receiving therapy from a psychologist every day. Further, too many individuals do not receive timely help as they cannot cope with the draining 5-hour process it takes to find and book a psychologist. At the same time, U.S. experience shows that only 20-40% of people find a psychologist they trust and have 'chemistry' with. This is tragic, as just one bad experience can cause a client to completely drop out of or postpone his/her therapy. The ineffective booking process and the risk of a poor patient-therapist match mean that many people continue to struggle with mental illness who could otherwise be treated. This has major consequences for individuals whose mental illness markedly impairs their quality of life, but also largely affect their family and friends. Furthermore, this is a major problem for society, which is negatively impacted by lost labor and growth and must shoulder the high costs associated with mental illness. Solution: A simple approach to booking the right psychologist Healper is a friendly guide and a booking platform that matches clients with psychologists. We have designed a comfortable, simple, and transparent user journey, that takes the client by the hand and helps him/her through therapy to mental health. Clients fill out a short questionnaire and are then matched with the best results from our database of more than 1,700 psychologists. Here, we find the psychologist who can statistically give the best treatment. Clients are presented with a prioritized list of three psychologists along with the reasons for the match. From this list, clients can choose which psychologist they like best, book a session, and pay. The platform continuously facilitates feedback from clients and their psychologists to improve the processing and precision of the matches.

Watery ApS

Mit navn er Daniel og jeg startede Watery.dk som 17-årig i Oktober 2016 med målet om at lave Danmarks største online svømmeshop efter selv at have svømmet på eliteplan gennem mange år. Her 4 år senere er det mål opnået for længst og med et #teamWatery på +25 motiverede og unge medarbejdere arbejder vi nu efter at gøre Watery til et internationalt svømmebrand, der vender op og ned for industruen. Med en omsætning på +25 mio. i 2020 og knap 80.000 ordrer forventer vi at runde 100 mio. indenfor 2 år. Undervejs har vi vundet priser som "Årets ener" til e-handelsprisen samt "årets iværksætter" i Horsens samt været nomineret til adskillige andre.


Mover provide software and logistic solutions for people and companies enabling them to deliver unique experiences and reduce waste - in every sense of the word! We believe that we can make the world slightly better by making logistics smarter. Join the movement and be part of a social and professional community in a technology company that grows fast. Our new headquarter is outstanding and placed at Islands Brygge in the center of Copenhagen and close to the Metro. We are currently more than 50 enthusiasts in Copenhagen and on our way to several new markets in Europe Our colleagues come from different backgrounds, common to all, however, is that they are talented and inspiring. In Mover, we're all part of the success, we're having fun, and we're growing – together! www.mover.dk

Acterio AS

The innovation ecosystem plays a crucial role in the success of startups, but these ecosystems are facing operational and strategic obstacles that limit their potential. The operational difficulties include an inability to effectively support startups leading to high failure rates, low engagement from startups, and resource-intensive reporting processes. On the strategic front, innovation ecosystems face intense competition and struggle to scale their efforts and establish sustainable business models, which often rely heavily on government funding. These challenges impact a wide range of players in the ecosystem, including incubators, accelerators, universities, and enterprise innovation departments. Addressing these challenges can lead to a thriving startup ecosystem, boosting economic growth and driving progress. By investing in the solution of these significant problems, the innovation ecosystem has the potential to unleash its full potential and drive positive change.


CYVI is an early-stage cyber insurance platform backed by one of Europe’s top VCs. With less than 5% of European small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) protected by cyber insurance, CYVI is on a mission to reinvent cyber insurance. CYVI enables multiple B2B channels to sell cyber insurance while helping insurers monitor client security hygiene. Our compliance cybersecurity platform allows channels such as IT providers to provide embedded cyber insurance to their clients and create new revenue streams in the process.


Monthio is a fully funded Fintech company working hard to build and launch an innovative financial platform for financial credit services. We are on an ambitious mission to create: "Smarter financial decisions with less effort". Put simply, we want to enable businesses and people to achieve a healthier financial situation with less hassle, saving both time and money. Monthio is on an ambitious mission in the growing industry of Fintech. We are a passionate and skilled team representing multiple age groups, and we have deep industry knowledge. Our experienced management team has strong knowledge within finance, entrepreneurship and software development, and our young team members keeps everyone on their toes. Our office is located in Parken, Østerbro in Copenhagen, Denmark. Here we have our own office with a great view to the Parken Football pitch as well as the green park: "Fælledparken"

Health Tech Hub Copenhagen

A community of leading health-tech startups each determined to solve global health issues with solutions built on scalable software, technology and data. Our first goal:break the adoption bottlenecks & open the way for clever health tech solutions to reach the people they are meant to serve. Our big ambition: improve health and reduce health-related costs for 1 billion people worldwide. HTHC is a non-profit that is privately funded to support startups and the health tech environment.


In-form was founded to strengthen community and solidarity among children playing team sports. We’re currently bringing joy and self-esteem to kids playing football in Denmark through our physical products and offerings. We’re a group of passionate individuals who believe inclusion drives progression and diverse and varied perspectives are the key to deeper understanding and value-creation. Every day we aim to strengthen community among kids, no matter their background, through their involvement in team sports.


The smart way to build loyalty. Regulars empowers small and medium-sized businesses to transition effortlessly from traditional loyalty solutions to cutting-edge digital strategies. We're reducing paper waste, elevating customer engagement, and changing the loyalty game. Turn visitors into regulars.


AUTOproff provides software-as-a-service solutions to the professional car market – making it seamless, secure, and more attractive to trade used cars. Our solutions are important enablers of the ongoing mobility transformation of the car industry, where most people in the future will no longer own a car, but instead lease, rent, share or hail cars. Mobility means significant growth in transaction volume as cars will be traded more often during their lifetime – thereby driving strong demand for our solutions. We are growing fast and serve more than 3,500 customers from across the whole value chain including OEMs, dealerships as well as rental-, leasing-, platform- and mobility companies. AUTOproff was founded in 2013, became market leader in Denmark in 2016, and has since expanded across Northern Europe. We employ 100 enthusiastic professionals across our offices in Copenhagen (DK), Vejle (DK), Hamburg (DE), Malmoe (SE), Zwolle (NL) and Poznan (PL). In 2020, we posted revenues of more than DKK 400 million and we have been profitable since our inception. AUTOproff is privately owned by Jesper Ratza, our CEO and founder, André Rogaczewski, CEO and co-founder of Netcompany, as well as other private investors.

Visma Creditro A/S

Visma Creditro is a fast-growing SaaS scale-up that fights money laundering and fraud together with our customers from the financial sector. Our platform makes it easy and simple for them to comply with regulatory compliance to which they are subject. Financial crime weakens confidence in the financial sector and related professions and to all those who deliver a good and fair job every day. Therefore, it is crucial that banks, accountants and lawyers get far better tools to spot suspicious behavior in their clients. Thats’s what drives us. We strive to create a world free of fraud, scams and money laundering. At Creditro we specialize in the development of intelligent software for the investigation of economic crime. We have used that experience to develop a platform that can help stop financial crime and make it easy for our clients to stay compliant. The platform can today identify 9 out of 10 fraudulent companies in Denmark and warns against 2 out of 3 of all bankruptcies at least three months before they happen. Creditro also has automated credit assessments, and according to our customers, a KYC-check in our platform only takes around 5 minutes. In 2022, Creditro became part of the Norwegian IT group, Visma, where we continue as an independent company, but now with even greater muscle, ready to fight for a world without financial crime and money laundering.