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Integrify is a high-growth tech company with a social mission at its heart. Since 2016, we have upskilled over 1000+ international tech talents across Europe and helped them kick-start their future-proof careers. Integrify was founded for the sole purpose of changing what’s next for people who deserve a shot at a better future through education. In essence, Integrify is removing barriers to enter into technology work and thus enabling people to flourish and build over generational social capital. After educating the first thousand hungry learners, we are striving for expanding our reach and impact for the next 10 000 people. We exist to change what’s next for the coders and companies of the world. At Integrify you get a unique opportunity to combine high-growth entrepreneurship with important social goals. Build and scale the business together with amazing colleagues, challenge yourself, and grow into the best version of yourself.


CYVI is an early-stage cyber insurance platform backed by one of Europe’s top VCs. With less than 5% of European small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) protected by cyber insurance, CYVI is on a mission to reinvent cyber insurance. CYVI enables multiple B2B channels to sell cyber insurance while helping insurers monitor client security hygiene. Our compliance cybersecurity platform allows channels such as IT providers to provide embedded cyber insurance to their clients and create new revenue streams in the process.


In Radiobotics we are developing stellar machine learning algorithms, supporting doctors in analysing medical images, and making the right decisions. We are collaborating with hospitals across EU and the US, ensuring immediate clinical impact, eventually benefitting patients. We are an award winning start-up looking to expand our team, so please get in touch, in you are interested in hearing more about opportunities.


We are on a journey to help the global industry to become greener by quantifying emissions and implementing a circular economy. This year we helped document environmental savings equivalent to the electricity consumption of 90.000 households for a year. We expect that this number double next year. We have, over the last three developed a PaaS solution that can help product manufacturers sell greener products at a lower price. Our solutions enable easy quantification of a product's carbon footprint and implement measures to lower it—an essential tool in a transition to a greener world.

Swap Language

Swap Language is the future of flexible and engaging language learning. By dedicating our attention to educational technology, we combine the latest and greatest online streaming software and e-learning methods, and combine it with weekly speaking lessons. We are in - as we call it - the edutainment business! With our technology, we can teach the most popular languages in the world to thousands of members simultaneously - live and on-demand. Our vision is to break down language and cultural barriers all over the world. To do that, we need to make language something fun and easy to learn. Two years in a row, Swap Language has won the title as the most innovative startup within the "social impact" category in both Denmark and Spain. Swap Language also won the 'Go Glocal' award in Business region Aarhus, due to the positive impact on integrating internationals in Danish companies.

Contractbook, Inc.

Contracts are broken. The latest versions are lost in long email threads and endless subfolders. All the crucial data in your contracts are frozen in time in files and PDFs, meaning lots of tedious data entry and, even worse, overall uncertainty about the state of affairs. Contractbook turns static contracts into a database for your entire organisation, unlocking the full value of your data. Our dynamic contracts make data structured, accessible, and actionable for all teams. Transparency and connected data keep everyone on the same page and ensure a seamless data flow between tools. By empowering teams to build better, future-proof contracts, we are helping businesses of all sizes navigate the increasingly complex world of contract management. Step into the new era and take control of your contracts. Contractbook was founded in Copenhagen in 2016 and serves over 250,000 users in over 85 countries. Our team is around 110 people strong and very international, so our company language is English. Our HQ is in Østerbro, Copenhagen, but we have been remote since the start. Our colleagues are predominantly located in Europe, with some in the US on the east coast. We are building a harmonic group of unselfish team players. We do not allow brilliant jerks, even if it means that we miss out on some talented people. What is essential for us is that you fit into our culture and show openness, ambition, and motivation. In return, we will facilitate an environment where talented people can learn, grow and boost their careers, so please, join us in creating the new era of contracts and killing the PDF! By visiting our website, you can learn how Contractbook makes working with contracts an easy, efficient, and stress-free experience.


Heartnet is a SaaS solution that enables Pharmaceutical manufacturers and brands to easily comply with authentication and track-and-trace regulations. We offer the latest technology without needing technical expertise. Our platform is full service and offers real-time data of how pharma products are performing in the market. By partnering with manufacturers and other Pharmaceutical stakeholders, our Track-and-Trace solution helps to solve the $200 Billion problem of counterfeit medicines and protect consumers beyond-the-Pill.


Tise is a social marketplace in the Nordics. We have operations in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland with the aim to make it easy, more fun and inspiring to sell and buy second hand. Tise has now over 2 000 000 registered users and we have great faith in making the world a little more sustainable continuing the growth. We do everything from coding to design and business development in-house. The Tise team now counts 35, and is expected to double in the next few years.

Your Beet

Similar to LTK (valued at $2bn) that converts social media fashion-content to eCommerce, Your Beet social commerce platform for healthy sustainable food converts 500 million recipes on social media to shopped grocery baskets instantly. Team: ex-BCG CEO, ex-Lifesum CMO, ex-Kognity CTO PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Your Beet platform converts creator recipe content to pre-filled grocery basket, while helping consumers improve health, save time and money. Everyone wins in the process, creating a growth flywheel effect. B2B monetised (retailers get higher profit margins, brands lower CAC, influencers get additional passive income). Your Beet makes planning & shopping for healthy sustainable food a matter of seconds, as fast as ordering Uber Eats. 80% of women under 35yo already start with Social Media when looking for inspiration of “what to make for dinner”. We just made that inspiration instantly shoppable, while funneling this 80% traffic to our B2B partners.


Sustainia is a global sustainability advisory firm, headquartered in Copenhagen. Since 2009, the mission of Sustainia has been to simplify sustainability. As one of our signature projects, Sustainia operates with United Nations Global Compact the world's largest platform for vetted & verified sustainable solutions, the Global Opportunity Explorer. Armed with mindsets and methodologies, strategies and solutions, Sustainia advises organisations on how to create enduring sustainability transformations required in order to stay relevant in an ever-changing world.

Indo Naturals

Indo Naturals delivers zero-plastic everyday products helping people on the journey to a sustainable lifestyle. The products are made utilizing the vast natural resources of rural India. These resources are often left unused, while millions of people living within the nature, are increasingly getting poorer. Producing plant-based products in India is a unique opportunity to reduce plastic waste from everyday lives in Scandinavia and Norway, while contributing to reduced poverty in rural India. We are a small team of Scandinavians and Indians working across borders to create both a zero-waste brand and a disruption of business as usual. The social purpose of Indo Naturals drives the team forward through the challenges arising when starting a company based on International trade and strong ethical standards. This drive probably comes from our shared love for exploring nature and new cultures, and therefore our strong desire to preserve the oceans, the natural world, and the diversity of the human world society.


Swappie is the no. 1 online destination for buying and selling refurbished smartphones in Europe. Since launching in 2016, we have grown to more than 1100 talent and €100M annual revenue. And this is just the beginning! We empower our customers in 15 countries to choose environmentally friendly and affordable ways to upgrade their smartphones. Buy smart, not new; that's how we change consumer behaviour in Europe and soon worldwide. Our core values are endless optimism, highest standards, customer focus, and connect. They guide us in the decisions and actions we take every day. Our successful model and ambition in solving important sustainability challenges is being continuously recognised by international sustainability and start-up awards, including Growth Builder of the Year 2020, the Finnish Innovation Fund’s award for contribution to the circular economy and appearing on Wired’s list of hottest startups in Helsinki. Sounds like the place for you? Join us! 🚀


We are a tech startup, developing a B2B SaaS product: a AI-based software platform that can identify, classify, and evaluate external damages on cars. It is our ambition to provide reliable, simple, and decentralized car handover processes in order to enable a transition into a new paradigm of the rental and sharing economy! With our software we are leveraging machine learning to enable fleet owners, to automate repetitive work, avoid errors when inspecting cars and provide a standardized service across all branches. Simultaneously, we are helping customers to increase efficiency and cut costs.


When a sports team or a school class is in need of funding for a team- or school trip, they often ask their parents for money. But that’s not a permanent solution to the issue, and not everyone has the funds to give to their children for trips That's where we come in. Kaffekassan help groups raise money easily and profitably, without compromising our planet. We want to help our youth to create memories and community with each other. And leave no one behind because of their parents financial situation.


The health coaching revolution starts here Lenus partners with the world’s best health & fitness coaches to power their growth. We support the new generation in taking their coaching business to the next level. We empower partners in the areas of physical health, mental & wellbeing, nutrition, lifestyle and habit & behavior coaching- A truly holistic approach to health. Fusing together our innovative tech, strategic expertise & human connection, we’re fully equipped to handle the business of coaching, so that coaches can focus on delivering real value to their clients. We’re accelerating the holistic health revolution. Do meaningful work, every day We are like-minded people for whom health and growth are core values and clear priorities. Here, we’re fundamentally energized by our shared vision: making the world a healthier and happier place. The path from our effort to our impact is short. In other words, our work matters. We are at the forefront of the health-tech field that’s under rapid transformation, and our innovations pave the path to the impact we want to create. Reach memorable career heights At Lenus, we inspire and motivate each other to do our best work and to always expand our skills and evolve our mindsets. We share an international platform and get support from peers and the organization to grow. We encourage people to innovate, test, fail, refine and bounce back. And not to be afraid of pushing the button. This often results in truly memorable moments of a career, regardless of the nature, complexity, pace or size of achievements. Bond through genuine human connections We are human at our core and we go all out to nurture authentic connections and experiences. To elevate and genuinely care for one another is the essence of who we are. A team of real, passionate people with unshakable optimism and contagious energy. Our informal environment encourages teamraderie. It empowers everyone to step in with their entire personality, and to engage and collaborate enthusiastically across functions, responsibilities and titles.