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Green Planet Astronauts

Green Planet Astronauts is creating a solution to climate crisis by transforming how kids are fed. We're the Nordic's fastest growing food tech company in the kids food space with a mission to raise a planet-friendly generation. Our plant-based product innovation is sold in 1,500 stores and through DTC subscription.


Många företag kämpar med att skapa marknadsföring som faktiskt är lönsam. De spenderar tid och pengar på olika taktiker som inte fungerar. Och det är frustrerande. Det har varit historien för tiotals företag innan vi hjälpte dem att göra deras marknadsföring lönsam. Vi vägleder dig genom de områden av din marknadsföring som fungerar mindre bra och presenterar en detaljerad för hur din marknadsföring ska se ut — med hjälp av vårt ramverk som redan fungerar för andra kunder. Därefter arbetar vi kontinuerligt med dig för att implementera och utföra planen. Vi vet att som företagare måste din marknadsföring fungera och den måste fungera bra. Du har inte råd att investera i marknadsföring som inte fungerar.


The Swedish Act concerning Support and Service for Persons with Certain Functional Impairments [Lagen om stöd och service till vissa funktionshindrade] (LSS) is an entitlement law that guarantees good living conditions for people with extensive and permanent functional impairment, ensuring that they receive the help they need in daily life and that they can influence the support and services they receive. Boet's goal is to strengthen the individual's influence, participation and self-determination through easily accessible and clear educational support for the individual, which also gives the staff the conditions to provide the right support, in the right way, at the right time. With Boet, the user can participate and influence the planning and implementation of the intervention. The staff at recidences with special services are heroes! It is therefore important to protect the resources that are available. Boet gives the staff a tool that facilitates their important work, so that they can in turn do their best to help and support the users.

Landell Games

Landell Games is a small and impact driven startup in the gaming industry. We seek tor the best all over the world to train them for the gaming industry. We work hard to make sure the teams consist of talents with mixed backgrounds. This means we prioritize those who are less likely to get into the industry because of stereotypes, origin, sex, gender, degree, religion etc. We are a cool company without a matcho culture in a earlier dominated western masculine industry. The first product "Apoceus" is in the last development stage and we had people from 30+ countries involved in making it a success story. Release is planned for 2024.


We are an agtech startup driven by a clear mission: to strengthen Swedish agriculture and food production through sharing of agricultural data. Agriculture is currently undergoing a digital revolution, characterized by the use of sensors, connected devices, and data monitoring software. This advancement introduces complex challenges in terms of data privacy, security, and transparency. Data is collected in large amounts, but is locked in silos of individual products and systems. To fully leverage the benefits of this digitalization, creating a platform for effective data sharing is essential. By establishing a robust and secure infrastructure, we enable large-scale data sharing across the agricultural value chain – without compromising privacy or security. Our platform allows stakeholders, from farmers to researchers as well as the industry, to share and access data. We provide Swedish farmers with full control over their data, while also enabling the development of new applications based on data from the platform. A prime example is our climate calculation application, Agrosfär, which simplifies how to measure and report the agricultural sector's carbon footprint. We are a small but dynamic team, well-versed in data science, IT architecture, design, and UX, and in close collaboration with agricultural experts, researchers and farmers. We are here for the long run, backed by the ownership of Lantmännen, LRF -The Swedish Federation of Farmers, Hushållningssällskapet, Växa, HKScan Sweden, and Arla Sweden. The platform, as well as the climate calculation tool Agrosfär, is developed with support from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.


Fyaril is building the single largest marketplace where customers and businesses across the globe can buy sustainable products with measurable, traceable, and targeted impact linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Today, consumers have no knowledge about the impact of their online shopping, and manufacturers of sustainable products lack a single digital retail platform with direct access to global consumers. Global consumers lack direct access to a wide range of sustainable products and brands that are produced and manufactured sustainably. There is no reward for existing manufacturers to move towards sustainable manufacturing or contribute to UN SDGs. What if customers could make informed 'buy' decisions? If all the manufacturers selling online have verified sustainability credentials measured in their contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. What if every product should have verified traceability of the impact it leaves on the planet and society? The world needs a strong force to drive manufacturers towards sustainability, recognize and reward manufacturers and products that are creating a positive impact. Fyaril does exactly all this. It is a platform that demonstrates to the manufacturers that sustainability would lead to higher sales and increased profit. Fyaril connects with the customers in B2B, B2C, and B2B2C models. Our mission is to make it very easy for even the smallest manufacturer in any part of the world to reach global customers. In Europe, we offer storage, warehouse, and logistics options to the manufacturers in B2B and B2B2C models. Sellers in the B2C model receive orders directly from the customers, and orders are fulfilled through Fyaril's warehouse facilities. Fyaril offers a digital platform to all the customers. Customers can browse and purchase products through the global site ( or on highly localized websites (,, and 15 other local sites). The main revenue streams for Fyaril are product markup, transaction commission, advertisement revenue, and foreign exchange markup.

Kvist Solutions AS

Empowering construction projects ​to make a sustainable impact​, with human centric technology. Building sustainable is difficult. Today, building sustainable involves unstructured, unscalable and time-consuming processes. Drowned in paperwork and documentation, experts waste time on mundane and frustrating tasks instead of exploiting their expertise. Kvist makes the first complete digital system for sustainability reporting for construction projects. By delivering a cloud-based software that makes it really easy for projects to collect, validate and analyse environmental data, we remove friction in the unstructured processes that occur when choosing to build sustainable. Lower costs​. Lower risks​. Greener cities​. With big names among our customers and backed by investors like Alliance Venture, Arkwright X, DNB and Startuplab, we are well on our way to grow full speed. We are a relatively young team of currently 14 people, spread across expertise areas with a mix of engineering, developers, customer success and business development, some coming directly from university and others with a background in the industry. We have a very nice office at a co-working space in the very centre of Oslo, surrounded by both small startups and some established companies, and there is great and low-priced canteen, where we have lunch. We have access to many meeting rooms and facilities when you need silence, but also a great young and dynamic environment, where things are happening all the time. Our culture is fully flexible, meaning that everyone is allowed to work from home when needed, but as a small team we also enjoy working together, and most of us prefer to come to the office. We are a very social team, which easily comes when being small, and we do a lot of activities together like team dinners, Friday bars etc., but it is also fully accepted to skip and go home, when parts of the team decide to go for Karaoke at 1am. We have room for every kind of person, so you decide what you want to join.

Adventure Medicine

Adventure Medicine Sweden is at the forefront of wilderness medicine education, providing specialized knowledge and training for effective response to medical emergencies in remote and wilderness environments. Our motto, "Embrace the Adventure. Master the Medicine.", encapsulates our mission to empower individuals and organizations with current, accurate, and specialized medical knowledge. We are in an exciting phase of expansion, developing a diverse range of online courses that cover everything from risk assessment and water treatment to altitude and diving medicine. Our courses are designed to be comprehensive, practical, and accessible, making us a trusted resource for adventurers, outdoor professionals, and organizations worldwide. As a team, we are passionate about adventure, travel, and medicine. We believe in the power of education to save lives and improve safety in wilderness environments. We are committed to excellence in all that we do, from the content of our courses to the support we provide to our learners. We are currently looking for interns and collaborators who share our passion and are eager to contribute to our mission. This is a unique opportunity to be part of our growth, gain hands-on experience in digital marketing or wilderness medicine education, and make a real impact. Whether you're interested in social media management, content creation, medical research, or course development, we'd love to hear from you. Join us on our exciting journey to empower adventurers and professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to operate safely and responsibly in remote or wilderness environments. Let's embrace the adventure and master the medicine together!


Circular food production company Johannas’ solution is a turnkey circular food production indoor facility, with fish, bacteria cultures, vegetables, insects, nutrient recovery and fish feed. Johannas has connected different parts of the value chain to develop a fully, never seen before, circular food production system, delivering food 365 days/year


AquaFood has a patent-pending method for extracting high-value, food-grade components at cold temperatures from the side streams of fish production (e.g. heads, backbone, scales, etc.). The components we extract are; pure fish oil that fits as a supplement, a unique protein mass with high functionality (almost minced meat consistency) that fits perfectly for fish balls, fish burgers, or even tubed fish spread, and lastly, we extract a fine collagen powder that fits for dermatological applications. Today, the side streams of fish production account for 40-70% of the fish that is brought into the processing plants. This is a remarkably higher amount than any other food-producing industry. At the same time, the food production system worldwide accounts for 1/3 of green-house gas emissions, 1/3 of land usage, and 2/3 of groundwater withdrawal. The seafood industry has problems of their own, where 95% of our fish stocks are fully utilized and about 30% have already collapsed. There simply is not way for us to increase or even continue to produce the way that we are in a sustainable way. But we still need to increase food production as the globally increasing population will demand a doubling of protein production in the year 2050 compared to now. AquaFood believes that resource efficiency is a huge stepping stone toward reaching a sustainable food production system. A system where we use our resources efficiently and to their full potential is what needs to happen to step into a sustainable future. In our process, we can make sure that the FULL fish is used to its full potential. Through our process, we use no heating steps and the only effluents from our process are the water that we introduce to the system mixed with a small amount of protein. Therefore, our process is highly efficient, sustainable in terms of lower energy and water consumption but also in terms of the resource efficiency that it brings. Our technology is research-based and stems from decades of research in the area of utilization of aquatic biomasses.

Megapop AS

We are in indie game developer based out of Oslo, Norway. We have to date launched five games for PC, Switch and mobile platforms. At the moment we develop "Life Below", a creative strategy city-builder where you build and manage ocean ecosystems. So a reef builder! In addition to our own IP, we develop games and gamification projects for society. We call ourselves an impact game developer as many of our projects are focused on positive change to society. Right now we develop a game for all kids going into hospital, a history game to spice up history learning in schools, a city cleaning game using the mascot of Oslo, a climate game and an awareness game tackling difficult issues in relation to sex and identify. Many of our impact projects are successes, and are widely used. Our aim is to make society better, one game at the time.


Our mission is to solve easy EV charging across the Nordics. One app to find the best route, charging stops based on your preferences, charge at any operator, and get smart suggestions based on your behaviour. We seek to be at the forefront of EV technology. At the charger, in the car, and at home. Join us in becoming the #1 EV app!

nor² (NorSquared)

Nor² is a developer and a cloud platform for running FaaS and container like workloads. The complexity of container-based micro-services makes both development and operations challenging. At present, developers are required to create, update, and maintain networking code often without having a clear understanding of how the underlying networking frameworks, libraries and protocols works. This is not only time consuming and challenging from a developer’s perspective, but the security aspect is also another critical issue to be addressed. The team behind Nor² have both the background and knowledge of this problem area from facing these issues in our day to day job building globally distributed systems. Additionally, when our CEO was working for one of the major IAAS providers as a Solutions Architect he met customers every day that were struggling with the complexity of building scalable, reliable, performant, cost effective and secure software. Right now, most systems are built on top of containers and orchestration systems. And these systems have fundamental flaws that makes them hard to work with, especially if using multiple clouds. The environment is extremely complex, and we have seen even some of the most talented experts in container technology in the world struggle with this and face operational outages that have costed them tens of millions of dollars. We are about to change that. What our compute platform will do ( in short) is simplify and streamline cloud computing by: Optimize the Businesses We understand that businesses rely on the cloud for critical operations, but unfortunately, many cloud providers fall short in delivering reliable and efficient services. Our patent pending technology ensures that your business can handle even the most demanding workloads with ease at a fraction of the cost of today. Enhance the Developer experience. We believe that great apps come from developers using tools they love. That’s why a great developer experience has always been at the very heart of what we do. nor² makes the processes of deploying, configuring, scaling, tuning, and managing apps as simple and straightforward as possible, so developers can focus on what’s most important: building great apps that delight and engage customers. As of April 2023 our platform is live, we have one patent pending and another patent that will be handed in now in the end of this month. We are currently in an onboarding process with our first customer and we are now ready to talk to investors about future possibilities.

Up Norway

Up Norway is the antithesis of stock tourist travel. With unmatched local expertise we are able to curate bespoke, authentic experiences, adventures, vistas, and relationships for travellers from all over the world. Our enthusiastic team creates journeys off the beaten path, directly to all the delights our country has to offer. In building itineraries, we use the latest data and in-house technology to enhance personalised service. Our staff is always looking out for the welfare, care, and fulfilment of our travellers – ready to connect by chat or phone. Saved from frustrating internet searches and travel logistics, our guests are kept well-informed about connections, schedules, and the newest and most remarkable offerings in adventures, hospitality, and dining available. We love introducing people to our vibrant culture; from music, art, and architecture, to winter sports. Additionally, the local food should not be missed – from farm-to-table offerings and indigenous traditional delicacies to some of the most talked-about cuisine in the world. Be it Viking ancestry, Sami heritage or modern governance – we feel proud to share the stories of our small country, consistently placed at the top of the UN Sustainable Development Report as one of the happiest nations in the world. is the world’s largest database of research papers and scientific articles with over 240 million titles, of which 40 million are Open Access. Headquartered in London and Stockholm, it provides lightning-fast search, advanced filters, and direct access to Open papers. Over a million users from 158 countries use to find and access the research they need. The future is Open Access, and is the tool for that future.