• We are ORGANSK® ORGANSK® is an early stage fashion start-up, committed to sustainability, from raw material extraction to innovative production, use, and recirculation. Using efficient and long lasting natural fabrics combined with laser technology and innovative production applications, we provide A) pure cutting-edge jeans designs for men and women, B) scalable sharing and take-back schemes and C) we share these stories with you. It's a green way of doing things. It’s ORGANSK®. A key component to our product design puzzle is adopting circular thinking during the initial design phase. At ORGANSK®, the approach starts with a pen and paper in Copenhagen, Denmark. We work towards a sustainable future, which requires new thinking about materials, business models, design approaches, customer insight, story telling and aesthetics. • Environmental & Social Damages The fashion industry has a devastating impact on the environment. It is the second largest polluter in the world, right after the oil industry. The environmental damage is increasing as the industry grows while low wages , child and slave labor keep garment workers in a cycle of poverty. At ORGANSK®, we are tackling environmental and social damages and creating solutions at every level. From the fields to cotton gin, to textile mills and product in hand - the process is ensured in terms of working conditions, sustainability and ecology. Careful choices on production of fibers, processing and treatments result in a garment that is safe for you and our environment. Every fabric ingredient, accessory & every process is certified and recognized as eco-friendly to the highest possible standards to underpin our ORGANSK®Approach. We believe that our customers have the right to know how, where and by whom the product is made. That is why every fibre and each process is 100% traceable. Combining innovative technologies like Laser, e-Flow, Ozone and Atmos steam washes - we are reducing water usage as much as 95% in production processes and eliminating ALL toxic chemicals that can harm you or our planet. • Closing the loop It is not only design and production we focus on. For ORGANSK®, socially responsible production and circular design is just as important as health and ecology, and above all: ethical consumption. With our take-back and leasing schemes, we are generating unwanted and surplus fabric into something beautiful for you. With our technology and business approach, we keep the supply and value chain in a closed loop. We think globally, act locally and do not necessarily have to be the best in the world but the best for the world. KEY FIGURES Fashion Freedom • Subscribe, rent or buy. Your choice. • Get denim you like - wear them for as long as you like - swap them whenever you want. Cutting Edge Design • Designed for longevity using low impact materials and innovative technologies. • Backed up by hard data, lab testing & third-party accreditation bodies. Designed for the conscious Man & Woman. • It’s got to feel right. Green high-quality materials. • It's got to look good: Well-thought-out design • Fit is key: Superb fit and comfort Driving Impact on a larger scale: • Leading the way forward for true sustainability. • Integrating circular design into each step of the process.
Location Denmark
Founded 2022
Employees 1-10
Industries Marketplace & eCommerce, Retail, Fashion & Living
Business model B2C
Funding state Seed

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“We are on a mission to revolutionize the way people consume clothes”

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