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AURA Sustainable Building Design

We develop BIM-compatible systems for environmental studies for building design for increased speed and flexibility in the design process in terms of energy, daylight and carbon assesment. We are environmental designers and help building companies, architectes and developers with environmental certification.


Lexplore is an all in one tool for systematic reading development used by schools around the world. We offer assessment, automated insights and content powered by Eye tracking & AI. As each reader evolves, Lexplore supports their individual reading journey, giving them equal opportunity to succeed – one reader at a time.

Healing Business Day

Healing Business Day Ltd is a fresh from the oven startup from Tampere, Finland. We believe in the power of self-knowledge and growth-mindset for creating thriving individuals and organizations. We are starting to build a totally new, sassy & fun brand dedicated to making us all better together at work. Mobile app (built with users) will be our future spearhead service but we're also planning on launching other products to spice up the mutual understanding and atmosphere within workplaces. 🤩 In order to really conquer the (business) world, we are now searching for multiple new team members - in the form of internships - to grow with us and have loads of fun while doing it! 🥳


Cleanera will offer a easier solution to our most un-liked chores, which is laundry! We will offer an integrated platform where you can decide upon subscription or single use options, of course cancel anytime policy! So how does this work? Well we will pick-up and deliver your laundry and with easy subscription where you save 3+ hours weekly of laundry work! Note only work you have to do is to put it back in the closet, something we cannot do 😜 Cleanera will solve an inertia industry by solving the logistical problems and create a new innovative approach on how customers will do laundry in the future! That is through Cleanera! Does this idea find your interest? please contact us for more info or thinking about joining us!

2Heal Medical

2Heal is developing an app to help people with chronic disease heal and thrive through a new digital health coach service focusing on lifestyle medicine. In Sweden and the western world 50% have a chronic disease, and all chronic diseases are on the rise. Many of these conditions are connected to lifestyle factors. The healthcare system as we know it has a very small chance of curing these conditions. The reason for that is that they are only relieving symptoms, not treating the root cause of the disease. And all experts work separately in silos - no one is taking responsibility for the patient as a whole. We want to change this. With our method we want to find and treat the root cause of every health problem. We do so by a team based structure that uses a 360 degree analysis for all patients with chronic diseases, and by including lifestyle medicine in our treatment, helping them back to a healthy life (many free from medication). Every patient gets a health coach that helps and motivates them with lifestyle changes: nutrition and food, sleep, training, rest and reload and mental health. The program is done through the app and through digitalt meetings. The app is connected to wearables like apple watch or an Oura ring, and the patient logs their health status in a daily journal. A team of doctors, nutritionists and psychologists are ready for those who need extra support. 2Heal Medical was started by doctors that were missing a method to help people with chronic disease get well, heal and stay healthy long term. The system didn't allow them to work with lifestyle changes, there was just no time - or knowledge for this! We have a physical clinic in Stockholm, and are now ready for the next step - help more people to heal!


Kollektivkraft is an innovative advisory service for the insurance holder, that for a low fee ensures correct and fair claims compensation for our customers through our digital platform and expert support. Just in our primary market Sweden, insurance takers yearly lose several hundred million euros in claims money that they are entitled to. This is due to complicated processes, lack of knowledge, lost documents, and an industry structure that disincentives payouts. These factors result in less payout for the insurance taker = greater profit for the insurance company. We help insurance takers to get the claims compensation that they are entitled to by (1) offering safe storage and organisation of all documents through our web app, before anything happens, and (2) when they have a claim, offering real life expert support from our experienced insurance experts. We are a passionate and diverse team with entrepreneur backgrounds and families, who are driven by the satisfaction and power in solving a common problem. We created Kollektivkraft because we’ve experienced the problem first hand: we had claims that we got external help with and ended up getting 10 times more in payout. All of us also have >20 years of work experience, meaning that we also have the grit, network, and determination needed to take us all the way to our goal.

Algorithmiq Ltd.

Algorithmiq is on a mission to revolutionise life sciences by exploiting the potential of quantum computing to solve currently inaccessible problems. We envision a world where new drugs can be discovered and invented quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively, leading to affordable and precise medical treatments.

New Standard

New Standard was founded on the idea of change. Transforming the fashion system is necessary to face humanity's greatest environmental and climate challenges –and everyone can make a difference. Our way? Weaving style, quality, and comfort together with responsible practices. New Standard is creating the building blocks for wardrobes that stands the test of time. Our clothes are inspired by yesterday, designed for now, and constructed for tomorrow. We don't chase trends or design for seasons. Instead, we focus on perfecting a permanent collection that will serve its purpose for years to come. Our products are 100% recycled, and their CO2 footprint is 50% smaller than the same items made from virgin materials. We also use 99.9% less water our manufacturing process is free of harmful chemicals. To give people the information – the power – to connect the dots between their choices and impacts, we break down the value chain of each garment in their labels and our stores. From rising sea levels to extreme rainfall and more powerful heatwaves, the consequences of climate change can no longer be ignored – either by society or the fashion industry. It's now-or-never for our planet. We are in this to foster our industry towards greater ecological integrity by working together with other brands, manufacturers, policymakers, as well as consumers to drive the systemic change in fashion.

Korall Engineering

Korall Engineering AS is a design engineering firm part of StartupLab Bergen, a member of the GCE Ocean Technology Cluster, which employs the latest high-end design optimization technologies, our team develops automates product design workflows to reduce engineering and lead times and redesigns existing industrial products. Through the use of Artificial Intelligence, we help reduce material waste and production costs, increase efficiency, and lessen environmental impact. We help the reduction of carbon emissions, avoiding the transportation of parts demanded. Korall Engineering operates in various industries: oil & gas, maritime, automotive, and medical. Its team specializes in industrial design optimization for both additive and traditional manufacturing and uses machine learning design-to-manufacturing tools like Generative Design, mathematical finite element methods like Topology Optimization, and implicit modeling lattice-structure solutions for 3D-printing, both for metal and composite materials. Korall Engineering is betting on the future: smart design, additive manufacturing, and automated workflows are just a few of the many examples of how it is possible to disrupt the industry for the better, bring innovation, create value for our society at large, and tangibly take a step forward in preserving our environment. For more information visit


Votech was born out of the latest paradigm shift that saw a massive change in the way we work and do business. Votech’s co-founders Rainer and Jari saw an opportunity to build the markets easiest to use meeting and voting software for companies and organisations to use when organising official meetings such as Annual Meetings. Votech - the market's easiest to use meeting and voting solution for in-person, remote and hybrid meetings. Preparing for UK market entry. Series A in 2023, and if you can add more than just money, looking for seed investors as well.


Since 2019, StyleDoubler has been connecting brands and influencers on its marketing platform. Our solutions help social media influencers earn money from their content, and help brands to run performance-based campaigns while focusing on the volume of views, traffic accumulated, or actual retail purchases generated. We’re currently a team of 30 with locations in Helsinki, Riga, and Jakarta. Our business focus is in several high-growth markets across Asia-Pacific, and are looking to ramp up our development team in Finland this year.


Fremby is a software company delivering data-driven insight for an emission free construction industry. Fremby connects and shares data from construction machines and provides seamless overview of operational data through our Fremby platform. With Fremby, CO2 reduction and contract management in complex projects is made simple and time saving. Fremby enables easy, accessible and standardized environmental reporting, efficiency and operational optimization, energy planning and more.

We Clean Green Sweden AB

We Clean Green is here to make Swedish homes - and the globe we live on - cleaner, healthier and greener. With roots in New York, we have learned to meet very high demands on service and professionalism. The city that never sleeps has made us responsive, fast-paced and ambitious. After more than ten years with very satisfied customers in New York, we will now offer Swedish homes the same shiny, green experience. We train our employees in service, cleaning technology and the entire company is driven by a strong environmental commitment. It permeates everything we do - from the choice of detergent to the fact that we also help with waste sorting and recycling. Everyone who works at We Clean Green understands and takes responsibility for how our business affects our surroundings. Because together we will make things better. We Clean Green, the company is an early tech startup, and we aim to make a smooth digital experience for our customers and to help us minimize as much friction as possible. Using our services should be as easy as ordering something online.

Common Grounds

Common Grounds is prop-tech startup offering workspaces on-demand (Space-as-a-Service). With our membership you can find, book and work at hundreds of coworking spaces. Use it on your own, with your team, or as an entire company. We boost the sharing economy while giving employees the workplace flexibility and freedom they deserve. Visit us Download app Email us at Facebook/Instagram


With Reactored language learning platform you can teach up to 20 languages. Born global, we develope our solution for multiple School levels around the world. Reactored requires only an internet connection and devices for the users (eg. mobile phones, pads, laptops). Comprehensive language learning materials and different task types supports the learning both in classroom and at home. The challenge level can be easily adjusted from easier -multi-choice approach to more productive, writing & speaking approach. We love all kinds of learners and for teachers we've created tools so that they can give better support for learners through the automated assessment and statistics with individual information.