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Our Special Universe AB | OSU Branding

In OSU we love branding. The process and the end results of it. We focus on building loyalty through coherent brand creation. External and internal. Visual and contextual. We, founders of Our Special Universe AB, are not designers [yet we do have a super cool designer in the team]. We are marketers, brand connoisseurs, and visionaries with strong academic and professional background in strategic business development, marketing management and entrepreneurship. We are here to help your business idea, your startup, and your favorite venture grow, enhance and flourish - From, To and Beyond. Get a snack pack for starters. Your branding journey starts now! --- What is OSU? OSU is the simplest and most efficient experience to reach a higher number of brand advocates and maintain their loyalty. The main offering of OSU is a variety of pre-made branding and business development packages together with an appealing consultation Snack Pack and a chance to customize the pack. During OSU experience, you grow and prosper, it's necessary to look inside first. That's when brand therapy steps in. And during this journey you manage to go from [current state] to [different perspective] and beyond [business goals]. --- What we've got so far? We’ve developed a nice bunch of service packages based on the clients’ needs exploration. We ran numerous branding consultations and got a solid full service case EPHASA [that you can learn more about from our website]. Interesting fact: We have developed over 100 versions of our own logo. --- We are interested in getting to know more about you and see the scope for future partnership and collaboration. Email us at contact@ourspecialuniverse.com


Leading technology for a Circular building industry. The building industry is known as the 40% industry - 40% of the world's material inputs; 40% of the world's energy inputs; and 40% of all the world's waste output. New laws in the EU and Norway are already in place, requiring buildings to be mapped for their products and materials for their reuse in new projects or to be sold in the market. Why Reuse? Reuse means there are no new material inputs, any imbedded CO2 is moved, not released, and any energy inputs in the lifecycle of the materials. This is where Materia comes in! Using topline technology to register, organise, evaluate, and coordinate for true reuse of building materials. Materia is a professional tool for the reuse and management of building materials. Built for mapping specialists and guiding building owners through compliance, and validating material. An online service that allows for easy uptake and arrangement of quality data for product documentation.

Chassis Autonomy

Chassis Autonomy is a deep tech company that enables autonomousmobility through actuation, with a focus on developing a class-leadingsteer-by-wire system for highly automated & fully autonomousvehicles. The technology ensures that automated vehicles have thereliability and redundancy to continue to operate even in the event of asystem or vehicle fault. After securing investment and a €2.5mEuropean Innovation Council grant in 2022 and securing customerprogrammes in 2023, the company is now in the scale-up phase.

Komu Homes

We are building a mobile application that enables a self management model for living in a rental apartment. This model is the most cost-effective way to manage the apartment without unnecessary middlemen. Our software combines apartment-related services, communication, and information into a mobile app.


The way we work has fundamentally changed. In a hybrid world, it’s no longer the office vs. home — it’s both. We believe in the freedom of working anywhere, and that humans thrive when we come together.We believe that work is not a place, it is something you do. Our platform allows companies to deliver a great employee experience by subscribing to office furniture and equipment that transform the office to an inspirational collaboration hub, as well as equipping remote teams with ergonomic home offices — with the click of a button. Our solution is simple, companies subscribe to furniture and equipment with full flexibility. And our asset management system allows for full visibility and control, as well as removing all logistical pains. Our business model is fully circular. This is a win-win, where suppliers keep on owning their assets making a better profit on each product, AND we save the environment by giving all furniture and equipment a longer life! We are a team with a big mission and we are growing! Join the journey.


Yesboss er en markedsplass for B2B salg og bygger hybride salgsteam bestående av salgshus og frilansselgere. For våre store kunder er Yesboss et verktøy for sin eksisterende salgsavdeling, og for mindre kunder i vekstfase er Yesboss en plattform for å finne rett kandidat til et spesifikt salgsprospekt, uten å måtte ansette. Med en salgsplattform har vi klart å effektivisere salgsprosessen til å bli både enklere og mer innbringende. Vårt konsept er nytt i salgs bransjen og Yesboss blir beregnet som en nyskapende og fremoverlent bedrift som virkelig liker å løse utfordringer.


Introducing Crowdience - The Customer Acquisition Solution for Modern Businesses How do you make a crowd become your audience? Crowdience! At Crowdience, we help businesses connect with their ideal customers by leveraging cutting-edge technology and proven marketing strategies. We understand that finding and engaging new customers is one of the biggest challenges facing modern businesses, which is why we've developed a comprehensive customer acquisition solution to help companies like yours achieve success. Crowdience is currently helping some of Norway's largest events to be visible, reach out to existing and attract new customers, trough digital channels. The goal of Crowdience is to create an effective and seamless link between busineses and their potential customers. Although it already exists dozens of similar firms, there are several points to improve within the industry. With new tools such as ChatGPT, Dalle and Pondir, automation already have become, and will become an increasing part of the future market. I am looking to create an automated tool which can be leveraged by our firms, as well as sold an a SaaS-solution to bigger firms. Currently, I have plenty of ideas, but I'm looking for a co-founder to share, discuss, execute and put the ideas into the real world.

We got cookies

We Got Cookies is more than just an accessories brand- it’s a movement that is committed to uplifting and empowering individuals to reach their full pleasure potential. And to inspire as many as possible to choose Love, Explore and Seduce Life itself. We believe in living life to the fullest, embracing our individuality, and using our experiences to empower ourselves and others. These values are at the core of our brand and are reflected in everything we do. We got cookies after hours But we also, organize parties with a unique selection of DJ’s from the Swedish underground Techno scene. Yes! Play, great music and dancing the way your body wants to move is crucial to Living! We got cookies Pleasure School Beyond providing custom-made fashion services, we’re soon opening a space where everyone can come study different sensual arts like Shibari, sexy yoga, mindful power play.

ForestSAT As

We predict the risk of forest fires in Mediterranean, sub-tropical and temperate forests using Geospatial data and AI. We aim to drive financial resources and data-driven decision-making into the forestland communities to mitigate the risk of wildfires and regenerate forests into resilient biodiverse carbon sinks.


Skoog uses technology to democratize access to carbon markets, enabling every farmer to receive financial incentives to maximize the sustainability in their farms. We are solving the problems of deforestation, land degradation and unsustainable agriculture practices: the combined potential to capture GHG and avoid emissions from agriculture, forestry and other land use is 14.5 GtCO2eq/y, which is higher than the potential in the energy transition.


Hemie is on a mission to help people find an apartment according to their life situation. We do so by providing a mobile application for rental apartment switches, rent out apartment, and finding a subcontract. We are present in Sweden, mostly in the big cities with currently 6000+ users since our launch, September 22.


Sensorita’s mission is to help waste companies cut costs and emissions by providing cutting-edge analytics. Insight into waste trends and detailed information about every single waste container enables more efficient waste management through better planning, logistics and waste collection. The potential is huge and we are just getting started.


iNANOD utilizes nanotechnology to improve drug delivery within cancer chemotherapy, allowing for targeted and accelerated delivery of active pharmaceutical ingredients. iNANOD AS is a privately owned start-up company growing through the pull mechanism of innovation from the Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator. iNANOD utilizes nano-biotechnology to establish a platform to improve drug delivery, especially within oncology. It has the ambition to deliver the active pharma ingredient in a targeted and accelerated way while generating immunotherapy. Therefore envisioning to kill cancer cells target-specifically by combining double actions of chemo and immunotherapy in solid malignant tumors.


PhysAct is a Swedish digital healthcare company using movement to fight stress! Created by physical therapists, patients receive a personal exercise program created to combat stress in all forms. Through their app, patients have direct communication with their physical therapists. Our healthcare professionals support and coach our users through their journey to reduce stress through exercise. We're a fast-growing company with a focus on Sweden, to begin with. We believe in the power of culture and finding the right candidates is super important to us regardless of position! If you're interested in learning more or don't see your ideal job send us a mail at luke@physact.com.

HeyWaitr ApS

HeyWaitr was founded January 2021 and is a Copenhagen based fintech / SaaS solution dealing with the HoReCa industry. We reduce waiting time for the guests - they can order their food and drinks with just a few clicks on their smartphones. - without any delay, waiting time and physical interaction. A lot of places are troubled with the lack of qualified staff and have to be highly aware of their cost. We increase the revenue, especially on beverages - it's fast to place a new order via the app instead of waiting for a waiter to come by or go to the bar. HeyWaitr reduces waste via eliminating human flaws. A lot of places are troubled by waiters who by accident types in the wrong order from the guest. Furthermore we eliminate the possibly of the guests either forgets to pay the bill or runs away from it, because th guests are paying when they place the order via credit/debit card, MobilePay or Kevin. We are currently working with everything from famous tourist attraktions like Egeskov Slot to classic cafes. The idea of heywaitr was born at a regular cafe. We were sitting outside, enjoying the sun and had some food and beverages. When we repeatedly had to sit around and wait for 10-15 minutes to get in contact with a waiter to order and had to wait additional 10-15 minutes to pay the bill when we were done eating and drinking we decided that there should be an easier way to handle this. Then the digital waiter was born, and we started out researching and interviewing the managers & owners of some local places.