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DigitalWell Incubator

DigitialWell Incubator is part of the DigitalWell Arena. The incubator's aim is to support startups with a digital product or service aimed at the public sector, focusing on health and welfare. You can join DigitalWell Incubator if: - Your startup offers an innovative solution within digital health and welfare - You are looking for ways to expose your startup company to the Swedish regions and municipalities - You want to prepare for scaling on the public market The program is completely virtual, but we can also offer space on our premises at Karlstad Innovation Park and Scaaler IoT Labs in Arvika.

Adventure Medicine

Adventure Medicine Sweden is at the forefront of wilderness medicine education, providing specialized knowledge and training for effective response to medical emergencies in remote and wilderness environments. Our motto, "Embrace the Adventure. Master the Medicine.", encapsulates our mission to empower individuals and organizations with current, accurate, and specialized medical knowledge. We are in an exciting phase of expansion, developing a diverse range of online courses that cover everything from risk assessment and water treatment to altitude and diving medicine. Our courses are designed to be comprehensive, practical, and accessible, making us a trusted resource for adventurers, outdoor professionals, and organizations worldwide. As a team, we are passionate about adventure, travel, and medicine. We believe in the power of education to save lives and improve safety in wilderness environments. We are committed to excellence in all that we do, from the content of our courses to the support we provide to our learners. We are currently looking for interns and collaborators who share our passion and are eager to contribute to our mission. This is a unique opportunity to be part of our growth, gain hands-on experience in digital marketing or wilderness medicine education, and make a real impact. Whether you're interested in social media management, content creation, medical research, or course development, we'd love to hear from you. Join us on our exciting journey to empower adventurers and professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to operate safely and responsibly in remote or wilderness environments. Let's embrace the adventure and master the medicine together!


Circular food production company Johannas’ solution is a turnkey circular food production indoor facility, with fish, bacteria cultures, vegetables, insects, nutrient recovery and fish feed. Johannas has connected different parts of the value chain to develop a fully, never seen before, circular food production system, delivering food 365 days/year


Findex makes the private banking experience accessible through a digital asset management platform. It all started 2022 in Gothenburg, Sweden. After researching and gathering insights, our founders mapped out a vision for a platform that would serve as an asset management platform for all asset classes. Essentially, a platform built for every type of investor, to track and manage their assets regardless of where they are in their financial journey. We want to democratize access to the private banking experience for everyone while also encouraging and spreading knowledge about a diversified investment portfolio. Asset management has traditionally been a reserved opportunity within banking for high net-worth individuals. ‍ By leveraging the foundational value we create for investors, we plan to build several modules on top to expand the use cases for findex and find new synergies towards the market, thus creating value on other ends as well. The vision is to create an investment ecosystem that serves as a portal for spreading financial knowledge and connecting investors with other parties to create new opportunities.


The way we work has fundamentally changed. In a hybrid world, it’s no longer the office vs. home — it’s both. We believe in the freedom of working anywhere, and that humans thrive when we come together.We believe that work is not a place, it is something you do. Our platform allows companies to deliver a great employee experience by subscribing to office furniture and equipment that transform the office to an inspirational collaboration hub, as well as equipping remote teams with ergonomic home offices — with the click of a button. Our solution is simple, companies subscribe to furniture and equipment with full flexibility. And our asset management system allows for full visibility and control, as well as removing all logistical pains. Our business model is fully circular. This is a win-win, where suppliers keep on owning their assets making a better profit on each product, AND we save the environment by giving all furniture and equipment a longer life! We are a team with a big mission and we are growing! Join the journey.

2Witness AB

2Witness is an early-phase startup & impact company supported by KTH Innovation. In 2022 there were 1.44 million crimes reported. Traditional methods of reporting crimes and gathering information can be time-consuming and require a lot of work. Additionally, it can be difficult to keep information secure and protect witnesses and victims from further harm. 2witness technology can help solve these problems by offering a digital tool for reporting crimes and collecting information in a secure and efficient way.


Yesboss er en markedsplass for B2B salg og bygger hybride salgsteam bestående av salgshus og frilansselgere. For våre store kunder er Yesboss et verktøy for sin eksisterende salgsavdeling, og for mindre kunder i vekstfase er Yesboss en plattform for å finne rett kandidat til et spesifikt salgsprospekt, uten å måtte ansette. Med en salgsplattform har vi klart å effektivisere salgsprosessen til å bli både enklere og mer innbringende. Vårt konsept er nytt i salgs bransjen og Yesboss blir beregnet som en nyskapende og fremoverlent bedrift som virkelig liker å løse utfordringer.


Our mission is to help food manufacturers reduce food waste and cost through our digital platform. To date, we've successfully transacted over 4.000 tons of food, and we're continuing to scale our business to have an even greater impact. We have ambitious growth plans and are expanding. We recently carried out a rebranding and are in the process of building our product & technology team to scale further.

Heime Proptech AS

Heime jobber med å skape gode nabolag i hele Norge. Vi leverer en plattform som reduserer terskelen for kommunikasjon i sameier og borettslag. I løsningen kan man reservere deletjenester, delta på sosiale aktiviteter, lese styredokumenter og bruke beboeravtaler. Heime brukes fra Kristiansand i sør til Tromsø i nord. Vi har per i dag flere tusen boliger på kundelisten vår. Og vokser eksponensielt.

ForestSAT As

We predict the risk of forest fires in Mediterranean, sub-tropical and temperate forests using Geospatial data and AI. We aim to drive financial resources and data-driven decision-making into the forestland communities to mitigate the risk of wildfires and regenerate forests into resilient biodiverse carbon sinks.


Skoog uses technology to democratize access to carbon markets, enabling every farmer to receive financial incentives to maximize the sustainability in their farms. We are solving the problems of deforestation, land degradation and unsustainable agriculture practices: the combined potential to capture GHG and avoid emissions from agriculture, forestry and other land use is 14.5 GtCO2eq/y, which is higher than the potential in the energy transition.


iNANOD utilizes nanotechnology to improve drug delivery within cancer chemotherapy, allowing for targeted and accelerated delivery of active pharmaceutical ingredients. iNANOD AS is a privately owned start-up company growing through the pull mechanism of innovation from the Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator. iNANOD utilizes nano-biotechnology to establish a platform to improve drug delivery, especially within oncology. It has the ambition to deliver the active pharma ingredient in a targeted and accelerated way while generating immunotherapy. Therefore envisioning to kill cancer cells target-specifically by combining double actions of chemo and immunotherapy in solid malignant tumors.


SLOVE is a company dedicated to revolutionizing the live music industry. Recognizing the challenges and fragmentation in the industry, particularly in the local scene, SLOVE aims to address the root of these problems through the creation of an AI-powered platform. The platform serves as a one-stop-shop for all stakeholders in the live music industry, including musicians, venues, and fans, streamlining the process of creating successful events and reducing complex issues. By connecting all user groups within the live music industry, SLOVE is empowering the industry and providing new opportunities for growth and success. Our goal is to scale-up the number of live music events, providing a stage for musicians to reach their dreams and connecting fans with the music they love. Join us in our mission to revolutionize the live music industry and make it accessible to all.


Heeplink is the digital place that efficiently matches people who have the right skills with the tasks that need them. The place where projects find freelancers and vice versa. With experience from the film industry, Heeplink has developed a recruitment tool for project-based tasks that appeals to everything from technical specialists to creative octopi. Heeplink provides concrete tools, security and access to community in a project- and network-based working life. We want to create the ultimate solution so that freelancers can find projects and projects can be realized — a digital solution that makes it easy for all parties. A solution that you intuitively want to return to for daily use. And a solution that creates security for everyone involved. We will finally have a system put in place that was previously based on verbal agreements and loose recommendations.


Our startup, Syrcle, is an innovative AI-powered social event platform. Initially launching in Sweden, our mission is to revolutionize the way people connect, socialize, and engage. Problem Statement: In the ever-growing digital world, people increasingly struggle to find meaningful social connections and events that align with their interests. Traditional social media and event platforms often lack personalization and struggle to facilitate deeper, valuable connections. They are largely reactive platforms where users must actively search for events or rely on word-of-mouth recommendations, leading to missed opportunities for enrichment and social engagement. Solution: Syrcle solves this problem by creating an all-in-one platform that uses AI to facilitate and foster meaningful connections. Our platform integrates users' preferences and social behaviors to suggest events and like-minded individuals, making it easier for people to connect and engage with each other. Whether users are looking to deepen relationships with their current friends or meet new like-minded people, Syrcle can intuitively help them find the right events. From small gatherings to larger social events, our platform handles everything from discovery to RSVPs, making the process seamless for both hosts and attendees. Why Syrcle: Our approach uniquely combines the power of AI with the innate human desire for connection and social engagement. This fusion empowers us to offer a more personalized, intuitive experience compared to traditional social media or event platforms. By focusing on creating a community and nurturing relationships, we believe Syrcle will fundamentally transform the way people socialize and engage.