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The 2nd Edit

2ND EDIT, the most stylish Nordic marketplace for pre-owned luxury and designer fashion. Buy, sell, share! 2ND EDIT was launched in 2015 by a team of 3 founders who recognized the need for an online platform that allowed people to buy and sell luxury pre-owned fashion. 2ND EDIT creates a unique environment where all items are authenticated and checked before reaching the buyer, thereby eradicating the risks of purchasing counterfeits, mis-selling or mis-pricing items.


Headquartered in Stockholm, we are a global supplier of jute bags that are enduring and represent the next evolution in sustainability. Joots is a company rooted in culture and made for the future. We create sustainable everyday bags. We work with retailers, hotels, department stores, and fashion brands to support them in their eco-conscious journey. Inspired by Indian earthiness and infused with Swedish minimalism, our bags are made-to-order and tailored with in-house branding and packaging.


The urban population will grow to 9B until 2050, according to the United Nations. If we want to increase the food production sustainably, technology is key yo reduce impact on the climate and the food supply. CropRising's mission is to make the current food system more resilient and sustainable by the usage of technology. CropRising´s app optimises crop growth and provide growers with real-time monitoring data on their crops supported by automation and A.I. systems. CropRising is commited to create a sustainable food systen by reducing water consumption, food waste and making indoor farming profitable.

Ashle Cloud Kitchen

Our business model is developed from the understanding that there is an increase in the rate of people ordering food online, due to lack of time to prepare home-cooked food. In addition, a cloud kitchen helps people escape the boredom that comes with consuming the same type of food daily. It allows them to explore different cuisines and treat their taste buds well with the best dishes made by expert chefs. COVID-19 has kindled market interest in cloud kitchens. While safe distancing could batter bricks-and-mortar restaurants, investors in restaurant and hospitality spaces may be contemplating a pivot to something better suited to the stay-home economy. NORWAY'S FIRST INDIAN CLOUD KITCHEN Ashle Konsult og Invest AS is a cloud kitchen with no physical space for dine-in where we provide delicious and healthy cuisine to our customers. We offer our dining service online, where customers can only place their orders online through food aggregator apps or the restaurant app for home delivery. We will be providing a sophisticated dining experience for our customers with our flavourful dishes. Our Home application helps to track all the HAACP, Food import, and procurement, Branding solutions, Inventory, and sales along with common shared costs and expenses. NORWAY'S FIRST KITCHEN AS A SERVICE This is an incredibly challenging yet exciting time for entrepreneurs in the food sector. KaaS business models can change the fabric of what and how the world eats in the post-COVID scenario. With the right combination of technologies, restaurants can run the whole operation with higher flexibility, better margins, and a lower payback period without missing a beat! In Simple words, This is a food court with multiple brands and vendors in one place producing their respective cuisines and delivery solutions but designed only for takeaway solutions., and not dine in. This model might look new to Oslo Market. But this model started worldwide and has already made billions of revenue in the last five years. This is the opportunity for big and emerging brands to extend their products without investing much in a dedicated kitchen and enjoy the shared cloud infrastructure soft and standards.

Finest Future

We are a company in Business Services. Our founding team has three members: Peter Vesterbacka (Chairman), Bambi Dang (CEO) and Tuomas Tiilikainen (COO). Our mission is to enable super connectivity between different areas of the world by working on development projects in Education, Entrepreneurship and other fields. We have office located in Finland and Vietnam. Our team has over 50 members, located in different countries around the world. We are making a big impact on the society as a whole. We attract international students, talents, workers, startup founders in coming to the Finest Bay Area for their studies, work, life, entrepreneurship. So good stuff happening!


Introducing Crowdience - The Customer Acquisition Solution for Modern Businesses How do you make a crowd become your audience? Crowdience! At Crowdience, we help businesses connect with their ideal customers by leveraging cutting-edge technology and proven marketing strategies. We understand that finding and engaging new customers is one of the biggest challenges facing modern businesses, which is why we've developed a comprehensive customer acquisition solution to help companies like yours achieve success. Crowdience is currently helping some of Norway's largest events to be visible, reach out to existing and attract new customers, trough digital channels. The goal of Crowdience is to create an effective and seamless link between busineses and their potential customers. Although it already exists dozens of similar firms, there are several points to improve within the industry. With new tools such as ChatGPT, Dalle and Pondir, automation already have become, and will become an increasing part of the future market. I am looking to create an automated tool which can be leveraged by our firms, as well as sold an a SaaS-solution to bigger firms. Currently, I have plenty of ideas, but I'm looking for a co-founder to share, discuss, execute and put the ideas into the real world.


Apiir is a software company that is solving issues in the bicycle industry by providing innovative solutions for bike fitting and selection. Using new image analysis technology, we have developed a bike fitting solution that is easy and effective for bike retailers to use in-store. Our solution helps cyclists get a perfect fit by analyzing their body measurements and bike geometry. Additionally, we have created an API that allows third-party apps to integrate our bike size solution into their platforms. Our mission is to make bike fitting and selection more accessible, efficient, and enjoyable for everyone in the cycling industry.

ForestSAT As

We predict the risk of forest fires in Mediterranean, sub-tropical and temperate forests using Geospatial data and AI. We aim to drive financial resources and data-driven decision-making into the forestland communities to mitigate the risk of wildfires and regenerate forests into resilient biodiverse carbon sinks.


Zwitch is a P2P marketplace that extend the second hand trade between consumers. Unlike regular marketplaces, Zwitch allows users to suggest and buy items from their peers and pay with both or either money and their own products. Zwitch is taking the sustainable trade to the next level with focus on both economical and ecological trade. It is a modern solution to help users with the current cost of living crisis as well as help our communities to pro-long product lifespan and combat environmental waste.


Metaverse as A Service We develop Metaverse services for the Travel Industry - Hotels, Airports and Airlines. Creating solutions for Hotels, from SelfService solutions as check-in within Virtual Hosts that allows exploring the premises on the enclosure as it can be from anywhere around the world. We develop tourist attractions with entertainment to experience travel tourism from anywhere with VR and AR. Access to local experiences from hotel rooms, airport lounges, airline offices, and more.


Wellbefy is a digital HR-tool evaluating and creating wellbeing in the workplace. Wellbefy is having the focus on not only providing valuable data but also helping leaders as well as co-workers to increase wellbeing and in the longer run organizational growth and sustainable development. This by developing a HR- tool with smart intelligence and gamification that can create engagement, reflection and knowledge growth when it comes to wellbeing in the workplace.


Voimavarasi offers a custom made motivation-program and 1-1 coaching events to help bigger companies solve problems around employee happiness and productivity. We specialize in helping our clients with their problems in productivity, employee satisfaktion (we help them stay longer in one place) and to gain a better competitive edge. My giving employees tools for better health and motivation. Motivation is shown to play a BIG part in revenue creation. Statistically a company with 20Miljon in revenue, is missing out on almost 1 miljon in profit, if they don´t have motivated employees and lead that motivation. We have a solutin for this! We have had former top athlete create a measurable Motivation program, that helps every employee individually find out what truly motivates them. We teach people how to create goals and how to make them happen - in an easier, more fun and joyful way then ever before. This all incqludes learning about stress relief and time management. When our client go trough this process - they know what motivates them and how to get to the wanted results faster. In the end we have happier employees and better results for the companies. Everyone wins! WHY? I (the founder) know what life is with and without motivation. I know what life feels like, when you trust and flow (without stress) and when you pressure yourself so much that you burn out. So after my sport career ended and I saw people being stressed and going to work without any life spirit or motivation, I asked my self " How can we make our goals AND be happy? Both at the same time?" And after my first Burnout with a hint of depression I dedicated my life to help my self and other people to find what truly motivates as in life and in what we do - so we can be the best versions of our selfs everyday at home and at the office! All of us have a bigger purpose in our work then we think we do - for our clients. So realizing that, has helped our clients at the best to make a 20% upgrade in sails, just with our shortest Motivation-program of 3 months. What could be better then seeing people happy AND making amazing results in life?


Lexplore is an all in one tool for systematic reading development used by schools around the world. We offer assessment, automated insights and content powered by Eye tracking & AI. As each reader evolves, Lexplore supports their individual reading journey, giving them equal opportunity to succeed – one reader at a time.


50% of the world’s natural resources are already being consumed in construction. And still, we have to provide adequate housing for 3 billion people, around 40% of the world's population. By 2060 the demand for construction materials will triple. This will have the significant negative impact on the environment.

Oncogene AS

The Oncogene AS is a Norwegian startup located at Oslo Cancer Cluster incubator. We are bringing cancer precision medicine into Norwegian market by facilitating cancer gene tests in to clinics and hospitals. We are creating a digital solutions connecting Cancer patients, clinicians, hospitals and companies together. Our business model is B2B and B2C.