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Time to Raise

Time to Raise is a Nordic acceleration program for women-led startups with full focus on fundraising (today in partnership with Microsoft, SEB, Invest Stochkolm and WeWork). Women-led start-ups account for a very small portion of VC funding (0.7% to female-only teams and 7.3 to mixed teams in the Nordics). Despite this, investors are still eager to finance the best female-led endeavours, which is where Time to Raise comes in. We train startups to be pitch-perfect and we introduce their company profiles to investors.

Edison Systems ApS

Edison is a startup selling photovoltaic systems for private consumers. We want to make the world green through an attractive offering of green products for the home, and in longer term for businesses and on a grid scale as well. We are a new startup with an experienced founder base with +8 years in the industry.


We are here to radically improve how culture can be found, explored and experienced. Our mission is to put emphasis on the user, getting the cultural consumer closer to organizers and creatives than ever. Everyone has the right to spend time the way whatever they want. The power of freedom and free expression that creates the magic we all want in our lives. Poba AB is a Stockholm-based software company founded in 2022. Our app is a platform that helps consumers find experiences and cultural events while enabling organizers and creators to market their business and creations to their crowd.

Emotional Fitness Sweden AB

Peer-2-Peer Coaching. Professional & Personal Development for everyone. By everyone. We help companies build peer-coaching networks among their managers and staff so their teams become more learning, innovative, and supportive. Our platform teaches individuals how to coach and be coached by colleagues, family, friends, and even strangers, and makes coaching available for everyone 24/7 at a fraction of the cost of regular coaching. Our mission is to revolutionize the coaching industry and collegial support. Our longterm vision is to get emotional and mental support within arm-lengths distance for everyone on the planet.


StudMatch strive to make employment of students accessible and easy for all companies, such that many more choose to make use of this often underrated resource. We help businesses define good projects that create value for both themselves and the students, make their recruitment process slick and easy by providing them with a shortlist of candidates; and give them the framework for ensuring good and effective HR for the students during their employment. In turn allows the businesses to provide meaningful relevant experiences to students through internships and part-time jobs during their studies. We deliver this value by systemizing domain knowledge into our data driven platform, allowing us to deliver our service in a scalable way. The goal is to make student employment the obvious decision for any business that seek to connect with solid talent.

Orbital Machines

Orbital Machines designs and manufactures standardized electric propellant pumps for rocket engines, a key technology to dramatically reduce the cost of space travel and bring forth a new space age. We are currently working on projects for launch vehicles, lunar spacecraft and zero-emission aircraft.


We want to digitize canoe and kayak rentals with our unmanned rental stations. We want to take people closer to the water and nature. In this way, we can help destinations grow and strengthen the local hospitality industry. Through our unmanned rental stations and our integrated booking system, we simplify for both users and entrepreneurs.

CleanCup AS

CleanCup's on a mission to empower people with periods through high quality products and information. Every month, 1.8 billion people across the world menstruate. They need safe period products, and disposable products just won't do anymore. Let’s be honest; Tampons suck. No, really, they do! Both literally and figuratively. Tampons absorb period blood, but it does not differentiate it from your body's natural moisture, and it absorbs that too, which can cause infections and skin irritation. And besides: We use 11 000 disposable period products each, causing tons of cotton and plastic waste. One tampon takes than 100 years to degrade; this means all of the tampons you have ever used are still in our environment somewhere. Pads and tampons are not really comfortable, practical, sustainable, or even cheap. It’s just what’s been available. Do we want this as a legacy for our planet and our kids? No. But we have the solution: CleanCup. The Norwegian menstrual cup. Uniquely designed for comfort. Designed in collaboration with hundreds of women.

Keys Ecosystem

Keys Ecosystem helps entrepreneurs find what they find through a personalised recommendation engine. At its core, it is a tool used by cities and international organisation to map, categorise and collect data about the startup ecosystem. KEYS is at its core a community centered around building an open and inclusive ecosystem, accessible to all.

Winn Hotel Group AB - Commercial Hub

The Commercial Hub was created during the pandemic as a solution to centralize knowledge, decentralize information, implement various new technical solutions and create more efficient workflows. The Commercial Hub consists of three teams within Winn Hotel Group AB: Marketing, booking and revenue. Winn Hotel Group operate 11 different hotels in Sweden and our aim is to create an hotel experience that goes beyond the experience itself. With a strong focus on sustainability, wellness and the best possible service we contstantly aim to create memories that lasts for a lifetime.

Korall Engineering

Korall Engineering AS is a design engineering firm part of StartupLab Bergen, a member of the GCE Ocean Technology Cluster, which employs the latest high-end design optimization technologies, our team develops automates product design workflows to reduce engineering and lead times and redesigns existing industrial products. Through the use of Artificial Intelligence, we help reduce material waste and production costs, increase efficiency, and lessen environmental impact. We help the reduction of carbon emissions, avoiding the transportation of parts demanded. Korall Engineering operates in various industries: oil & gas, maritime, automotive, and medical. Its team specializes in industrial design optimization for both additive and traditional manufacturing and uses machine learning design-to-manufacturing tools like Generative Design, mathematical finite element methods like Topology Optimization, and implicit modeling lattice-structure solutions for 3D-printing, both for metal and composite materials. Korall Engineering is betting on the future: smart design, additive manufacturing, and automated workflows are just a few of the many examples of how it is possible to disrupt the industry for the better, bring innovation, create value for our society at large, and tangibly take a step forward in preserving our environment. For more information visit


MAKING THE WORKPLACE SAFER AND BETTER BY IMPROVING HUMAN PERFORMANCE At TNTX, we deliver improvements in human performance, reducing workplace fatalities and injuries, through the use of our patent-pending integrated cross-reality solutions. Integrating virtual augmented reality with mechanical hardware systems to create smart training solutions that enables: - scalable onboarding of new hires with ease - safer and faster training of employees - reduced fatalities and injuries through the improvement of human performance

Rave Review

Rave Review identifies various innovative ways of transforming home textiles into desirable garments. All remake fashion sourced and produced in Europe. 2020 Participation Gucci Film Festival Semifinalist LVMH Prize, Paris Fashion Week Received Rising Star Prize by Swedish Ministry For Foreign Affairs Presentation during Paris Fashion Week Show at Copenhagen Fashion Week Received the Stockholm Prize by Nöjesguiden, Received the Bernadotte Art Award


Ett hållbart klädmärke med kläder som vill hylla kvinnor och Hennes berättelse. Exklusiva plagg skapade i handplockade återvunna silkessaris. Kläder som vill hylla dig och vara med och påverka världen genom skönhet. Vi jobbar med familjeskrädderi och tror på småskaligt skapande, och är med och stöttar kvinnor och flickor genom att stötta flickors utbildning i Indien.

Beyond Coffee

Beyond Coffee producerer økologiske svampe på organisk materiale, som er blevet til overs i andre virksomheder. Eksempelvis østershatte i økologisk kaffegrums og pindsvinepigsvamp i flis fra et savværk. Vi bygger og faciliterer også MiniFarm som vi leaser til store virksomheder og kantiner, sådan at medarbejdere og kantiner kan høste deres egne svampe.