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The mission of StretchFit is to help people get the most out of daily activities, without being limited by different physical problems, pains, and aches. This is achieved by providing our customers with everything they need to get to this goal, including equipment, nutritional supplements, but also guides, information, and relevant knowledge in a simple and engaging form. We are a team of 3 motivated owners whom have been in e - commerce for 5+ years already. Since the beginning of StretchFit in September 2020, we have generated revenue over 500 000DKK, and we are currently widening our reach to other countries. Our vision is to build a successful brand in the aforementioned niche market within 2 years. We are working every day, from Monday till Sunday, early mornings, late evenings. So if there is someone that wants to be a part of a working environment of this nature, that is what we are looking for. Of course we do not expect anybody to work non-stop, but at least we can be of a great motivation to those who want to do something with their lives.

The Digital Gardener

The Digital Gardener is a planning tool and gardening community for small-scale vegetable producers and home gardeners. We help growers plan what to grow, as well as when, where and how to grow it, so that they can focus on making their plants thrive. The demand for locally produced, sustainable food is increasing. Despite this, small-scale vegetable producers struggle to make an income. Predictable supply is essential to make efficient use of available market channels for direct to consumer sales, and a good plan is a key prerequisite to achieve this. The Digital Gardener aims to help small scale producers achieve the needed predictability by making it easy to create and maintain a good plan, and by helping them keep on top of work to be done throughout the growing season. The interest in gardening and homesteading has also surged during the corona crisis. Unfortunately, many aspiring home gardeners lack the needed growing competence to succeed with their gardening projects. Ambitious homesteaders face similar challenges as professional growers, as they need a good plan to ensure that they can harvest fresh produce for their family throughout the season. The Digital Gardener aims to help all growers succeed with their gardening projects, and will enable them to share information and experience to help and inspire others to succeed as well. The Digital Gardener is a software company. Our goal is to build software that contributes to an increase in the amount of food that is grown locally, as well as increased biodiversity in green spaces and home gardens. We partner with other organisations, people and companies that provide competence, heirloom seeds, tools and methods that can help us achieve this goal.

Laurea Entrepreneurship Society

Being an entrepreneur is much more than owning a company. Laurea Entrepreneurship Society is a student organization that inspires and helps people to think like an entrepreneur. We promote Entrepreneurship not only as a possible career choice but also as a mindset and provide the motivation and the inspiration necessary to transform your motivation and ideas into action. Our mission is to provide the tools to every individual to become their best possible selves.


We’re living in a buyer-centric world, where companies need to connect with customers on their terms. But the scale and nature of online business means it's harder than ever to create personal connections with customers. That's why we created iZell -- to help businesses build better customer relationships through personalized one-to-one liveshopping experiences. We´ve developed a solution based on three insights… 1. Personal digital meetings. There is a need for e-retailers to bring personal shopping experience online. Today, there is no good support for personal digital meetings (one-to-one) where sellers can showcase products live and help the customer to buy, for example by adding products to the shopping cart. 2. Modern communication. There is a need to improve the customer experience with modern communication such as chat, video and live streaming. Today's consumers are used to modern communication such as WhatsApp, FaceTime, Youtube, TikTok. 3. Omnichannel communication. There is a lack of sales coordination between physical stores and e-commerce (omnichannel) which puts the buyer at the center and uses the selling company's resources efficiently.


Our mission is to inspire, coach and make math clear for all university students. Elevri is the wiz who knows all the material in depth and can explain it so that anyone understands. Elevri is the coach that can set up a study plan and make sure it’s kept. Elevri is the inspirer that explains all the cool stuff that math is for.


notata is a platform for startup investors to evaluate and share deals. We help investors perform consistent evaluations and engage their networks. By documenting evaluation processes, investors can benchmark startups against each other and give constructive feedback to the companies they don’t invest in. notata serves the top-of-funnel market for early stage investing. All of our users have the opportunity to make smarter and more inclusive decisions that will catalyse cultural shifts and bring profits. We are investors who want to assist other investors to make fair decisions with ease.


Superhood is the social discovery hub for people, local businesses, and cities. We help local communities to come together, local businesses to thrive, and local city organizations to build better-functioning neighborhoods. Current neighborhood social activity happens in legacy social networks like Facebook Groups. Superhood is the next-generation solution built for the complete ecosystems of people, businesses, and authorities. In Superhood, there are no groups to join or people/organizations to follow and no gatekeepers or algorithms to limit access to information. With the Superhood app – people can keep up with all the places they care about, local businesses can engage with people in their area, and authorities and other organizations can engage with residents and visitors in real time.

StatuManu ICP

Since the 1920s, scientists have worked on developing methods for measuring the pressure in the brain without having to drill a hole in the cranium. Here, the identification of the causes for increased pressure is important for diagnosing the condition and treating the pressure. StatuManu will provide a service not yet present in the market of ICP monitoring. As a non-invasive solution, the ICP Tracker eliminates critical risks associated with current methods. As a company, StatuManu’s mission is to save brain to save lives by enabling fast, reliable and non-invasive assessment of ICP, and being positioned as the standard tool for ICP monitoring. The valuable contribution of ICP Tracker is evident as symptoms of elevated ICP often mimic those of other less dangerous illnesses. The goal is that non-invasive methods to detect possible changes in ICP will be used in all instances of suspected elevated ICP.


Workability is a web-based enterprise application empowering leaders to take responsibility for employees workplace welfare and employee follow-up, and allowing employees to be at work as much as their health allows. Sick-leave and workplace welfare is a problem escalating globally. As mental illness and complex health problems rise, new workplace challenges are created. Employers need new tools and practices to help deal with this adequately. Norway has the highest sick leave in the OECD, costing the state and employers over 50 billion kroner each year. 70% of sick leave is avoidable (NAV) and could be prevented through better employee follow-up and workplace facilitation. By solving structural barriers that exist today we help employers co-ordinate efforts with doctors, NAV and other stakeholders to keep people at work and prevent unnecessary sick-leave. Our tools help leaders follow-up their teams, create an open dialogue and an inclusive approach to workplace welfare and how they organise work, key factors in preventing sickness and workplace absence.


Lägereld is a digital platform for mental health where information about the area is created and shared by proffessional psychologists. We offer treatment via video calls within the welfare system and have recently launched a variety of offers for businesses. Lägereld was the first actor in Europe to provide Shinrin-Yoku (nature based CBT for groups) in a clinical format in the fall of 2020. This proved to be a more than significant way of treating people suffering from anxiety, depression and stressrelated problems. We are actively looking for new areas within the field of mental health to pioneer and need compassionate and passionate people to help us on this journey!


SoundLily is a groundbreaking music edtech app providing a fun and efficient way for private individuals and music students to enhance their skills in playing a musical instrument. 10% of the population in Europe and the US is playing a musical instrument at home. Practicing on your own could be both uninspiring and difficult. SoundLily will greatly improve your chances of developing your musical talent.

Bak Probiotic Skincare

Bak Probiotic Skincare develops and produces probiotic skincare products that help consumers rebalance their skin microbiome with patented bacterial strains isolated by our inhouse team of microbiologists. The newest frontier in skincare (and many other areas) is within treatment and stabilization of the microbiome. Bak Skincare is in the front of this movement contributing with ground-breaking probiotic products that help our consumers rebalance their natural skin microbiome. Bak Probiotic Skincare is the first commercial division of our parent company, Lactobio, which is a new biotechnology startup founded by 2 senior scientists from world-reknowned bio-giants Novozymes and Dupont. Lactobio screens thousands of different bacterial strains against specific microbiome-related diseases. This this include Acne, Eczema, and Rosacea, but our research goes much further as the ambition of Lactobio is to build a new Danish-native, but global biotechnology company. We are still only ~10 people and are just getting started, but we are already well on our way on becoming the world leader within microbiome research. Addtionally, we are amongst the 50 most interesting startups in the world:


It all started when I started my own limited company for the first time, I had a great interest in accounting but no knowledge. I started with an accounting course and tested most accounting services on the market and felt that it should be possible to make it both easier and smoother for self-employed people which was the start of Visbok. It has been a very fun and educational journey for me, with 18 hours working days for over 2 years. I did everything myself from requirement, architecture, development, testing, deployment, SEO to marketing in the beginning and started a team of accountants, developers and entrepreneurs with the vision to make accounting easy and efficient for small business owners. Today, the system is managed by the team and I help with the architecture, project management as well as sales. The program is widely used today and has customers from small startups to senior accountants. We are receiving amazing feedback from all of them.

HERO Index

Our Values: -Help move money to companies that make a positive difference on our climate, human rights, and planet. -Create a citizen-powered investment movement for good We do this by: -Providing an all-in one research tool to support values-based investing. We want the public and investors to have access to knowledge of corporate performance on human rights and sustainability so they put their dollars into companies that align with their values of positive social and environmental impact. Together, we make a difference and invest in what matters.

United Eyes AB - Safeland

Safeland connects people, assets and organisations so communities can prevent and solve local crime and accidents. We facilitate best practice for community collaboration by providing expertise, together with Sweden's and the UK’s leading community organisations. We harness these methods in a specially designed digital collaboration platform. Among the organisations using Safeland you'll find Rescue services, Police, Municipalities, Security guards, Property owners, City Centers, "Nattvandrare"​, Shop keepers, Civil society, Neighbourhood Watch group as well as private citizens. Using Safeland app you can: - Report crimes - Report anti-social behaviour - Activate personal emergency alarm - Help your neighbours in urgent matters - Connect your home alarm - Connect shops and business - Contribute to the general safety of their community.