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Light Bikes AS

We offer a unique opportunity to rent an electric bike via an app. The bike is designed to be safe, simple and efficient for all users. With our system we can control where the bikes must be parked, so that it does not hinder pedestrians or riders. This is called HUB/geo fence, which is both flexible and tidy. We are the first in the market with this idea for electric bike rentals run by local founders from Oslo. Our goal is to create a web of transport connected to all districts in Oslo. This is something we can achieve, because we already have good relations with the urban environment agency, as well as a couple of districts that are interested in this transport opportunity .

Skördetid AB

Skördetid is a digital platform that facilitates the exchange of machine services in Swedish agriculture. The idea was born at Lund University in the spring of 2020, where the two founders Marcus and Atakan studied together. Our vision has always been to increase the profitability of Swedish agriculture by simplifying cooperation between farmers.

Neomeet Ltd

Neomeet Ltd is developing remote meeting tools to help property managers and housing companies solve the need for the legal, secure and equal virtual annual general meetings. Neomeet is a combination of top notch team and unique way of creating SaaS business. The housing companies faced a significant problem because of COVID-19: how to organize official meetings having local and remote participants i.e. hybrid meetings. During the start of COVID-19 there existed common remote meeting tools Microsoft Teams but no actual tailored tools for the needs of housing companies and property managers. Neomeet Ltd is solving this problem by providing a remote meeting software which contains the special needs of these kind of meetings: advanced authentication methods, automatic invitation system, handling of power of attorneys, speaking turn system, advanced voting functionalities and many more. The company offers this software and the related services as SaaS business model to their customers. Currently the software is being used by property management companies and housing companies all over Finland. Neomeet's website is https://neomeet.fi Neomeet Ltd is a group of individuals who are inspired of providing new digital services for solving real-life problems. Main shareholders are Mika Mononen and Bo Priesters who has started as enterpreneurs couple of years ago. Mika and Bo both share the same passion for developing innovative digital solutions to real estate industry. Mika and Bo have both extensive background from startup business and software and business development. In its entirety Neomeet Ltd has 5 shareholders and a team consisting of highly skilled professional in each business field.


Did you know that 20% of English speakers are challenged readers? Hero was founded in 2020 with a mission to spread reading joy and to empower challenged readers and put them on equal footing with their classmates, colleagues, friends or anybody else. We're an AI-first startup that uses the powers of cutting-edge machine learning research to transform people's lives for the better. Hero makes text easier to read by translating it into easier language — think Google Translate but for simple language. Our AI technology is truly incredible — in the sense that we often can't believe our eyes when we see Hero turning a difficult text into something that's four or five school grade levels easier! Now, our next steps are to package this incredible AI into a product that's just as fantastic, and to get it out into the world. Do you want to be a part of that?


MARDA is a modern men’s swimwear brand obsessed with creating a better world by using plastic from our oceans and landfills to make premium swim shorts that are made to last. Our philosophy finds the harmony between plastic and design to create highly sustainable swim trunks bought to life with the best in Japanese fabric technology. the driving force behind marda is simple. to design swimwear for men by unifying exclusive forward designs with a highly green focus. buying a marda product is about joining lifestyle that cares our future. every production step from sourcing recycled materials to the design aesthetic right through fabric innovation enriched by creative touch and profound love for earth.


Who Are We? VivoLogica is Europe’s top 3 MedTech startups on a journey to digitalize the workflow within the medical research industry. We have developed a system that helps medical researchers to save time - time that instead can be used to save lives. Why & How? VivoLogica was founded in Stockholm in 2019 by the cancer researcher Sara Mangsbo. She realised that she and her colleagues spend up to half of their working time on manual and recurring tasks. Together with the innovation initiative Hidden Dreams, the entrepreneur and investor Saeid Esmaeilzadeh and our Advisory Board, VivoLogica has now developed a digital and user-friendly system supporting medical researchers with data compilation, reporting to authorities and to be compliance with regulations in accordance with current legislation. By automating all manual and time-consuming tasks VivoLogica reduces administration overhead time by 75% - time that now can be spent on value-creating research that moves medical development forward and saves lives.


I årtier har ni store trælader på DSBs baneterræn midt i København ligget stille hen. Nu genoplives de som økologisk landsby, fredfyldt åndehul og gastronomisk samlingspunkt. Langt væk fra storbystøjen, men alligevel midt i byen, skal BaneGaarden danne rammerne for kulinariske oplevelser, kulturelle indspark, nyskabende fællesskaber og grøn inspiration – i form af madboder, restauranter, bageri, kulturprogram, markeder og meget mere. Vi er et lille entreprenant team med store drømme og høje ambitioner, og vi tilbyder en spændende arbejdsplads med uformel stemning, stejl læringskurve og højt til loftet. Du vil blive en del af et engageret team med høje ambitioner og store drømme.

Volta Trucks

We are revolutionising last-mile logistics by delivering safer, more sustainable, electric trucks which protect vulnerable road users and improve city centre environments for all. We build electric trucks for sustainable cities. Our zero emission powertrains eliminate harmful pollution that causes climate change. But we go beyond exhaust emissions with near carbon neutral vehicle components and a constant drive to reduce the environmental impact of our supply chain and manufacturing footprint.


Nida.tools is built upon a goal to grant developers and designers the freedom to serve their customers the ultimate web experience. Working in the industry and experiencing the headaches of WordPress firsthand, we decided to restructure the entire database and create a complete logical kernel combined with far more intelligent caching setups. Nida.tools is thereby the next generation of WordPress themes built to ensure significantly faster load times and increase points at Google compared to what the market currently is offering.

Excalibur Startup Academy

Vårt formål er å demokratisere kunnskap om entreprenørskap. Vi tilbyr interaktive nettkurs, personlig veiledning og workshops for tidlig fase gründere. Vårt først kurs Gründerformelen skal gi de som sitter på en idé kunnskapen de trenger for å lykkes i sin oppstartsprosess! På denne måten skal vi bidra til at flere ideer ser dagens lys!


Watt is building a community driven platform to make life easier for electric vehicle (EV) drivers by embracing their charging experience. To drive mass adoption of electric vehicles and remove the barriers, watt's platform enables drivers and hosts a hassle-free and seamless charging experience. Join us and make an impact!


Superhood is the next-generation social platform for cities, people, and businesses, helping neighborhoods and local businesses thrive in the new normal. Current neighborhood social activity happens in legacy social networks like Facebook Groups. Superhood is the next-generation solution built for the complete ecosystems of people, businesses, cities, and authorities. In Superhood there are no groups to join or people/organizations to follow, and no gatekeepers or algorithms to limit access to information. With the Superhood app, people can keep up with all the places they care about, local businesses can engage with people in their area, and cities as well as other authorities and organizations can engage with residents and visitors alike.


Norders is a Nordic creative community, academy, and agency. Norders vision is to empower growth and positive impact by leveraging Nordic core strengths and values: openness, trust, innovation, sustainability, and compassion. Norders mission is to enable Nordic cooperation, but also to create an innovation ecosystem to strengthen changemaker partnerships and promote the Nordic strengths and values. The Nordic countries have so much to be proud of in terms of equality, creativity, human rights, prosperity, education, and sustainable thinking. The Nordic model is one of the oldest in the world, proven to work, but has not been frameworked nor leveraged in the creative growth context. Norders is here to change that with its strong Nordic brand and visual identity that reflects the regions core strengths in an innovative way.

Tubus Technology ApS

Tubus Technology ApS is an innovative start-up business that works within ideation, innovation and product development. We enforce self-empowerment and independence by developing products that are designed to make a difference for people with physical limitations. We work with the entire process from idea generation and product development to market validation and production development. We are currently in the stage of making international market validation and development for our first product TubusOne. TubusOne is a medical device class 1 product that holds a CE mark. It is a mechanical device for people with upper limb limitations and works by sipping and puffing into a tube (hence the name TubusOne). The tube contains a piston function that works like a finger on touchscreen devices when it is activated by a puff from the mouth. TubusOne is a prolonged finger used for navigation on touchscreen devices.

Hukka AI

Hukka AI is a Finnish startup developing an intelligent, easy-to-use SaaS solution to measure, analyze and reduce food waste in professional kitchens. Our mission is to enable more sustainable and profitable kitchens and we believe that the challenge should be solved with a software-only solution requiring minimal initial investment. With weighing the waste and logging it to Hukka’s intelligent cloud-based tracking system, waste value is typically reduced by 25-45% in just a few months, representing a direct benefit in the bottom line as food cost goes down. We are already working together with hundreds of restaurants to save money and protect the planet on the way.