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Nightingale Health is a pioneering biotech company aiming to solve the global chronic disease crisis, so that everyone can live a healthier life, in healthier societies. We develop pioneering solutions that help realise the active prevention of chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes. With our proprietary blood analysis technology backed up by over 200 peer-reviewed publications, we reveal unique molecular insights that are invisible using standard technologies. To further push the boundaries of the current health industry, we have united expertise from a diverse range of backgrounds. We're a versatile team of tech, science and business experts, designers, data wranglers and entrepreneurs on a mission to create a new paradigm for health - one that focuses on keeping people healthy.


We are dedicated to the promotion of knowledge transfer in support of lifelong learning, business, innovation & social inclusion. We build Private Social Networks for communities and organisations that value their community members, the content and the data they produce.  We believe that organisations which harness the knowledge within and shares it for the benefit of the entire community are the ones that are going to win the marathon race. We offer a B2B SaaS solution


Energy producers and consumers lose a significant amount of undervalued heat. Our thermal battery technology can time-shift this high value heat, giving customers flexibility in dealing with and within the power grid. Our solution introduces you to new markets and additional revenue streams, pays itself off within 2-5 years, increases profits for decades and reduces your carbon footprint.


EcoFarm Technology

EcoFarm is a new way of indoor planting with unique Norwegian technologies providing us with fresh and healthy vegetables, barriers and herbs, all important nutritions that we lack buying from food chains. Being the owner of EcoFarm, we become a part of a human society protecting our planet from ever-growing food demands and helping to stop deforestation caused by increasing agricultural industry. EcoFarm is designed for all of us. It’s time to reconnect with our most valuable life source. We are the team of enthusiastic people with more than 10 years background experience in mechanical and electronic engineering. We are trying to convince people to grow their own food indoor rather than buying it. With current technologies we implement in our EcoFarm it is possible!


KIND GROUP is an innovative health company that develops new home care solutions in Norway and internationally. KIND GROUP consists of several subsidiaries that work with innovation, digitization, system development and home care. Our goal is to enable our customers to live and stay healthy longer at home.


MindfulHU is an early-stage tech startup from KTH, Royal Institute of Technology, developing solutions for stress reduction through digital mindfulness. Our first product is a device that can imitate human breath and guided breath meditation for mindfulness beginners and people under high stress.

Green Company Effect

Green Company Effect, GCE, is a social media platform focused on sustainability. GCE enables companies to share and make their green and social sustainability actions visible to consumers and business partners. Consumers can easily find what companies are doing and make responsible choices. Companies can liaise with responsible business partners, find new technologies and ideas to make novel innovations and create a more circular economy.

Huoleti Ltd

Huoleti empowers patients to cope throughout the treatement of severe illnesses. With Huoleti, you are never alone. You can easily invite your loved ones and friends to be beside you on your journey. Huoleti helps you find peers to share and network with, and you can grow stronger together. We support your loved ones by helping them build their own peer networks. Huoleti is there for you whether you are asking for, giving, or receiving help.


Diffia is a Norwegian health tech company that creates innovative solutions to help doctors and nurses improve patient care and safety. We are working towards introducing a lightweight application to give clinicians access to the patient data they need, when they need it. A mobile-first product made with the user in mind, integrated into clinical workflow, to help healthcare professionals provide more targeted care - reacting proactively rather than reactively to clinical developments.


Pawa Technologies is the world’s first mobile individual power ecosystem with its versatile, pocket size solar chargeable power platform and appliances: solar charger, light, radio, and more. The power platform turn people into power producers to gain an income and work their way out of poverty.   Pawa Technologies is a Moonwalk Tomorrow Company


SharePeeps is a social platform that lets you get in contact with people who want to swap, lend or offer items or services free of charge - plain and simple.We believe that people do not need to buy everything they need. Hence, we have developed this application to facilitate contact between people, who do also like the idea less consumption SharePeeps is avaiable on iOS and Android.Come join our small team and help us rebuild tomorrow!


We help individuals, organizations and the healthcare sector utilize good habits as 
a catalyst for change.In March 2016 Habitlab got accepted into the Thinkubator accelerator program. We are now launching our newest product - Physio. A platform created to improve compliance in physiotherapy. Download soon in your favorite app store. Visit for more information on Physio.


XperiTech is a fast growing travel tech company addressing a digitally lagging multi-billion travel and experience market where demand for digital services is growing fast. XperiTech currently operates the largest platform for anadromous fishing in Europe (Elveguiden) and the largest camping booking platform in Norway (Campio). Both brands are expanding their services to new markets. Through a holistic E2E offering for suppliers and end users XperiTech delivers a high value through a strong value prop for our customer base. Strong performance in 2022, increasing gross merchandise value (GMV) by 67 % and annual recurring revenue (ARR) by 40 % from previous year. Competitive adv. through own unique software that delivers on fit for purpose solutions for both suppliers and end users, synergies between brands and leading expertise in the segments. Potential to further grow organically through accelerating core business and through expanding the core to new markets, customers, and products. M&A can further accelerate strategic and financial ambitions, including accelerating international expansion Experienced management dedicated to further scaling the company

Time to Raise

Time to Raise is a Nordic acceleration program for women-led startups with full focus on fundraising (today in partnership with Microsoft, SEB, Invest Stochkolm and WeWork). Women-led start-ups account for a very small portion of VC funding (0.7% to female-only teams and 7.3 to mixed teams in the Nordics). Despite this, investors are still eager to finance the best female-led endeavours, which is where Time to Raise comes in. We train startups to be pitch-perfect and we introduce their company profiles to investors.