Are you a graphic designer? We need your help!

Salary Competitive

Did we lure you in with our headline??

Maybe you already googled or 'grammed' Heaply... so you might be thinking what do you need from me...?

Actually, we are need someone with a crazy, creative, funny-bone mindset that can help us leverage the Heaply brand on SoMe, new packaging design, marketing stuff and other graphic tasks.

... and if you are thinking "am I funny ?"... well we are not going to ask you to tell a joke. Don't worry.

The position... or tasks..

Today we work with two awesome ladies (HeyJack) and they will be supporting as well. Based on our already defined brand guidelines, you will assist in developing and executing the different create ideas in the Heaply system. Our ideas and inspiration come from the world around us - everybody can come up with a good idea - even your parents might have a funny idea, we can leverage - your job is to bring it to the table and execute the idea.

We also like being active on SoMe and here you will also play a role - it can be SoMe tasks related to everything from Instagram, FB, TikTok or that new platform that you just heard about

Cool packaging is also a big thing for us! When we launch new products, we need your magical (graphical) skills to ensure that our ideas are not only staying in our brains, but actually come alive on screen and paper!

So, to sum it up.. We are basically very busy with tons of stuff where your support would be highly appreciated!

Your skills??

You should be better at doing the graphic stuff than me which should not be a problem. You are most likely in the middle of some sort of a relevant education and see this as an opportunity to grow your skills as well so you see this as an opportunity to grow your skills as well.

You will be expected to plan and execute task on your own, but also be working with the cool and inspiring girls from HeyJack (and potentially other freelancers).

I expect you to be

  • Brilliant English skills (or something like that)

  • Detail-oriented (or at least better than me – should not be that difficult)

  • Full of ideas – Action is what makes ideas cool, right?

  • Good understanding of (digital) marketing and social media

  • Positive and lots of smiles

  • Curious, creative, and good work ethics

  • We value a positive mindset, can-do attitude and a good working approach higher than you grades!

  • Working mostly remote – or at designated places (in the Copenhagen region) with me when needed

  • Know how to work with Adobe like inDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop would be brilliant and a plus!


I believe this position is around 5-6hours/week. However, it could be more, and it could be less – let’s balance it together.

The title? Well, I’m not that much into fancy titles but if you really want one let’s sit down and make the right title for you.


Your concerns?

Should I have a relevant education? I am not sure how to define a relevant education – potentially you have some kind of creative education or maybe you are simply the best YouTube learner with an awesome can-do attitude! Who knows?

Should I speak Danish/be Danish? Not necessarily, we will find a solution – content is primarily English, so the most important is your general communication skills and English skills.

Should I be vegan? No worries… I don’t expect you to change to fit into this position. I just want the right person. However, I hope you are curious about tasting plant-powered chocolate products.

Should I tick off all expectations? If in doubt – reach out anyway.. Most likely you have other qualities than listed..

Do I need to eat the chocolate products? – YES – Nah.. kidding, but hopefully you would like to try? Oh – I forgot to mention – Heaply focuses on the Danish market, but since I’m in dialogue with other markets you need to be able to look to other markets as well..


What you will get and practicalities

  • Flexibility and planning your own day

  • Remote work

  • Lots of fun and learning

  • Opportunity to test yourself and test your inner SoMe vice-president

  • Possibility to shape the position, how you work and your tasks and opportunity to be part of everything from planning to execution.

The Heaply Brand

Heaply is a Danish plant-powered confectionery brand launched this year. Actually, it’s still in the launching mode, so you will join the start-up of a start-up. The products are all plant-based, but at Heaply we call it plant-powered since it supports our belief in empowerment. The first products are two chocolate coated almonds, two chocolate coated liquorice and a Banana mallows n creamy dark chocolate – and then we are working on several other delicious products.

The brand Heaply is pretty new but in short, it’s about inclusion, being bold, having fun while not compromising on taste! Heaply is targeting the major Danish retailers as well as the European ones.

However, the communication is directed to consumers mainly through various SoMe channels.

For more information or questions please contact us at

Perks and benefits

This job comes with several perks and benefits

Flexible working hours
Flexible working hours

Time is precious. Make it count. Morning person or night owl, this job is for you.

Remote work allowed
Remote work allowed

You know how you perform best. Work from your couch, your favorite cafe or abroad when you feel like it.

Work life balance
Work life balance

Carve out time for your kids, friends and personal cider projects.

Working at

Heaply is an upcoming plant-based confectionery brand on a mission to make chocolate eating for everyone. It is a colorful chocolate universe that will create a lot of smiles and that hopefully many people can relate to. Our portfolio currently consists of five tasty plant-powered (and addictive) chocolate products including milk-free chocolate coated almonds & liquorice and banana mallows covered with dark chocolate. We are furthermore constantly working on bringing even more cool ideas to life! We take pride in thinking different, using heaps of humor and that our products will convince non-vegan people too. Actually, our products are for everybody, and we know that sounds too much of a target group but hey... if you taste our choccies you will definitely understand. The lack of newness and limited options in the Danish confectionery industry, gave us the courage to get started and chase the position as frontrunner of plant-powered confectionery in Denmark. We are currently super busy with everything from new products, updates of our packaging, cool marketing initiatives and lots of SoMe stuff! We have a long way to go but our products taste fantastic! (at least that's what we think - and luckily we also had lots of positive feedback from customers all over Europe!) We will be needing hands in the future so if you feel you could help us to raise the bar a notch (or 100) then reach out - or keep us on your bucket list. We are always curious and open for a short talk.

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