Use your design skills to make an impact! (UI/UX Designer)

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To our future teammate,

We are a part of the first generation of people to realize that we are having an impact on the planet and perhaps one of the last that can do anything about it.

At Worthmore, we are building a platform that aims to raise awareness of just how unsustainable the smartphone production industry actually is and find solutions to

  • reduce the number of phones being produced

  • use the ones we have already made to their full potential

  • and recycle those that are no longer useful.

We believe one of the key drivers of change is knowledge.

Once you realize the average smartphone takes over half of the elements from the periodic table to produce. Elements that are toxic, dangerous to mine, and end up irresponsibly disposed of in our landfills after use.

Once you know, 80% of children in a small town in China have developed lead poisoning because of the high amounts of toxic metals leaking from e-waste into their drinking water, or you hear the stories of Chilean miners being paid less than $2 a day to extract the raw material that makes your screen 15% brighter...well you begin to want to make a difference.

We are looking for a person that wants to help us visually tell these stories in a compelling and viral way, and help us change the way we have been consuming the devices we consider vital to our everyday lives for the past decade.

Your main tasks will include...

  • Using Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects to create engaging assets for the site.

  • Developing and maintaining a design guide for the company

  • Creating /Planning out assets for marketing campaigns

  • Designing other assets for the company for presentations, emails, blog posts, reports.

You are a good fit if you...

  • ...have experience designing a coherent brand identity across SoMe platforms

  • ...are not afraid of conducting in-person user testing

  • ...have experience working with startups

  • ...have used your skills to design assets for press/ SoMe advertising

  • ...have strong video creation/editing skills (a major plus but not required)

  • ...speak danish (a plus but not required)

What can we give to you?

One of the most critical questions we feel most startups forget to ask is what we can do for you. We ask you to share skills you have built up over many years to make our lives easier and our brand stronger.

This answer is different for each person, but it is our mission as a small startup to provide value to every team member in a unique way and achievable for us. If you can give us what we need, and we can offer you what you want, then we are sure to be a good match professionally.

Some Key Perks Include:

  • The extreme flexibility of work hours

  • A job/task designed around the skills you would like to develop

  • Feeling like your work matters ( often you will see the effects of your work on the live platform within your first two weeks on the job)

  • Working at a startup with a focus on sustainability and smart consumption

Our interview is about the team fit.

In a startup, even more, critical than your skillsets is the team fit. That being said, our interview is an informal and relaxed introduction to our team and the company. We grab a coffee or a beer, then we talk a bit about the idea and listen to your thoughts. We will ask you if you have any previous work to show off and then discuss what we can do for you. Finally, we realize there is nothing more annoying than never getting a response, so if you make it to the interview phase, we typically can give you a decision within a week.

We can't wait to meet with you, and we look forward to having you join our team soon :)


TheTeam @Worthmore

For more information or questions please contact us at or phone number +4591113247

Perks and benefits

This job comes with several perks and benefits

Flexible working hours
Flexible working hours

Time is precious. Make it count. Morning person or night owl, this job is for you.

Free coffee / tea
Free coffee / tea

Get your caffeine fix to get you started and keep you going.

Near public transit
Near public transit

Easy access and treehugger friendly workplace.

Social gatherings
Social gatherings

Social gatherings and games; hang out with your colleagues.

Free office snacks
Free office snacks

Peckish after lunch? We got your back with soft drinks, treats and fruit.

Free friday beers
Free friday beers

Friday is something special, let's enjoy a beer together.

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Working at

We all agree that climate change is a real and serious problem. Wouldn't we all want to lead a more sustainable lifestyle and simply do better to help the planet? Most of us don't know where to start and are overwhelmed by the amount of effort it requires. Worthmore is the first carbon-negative telecom provider, allowing you to calculate, reduce and offset your digital carbon footprint and donate to causes you deeply care about through our impact pool - all done seamlessly through a bill you already pay today: your mobile phone subscription. What's easier than switching your SIM card in order to make a positive impact on the planet? Join Worthmore and connect with purpose.

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