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We are 2 boys working to make our dream a reality.  We launched Festfinder in Denmark in November 2015, because we needed a website telling us where all the parties in a chosen location were. Festfinder made it easier for us to find a party in a unknown area. Enter location, let festfinder find all parties nearby in you age. See what options you have whenever you feel like hitting the clubs It is only available in Denmark for now, and we need the investment to make an app, so we can go worldwide.


spisr wants to alter the takeaway market. The days when you had to wait 60-90 minutes to get yourself a decent meal delivered, or pick it up yourself, is something of the past.With a tap of a button, you can order your dinner from a selection of well-prepared and delicious meals made from honest ingredients, and prepared by our own chefs. In less than 15 minutes your meal will then show up at your doorstep, hot and ready to eat. Bon appetit!

Geniads ApS

Geniads er et konsulentbureau specialiseret i betalt markedsf√łring p√• s√łgemaskiner som Google, Bing osv.. Virksomheden blev stiftet i starten af 2013 og omfatter i √łjeblikket omkring 50 forskellige kunder. Vi er s√•ledes en startup virksomhed med fokus p√•, ikke blot at skabe gode resultater for vores kunder, men ligeledes at involvere dem i et transparent og √¶rligt samarbejde. Vores v√¶rdier g√•r p√• √•benhed, √¶rlighed og god service ‚Äď v√¶rdier der desv√¶rre ikke altid gennemstr√łmmer branchen.

Bahnhof webbureau

Bahnhof reklame- og webbureau er et webbureau der arbejder udfra Design Thinking! Vi designer og udvikler hjemmesider, hvor kundens brugere er i fokus. Dette g√łr at vi opn√•r det bedste resultat for vores kunder. Udover at arbejder med hjemmesider, designer vi logoer og visuelle identiteter, tryksager og meget andet. Du er mere end velkommen til at kontakte os.


Bookwells is a Danish start-up company whose aim is to give a second generation of life to used books by challenging the common business model and re-thinking the supply chain. We take a centuries old industry to the next level and into the twenty-first century through an innovative  and sales oriented platform.


Bookingabus.com er en prisportal for busudlejning i hele Danmark, hvor brugere lynhurtigt og nemt kan finde, sammenligne og booke busser til lige netop deres behov og budget ‚Äď Inden for f√• sekunder s√łger vores algoritme blandt alle vognm√¶nd og finder den bedste pris. Vi har gjort det let og overskueligt at finde den rigtige bus ¬†Bookingabus tilbyder vi en bred vifte af bustyper, der d√¶kker ethvert behov og som r√¶kker fra f.eks. mini- og mellemstore busser til store busser og dobbeltd√¶kkere.


Hvad hvis du kunne vinde noget hvergang du handlede i din lokale butik? Det kan du med BackRoll! Hvergang du k√łber f√•r du et lod og med det samme vinde!

Coffee Growers A/S

We are a fast-growing coffee exporting company, with our headquarter located in Bogota city. Based on our strict quality protocols, social awareness we offer customers the best quality and compliance with the highest sense of social and commercial responsibility. We operate as an NGO to support local coffee grower families in Colombia.


We're passionate innovators and developers of software for mobile platforms. We optimize workflows that are tedious and time consuming. Our framework is developed for an entire industry as well as niche applications. We offer software ranging from the unique and tailored to industry solutions.Our software for mobile platforms comes with the following key benefits:Time saving in the office and at the customerError eliminating Optimizing workflowsMaking life easier on-siteLess administration


SwipeShark is a startup that aims to reduce food waste and make society more sustainable. This is done through our app, where supermarkets and users can upload offers on food that is about to expire for other users to buy. This creates more revenue and reduces food waste for the supermarkets, as well as creating new ways of income and reducing food waste for the private household. Thereby food waste is reduced and society becomes more sustainable.


Followmusic is a music news service, keeping you up to date on everything about the artists you like. Create a profile, and you'll get news from the best music sites, newspapers, magazines, and blogs, all filtered to give you what's relevant. You'll also be notified as soon as a concert is announced, so you'll never miss anything. With full integration to iTunes and Spotify we've made it easy for you to jump straight to whatever catches your attention. If you connect to Facebook, you can see if your friends are going to the same concerts. The service is free to use, and will remain so.

Genius Analytics

Genius Analytics er den nye spiller p√• markedet. Konverteringsoptimering er aldrig tilbudt f√łr som vi g√łr det. Vores ambition er, at v√¶re Danmarks billigste, men samtidig have den √łnskede positive effekt p√• kundens konverteringsoptimering. Vi har derfor valgt, at opn√•r vi ikke det m√•l vi s√¶tter inden start, jamen s√• skal du som kunde slet ikke betale. Ej heller selvom din konvertering er √łget til punktet under m√•lsat. Vores team er dit team.


SJELP is developing an app for coworking spaces. We let spaces assemble their own app from a selection of modules including community feed, meeting room bookings, billing and communication. We are currently testing a beta version of our software with select spaces in Denmark and Sweden. During summer 2017 we will launch out application to the market.


We believe in making more value to recruintment. By value we mean giving cadidates the oppetunity of been matched with companies based on passion, personality and skills! Doing so, we have made a video job portal for companies to upload videos with their job oppetunies. You can apply by sending a video and CV. Also candidates can make a general video showing their passion and motivation for companies to contact them with job offers.

Tubus Technology ApS

Tubus Technology ApS is an innovative start-up business that works within ideation, innovation and product development. We enforce self-empowerment and independence by developing products that are designed to make a difference for people with physical limitations. We work with the entire process from idea generation and product development to market validation and production development. We are currently in the stage of making international market validation and development for our first product TubusOne. TubusOne is a medical device class 1 product that holds a CE mark. It is a mechanical device for people with upper limb limitations and works by sipping and puffing into a tube (hence the name TubusOne). The tube contains a piston function that works like a finger on touchscreen devices when it is activated by a puff from the mouth. TubusOne is a prolonged finger used for navigation on touchscreen devices.