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Aglance Solutions

Aglance Solutions (AGS) is a software company that  provides a platform for clinicians to assess changes in their patients symptoms prior to and between consultations. Our vision is to collect , analyze and display health status data on any individual to improve the quality of their care and well-being.  AGS is dedicated to transforming the way pain and related symptoms are reported and displayed to achieve an accurate and quantitative picture of a patient’s status. Aglance Solutions in the media:


SkoleIT is an IT department that helps 85 schools and more than 15,000 users. The founders of the company have their roots in the free schools, and the team of employees each presents their respective angles in a rich, varied, technical and pedagogical field of competence. The company's values ​​are developed in a reflective interaction with the school world, focusing on modern teaching with IT, trust in people and faith in the future.


We help businesses and organizations around the world by improving their customer loyalty. Via real-time customer and employee insight our clients can act instantly to increase retention and build a bigger pool of loyal ambassadors. The positive effects are higher earnings and an improved workplace.  We streamline the process from data gathering to actions that affect the customer loyalty and earnings instantly.


Talent sourcing made easy, smart, & cost-effective.A two-sided platform where everyone in a secured and anonymous setting can provide recruitment capabilities towards jobs at hiring companies. Our tailor-made platform allows companies to post vacancies and enables everyone to become a recruiter by using their network and present relevant candidates. We facilitates the buying and selling of recruitment services and utilize the network of many - capturing the unused available recruitment capacity.

Work Balance Institute

In Work Balance Institute we work with stress prevention in modern knowledge organisations. For this specific purpose we have developed a digital and science based solution - the application Woba, made up of an analytics tool, websites and apps for both iOS and Android.Woba allows our customers to immediately identify and proactively remove the potential organisational stress loads at an early stage, making it possible for our costumers to take preventive action before the damage is done.


We are creating a never seen before home light ecosystem which offers superior intelligent light functionality. We are working with internationally renowned light and lamp designers to create our first line of products. Shade aims to change the way the world uses light and create a better light for a better living. Working at SHADE means working with some really cool people. We take pride in getting things done and having fun while doing it. Our two core values are that we work with the best and then we give them room to succeed.


We're working with novel enzyme and micro-encapsulation solutions. We're driving plant-based dietary intervention for people with chewing and swallowing dysfunction, and malnutrition. Malnutrition is a global burden and independent risk factor of non-communicable disease (NCD's). Dysphagia (chewing and swallowing dysfunction) is a condition that develops secondary to NCD's, but is also independently correlated with malnutrition. Both dysphagia and malnutrition promote declining health, low quality of life and a high dependence on family and healthcare. Mortality risk is high. Dietary intervention, so critical for prevention and recovery, is generally sub-optimal with patients experiencing a high degree of food and nutrition insecurity. We're focused on developing solutions that support better food and nutrition for dysphagia (and interrelated conditions) and malnutrition. This includes pioneering enzymes-based solutions for texture modified foods with novel micro-encapsulated technology for bioactive, pro, and prebiotic fortification.


We are hairpal and we've set out to revolutionize haircuts for office workers! We do this by making it possible to get your haircut by a talented hairdressers at the office!Our network of hairdressers are connected to companies through our platform - so hairdressers can work regular hours without paying fixed costs AND office workers can spoil themselves with a relaxing haircut and get more time after work!PS, we're always up for a cup of coffee :)


Weighted blankets for adults and children. They help with providing better sleep for most customers. Especially individuals with ADHD, Autism, and Stress can get great benefits from using a weighted blanket, because of the blanket's use of "deep pressure touch stimulation". It's a proven science, which has been used for many years.