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360 Business Tool

360 Business Tool er et dansk designet virksomhedssystem, der indeholder både CRM, ERP og meget mere.En moderne kundedatabase, der rummer alle de funktioner, en virksomhed har behov for.CRM, ERP, Time/sag, tidsregistrering, km. registrering, tilbuds- og fakturagenerering, budgettering, marketing, segmentering, nyhedsbreve, Outlook synkroniseret kalender, mail og telefoni integration er blot nogle af de mange funktioner 360 Business Tool indeholder.


Napp engages your sales department and your sales reps with relevant and updated material, campaigns, simple order flows, insights, actions and more…Representing more than 30,000 monthly sales reps and covering clients in 35 countries, we dare to call ourselves experts. Experts in digital sales enablement to be exact. Our platform handles the activities, systems, processes and information that support and promote knowledge-based sales interactions with clients and prospects. We are a very determined Venture-based growth company and eager to scale our product to new markets.We want to create the best workplace in Denmark with focus on making a difference with the products we are delivering. As a company, you will find us informal, yet respectful. We stay creative by being ambitious and delivering superior tech.In order to get new skills and show what we have we often travel, most recently we visited Web Summit, Slush, Mobile World Congress, Pragma Conf and Laracon. When staying at home we take turns on arranging social events ranging from Spaghetti-tower building to Go-karting.


eye4talent is a cloud-based platform that helps clubs to accelerate their talent development, while simultaneously enhancing the involvement of players in their own development - on a whole new level.We want to pioneer and democratize talent development - leveraging globalisation and is not just about products, it is about realising the human potential.Read more at Follow us at facebook/e4talent and or   We are a team of highly entrepreneurial and passionate people working project-oriented in a completely flat organization. Our project has been supported by the Market Development Fund.What are the passion, the vision, and mission driven by?Passion: eye4talent's massive transformative purpose (MTP) and raison d'étre is to involve the talents and place them in the front seat for their own development and learning. It's about bigger ownership and reflection and seamless professional knowledge sharing by strengthening the personal relationship between player and coach.Vision: The vision of eye4talent is 'superhero' ambitious, we're working to define this new market space of ours. We want to pioneer and democratize talent development - leveraging globalization and is not just about products, it is about realizing the human potential.Mission: We want to help Clubs, Coaches and Players to reach their common goal of developing the player for the highest possible level using clever IT-tools.


Iconfinder is an icon search engine and marketplace where customers can find a vast array of content for apps, websites, presentations, and other designs. We have more than a million monthly users and a library of more than 3.5 million icons. Together with a passionate community of icon designers, we are building the world's most popular icon site. We are a small international team based in the lovely city of Copenhagen, with some of us working remotely. Our mission is to help designers make a living doing what they love. At the same time, we hope to put more good design out into the world. The workspaceOur office is overlooking the Christiansborg palace as part of the Matrikel1 coworking community. Matrikel1 is a modernly-designed space for the tech and entrepreneurial scene of Copenhagen. It is easy to get to know other interesting people while you’re grabbing a coffee or during lunch. Lunch is prepared daily for all members of the community by a team of chefs, and we eat together with the other companies. Matrikel1 hosts a range of events where all members are welcome. On Fridays, we get together for drinks on the terrace, if the weather allows. The team and working styleBeing a small, young team helps us stay flexible and agile, while also keeping a friendly and relaxed atmosphere at work. We often go out together for nice food and drinks.  We have daily stand-ups every morning, where we share what each one of us is working on. Everyone joins the discussions about the product and everyone has a voice. We work in short, 3-week sprints, where we focus on well-defined projects. In between sprints, we have a buffer week dedicated to small improvements, to fixing issues, and to learning something new. We are continually re-evaluating the tools we use, to make sure that they are the right ones for us.


Dinero wants to be the leading supplier of accounting systems for small companies. The idea is to make it possible for everyone to control their invoices, VAT declarations and vouchers. They do that by crowdsourcing data and finding patterns in the way companies do their book-keeping. Then they present that knowledge to other companies. In other words Dinero is the worlds first social acconting system. It is simple and user-friendly and found on the principle that it should be easy and cheep to manage ones accounts. On the long run Dinero wants to offer other services like credit ratings, collective shopping and a social help function. offers a unified SaaS platform for social media listening, engaging, publishing, measuring and management. We help our enterprise clients to explore the full potential of social media marketing and instill a social-first thought process in their employees. In January 2019 we joined the Cision family, and together we help brands build better relationships with their customers. has achieved great international traction in the market, with its technology endorsed by partnerships with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram. Our diverse and global client portfolio includes Carlsberg, Tiger, IWC Watches, Coca-Cola and many more. We launched in Copenhagen in 2010 under our CEO Ulrik Bo Larsen. Today we also have offices in New York, Berlin, Budapest, Sofia and Melbourne. With 6 offices across the globe and over 50 nationalities, at we’re a highly diverse team always hunting for passionate and curious people who want to be part of a fast-paced, high-energy environment! has an ethos of encouraging autonomy, ambition, boldness and experimentation. We value open people who take initiative and aren’t afraid to fail, learn from mistakes, adjust, and try to get better at what they do every day. You can meet us anywhere on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Drop by anytime, we’d love to talk!


Dixie is a software and service business. Our vision is to create a single platform where small and medium businesses can manage their administrative tasks with ease 👌We want to utilize AI and machine learning to automate tasks like bookkeeping, payroll and VAT to provide a superior experience for our customers. Dixie is a maturing and growing company. We have managed to establish what we consider an ideal work environment, with transparency, humor, agility and flexibility.We are proud to be working with innovative solutions to automate tasks that are uninspiring to small and medium businesses. While our vision goes far beyond this area, we're currently working on automating and easing the processes around bookkeeping, payroll and VAT.


At Pipetop there’s a big social scene and regular team dinners. The team is very involved in the Founders community and their array of events and startup parties. Pipetop also enjoys being nerdy and spending an evening in a console gaming café. The team is multicultural and small, so all employees are closely connected. When you feel like it, you’ll be able to work from home. An iterative workflow in the fields of tech, marketing and sales is the focus area of Pipetop at the moment, and new challenges are faced head-on without fear of getting hands dirty. In this way, Pipetop holds the vision to index all modern companies in the world and help them get connected to one another. The world has a lot of interesting information about all sorts of companies and could help identify the right partners or clients for successful business relationships. This is the belief behind the modern business database Pipetop. As a sales tool, Pipetop identifies companies and creates a modern and thorough profile for each of them, involving for instance their social footprint and a technology description. Clients can then filter the database along various parameters, identifying for example all French fashion brands with more than 100,000 Facebook likes, or Scandinavian e-commerce businesses with more than 100,000 customers a year. In this way the Pipetop database greatly helps modern sales and marketing organizations in targeting their work.


Founders is a startup studio. Together with exceptional entrepreneurs, we build companies from scratch and scale them as independent companies when they gain traction. Whether it’s a bank for freelancers, a way to kill the pain of doing expenses or reimagining life in cities, we are always on the lookout for opportunities to improve the way people work and live. We created Founders in 2012 because we strongly believed there was a better way to build tech companies. Our vision then and now is to refine a model that enables us to co-found successive companies on a single platform that gets smarter with each success and failure. We believe in launching early and iterating fast, knowing that failing is just part of the process on the road to success.


Since day one, Kraftvaerk has focused on uniting the most talented consultants under one roof. The primary idea is to offer company development. That definition covers both consultancy, concept development and implementation of different web- and IT-solutions. Kraftvaerk delivers solutions based on Microsoft .Net, Sitecore, Umbraco and EPiServer from their offices in Copenhagen, Århus, Helsinki og Sct. Petersburg.


We help individuals, organizations and the healthcare sector utilize good habits as 
a catalyst for change.In March 2016 Habitlab got accepted into the Thinkubator accelerator program. We are now launching our newest product - Physio. A platform created to improve compliance in physiotherapy. Download soon in your favorite app store. Visit for more information on Physio.


Capdesk is a fin-tech startup based in Copenhagen and London. At Capdesk, we want to democratize capital: Let employees co-own their company. Let's have stakeholder capitalism rather than shareholder capitalism. We push this way by removing technical, financial and legal barriers. We innovate and streamline how companies, investors and employees manage and transact equity. We’ve built and commercialized our product - a leading equity management platform. As a work place, we promise a young and vibrant environment with lots of social events.


GoApplicate develops, contains and supports customer specifik IT-solutions mainly based on Microsoft technologies. They specialize in supporting complex business processes by making efficient software solutions for many different industries. Their goal is to deliver "Better Software Faster" and they do that by constantly developing their own business processes.


&tradition is a Danish design company established in 2010 with the founding principle being tradition tied to innovation. Their unique library of furniture and lighting spans from the 1930s to the present day and includes designs by internationally renowned designers. Although &tradition is influenced by their Nordic heritage, they handpick design talent and production facilities internationally and across the ages. This is part of their remit to reshape, redefine and reinvent materials, techniques and forms, helping them to find a unique position in the international design market.


AltaPay is a leading cross border payment processor that delivers payment management solutions to e-commerce businesses across Europe and the USA. Their innovative IT platform and consultative approach help companies scale internationally by offering secure and reliable payment coverage across multiple sales channels, currencies and payment methods.