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MER Finans

Vår visjon er å hjelpe folk på veien til en bedre økonomi. Det gjør vi ved å hjelpe folk søke boliglån til refinansiering av dyre kreditter og inkassogjeld, dermed reduserer kunden sine månedlige kostnader, blir kvitt betalingsanmerkning og unngår tvangssalg.

Baby Journey

Baby Journey is one of the hottest baby-tech companies in Scandinavia. Our mission is to build a data-driven digital universe supporting pregnant women, parents and families with everything there is to know about pregnancy, childbirth and the daily life with kids. Through our mobile app,, as well as our social media channels, we also help companies to build brand awareness towards Baby Journey's users and followers. Each month our app is growing with 8000 active users and our website is rapidly increasing the amount of unique visitors. Today we are more than 20 employees at our HQ in Stockholm. We are constantly growing our team with new colleagues so don't hesitate to reach out if you are interested of joining our journey!


Skoog uses technology to democratize access to carbon markets, enabling every farmer to receive financial incentives to maximize the sustainability in their farms. We are solving the problems of deforestation, land degradation and unsustainable agriculture practices: the combined potential to capture GHG and avoid emissions from agriculture, forestry and other land use is 14.5 GtCO2eq/y, which is higher than the potential in the energy transition.

Bridge 9

We care about the environment! We are a team of passionate specialists operating in the sector of second hand smart devices from both Apple and Samsung and other brands. Our B2B trade services deliver premium second-hand devices at a large scale. We convert customers assets into opportunities offering trade-in, buy-back and aftersales solutions, relocating used devices and allowing customers to access new released technology while allowing others to access used, checked and certified ones at a competitive price extending their lifecycle while keeping business integrity all the way.

People Potential

VI ERBJUDER Design, organisering och genomförande av rekryteringsevent utifrån behov Genom våra nätverk hittar vi kandidater som matchar era behov Socialt språkstöd under eventet Stöd under hela rekryteringsprocessen Vi ser helt enkelt till att ni träffar rätt personer och att rätt personer har rätt information och kan fatta rätt beslut – detta skapar trygga anställda som stannar längre och färre kostsamma rekryteringar för er!

Filler bite

Taking charge of your physical and mental health can be intimidating, but you can make the journey easier with Filler bite's peeep bite – a tasty, healthy chocolate bite endorsed by medical doctors and formulated with clinically-studied vitamins and nutrients to support your mental well-being. Our chocolate bites are inspired by a personal story of strength and survival that gives us the courage to continue our mission. Every bite is made to help you stay balanced, energized, and healthy - so you can focus on the important things in life. Peeep bite’s vitamin-infused chocolate means being healthy just got delicious. Filler bite is more than just a health product -- it’s the ultimate shortcut to bettering your well-being, discovering a supportive community of fellow survivors, and promoting growth in your life and others. Our irresistible chocolate bites are formulated with clinically studied vitamins and nutrients scientifically proven to benefit your mental and physical health. They’re also scientifically proven to be delicious! Our eco-friendly recyclable packaging contains no plastic. So, we have a small environmental impact, but a large happiness impact. We were inspired to create Filler bite after many years of struggling with our mental health. After surviving a sexual assault, our co-founder Alexander fell into a deep depression with seemingly no way out. He was depressed, anxious, and desperate for answers. That was until he discovered nootropics. Suddenly, the clouds lifted, the days looked brighter, and his head was clearer. Empowered by his own healing journey, he was determined to help others overcome their darkest days. This ignited him to create peeep bite, a ground-breaking formula of supplements that targets life’s many struggles through unbelievably decadent chocolate. With peeep bite, you can say goodbye to sleep, energy, and focus issues. And say hello to improved health, productivity, and relationships. Our bites are endorsed by medical doctors to ensure you get the most fail-proof supplement formula. Join us in our Filler bite journey, because your best self is just one bite away.

Odla Mer

Odla Mer is a vertical social network and gardening app for all gardeners and plant lovers. We make gardening easy, and inspirational with an engaging community, smart gardening tools, and insights. There are nearly half a billion hobby gardeners who are missing a place to share their passion and provides smart tools for modern gardeners. Odla Mer will solve this problem by building an inspiring and engaged community that provides smart tools and insights from “crowd-sourced” data to help make gardening easy, sustainable, and pleasurable for modern gardeners. I found solace in gardening when I was dealing with severe anxiety and depression disorder. I missed an app that was dynamic to my growing conditions and helped covert online inspirations to plant care instructions easily. As a new gardener, it can get very overwhelming. I wanted to solve this problem to help many gardening enthusiasts to grow more with the least effort. I know we would rather spend the time gardening than fiddling with the app :D With every person we help garden more, we have a positive impact on their wellbeing, the environment, and society as a whole.


Finding resources for functional assessment of components for your physical product is easy. Acquiring the component compliance documentation you need to get your product certified is a hassle. We are here to change that. Lead times, uncertainty, added cost. Sound familiar in the context of collecting supplier compliance documentation? After dozens of interviews with compliance professionals, we have seen that today's process is usually unnecessarily chaotic. Using our proprietary search engine, we make it easy for you to find verified test certificates and list numbers. Our lean documentation platform enables safe and continuous storage as well as easy internal and external collaboration, while also providing you with automated certificate expiry notifications.

Healing Business Day

Healing Business Day Ltd is a fresh from the oven startup from Tampere, Finland. We believe in the power of self-knowledge and growth-mindset for creating thriving individuals and organizations. We are starting to build a totally new, sassy & fun brand dedicated to making us all better together at work. Mobile app (built with users) will be our future spearhead service but we're also planning on launching other products to spice up the mutual understanding and atmosphere within workplaces. 🤩 In order to really conquer the (business) world, we are now searching for multiple new team members - in the form of internships - to grow with us and have loads of fun while doing it! 🥳

New Standard

New Standard was founded on the idea of change. Transforming the fashion system is necessary to face humanity's greatest environmental and climate challenges –and everyone can make a difference. Our way? Weaving style, quality, and comfort together with responsible practices. New Standard is creating the building blocks for wardrobes that stands the test of time. Our clothes are inspired by yesterday, designed for now, and constructed for tomorrow. We don't chase trends or design for seasons. Instead, we focus on perfecting a permanent collection that will serve its purpose for years to come. Our products are 100% recycled, and their CO2 footprint is 50% smaller than the same items made from virgin materials. We also use 99.9% less water our manufacturing process is free of harmful chemicals. To give people the information – the power – to connect the dots between their choices and impacts, we break down the value chain of each garment in their labels and our stores. From rising sea levels to extreme rainfall and more powerful heatwaves, the consequences of climate change can no longer be ignored – either by society or the fashion industry. It's now-or-never for our planet. We are in this to foster our industry towards greater ecological integrity by working together with other brands, manufacturers, policymakers, as well as consumers to drive the systemic change in fashion.


We offer remote dentist services as a SaaS service. Our service is provided by mobile app. Patients fill in their information, snap photos and then connect with a dentist who is experienced in remote dentistry. Service include also instant e-prescriptions for Finnish citizens and rough estimation of costs of treatment options if treatments are seen necessary.

Ecotype / Skogshubben

We are building the next generation SAAS platform for management and analysis of forest properties. Many stakeholders in the sector have a need to compile and analyze large amounts of accurate data in order to be able to make sustainable and efficient decisions about our planet. solves these problems with a modern, user-friendly platform packed with unique algorithms and a new way of thinking 🚀. Ecotype was founded in 2019 with an ambition to simplify the handling and use of natural data. We thought that everyone should be able to take advantage of the data available about our planet. Today we are 10 people working with our solutions, it's a mix between Forest scientists, Developers and Data Analysts. It all began with a vision to make the forest and nature an inclusive and equal environment. We still have the same values that apply to both our software and the workplace. Join the ride and make the forest accessible with us! 🌲


Intro to Spirelykke Spirelykke is a startup established in Halden, but with customers in a national range so far.. We're on a mission to help people getting closer to them selves and nature, by helping them grow their own plants. By delivering courses digitally combined with sending them the right seeds, soil and equipment, we guarantee they will succeed, and they will be able to grow plants they have never done before. We create unique experiences for our customers in mastering new skills, combined with joy, satisfaction and happiness. Aka SPIRELYKKE.


Foorly is a growth company founded in 2019 providing digital business consulting services regardless of the size or industry of our client companies. Our main service segments are website and online shop construction, website maintenance, digital marketing as well as various business development services. Many of our client companies get everything they need under one roof, making it easier for them to focus on running their core business. We are a comprehensive and reliable partner for our customers, both in digital transformations and as engines of business growth.

Stock Republic

At StockRepublic we help banks create investment guidance for a digital era. Letting bank customers connect and get social – for transparent and realtime investment guidance. We supply bank customers with investment guidance regarding their portfolios from trusted friends and investment experts, who simply take care of their own money/savings, instead of bankers who make money from selling investment products.